The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage

by The REAL Mister Pkmn

7- Reconstitution, Decission, Plan, Progress, Task, and Defiance


Orion Station, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

The news had been broadcast through the use of the Marconi Tower. A rebellion existed in the ranks of the Equestrian Oppressors. The Imperials were somewhat unsure of how to take this news, however. After all, they had been absolutely convinced that all of the Equestrians deserved to be destroyed. This uncertainty plagued all of the minds of the citizens, and effectively split the opinions into two major camps: Those that thought this was some kind of massive trick, and those that thought that this was cause for celebration. However, there were a minority that were still uncertain as to what to think, and the two major opinion camps started to vie for the uncertain to join their ranks. And how did they try to do so? By starting a virtual civil war about it, of course! This battle of opinions virtually paralyzed the entire nation, making aid from them start to come far slower.


Leverrier, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Naumachia

The Funesti took the news far differently, and started to rush support faster than ever before, and really starting to exhaust the national coffers. But, the news of a rebellion among the ponies was something that the Funesti were eager to hear, so no expense was spared in aiding them. They were willing to spend every last ounce of gold to help the rebels if necessary, and they would ensure that their aid was not wasted.


Corrob, The Observant Confederation, Planet Nona

The Observers took a far more calm approach to the news than the other nations. Being the analytical minds they were, they ensured to keep the flow of support steady, and ready to be pulled at a moment’s notice. After all, they knew that while a rebellion in the ranks of the Equestrian Government was good news, that it was quite possible for it to be a trick. But, they still would show their support for this movement until it was proven that such aid was being misused. The Observers had also heard the news about the captive that they had over in Pharos seeming to want to “defect” over to them. However, the Observers took this with a grain of salt as well. After all, one had to look at all the angles of a situation to fully understand the possibilities.


Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

Over her talk with Tom, Lapis had realized that her view of Celestia was extremely limited. Sure, she’d heard rumors about the Newfoals and what they were like, but to have it confirmed? That was an entirely different thing altogether. Something started to surge in her soul, a tear between her loyalty to the crown and her disgust at what had truly happened to the former humans. Her mind was reeling with uncertainty, constantly debating between stubbornly clinging to her ideals about Celestia’s purity or tossing that aside to help these Proteans. That would certainly label her a traitor for sure. Then again, hadn’t she been left here to die by those that she commanded? After all, she, as a hybrid, had always been looked down upon, even when she worked past that to somehow get into the Special Forces. The Proteans, however, could look like virtually anything that they pleased, so they didn’t care what you looked like at all. That thought alone lit a flame of rage once again in her eyes. She had come to her decision at last. She turned back to Tom, who had been waiting there patiently as she’d considered what he’d offered her. She then spoke. “So, you want my help in taking down Celestia?” Tom just nodded, and Lapis’ eyes then gleamed as she smiled toothily. “Well, consider me convinced. I’m going to help you.”

Tom shook her right foreclaw with his hand. “Thank you. Your cooperation is most appreciated.” And with that, the deal was sealed. When she fully recovered, she would be part of the forces that would strike on the surface of the world once known as Earth.


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

A shiver went down Celestia’s spine. It seems that Lapis has defected. Oh well. I was going to dispose of her anyway. Then, a guard whispered in her ear. Celestia smiled. “Send Chessmaster in. I do wish to speak to him as soon as possible.” The guard bowed, and exited the room. It seems Chessmaster, or rather, Topaz, has figured me out. Just as well though, seeing as his usefulness was waning anyway.

Just then, a voice spoke in her mind. No. We might still have… Use… for him.

Celestia raised an eyebrow at that. And how do you propose we use him?

The voice chuckled. Here’s what we do…

Celestia grinned maliciously at the brilliance of the plan that she was receiving.


S. S. Galloper, Lalandean space, Lalande 21185 system

All of the sudden, the captives started hollering in terror. The scientist raised an eyebrow. What’s gotten into them all of a sudden? He soon got his answer as he picked out some things the test subjects were saying.

“Augh! It burns! IT BURNS!”

“No! I don’t want to be afraid! Please, Lady Ha Torth! bring back the Great Joining!”

“I am not Nimbus Speedfang! I want to be Ka Deil!”

“Lady Ha Torth, why have you severed our connection? Speak to us!”

The scientist grinned and tuned out the rest of what the captives were saying. So, they had a hivemind up until this point? No wonder they were so resilient… But now that it’s gone, they’re oh so vulnerable. The scientist took note of this little development in his journal. Celestia will certainly be intrigued by this piece of information… It might just promote me, so I can finally be above that insufferable snob, Frothy Batch. He then chuckled to himself. Yes, I, Stable Growth, will finally one-up that insufferable jerk! I’ll be the best there is… He then let out a hearty guffaw that made one question why his name was “Stable.”


