The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage

by The REAL Mister Pkmn

5- Defend, Raid, Fight, and Strategy (Updated)


Io City, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Naumachia

Singulons were marching around the perimeter of the city, and Bombi were scouting the skies. Despite their rep for being a warmongering people, the Imperials weren’t stupid; they knew that the possibility of an attack was very real. They may not have all the perks of the other nations, but they would fight tooth and nail if- no, when the Equestrian Oppressors came to attack. After all, they reasoned that it was only a matter of time before the Equestrians started bombarding at least one of, if not all of, the planets in the Lalande 21185 system. All of a sudden, a massive ship was seen approaching Planet Naumachia. It was of a curious design, one that was foreign to all of the Lalandean nations. It was too late to make any more preparations. They had arrived.


Oberth, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Nona

Multiple space vessels were in Lalandean space, and the Funesti knew that they weren’t friendly. It was time now to pull out all the stops to protect their home. After all, the ships were splitting up and heading to different planets. One was on its way straight to Nona. The shields went up in full force. It was finally time to fight on the home front. If the Equestrian Oppressors expected this raid to go easily for them, they were in for quite the rude awakening. Even though the Hammers were not online at the moment and some were off-planet for repairs, the Funesti were confident that they wouldn’t need them. Singulons, Typhoei, and Ur-Titans were outfitted with the experimental Magi-armor, and made ready to attack. They would not give their home away without a fight. Then, as the ships started to descend, one of the Hammers came online and attacked. One of the ships was severely damaged, and it started to careen into the atmosphere much faster than intended. The Funesti cheered as they saw the ship crash. It was a good day to be alive. Then, a Dreadnaught was spotted chasing off a few of the other ships. Dreadnaughts were massive things, and to run across one was not pretty. One of the ships near the surface of Nona was being chased by a HaGibborim Guardian, or, more specifically, a Adamastor. The ship was fleeing as best it could, but the eleven dimensional weaponry was a bit too difficult to dodge. Thus, another ship crashed planetside. Today was definitely a good day.

ELLECOR (Klackon-descended Nation)

Nang, The Great Joining of Pun Elleco, Planet Funestis

Progenitor Ha Torth CII narrowed her gaze as one of the ships that were obviously modified by ponies came directly towards the capital city. As she stood, her green robes swayed slightly over her klackon form. Her red chitin shimmered in the light of the Lalandean sunlight that entered through one of the windows in her residence. She used the connections of the Great Joining to semi-control all the citizens of the city- Which was quite advantageous. As the ship set down, somewhat shakily due to the pilots obviously being not quite used to non-vertical set down, the citizens of Nang started to take great precautions, some of them even burrowing into the ancient tunnels that connected the entire city underground. The military was roused, and they marched towards the edge of the city that the ship had landed near. The walls were sturdy and strong, and when supplemented by the force field, it would certainly be hard for the ponies to get through. Oh, how wrong that presumption was. Only a few blasts of that infernal “magic” and the the ponies managed to get into the city. The main forces of the military clashed, hoping to cut off the ponies, but a few stragglers managed to pierce through the defenses. However, only a handful of citizens were actually taken, seeing just as the first one was abducted, the entire city was soon swarming the ponies with any weapon they could get their hands on. The ponies were driven out of the city rather quickly after that, and a few of those that had been captured had been retrieved before then. But, the ship took off to the vastness of space with 10 citizens anyway. Sure, that wasn’t much, but it caused Ha Torth to scowl anyway, as she started to sense the fear and pain being sent her way as her people were being tested on mid-flight. She banged a fist on a table that was in the room. Drat it all! They managed to make off with some of them… her eyes were full of sadness as she considered the ramifications of severing the Great Joining whilst her citizens were being tested on. It gave her great grief to even think of doing such, so she was at a an impasse for the moment.


Belvedere, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

The immaculate golden-plated vessel descended from the sky on the edge of town. The standing army of the city was awakened, and the shields put to max. The civilians were encouraged to stay inside as the massive ship started to touch down. The Observers knew that other cities on the other planets were seeing a similar scene to this one this very moment. This was the moment of truth. Would they be able to derail this foe and protect their home? The massive amounts of precautions over the past months pointed to yes. They would face this foe with all their power and preparations, and they would not falter. Then, the hatch on the bottom of the ship extended out in a ramp, and out came a squad of around two thousand ponies, led by a most peculiar creature. It had some features of a Typhoeus mixed with that of a unicorn pony, and appeared to be made of pure crystal. It was outfitted in a black armor, and had gauntlets on its claws. It also sported a ring on its scaled tail, as well as an amulet and locket around its neck. It had heterochromia, one eye being blue while the other was purple. Its fur and scales were blue in color, and its mane and spines were an extremely pale pink. It then narrowed its gaze as it looked at the force field. It then straightened, and turned to address its troops.


