Where the Earth meets the Sky

by Pecan Pallet

Ch.3 three's a crowd (part 1)

Ch3 three's a crowd (part 1)

“Come on, get up already!” a hoof jabbed your gut, shaking you out of the dream you never had. “It’s almost 10’o clock and I don’t want you in my house all day.” You feel another nudge, sleep withering away slowly with each poke. Sluggishly rubbing slumber away, you greet the morning with a big yawn. The light of the day gradually stole the drowsiness from your mind. “Hurry up, before I ‘accidently’ spill hot tea on you.” Pecan Pallet was standing over you with his favorite cup in his hoofs, the steam still rising as he took a sip. “Ya, I’m up, I’m up.” You push yourself up, a tear forming as you yawn ones more. You were in the living room, on one of Pallet’s, oh so comfy, couches. You were facing the kitchen and dining room, the stairs leading up at your right. You must have fallen asleep on the couch, last night, while working on your latest writings. “At least I have somewhere to sleep.” You think, waking your lazy legs. You appreciated that Pallet was letting you stay in his new home. “How can I leave my brother on the streets?” recalling what he said, “We have to stick together, because were nothing without each other.” Brother… you never had a brother. It felt weird to have somepony call you brother when they aren’t connected by blood, but is that what brothers do? Clearing your throat with the fresh morning air, your lungs rejoiced for the new oxygen that filtered your body. “Yawn… Good morning, Crimson, Is-“

“It’s Pallet, now.” He cuts you off, kindly reminding you. “Oh, right…” you continue, “umm… so, you’re still planning to do that Iron Pony thing?” you ask, noting how early he was up. On a normal basis, Pallet wakes around eleven or so, due to his frequent night walks. “Mm-uhm, the competition is right around the corner and I’m still out of shape for It. if I want to win any races, than I have to work for It.” he answered. You chuckle to yourself, he was a bloody mustang, he’s already fit.

“Ok, enough chit-chat, Terra,” Pallet said, even though he was mainly talking. “Let get outside, A few rays of sunlight will do us good.” This is ironic, you told yourself. Before, we would never go outside, in fear that a stranger may have a knife. Now we could walk freely without a second thought. As you slide off the couch, you pick up your old satchel and got ready to leave. Picking up a few parchments lying on the floor, you proceed to follow pallet out of the house. After placing the cup on a table and grabbing his favorite hat, he turns back to you. “Besides,” he said while he opened the door for you. “If you’re lucky, you may see that new friend of yours.” Pallet teased, thoughts of that Pegasus flooding your mind. You told Pallet about your encounter with the pony, and now he was using it against you.

…now that you think of it, how long has it been… two days?


It’s been two days since I have seen that Earth pony and he was still swirling in my head. I think it was due to his cute blush, but trailing him out of my mind was proving difficult. I was lying on my back, staring up with my pocket watch in my hoofs. Tracing the fine hoofwork of the watch, I let my mind wonder around. Collecting random things to fill the empty spaces, Terra taking more than half of it. I was in the sanctuary of my room, lying softly on my bed. I loved my room, it was always a place I could relax and let the world go out the window... literally. If I wasn’t flying or working, I was in my room, fiddling with me collection of old antiques. It’s was kind of funny, I was always interested the latest in the media, but when it came down to the old, like 50 years old, it just makes my heart sing. With my mind in the clouds, I sighed as I dreamed about the world below. Hearing hoofsteps approaching my room, my eyes searched for its source, being curious. “Thank you so much for coming with me, Harmony. I never thought you would help me study plant and animals.” Grasping the watch, I sit up from my cozy cloud bed. It was my sister, Lily Blossom, her satchel filled with tons of papers and writing utensils for her small trip. “In fact, I never thought you would help me with anything.”

“Hay, I’m not that selfish!” I said, in a fake “Shocked” voice. She laughed softly, fluttering into my room. “I’m just messing with you, sis, I’m just surprised that your even helping me out. You know, without having some hidden purpose.” She said, like she was aware of my true intentions.

