Don't Leave Me...

by MyLittleGeneration


A blue, night sky has cast over the land of Equestria as Princess Luna has risen the moon, and all couldn't wait to get a beautiful rest. The ponies in Ponyville went to their bedrooms at their home and slowly crawled to bed. After finally settling on their bed, they go to sleep, and their house was no longer lit with light, but with darkness.

Yet, only one house was lit, and it was in the sky. Above was a mansion, owned by a pegasus with a rainbow mane and blue fur, known as Rainbow Dash. She looked down, getting a final glimpse of Ponyville for tonight. It's been a long day for Dash, as she did some hard work. Even though most of the day was really spending time with someone else... Jacob.

Jacob was... well... he was a human. A human who managed to enter the world of ponies after accidentally falling into a well in the middle of the woods, or so he says. While Ponyville, where he ended up, was covered in fright, one pegasus saw him... cool. And that was her. As she spent some time with him, she learns a little more about the being, and who he really is.

He wasn't a 'monster from Tartarus', or 'Tirek's new form', or just simply a demon. He was just like them. But different. And she remembered how funny he was, how cool he was, how nice he was, and most importantly, how caring he was. Dash swears that she could easily hug the guy if she wanted to, but wasn't too much of that kind of girl.

But still, he showed respect for all of them. While they did grow on him steadily, she was still his best friend. And his pet. Er, not much of a 'pet', but more like someone to play with. She gave Tank belly rubs (even though he had a shell), petted him, and suddenly, she always wanted to know how it felt. Whether it really is super fun. As soon as she came up to Jacob, he'll always give her a pet, or a belly rub, or an ear scratch... And she loved it.

But, she had to stop lollygagging about Jacob and how much she cared about how awesome he was. She needed sleep after her weather duty immediately. She zoomed past the candle, the wind blowing it out, and she got onto her queen-sized bed. She leaped into the blanket, rested her head on the pillow, and drifted off into a deep sleep. She couldn't wait for a nice dream and get it over with, but...

Her dream was pretty unsettling...

She ended up in her dream, noticing that she has started in her home. She trotted outside to look down at Ponyville, which was live with ponies and commotion. She flew down there in a quickie, and thought about Jacob. She made a quick, sharp turn towards a familiar cottage where the roof was blue and had roses growing in the garden in front of the house. Jacob's house.

She stopped in front of his door, and knocked. She couldn't wait for another belly-rub, or pet, or just anything! She never thought that such a thing would be THAT good. His hands were so smooth and nice, and they felt so good on her. Stomach, behind the ear, her mane, and basically everything else. She actually felt... happy with him. And she never wanted him to leave.

Until suddenly, the door opens, and a figure was in the way. Not exactly the figure she expected to see. It was a figure of a stallion. He had brown fur, a five o'clock shadow, black hair, and bushy eyebrows. He had a sign in his hooves. "Uh... Hi?" Dash said, confused. "I'm not at the wrong house, am I?"

"What?" the stallion asked in a deep voice. "What house? Who?"

"Uh, Jacob. The human?"

"Oooooh." he said in realization. "Oh, don't worry, you're at the right place."

Dash raised a brow. "And... Where is he?"

"Oh, HIM?" the stallion asked. He softly chuckled. "That guy finally moved!" he answered happily.

Dash didn't take to happily. "WHAT?!"

"Yeah, can you believe it? He finally found a way to blow from here! I asked him one day, 'Hey, pal, did you just blow in from Stupid Town?' He never answered, the wuss." He smiled, and put up the sign on the door. "Well, guess he's going back to where he came." He whistled a merry tune, while Dash slowly stepped back, worried.

"What..." she said to herself softly. She witnessed the sign, which stated, 'For Sale'. "No... No, he's still here. He's gotta be still here!" She then thought deeply, then remembering what the stallion said. Something about finally finding a way out of here...

The stallion was still in plain sight. "Hey!" Dash yelled, getting his attention. "Where did he go?"

"That guy went to the Ponyville castle or something. Said to be some portal that was there to help travel to his 'other universe'. Wackier than Discord, if I say so, myself."

