My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Sly Cooper and The Clockwerk Infestation

by Ryuku the Creative

2. C10ckw3rk Initiated (Just a random thing)

Clockwerk initiation -23%
Hate Chip lvl - 34%
Usable parts - Activated
Dead parts - Currently in remodel mode
Current Host - Scootaloo

A long winded sigh escaped the barren deadlands of Scootaloo's infected mind. Low groans and mumbles could be heard throughout. Clockwerk tried to keep himself busy by looking around for anything to look at as Scootaloo continued to make her way to Ponyville.

"This mind is full... of nothing... boring..." Clockwerk's voice glitched in and out yet it was still agitated in its nature.

"We're almost close trust me." Scootaloo replied back happily

"For your sake I hope you're right..."

"Relax. Ponyville has alot of ponies in need of extra parts and you're just the owl... bird thing to help." Scootaloo raised her muzzle up high and proudly as the sun shined brightly among her metallic wings.

"The more ponies I adapt the more powerful I become... My resurrection shall be unlike any other this world has seen..."