Love is a Changeling

by Dreamscape

Becoming Normal, and Something More

After convincing Fluttershy that his physical health had fully returned to its normal state, and that he had even made gains, Sunny Skies was allowed to become an assistant caretaker, so to speak, of the animals under her wings, even if so many of them were hesitant and even hostile towards the strange new stallion at first. This was his way of not only showing gratitude for what the pegasus had done for him, but also to make himself useful at her home, considering she still allowed him to stay. He wanted to do even more for her, but it was only on rare occasion that she allowed him to. Her kind spirit and pure heart almost always made her give way to hospitality instead, still treating him like a special house guest.

Even though Fluttershy treated Sunny Skies so specially, after many days which soon turned into weeks, he was beginning to feel like less and less of a guest to her and more and more of a friend, a partner. She felt this especially so when he grew used to her routine and the animals becoming even more a part of her daily life. She started to believe that Rainbow Dash had been right about one thing. She was falling for the stallion. She was willing to wait though, or rather, unable to move their relationship any faster in one direction or the other due to her nerves. She assured herself that this issue would actually do her good for once. Not only would it allow the two more time for their relationship to develop and for her to decide whether or not her feelings were true, but also, she still neither truly knew Sunny Skies, nor did he truly know himself. The issue of his amnesia was another she feared to bring up, and something of which she grew more skeptical of every day. Although unlike Rainbow Dash, she still believed the pony to be innocent. Even if he was not telling the full truth, she believed that most of it was, and that he would never do something to cause her harm.

In a way, Fluttershy hoped that she would never have to hear the truth spill from his mouth because that could lead to his return to wherever he had come from. She hoped that she could live in either a happy lie, or that his amnesia was true, and his memories never returned. She knew how selfish this was of her, and even grew angered with herself on occasion for such thoughts. Yet she knew that in her heart, all she wanted was for Sunny Skies to stay. She enjoyed his company, so much so that she was growing dependent upon it. Even if their relationship never moved towards the direction she wanted it to, she feared losing his company, and wanted the stallion around no matter what happened. Yet even with this in mind, her guilty conscious always got the best of her. Whether he had amnesia or not, she knew that she was keeping Sunny Skies away from those that loved and cared about him, and whoever they were, she knew that they deserved his presence more so than she did. These thoughts would always end in her once again questioning the stallion about his amnesia, and wondering when he would be prepared to go to the doctor. She was always met with avoidance and hesitation to her relief, until one day, his response changed. Rather than giving her a positive no, he gave her a “maybe soon,” and grew rather quiet for the rest of the day. This made Fluttershy nervous, not only because of his quietness but because of the possibility of learning the truth.

She struggled to fall asleep that night, listening to the soft, slow clacking of hooves on the wooden floor downstairs. Sunny Skies seemed to be pacing back and forth, unable to sleep as well. This was unusual for him, having adapted to her schedule of sleep so that he could work with her from the beginning of her day to its finish. After a long while of pacing, her ears perked at the minuscule squeak of the hinges in the couch giving way to the weight of his body. She lay in silence for quite some time, wondering if he too did the same before finally drifting off into a troubled sleep.


Fluttershy awoke to the bright sunlight illuminating her room as usual, but with the smell of sweet food filling her nose as well. She sucked it in and then sighed dreamily still in a half asleep state. She then frowned, her eyes widening as she wondered where such a smell was coming from. She perked her ears, listening intently for the noise of kitchenware clanking. She heard nothing. It was absolutely silent. She would normally be happy to be greeted with such a peaceful and serene morning, but deep down in her stomach, she felt uneasy, knowing that something was not right. She pushed herself from her bed, not taking the time to make it, and instead making her way immediately down the stairs. She gasped with surprise, noticing that her critters were just finishing their meals, each of them having a rather satisfied look on their face, even the pickiest eater of all, Angel.

She followed the smell to the table, knowing that it was pancakes. It was the first meal she had ever made for him, even if he had eaten so little of it, and now he was returning the favor, it seemed. Upon the table was a single plate stacked with just enough pancakes for her, and beside it, a bottle of syrup and a plate with butter and a knife. A small piece of parchment rested beside these items, and upon closer inspection, Fluttershy saw that there was a hastily written note upon its surface.

Good morning, I hope I made the pancakes correctly, and that they’re still warm when you eat them. I just followed the instructions in your cookbook as best as I could. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. Anyways, I apologize for being gone, and wanted to let you know I will be until after you’ve finished resolving that issue you mentioned with the beavers and townsponies this afternoon. I tried to do as much as I could before I left, and again, I’m sorry. I just need some time to think. When you do return, I’ll be here waiting for you with a surprise.

Fluttershy’s eyes moved back and forth across the recently dried ink, rereading the note over and over as she wondered exactly what he meant by “surprise,” where he had gone, and why. As she continued to ponder the note, she sat down for her meal. She smiled as she ate the pancakes. Although they were indeed still slightly warm from their recent cooking, they were thick and dense rather than fluffy, and certain areas were hardened from overcooking and unmixed batter. Fluttershy was smiling because of the considerate thought though, and was overjoyed that the stallion had done such a sweet favor for her. She let out a sigh as she finished her meal and went to wash the leftover dishes, the others having already been cleaned, dried and put away. The sigh was not that of content or joy though, but instead of worry and stress. It was going to be yet another long day, and the “surprise” that would be waiting for her when she returned to her cottage that afternoon was already causing her to worry, whether or not it was good or bad.