“W-what? Of course not, I only wanted to spend some time with my twin sister.” Lying through My teeth, I comb my hair with a hoof. It was true; I was only going with my sister so I could visit that one town. What was it…Ponyville? Unlike my sister, I don’t get to leave and go to the earth below. It’s always on rare occasions like the other day do I ever get to visit the under world. It’s thrilling to go down there, like a new world to explore. Yes, I almost killed a pony, but we are friends, now! I never had an Earth pony friend before, it was exciting! I may even see him! Besides, I don’t think she knows because I never told her about my new friend.

“If you’re done daydreaming, sis, could you help me find my Bangles? I can’t possibly leave the house without them.” With my train of thought disturbed, I sighed, “…Really sister, you’re going to be in the dirt. Why do you need it?” my sister looks over at me like I was stupid, using that “I’m smarter” look. I really hated that look. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I would like to look good when I visit the under world.”

“What, to impress some mares?” I teased, striking one of her nerves. “You don’t need it, Lily, let’s just leave already.” Lily was already beautiful, unlike me. She could probably get any stallion she wanted. Even though she was my twin sister, we were still two different ponies. While my sister’s mane was wavy and smooth, my mane was straight and spiky. While I have green eyes, she had red-violet eyes. She loved her books, I love my old junk. While I’m bolder, she’s shy around others. I can fly fast, she can fly gracefully. She was the smart one, I was…umm… Anyways, she worries about looks, I worry about boredom. I’m completely straight, while she was a—

“Um, a little helps, please?” she was adjusting the supplies in her satchel, her hoofs being full. “ya, ya, ok.” I said. Helping her reorganize, I took some of the load off her shoulder and placed it in a spare satchel I had. "If were done here,” I said, quickly clipping on my green collar and pocket watch. “Then let’s get going!”

“Hold on, sis, don’t get your wings in a knot. Just wait a sec; I just need to get—“Patience running low, I bolted for my open window. Shooting out to the sun lite day, I open my wings and go for a glide, making sure my sister can see me. Struggling out my window, she tries to keep me in her sights. If I can’t reason with her, then I’ll make her follow me. She hated being alone, working in my favor.

I was just too excited to think straight, I was going down to that town. I get to meet that earth pony, again!


Ok… Breath,” she told herself. “It ain’t nothing, just stay calm.” The orange freckled mare breathed in to relax her mind, tremulously regaining self-esteem. “Just be yourself.” She whispered, repeating the words of a friend. “Just another day… nothing else.” Collecting the last of her mind, she places the buckles around her. With the straps of the small wagon secured, the mare takes in one more deep breath. “And don’t forget to smile.” finishing her little talk with herself, staggers onto her feet to continue her sales duties. She was taking a small hiatus from work, her mind juggling the conversation with one of her friends. She had a mission today, and even though she wanted to play it off and ignore it, she had no power to resist the competitive blood that ran in her. Adjusting the hat ones more, she pushed herself to walk the streets of Ponyville. The small chirpy town was lively this time of year; the hustle and bustle would propel cheery vibes that made surrounding ponies feel relaxed.

“Hello, miss.” A stranger said, passing by. She nodded, returning the good gesture. Feeling secured, the young pony trots off to her desired destination. The sun was high in the sky by now, baking the Mare’s back as she hauled the cart of dried apples. She turned past sugar-cube corner, the sugar-high air encouraging the mare’s sugar temptations. With the wagon weighing heavy on the mare, she was considering stopping and getting something nice. She really wanted to unstrap the wagon and enter the bakery, but she knew she was only trying to stall for time. Turning to discount the sugar heaven, A Pegasus rushes past the unsuspecting mare, tipping the balance of the wagon ever so slightly. Her eyes trail the speeding Pegasus as it took off into the sky, only to disappear into the sun as it blinds her momentarily. She looks back to the heavens, her eyes tracing the ivory hills of the blue. She was marveling at the beautiful clouds, the Sun’s shadows painting them with fine details. She felt pretty good about herself, she felt like she could do it. And so what if it goes wrong, at least it’s off her shoulder.

