Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

Chapter 5

*1 hour later*

---Eris POV---

It's been a hour and I'm still trying to make a normal Apple appear. Discord is having a blast with all my mistakes except for when they they physical break him a few times. That's when I start laughing. Rainbow left a little while ago. When I took a break after a few failed attempts and discord was trying to get a few metal spikes out of his back me and rainbow talked for a bit. I tried to get on her good side but all she sees when she looks at me is a female discord. Which I 'technically' am but still she could at least give me a chance. But I guess that's rainbow for you.

After she left pinkie pie has taken her shift on watching me and discord. I try talking to her but,all she wants to to talk about is if I can make her a cotton candy cloud so she can drink the chocolate. After a while of constantly asking I just did it so I could hear my self think.

"Uh finally I thought she would never stop asking."

Discord replied. "She is a funny one but, there is a thin line between funny and annoying."

"Ok now that she calmed down a bit let's get back to practice."

"Alright just make a apple and then we can move on to chaos magic."

"Ok I can do this I can do this."

"I'm sure you can do it you've only messed up 57 times in row all end backfiring."

"Your not helping."

"Hey I'm just poking fun ok let's get this done. Oh I forgot to mention that if you manage to make one normal object appear you can keep doing with ease like me. It's really just trying to get through the crazy till you reach the normal."

"Is that why it's so hard to make a apple?"


"Uh how many attempts did it take you to make normal objects."

He just stood there in silence. "That's personal."

'Hmm well that not suspicious at all. I'll figure that out later'

"Ok I'll drop it. Well her goes nothing."

I closed my eyes tightly and snapped my fingers. I was expecting some kind of explosion but when I opened my eyes to find a apple in my hands. My mind nearly exploded in joy right there and considering my new powers I might just have without me knowing. I then screaming in joy at the top of my lungs. Discord simply chuckled and pinkie pie heard my scream but just ignored after seeing I was fine and just went back to drinking chocolate milk.

"Finally! After 58 attempts I finally get it right ! Which I can finally get something I've wanted for a long time."

she snapped her fingers and a burger appears in her hands and starts crowing down on it. 'Hmmmmm, So Good oh how I've missed these.'

Discord looked curiously at me. "What are you eating ?"

I swallowed the last bits of the burger. "It was a burger it's a human food. I haven't eaten in a long ass time and thought I deserved a treat. Want to try one ?"

"No thanks I'm fine I already ate a bunch of Cotten candy earlier."

"Alright suit yourself."

I then continue eating a few burgers until I'm full.

"Oh yea that hit the spot. Ok what's next, I hope it isn't hard as that was."

"Oh don't worry everything from this point should be much easier."

"Oh thank Celestia that's out of the way."

"Ok let's start with something simple like transforming your body a bit. Hmm oh I know give your self a extra pair of arms."

"Ok sounds simple enough."

I concentrated as hard as I could on making a second pair of arms beneath my original pair which is still a lion paw and eagle claw. It's just easier to say arms and hands it's less confusing. After a few second something starts forming but, instead of arms they became giant wings and they then took of high and fast.


Discord pace palmed. "Oh you have got to be kidding me. Why did I agree to do this ?"

*Meanwhile In Ponyvile*

---Thomas/security shot/sec POV---

'I can't believe I've been reduced to this. I was the head security guard at the asylum and soon on his way to join the police force. But no, my personal grudge against Eris got the better of me. And Now I'm The Criminal Here ! ME !!! And know I'm doing community service to help protect some 'special' pony. But I so pose I didn't do well with my first impression. Well considering the time period it could have been way worse I could have gotten my head chopped off. Well might as well make the most of-'

I then tripped over my own hooves and face planted on the ground.

'Uh This body is a pain in the ass.'

Derpy then looked at me and trying to hold her giggles but failing. "Do you *giggle* need help ?"

I then got up off the ground. "I'm fine."

"Alright suit yourself."

We walked for a few minutes and finally reached her house. It was 2 story house with a straw roof and white and grey walls just like all the other houses. Well beside a few cracked and broken Windows and a on the left side of the house written in spray paint saying 'retard !' on the wall.

Derpy looked mad. "Damn kids I was just born this way."

We walk inside and it is surprising clean considering the outside. It had a living room with a couch with a coffee table in it and pointing toward the fire place. There is a kitchen with fridge, oven, cabinets and just about everything. The only difference was there was this cabinet that has like 10 locks on it with duck tape on it and written on it in pen that says. 'Muffin storage stay out !'

"Uh what's with all the locks on that one."

She turned to me with a serious face.
"Don't. Touch. My. Muffins!"

I would never admit it but that scared me. "Ok Ok alright I won't touch your muffins."

She then smiled and as if nothing happened. "Great your room should be upstairs first door on your right. My room is on the left knock if you need anything."

"Alright well I'm going to take a nap if you don't mind."

"Oh sure go ahead sec get some rest."

"I prefer Thomas but thanks anyway."

"No problem Thomas."

I then walked toward to my room.

'This is definitely going to interesting to say the least.'