"The castle!" Dash said to herself. In immediate reaction, she spent no time blasting into the air, then heading straight to her destination. She soon blasted through the doors in quite a hurry. Twilight's castle had a few guards and crew, which Dash blew right past. She spent no time looking back. "Jacob... Don't leave..."

Soon enough, some chatter was heard.

"So, you're sure about this?" asked Twilight.

"Mmhmm." said a voice in which she recognized. It was a pretty deep, but very soft voice spoken by a male. A male human. Jacob.

"Really?" Twilight reassured.

"Yes." he said. "I'm sure about making my decision."

The voice echoed through the halls, and Dash tried to find where the portal room was. She looked to her left to see a big door. She blasted right towards it.

"Well, it was nice meeting-"

"STOOOOP!" yelled Dash from the other side of the door. She bursted through, almost taking the door off its hinges. She breathed heavily, catching her breath. She looked up to see two people: Twilight and Jacob.

She noticed the giant gizmo portal Twilight created one time to help enter the 'other world', which was said to have his kind. Jacob was at the very base, and just one step can take him to the other side, whatever that was. He looked at Dash, and while Dash thought he would have tears in his eyes from leaving such a place, he had the look like he was sure of his choice. And that worried Dash.

"Dash?" Twilight asked.

Dash ignored Twilight, and spoke to Jacob. "Jacob, stop! Don't go!" Dash told him, almost teary-eyed. "Why are you leaving?"

Jacob said, "Because I want to." In his dead tone, the words struck out to Dash. "Because nobody wants me here, so why bother?"

"What do you mean?" Dash questioned. She pointed a hoof to herself. "What am I?"

"You're Dash."


"You're a friend."

Dash softly smiled. "There. Now-"

"My only friend." he backed up. "Even if some of your friends are nice to me, like Twilight here, for example, it doesn't get to me." HE shook his head. "Ever since I entered this place, I always wanted out. Besides, everyone hated me, everyone wanted me, the so-called 'demon', to leave forever. So why stay, only to get spit at more?"

Dash was having anxiety overcome her. She turned to Twilight. "Twilight, you're letting this happen?"

"Sorry, Dash," she said. "But... he wanted it to happen. So, I couldn't say no, cause he actually begged."

Dash's pupils shrank as she looked at Jacob. "Begged? You... really want to leave?"

He nodded. "Yes. I'm sorry, Dash." He turned to face the portal. "Goodbye."

"Wait, Jacob!" she yelled, before he leaped through the portal. "No! Don't go! Don't... Don't leave me!!!"

"AAH!!!" Dash jerked her head up, breathing heavily. She looked around, noticing her surroundings. Her desk, Wonderbolt posters, and her dresser. She calmed down, realizing she was in her room, which meant that it was only a dream. Still, didn't help her out that much.

She was sweating, had tears slightly breaking past her eyes, and her heart was still pumping loudly. After that, she was NOT alright. She got off of her bed, holding her head. She rubbed her temples, trying to loosen up her tense. "What a nightmare..." she said to herself, feeling like crap. She had a sudden flash of the nightmare appear in her head. "Ah!" she screamed, feeling a sense of crying again.

She walked over to her window, looking down at the village of Ponyville, lights blown out. She sighed and looked towards a familiar cottage she went to in her dream. What surprised her, was that there was a single light. Not too bright, though not too dim. She had another flash of the nightmare appear. "Gah!" she yelped, wincing in pain. She looked down at the house. "Maybe... Maybe he wouldn't mind, right?"

She got out of her mansion, flying down towards the house. The bitter wind chill of the cold night nearly froze her, but she kept going. She finally approached the door, firmly landing on the soft grass in front of the door. She held up a hoof, and took a deep breath.

She knocked the door.

Knock! Knock!

She heard a noise, like as if someone just got out of bed. Steps on an oakwood floor were inching closer and closer to the door, until it slowly opened. A head peeked out. "Who's there?" the voice said tiredly. The figure opened the door all the way, and stood six feet tall, rubbing his eyes with his hands. Jacob...