“No, no that’s not right.” Heart jumping, the familiar voice took her by surprise. Unprepared for the encounter, her previous confidence dissipated. She didn’t expect him to be at Sugar-cube corner, her half-finished plan breaking down in front of her. Crestfallen, the mare searched for that reassuring voice she kept in her head. “Ok, Calm down, you’re ok. Stay calm and you should be fine.” She found it.



Repeat… Taking a deep breath, the mare turned to the stallion who sat unaware of her presence.

The stallion was alone, his quill and parchment being his only company. Sitting against a small fence, he stared upwards, his eyes blank as he roams the recesses of his mind. He was writing down something, a thought seizing his attention away from it. He was too deep to notice the mare admiring him not far from him. The stallion, with his drifting gaze, looked so relaxed and tranquil. Taking one more breath of self-confidence and adjusting loose hairs, she slowly approached the pony. “Well,” she said, her stomach buzzing, “here goes nothing…” as she reached earshot, she hesitantly opens her spoke out, plastering on a smile.

“H-howdy, Terra, you look—

“—Down in the rough, today.” Ears perking up, thoughts of Sweet Harmony drained from your mind. Hearing the strong accent of your friend lifted your spirits. Without hesitation, you greet the mare happily.

“AppleJack!” she picked up the glee in your voice, spreading a smile on her face. “Eh he he, I’m glad to see ya, too.” AJ was a very good pony, so hardworking and honest, the two “H’s” you love. Favoring her even over Pallet, she was the one that took you out of your shell… or at least a little. Ever since you first stepped hoof in Ponyville, that pony was trying her best to befriend you. Even while you said little, she stuck to it and continued to make conversation. It took a while, but she truly wanted to be your friend. You could remember Pallet saying, “Real friends are ponies who love be your friend.”

“How are you, Applejack? I haven’t seen you since the wrap up.” You ask, leaving your supplies as you approached the Mare. “Oh, I’m doing mighty fine, Terra.” She said with her warm and comforting smile. “I-I just need ta sell some of them dried Apples. We always have extras after winter.” She pointed her snout to the cart still relatively full with her goods. Feeling a little sympathetic, your arm reaches for the wallet.

“Then maybe I can help lighten your load.” you smile, looking for a price tag. Applejack perks up as she sees you pull a few bits out of your wallet. “Oh, thank you so kindly, Terra, It’s mighty thoughtful of you!” she said, fetching some of her merchandise. As she stood there, you couldn’t help but stare at the Orange Mare. Applejack was a farm pony, working on her family’s farm. She works just as hard as any Stallion, and helps anypony that needs helping. AJ also had a very beautiful orange coat, even though orange was not one of your favorites, it could make Fall jealous. Oh, and you loved the freckles, oh, the cute freckles. With her hair tied and her signature hat slanted, she pulls out three small bags of the slices. Looking back and recounting the bits, realizing there was only enough for two.

“Oh, wait, I only have—“
“I know, Terra…” she said, interrupting and placing the bags down. “umm, it’s on the house.” you try to resist a blush, which never worked for you. “Oh, Thank, but I don’t want to cheap you out.”

“It ain’t n-nothing, Ter. I…uhhhhm… just…” becoming quiet, she hid behind her hat, slowly turning a light shade of red. She whispered something, your ears not catching a single word.

“Well, thanks again, AJ.” Completing the transaction, you shove the apples to the side. To tell the truth, you never liked dried apples. The fresh juice of a well grown Apple was way better than a dull and dried one. It’s just that AJ always has truckloads of them after winter, forcing her to speed sell or simply throw them out. So much hard work going to waste, how could you not help out? You loved her company, and she loved yours. Nervously flicking her mane from her face, she asked about your wellbeing. Rambling on, the two of you sat together, time rushing by a lot faster than the two of you thought.

(ps. tell me where i make mastakes.)