I Forgive You

by Father Pie

The Past Needs To Guide The Future

Rainbow slammed her fist on the table, frustrated by her thoughts, how could she think this was a good idea? That didn't stop her from writing words to someone who desperately needed to hear them before they made a choice they would regret forever.

Dear Scootaloo,

It's me RD, coolest person around, heh... Look I know what you're going through, and to be honest it sucks major balls. Your parents are fighting, and it might seem scary but you need to talk to them. I never had that chance okay? I grew up in a different time, and I had no one to help me... I'm your adoptive sister, and I will do all that I can to help you Scoots, but please talk to your parents, they need to know how you feel.

I didn't grow up with both of my parents for as long as you have, and they never fought. I can only imagine what it feels like... I'm going to tell you something secret okay? Scootaloo, I stopped talking to my parents when I was around your age... I ran away from my mom, and when my dad tried to contact me, I ignored him. I don't want you to grow up like me, I resented my parents for a long time. Scoots, I kept away from my parents out of spite. I know you don't want that, because I didn't enjoy it; Remember that your parents are people with feelings, and maybe you'll have to accept that your parents will get divorced, but don't shut them out.

They love you Scootaloo.

Look, how about you come over for a few days, and when you're ready to talk to your parents I'll come with you, okay?

Rainbow sighed, the letter was short and she didn't like how it sounded, but she needed to send it regardless; after all she needed to be there for someone she loved. Only time would reveal Scootaloo's choice, Rainbow just hoped that she wouldn't mess up.