Sounds of Silence

by IrresponsibleCupid

Lunar Lament

Silence. Occasionally comforting, occasionally stifling, always total. It’s partner is darkness, and they travel together. It has been 10 years since their newest companion joined them. A dark-furred mare of the night, with two large wings and a horn atop her head. She was a very lonely mare, and was somewhat angry as well. Angry at herself, and at the one who banished her. Angry at the other ponies of Equestria, and angry at her new friends. Eventually, though, that anger grew into sadness, and soon tears fell upon the moon’s dusty surface.
        After more and more time passed, the tears grew less and less commonplace, until finally they stopped altogether. They were replaced by constant depression, and a form of insanity. To an onlooker, it would seem the former Princess of the night was merely talking to herself. But to her, she was speaking with her friends.
        “Hello, Darkness, my old friend,” she would say, “I’ve come to talk with you again.”
        She would then go on to lament her actions of ten years previous, blaming herself and constantly berating herself. She would occasionally go so far as to physically beat herself, trying to make up for her past digressions. She told herself time and time again that she was worthless, and that her home had likely forgotten about her. One day, though, she spoke more somberly, and not so much about herself.
        “I had a vision creep into my dreams last night. I was walking down a street, all alone. The streets were narrow, and the streetlights were dim. It was cold, and it was raining. I remember shivering with every step I took. I hung my head, the sound of rainfall weighing heavily upon my shoulders.
        “Then, suddenly, there was a flash of light that split the night, causing me to jump. The light allowed me to see a throng of ponies, ten thousand or more of them, all standing in a large courtyard at the end of the street. They were talking, but I could not hear them. Some were writing sheet music, others writing novels, others still writing down names of ponies who weren’t in the crowd.
        “I tried to say something, but it was as if my vocal cords were frozen. My mouth moved, but no words came out. The sound of the raindrops faded out, and suddenly I could hear shouting. A voice, from above and behind me, calling something out. It took me a moment to understand them, but what they were calling out was… Luna. The mare who said it waved to me from a window, but was quickly pulled out of sight.”
        The mare shuddered as she finished recounting her dream’s events. She wondered who that mare was, but decided not to dwell on it. As always, neither Darkness nor Silence responded, though they both wrapped her in a warm embrace. She sighed and stood up, walking with no destination in mind. She walked for a long while before stumbling upon her helmet, the one she wore as Nightmare Moon. She shuddered again and sat down, levitating the helmet before her. As her mind wandered, an image of Nightmare Moon manifested across from her. For the first time in 10 years, the silence was broken by a voice other than Luna’s own.
        “Why are you so sad? You have been given the perfect opportunity to plot your revenge!” the Nightmare said with a sneer. Luna just closed her eyes, shaking her head slightly.
        “No. I have been imprisoned for my actions,” she replied, pausing and opening her eyes again, practically burning with anger. “Actions you made me take.”
        The Nightmare scoffed and turned her head away. “Foolish pony. You took those actions willingly, and of your own accord. I merely gave you the power to do so.”
        Luna growled and stood up, glaring daggers at the other mare. “Lies! All of it, lies! You took over my mind and twisted it to your own evil ways!” she accused her, throwing the helmet off to one side.
        Nightmare Moon just smiled and levitated the helmet back over to them. “Do not lie to yourself, Luna. You hate your sister, and wish to seek revenge.”
        Luna shook her head, though her resolve was weakening. She sat back down and said, “I do not lie. You are the liar here, Nightmare.”
        The Nightmare wrapped a hoof around Luna’s, and slowly began melting into her. “The only lie here is your sister’s false words about loving you. She never did. She despised you. Why do you think she banished you to such a barren place?”
        Luna shook her head vehemently. “She banished me because she had no other choice!” she cried out, closing her eyes. Her mind went back to that dreadful day, 10 years ago.

        “Stop this madness, Luna! There’s no reason for us to fight!” a white alicorn mare pleaded, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears.
        “Liar! You just want me to return to being a mere figurehead, so you can get all of the love and glory!” Luna yelled in reply, eyes glowing purple. She backed her sister into a corner, growling with teeth bared.
        “Luna, please! I don’t want to hurt you… I never meant to... I didn’t know-”
        “You didn’t know anything!” Luna interrupted, still growling. The window behind her showed a view of the sky, with the sun and moon vying for control of the sky. “The only thing you knew was how much you were loved!” she cried, slamming a hoof onto the ground. The other mare shrinks away slightly, flinching at her sister’s forcefulness.
        “Sister, I swear… Please, stop this fighting…” she tried, closing her eyes. Luna shook her head.
        “Why? So you can go back to being better than I? I think not! I will be the ruler now! The night shall last forever!” she cried at her sister. Said sister opened her eyes and saw Luna charging up her horn.

        Luna’s eyes shot open and she looked around. She wondered how long she had been asleep, but decided it didn’t matter. She looked behind her and saw the Nightmare right there. They were half-merged by now, and the rate at which they were merging was accelerating. Luna sighed quietly. She remembered who the mare in her dream was. She remembered who her sister was. As the Nightmare finally took over her body again, and the helmet was lowered onto her head, she thought one final thought.