Rarity's adventures

by azularmz06

Chapter 4: Decisions

Hearths warming's hype had already passed, new year's celebrations too, but that's why Rarity was so happy. She could finally have a free day at the spa with one of her best friends; Twilight Sparkle. That day, Rarity woke up in a good mood, and Sweetie Belle, unusually, was still in bed. Her older sister stopped by seeing Sweetie so sweetly fallen asleep, and decided to make her some breakfast.
After one hour, Sweetie Belle finally woke up, and even if her breakfast was a little cold, she enjoyed it more than when she had to eat burned orange juice for breakfast, or even french toasts burned into liquid state.

"Are you enjoying your breakfast, dear" Rarity asked with a calm smile.
"Sure I am, this is delicious!" Sweetie exclaimed and ate more.
"I'm happy you like it... It's been a while since you and I don't talk" Rarity reminded her.
"Yeah, but don't worry, I understand you can get a little busy with the new boutique, and even more if its opening was just a day before Hearth's Warming Eve" Sweetie explained comprehensively.

A little silence came to the room, Sweetie had her reasons to be in silence; she was eating. But Rarity instead, didn't know what to say, her sister was being so kind and comprehensive with her, and in payment for that, she was going to spend a spa day with somepony else.

"And, what have you been doing?.. you and the crusaders, I mean" Rarity asked awkwardly.
"Well, we haven't done any crusading yet, since we've got our cutie marks, we have nothing to crusade for" Sweetie answered a little nostalgic.
"But you're still friends, you still hang out together, right?"
"Of course we do, we go drink some milkshakes and ask Pinkie weird stuff, but y'know, it's not the same" Sweetie Belle finally said, finishing her breakfast in one last bite.
"I see, once you've accomplished the only thing you've been crusading for, you find no reason to crusade ever again..." Rarity said, thinking in a way to cheer her sister up.
"Yes, that's exactly what happened"
"But, what if you find a new reason to crusade, then you can be the 'Insert thingy hereCrusaders'!" Rarity proposed jolly.
"Yeah! that's an awesome idea Rare!" Sweetie Belle said, rushing out of the boutique in search of her other two friends; Applebloom and Scootaloo.

Rarity got up to her room and put her makeup on BEFORE doing her mane, she'd learnt the lesson since what happened in Manehattan. Once her mane and makeup were ready, she got downstairs to find a not-so-baby dragon looking through her window. She opened the door to let him in, but he didn't look at all as the Spike that Rarity knew and loved.

As a friend.

"Spikey-wikey? is that you?" Rarity asked with a surprised smile.
"Yes, it's me. I guess the gems are making their effect, but I still haven't gotten my wings" Spike answered, looking at his wingless back.
"Oh don't worry Spikey, you still look gorgeous, and actually, look how fast you are growing, you are taller than me, even if you step on your four hooves, I mean, claws!"Rarity exclaimed, noticing that Spike now had to walk in his four claws because he was too tall for the roof of the boutique.
"Yeah, I did grow a lot..." Spike said and blushed, he didn't know why.
"And, what brings you here?" Rarity asked, happy to see his friend, but a little curious because she was supposed to see him later.
"Well, I had to practice walking with such a big body; and also Twilight asked me to tell you that she won't be able to go to the spa today, but that we'll be glad to receive your visit at the castle" Spike said with a paper in one of his claws, that seemed as a message that Twilight had written.
"Oh, uh, thank you Spike, and of course I'll go to the castle, same hour then?" Rarity asked.
"Actually, if you want of course, I would like to know if you would come with me" Spike said a little nervous.
"Go where?" Rarity asked, it was obvious that she didn't get the fact that Spike was inviting her to a date.
"I have a surprise prepared for you... Y-you can say no if you don't want to come-" Spike tried to say, but Rarity interrupted.
"I'd love to" Rarity said and walked next to Spike out of the boutique.

They were both silently walking through ponyville, their awkward silence was only broken when some random pony asked Spike about his fast growth, but despite those interruptions, none of them spoke to each other. Rarity didn't speak because her mind was too busy full of thoughts such as 'Since when Derpy and Doctor Whooves are dating?' or 'Why is Pinkie writing a letter that starts with *Dear princess Luna*?'. Spike, by the other side, didn't speak because he was so nervous about how would Rarity react to his surprise.
When they finally got to the place Spike said he was hiding his surprise, all that Rarity could see was a group of disorganized candles, all from different shape and color, but what Rarity couldn't get to understand, was that his surprise came with a little fire. Spike walked up to the last candle, and blew a little flame, but that was enough for the first candle to turn on, and as a domino game, every other candle turned on as dancing flowers moved by a gentle spring wind. After every candle was turned on, Rarity noticed some candles had green flames, like the ones Spike made, but others had common orange flames. Rarity stood there staring at the candles for a while, but then she discovered that the green flames were in order to write a message.

"Rarity, you are the love of my life, the flame in my candles, the fire of my heart. For that and more, will you be mine?" Rarity said, reading the message written with candles. Spike looked at her, not walking next to her, without saying a word, because everything was already said.

