My Faithful Student

by FadFreaky

Chapter 6


--Twilight POV--

“What a night…” I say to myself aloud as I get up off the hard ground. The hay really didn't help with padding my back.

“Good, you're awake.” The voice that spoke is gruff, commanding. His voice is reminiscent of the Royal Canterlot Voice. Only without the extreme volume. Anypony no matter how high or low would likely listen to him… If not out of respect, out of fear.

“Guards retrieve the pony and bring her to the interrogation room. We will be there shortly. We want this all settled before the Queen arrives later today.” I shudder, if I were a guard his voice alone would have had me cuff myself. The guards quickly unbind me, tying my wings down with rope. Tiredly trudging behind them I get a glimpse at the King of Equestria… His crate is black as the night sky and his mane/tail is a mixture of a dark deep blue with a hit of yellow red outlining it. I could not get a glimpse of his cutie mark but one thing is for sure. He was an alicorn.

And that's all I saw before entering a hallway. With many cells along the sides, this clearly was the main dungeon. The cells were empty, fairly too, as they were clearly unused for a good amount of time. Quietly, they push me into a room and sit me down. Getting a feel for the room, which is almost blindingly white, finding that there is very little ambient magic here, so for its use it would be a power struggle between two magical beings. It seems the king is very sure of his magical ability, something that, while I'm sure I could contest, I do not want to test.

The king walks in. I'm not facing the door, but his presence could be felt a mile away, if you had a clear line of sight that is.

He sits in front of me, while he circles I see his mark. An eclipsed sun… Or is it an eclipsed moon? It seems to change as he steps and is almost impossible to say which is actually his mark.

“Let us start with our formalities shall we?” He says, his tone isn't cruel. But he certainly has some form of anger behind him.

“Uh… Of Course.” Having never been in an interrogation or being the subject of one I've never had any practice with this! I should have been more prepared with some sort of studying in case that this was going to happen!

“Well? We are waiting alicorn.” He says commandingly.

“I'm Twilight Sparkle, a traveler through time. I c-”

“Twilight Sparkle, thank you” He says cutting me off.

Our name is Eclipse, King Eclipse, father of Celestia and Luna, one of which you kidnapped.” He says with a hint of resentment

“She wanted me to take her out though! She was tired of being stuck in the same cycle over and ove-”

SILENCE.” I shut up really quickly after he said that

“You illegally transferred our daughter beyond the walls of the castle which is grounds enough for execution alone! If you weren't an alicorn you would not have this chance to explain yourself Princess. So we suggest you use this chance to explain yourself before we do have grounds to execute you. As far as we have gathered from our daughter though. You do not have any way out of this do you? Also we suggest you start speaking properly for your status, common speech is not allowed from a being of your status.

I gulp he's got me cornered there. “I-”

“We” he corrects

“R-right, we don't really.” I sigh “I- uh we just wanted to see the princess happy…”

“Sometimes what thou wants isn't what her parents want. Unfortunately as we have come to this, thou will be kept in the dungeons until further notice. We must converse with our queen when she returns.”

I hang my head in some form of defeat. “Of course…”

“We trust thou willst be smart enough to prepare for a trial. Alicorns are not immune to the law, we are sure that has not changed much in the future.” He walks around me observing.

“Now that business is over, we can get to the more interesting things. Tell us about thyself Twilight Sparkle.” He says in a more smooth voice, interested.

I take the next hour or two to tell him as much as I'm able to, though he was knowledgeable enough to stop me before I got into anything that could damage the timeline though..

After a while, the guards are called back and return me to my cell. Fully bound in my chains again I rest on the floor and wait. Occasionally food and water would come along, which has “special gifts” from above. I smile to myself knowing, that there is still one pony up there looking out for me, as I eat a delicious sweet roll.


--Little Celestia POV--

I listen half heartedly to my teacher. Since I was grounded, the only place I'm allowed to go aside my room is the library for my studies. Luckily the guards were nice enough to let my request for my friend to go through. I hope she's enjoying her meals still, it's the least I could do for getting her into this mess.

“Princess, are you even paying attention?” Asked my teacher, she was a light purple earth pony with a book and quill as her cutie mark. Her mane is a bright pink. Kinda like mine.

“Not really ma’am…. I'm worried about my friend.” Saying this with a sigh, I play my strengths knowing that my teacher wouldn't call me out on common speech if I looked sad.

She sighs “Princess what you and that mare did was wrong, if it weren't that you asked her to do it she would likely already be executed.”

‘Pfft. If only you knew.’ I think to myself

“Let us just continue our studies…” Speaking in royal tongue again preferring to just be in my own thoughts rather than actually listen to what I've been told many times already.

‘My mom is coming home later… She will fix all of this. I know she will.’