Dash softly smiled, and a couple of tears lurked out. In immediate reaction, she jumped on Jacob. "Woah!" the young man said as he was tackled by the cuddly, rainbow-maned pegasus. The colorful mare was on his chest, arms around his neck.

"You're still here!" she exclaimed. Dash was crying tears of joy, while Jacob had a raised brow.

"Well, hehe, yeah, I'm still here." Jacob said, petting her mane. "What made you think I wasn't?"

Dash's eyes widened. "Oh..." She got her head off his chest, and looked at him in the eyes. "Well... you see... I..." She had quivering lip. "Is it alright if I slept by you tonight?"

"Well, uh, sure." Jacob said, surprised. "But why?"

Dash quickly answered, "Just had a nightmare." She looked away.

"Alright..." He stood up as Dash got off of him, and moved to his bedroom. His large queen-sized bed was open for the taking, and Dash happily hopped on it. She curled herself up with the blanket.

"Awesome!" she said in a cute, high-pitched voice. "Alright, let's just blow this over, kay?"

"Wait." Jacob said, making Dash freeze where she was. "Dash... What's up?"

"Hehe... What do you mean?" she said nervously.

"Well, you just seem very uptight, and considering you said it was a nightmare, and also with the fact that such a tough mare like you wants to cuddle with me for the night because of it, something's up." He sat beside Dash. "Dash, what's wrong? What happened?" he asked in the calmest tone.

The man could easily notice the tears starting to build up as Dash couldn't take it. Her lip quivered more, her arms shook, and that worried Jacob. She instantly threw her hooves around his neck and put her head on his shoulder, sobbing intensely. She cried deeply, which soaked Jacob's shirt, which he didn't mind, considering he was going to take it off anyways. He put his gentle hand on the back of her head, but she still bawled. "Jacob, don't... don't leave me!"

"What?" the young man questioned.

"Don't *sniff* leave me." she said once more. Jacob couldn't help but be confused.

"Leave you?" he asked. "What do you mean? I-I wasn't going to leave."

He heard Dash sniffle a bit, and he stroked her mane. "Really?"

"Yeah." he answered. "I don't know what made you thought-" He paused. "Wait, this has to do with the nightmare... isn't it?"

"Yes..." she said softly. She rubbed her head on the side of his cheek. "I-I started getting worried, a-and y-you were about t-to leave me and E-Equestria." She sobbed some more.

"Shh, shh, take your time." he said calmly, making Dash catch herself. He slowly stroked her mane. "Shh..."

"Well... I just had this dream that since everypony here hated you, you... you wanted to leave... And in it, you said you were going to leave me forever because of that..."

"Dash," he said. The pegasus' eyes were widened, and Jacob held her in front of him. He held her under the arms, and looked at her. "I'm never going to leave this place."

She sniffled one more time. "Really? Never?"

"Never." he reassured. "Even if everyone hates me with their guts, I still have you." This brought a soft smile to Dash. "And I know everyone will warm up to me, eventually. So please, don't think that ever again. I'll never leave you behind."

He brought the cyan-blue mare close to his chest, and she nuzzled her head against it. He reached a finger behind the ear and scratched it a bit, making Dash feel better. "Okay..." she finally said. "It's just-"

"A nightmare." he interrupted. "I understand. I had a feeling somepony might be scared of me leaving this place, cause I already know of the portal."


"Yeah, ever since I got here." he said. "I actually felt like maybe I could escape from here, but after meeting you, being so kind and awesome... I think I'm never gonna leave."

"Good." Dash said, wrapping her hooves around his neck, once more. "I don't want to lose you."

"Same here." he said, petting her. He laid back, resting his head on the pillow. Dash went beside him, and snuggled beneath the covers. Jacob got close and hugged her softly, letting Dash snuggle under his chin. She let out a little yawn, and slept comfortably. Jacob, though, was still up. While Dash lightly snored, Jacob smiled.

"I'm never leaving your side..."