"S-Spike, I-I don't know what to say... I kinda knew you had a crush on me, but that was f-five years ago... I thought you would grow out of it" Rarity started, but Spike's smile was already erase from his face "You are the only dragon I know, and my best friend... I remember one day I told you that if I ever met a stallion of my age that was as kind and generous as you, I wouldn't doubt on marrying him, a-and here you are, grown up, and with this beautiful message" Spike smiled again, but not so sure of what was she saying next "I'm so sorry" Rarity finally said, as a few tears rushed through her cheeks and she ran away. Away from her feelings, away from decisions, away from answers.
"Rarity, wait!" Spike yelled, as he ran behind her, but it was to late, she was already out of Spike's sight.
"What was I thinking?.. such a beautiful mare like her would never love some... some dragon like me" Spike said, and he also started crying.

When Rarity got home, she found Sweetie Belle and the rest of the Crusaders, but when Sweetie saw her older sister crying, she asked her friends to leave.
"Sorry guys, but I'll see you tomorrow at the clubhouse, I hope you understand" She said, pointing her crying sister, the other fillies nodded and they both got out of the boutique.
Rarity got closer to her sister and hugged her as she kept on crying.
"What's wrong sis? did some mean stallion hurt your feelings?" Sweetie said, getting mad with whoever hurt Rarity's feelings.
"ihh ihh... nooh ihh ihh" Rarity tried to say, among sobs.
"No?" Sweetie asked a little surprised. "Then what is? what haves you crying so badly?" Sweetie Belle asked.
" Ihh ihh" Rarity sobbed, but she couldn't answer her younger sister's question.
"Can you at least write it?" Sweetie Belle asked, getting bored of her sister's sobs, but still worried for her feelings.

Rarity nodded and she raised a paper and a quill with her magic, looking just like Twilight. She wrote all what happened, about how Spike had grown, and the message in the candles, and Rarity's answer to Spike's confession, and when she finished writing, she gave the paper to Sweetie Belle, who had to read it.
"So you are crying because you hurt Spike's feelings? Shouldn't Spike be the one crying?" Sweetie Belle asked, but that only made her sister cry even harder.
After a few minutes, Rarity calmed down and she cleaned the tears from her cheeks, but that only made her makeup look even worse, to the point that she had black cheeks.
"I know I shouldn't be the one crying, b-but all this time Spike had been in love of me and I was just too blind for noticing it. And now I have to go to the castle, where he lives, may Celestia know what am I supposed to tell him!" Rarity finally explained.
"Well, you didn't really say 'No', you just said 'I'm sorry' and ran away, that doesn't mean you were rejecting his love, just tell him you are going to think about it" Sweetie Belle said, trying to help her sister.
"That is such a wonderful idea! Thanks darling, I'm heading to the castle right now" Rarity said, walking to the door, but Sweetie stopped her.
"Maybe you should fix your makeup before somepony else sees you like that" Her sister said, and Rarity terrified about the mistake she was about to do.

Meanwhile, Spike had been in the same spot crying and burning flowers, when a little brown colt walked close to him.
"Woah, are you a dragon?!" He said, thinking that dragons could only get close to any village in video games.
"Yes... Don't you see?" Spike answered, a little annoyed.
"And what are you doing?" The little colt asked, sitting next to Spike.
"Thinking." Spike said, taking another flower from the floor and burning it.
"That's curious, I came here to think too... What's your name?" The colt asked.
"I'm Spike, and yours?" Spike asked, cheering up a little.
"Button Mash, but you can call me Button" Button Mash said.
"So... You came here to think, about what?" Spike asked to Button.
"I've been hanging out with a filly lately, and she's really pretty, and everytime I'm with her, her friends are with us, so I wanted to ask her out, only the two of us, but everytime I'm alone with her, the words go out of my mind and I blush as a tomato... Please don't laugh" Button explained, and Spike was happy to hear his story.
"Go for her, bro" Spike said, smiling "If you wait too much, she'll never take you serious" Spike continued, but his smile changed until there was no smile in his face.
"I see, you're here because of a mare too, right?" Button said, and Spike pointed the candle message.
"I've loved her since the moment I first saw her, five years ago, and she has never taken me serious... But don't worry about the sad old dragon... Who is this little filly you're crushed with?" Spike explained.
"Hey, of course I'll worry, we're now friends, aren't we? And in answer to your question, her name is Sweetie Belle" Button said.
"Sweetie Belle, you mean Rarity's sister?!" Spike said surprised.
"Uh... yes, why do you ask?" Button said confused.
"Don't you see, the message is for Rarity!" Spike said, pointing at the message.

Button Mash started crumbling, lost in his thoughts with a scared look in his face.

"Hey bud, why are you crumbling?" Spike asked, relaxing again.
"What if Sweetie Belle is just like Rarity and she rejects me as Rarity rejected you?" Button explained. "No offense"
"Uh, not taken, and also, I don't think Sweetie would do such thing, she's different to her sister, and you are not a dragon" Spike said, pointing his body with one claw.
"Hey, being a dragon is not that bad, you're awesome!"
"Thanks, but go for her now, before it's too late" Spike encouraged him, as Button Nodded and ran for his filly.