Librarian Twilight Sparkle, Tutor of the CMC

by SoloBrony

Importance is Transient

Rarity nervously checked over her outfit one last time.

I hope this is what Twilight meant when she said 'informal, but impressive'. She was in such a hurry, I didn't even get a chance to ask her why she wanted me here!

Rarity sighed in contentment as she smoothed out a wrinkle in the corner of her dress.

Still, it's so good to see Twilight embracing her role as princess after all of this time. She should be enjoying it! Going to all of these fancy parties, meeting all of these fancy ponies...

She uncontrollably pranced in place a little.

And she wants me here with her! That's right, ponies of Equestria! Whom does a princess take along when they want to impress?! Rarity, fashionista exquisite!

The party locale came into view as Rarity rounded a corner; it was an ostentatious manor in one of the more expensive districts of Canterlot, hosting a small – highly exclusive is what Rarity would call it – gala in honor of some recently-completed public works project; Twilight hadn't taken the time to fully explain.

Twilight must have gotten here well ahead of me – she's probably having a hard time fitting in around all of those high-society ponies.

Rarity started to open the front door.

But fear not, Twilight! I'm comin—


Twilight called over to Rarity as she entered the manor, waving to her from the middle of a crowd of ponies with an excited – somewhat crazy – expression. Before she had a chance to respond, Twilight disappeared in a flash of light, and re-appeared right next to her, giving her a big hug; Rarity recognized her dress as one she had made for Twilight years ago.

Is she crazy?! What a faux pas – what must the other guests think?!

Rarity glanced over to the other guests, who were, she realized, all crowding towards her with excited expressions.

"I'm sorry I can't stay, Rarity! Celestia was asking for me at the castle, so I should go – but I hope you have a good time!"

And with that, Twilight left the shell-shocked Rarity just five feet into the manor, and took flight out of the front door. Meanwhile, Fancy Pants, the host of the party, approached with a beaming expression.

"My, my, Rarity. Is it true you once kicked a manticore for threatening your friends?"

Rarity just stood there for a moment, all composure lost, before she came to a stuttering response.

"W-well, yes, I suppose it is—"

"I heard she tried to sweet-talk a dragon!"

And just like that, Rarity was the center of attention.

What in Equestria is going on?!