Attack on Planet Funestis

Lapis exhaled. Alright, exude confidence. Defy all doubt. You can’t afford to back down now. “Listen up! These Proteans are a crafty bunch, as Her Majesty has warned us. However! We will show no mercy! Will will capture as many of them as possible, and then hightail it out of here! Is that clear?”

A chorus of “Ma’am, yes ma’am!” reached her ears, and she turned around to face the city.

Lapis breathed deeply. Alright Lapis, it’s now or never. It’s time to make your country proud. “Alright! ATTACK!” She pointed a claw at the barrier, and soon her troops went to work on the barrier. She charged up her horn with red magic, and fired a blast at the barrier as her Earth Pony and Pegasai troops went in close. Her unicorns were also firing magic blasts at the barrier, but couldn’t manage the continuous blast of energy that Lapis had melded her spell into. However, the barrier continued to bar their way for quite some time. Lapis cursed inwardly. By the Almighty, this is ridiculous! Why won’t this barrier just fall? Her eyes then started to glow, and she was slowly lifted off the ground. I will not be denied! Her locket’s gems shimmered, and her body started to contort. I WILL SHOW NO MERCY!!! Her body expanded, and she grew large dragon wings on her back. Her dragon arms became large and burly, and her snout elongated. Her claws and teeth sharpened, her horn lengthened, and her form grew large enough to rival the size of Princess Celestia. Her tail had been enlarged as well, and had grown sharp spikes. She then roared with rage, and flung herself at the barrier while coating herself with powerful red magic. The barrier shattered into billions of pieces. With a fierce cry, the ponies stormed the city while Lapis the Draconis waged battle with the larger foes. The ponies managed to procure some Proteans from their homes while Lapis kept the security busy, but the ponies had to fight off the Singulons on their way back to the ship. Lapis, however, was in a bind. She couldn’t seem to break away from the battle. However, she was able to hear some chatter from the direction of her ship.

“Wait! What about Captain Lapis? She’s still fighting out there! We can’t leave her!”

“We can, and we must! If we stay, we risk not getting these specimen to Her Majesty!”

“You’re right, I suppose…”

Lapis then turned her head to see the ship lift off the ground. She shouted in rage. “GET BACK HERE! FACE ME, FOUL TRAITORS!” The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the doors of the ship closing and it zooming off into space. The last thought to cross her mind was that she’d been abandoned.


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie and Sapphiron were traveling when a pack of Timberwolves pounced into their path. “Oh come on! Trixie is so tired of this! Why is it that the safest path to Ponyville has taken us a month to traverse! It’s getting rather annoying that we’re running into so many delays!”

Sapphiron cracked his neck, and licked his lips. “Well, it’s easy for you to complain, but I’ve certainly enjoyed it. I haven’t eaten this well in years!” His eyes gleamed with a predatory hunger. “I just hope that this Ponyville you keep talking about is really worth it, Trix.” Over the time they’d spent in the Everfree, he’d taken to calling her that. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried to dissuade him, he wouldn’t stop calling her that. So, she’d accepted defeat. But, despite her earlier unease about her erstwhile companion being a Batblood, she had grown somewhat fond of him. During the time they’d spent together, they’d exchanged tidbits of their lives with one another. Her fillyhood in Neigh Orleans, his days back when he traveled across Equestria. He’d even told her that, at one point, he’d proudly displayed his cutie mark. However, due to his nature as a Batblood, he’d been kicked out of every town he’d come across. Eventually he’d stopped travelling and settled into the Everfree Forest. She then brought herself back to the present. The timberwolves had been dealt with during her reverie, and he was sporting a cheeky grin. “So, we gonna keep movin’ along, Trix?” She rolled her eyes, but grinned as they walked together in the Everfree.


Ponyville, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d received the message just recently. Lapis? M.I.A.? I smell foul play here… Chessmaster moved one of the white bishops on his chessboard with a talon. Something tells me that Celestia wanted her out of the way… He moved another piece, the black queen, and sighed. Maybe the rebels are right, that she is insane… He’d finally managed to find his way into one of the meetings, and through a line of questioning, had brought to surface this assertion by the rebels. He’d doubted it at the time he’d heard it, but with this information, it was hard to not see why they thought the way they did. I never thought that Her Majesty could be anything but just… Chessmaster stood. It seems Sapphiron was right, after all. It’s only a matter of time before she turns her back on me as well. He sighed and he lifted up a orihalchum chest. It behooves me to turn my back on Her Majesty, but if I plan to win this game, I must look out for what’s best for Number One. He lifted the lid, and gazed at the orihalchum blade that lay inside along with the oval-shaped platinum locket that had a topaz, an obsidian shard, and a ruby embedded into it. I just had hoped it’d never come to this...