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

The task given to them by Zecora was pretty ludicrous. They had to travel quite a ways back to retrieve what she wanted. It was a rare golden flower, that was an ingredient for an important for some kind of zebra traditional brew. It was said to grow only in the thickest part of the Everfree, and that an undocumented creature might guard it. Soon enough, they arrived at their destination, and beheld the small patch of flowers, along with the mysterious creature. Trixie gulped. “Just what is that thing?” she whispered harshly. The creature was quite large, and appeared to be sleeping. Its head appeared to be a venus flytrap, and it had root-like limbs that were currently planted in the ground. On its back, it sported a few vines that swayed slightly like tails.

Sapphiron spoke in a tone of light reverence. “It’s a triffid… they’re quite endangered. To see one in this day and age… We’re quite lucky.”

Trixie whispered harshly. “How’re we supposed to take one of those flowers without waking that thing?”

Sapphiron looked at Trixie with a deadpan look. “You do know a silence spell, right?”

Trixie blinked, and then facehoofed in embarrassment over forgetting that. She lit up her horn, and coated herself in pink magic. She was glad she’d left her wagon-stage at Zecora’s. That would’ve only made this harder. She went straight up to the patch of flowers, and picked one very carefully from the patch. After all, her silence spell was over herself, not the patch of flowers. After she managed to get one, she hurried back to where Sapphiron was waiting. She placed the flower in her hat, dropped the silence spell, and the two started the long trek back to Zecora’s.


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d been summoned. It was now, or never. Keeping the box concealed with an invisibility glamour, he made his way to the doors of the throne room. He took a deep breath. Alright, don’t wear your intentions on your face. It’s time to play the game. He straightened up, and chiseled his face to a neutral setting. He then knocked on the doors.

A regal voice called out. “Enter, Chessmaster.” He then pushed open the doors, and entered. He immediately noticed Her Majesty on one of the two thrones in the throne room. The other one had been empty for quite some time, ever since Princess Luna’s indecision about how to feel about what was happening to the humans cropped up. Nopony was quite sure what had happened to her. Some say she locked herself in her room. Others said she went to the moon to think. Chessmaster shook his head. Celestia then spoke. “I hear that you wished to see me. Let me assure you that the feeling is mutual.”

Chessmaster inwardly scoffed as she showed her smile. That smile’s never felt the same ever since she announced her plans for the humans’ fate. He cleared his throat. “Yes, I do wish to speak with you. It’s about Lapis. What have you done with her?” He kept his face neutral, and his tone level, but inwardly, he burned with rage.

Celestia answered nonchalantly. “She was left behind because of an emergency evacuation due to extenuating circumstances. I had nothing to do with it.”

Chessmaster scoffed audibly. “I doubt that.” His voice was filled with venom, and his eyes only conveyed hate. “Tell me the truth, Celestia. Admit that you called them back on purpose!”

Celestia just shook her head. “And why should I? After all, I have nothing to fear from you, hybrid.”

For the first time ever, Chessmaster head a touch of disdain in her voice, which only bolstered his thought process. “Oh really?” He raised an eyebrow as he locked the throne room doors with a spell. He then let the invisibility on the orihacum chest drop, and continued. “Do you know what is in here, Celestia?” Celestia’s eyes widened, and Chessmaster smirked that he saw a sliver of fear come over her, if only for a second. “That’s right, Celestia. This chest contains one of my prized possessions along with one of the few things that can harm an alicorn.” He then pulled out the platinum locket, and put it around his neck. He also drew out the orihalcum blade that lay inside. Celestia tried to hide that fact that she was squirming, but Chessmaster could tell, and he drank in that fact. “Oh, I see the fear in you, Celestia. Let me show you the true extent of my abilities!” The three gems on his locket shimmered, and his form started to contort. His polymorph spell dropped, revealing his glistening aquamarine coat, his shimmering obsidian mane, his right topaz eye, his left ruby eye, his lion’s tail, his eagle talons, and his griffon wings. His form grew to a massive size, somewhat taller than Celestia. His back half was now covered in far coarser fur, and his front had sprouted shimmering plumage. His muzzle had become a beak, and his cutie mark had changed from the iconic golden chess king to a topaz, an obsidian shard, and a ruby in an arc. He then let out a fierce shriek, which caused Celestia to cover her ears. He then smirked. “So, what do you think of my true self?” He then picked up the orihalcum blade with a talon, and pointed it at Celestia. “Any last words?”

Celestia was laughing. Chessmaster, or rather, Topaz, was quite confused. Celestia then looked straight at him as her horn coursed with dark magic. Topaz’s eyes widened as she spoke. “Yes. You fell for my trap!” Topaz soon found himself encased in darkness, and his screams of pain soon filled all of Canterlot.