A Sirens Call

by Father Pie

Forgive me

Aria... Sonata... I hope you don't hate me, who am I kidding of course you hate me. I'm a failure to you girls... But that's not the issue at hand, I have given this letter to Sunset Shimmer. I asked that this letter only be read by the two of you, after you do that... the letter is yours to keep, burn, or any other thing that comes to mind. I told Sunset in person, and now it seems unfair of me to tell in a letter. We're dying, plain and simple.

I've decided to leave because I can't stand the both of you. I feel so much better now that I'm gone, honestly. Sonata it's time to grow up, and you have to do it in the hardest way, can you accept your death?

Aria... You've always been stoic, what about now? Can you also accept that we're going to be gone soon?

The point is that with the little time we have left I suggest you guys do something worth while for once in your lives. This is why I left, I need to do something on my own.

And Sunset Shimmer, Thank you for delivering this letter.

Adagio wiped her tears from her eyes, she needed to keep the facade up for the letter, no matter how much it hurt.

'I hope you girls hate me... At this point it's what I'll take,' Adagio sighed.

Getting up from her position at the table, and securing the letter in an envelope, she walked over to the front door.

'Goodbye, I hope you come to understand why I left...' Adagio thought as she put her coat and shoes on.

The neighborhood Adagio and her sisters lived in was quiet, the houses that lined each side of the street were similar to each other. Adagio sighed and took off into the night, her mind in conflict about whether or not to turn back and keep every thing a secret.

'No I have to believe I made the right choice, right?' Adagio questioned herself.

Finally after two hours of walking Adagio found Sunsets' house. Taking the letter from her pocket she slipped the letter under Sunsets' door and walked off into the night once again.

'Well, if I have any regrets... it's too late to take it all back anyhow, I just need to get as far as I can. Those two are sure to send the RainHounds after me... It doesn't matter any more. If it did I think I would have tried to connect on a deeper level with Sonata and Aria...' Adagio's thought trailed off as she walked through a park.

Feeling tired from her long walk Adagio found a nearby bench and sat down. Looking up she saw a clear sky, the light of millions of stars to be seen. Adagio stared up in awe.

'Even with eternity I don't think I could have seen anything more beautiful,' Adagio was captivated by the night sky.

Adagio smiled wistfully, memories of the times she spent staring at the sky. Why didn't she do it more? Adagio could feel her heartbeat slowing, her breathing slowing down, and darkness started to fill her peripherals.

'It's not so bad, I just wish they were here with me......' Adagio's eyes finally closed, her thought trailing off into oblivion.

A breeze swept through the park, rustling the hair of it's sole inhabitant. Adagio's head was tilted up, a small smile adorned her peaceful features.