The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage

by The REAL Mister Pkmn

4- Mobilize, Await, Companion, and Consideration (Updated)


Von Braunberg, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Naumachia

The suspense for waiting was making the Imperials antsy. They wanted to go into action right away, but reason dictated that they await the signal from the Clerisy. Still, that was a tall order to a warmongering people like the Star Officers. However, they knew that attacking now would ruin the plan. So, they spent their idle time sparring with one another. Such sport helped ease their nerves as they anxiously awaited the call to battle. Their Griffas ready for takeoff, their Slip-jacks ready to sail, and their Xenocides and Singulons ready for combat, they bade their time until the call would come.


Christy, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Nona

The Typhoei were ready to fly, and the Ur-Titans ready to crush foes. However, some experimental upgrades were put on each as a risky gambit to weigh the scales in their favor. Even the Singulons were toting this new upgrade that they’d dubbed “Magi-armor.” Sure, it hadn’t been field tested yet, and the armor was mainly crafted from theories about how to protect themselves from Equestrian magic attacks, but it was certainly better than nothing. This is what came with sending scientists to aid the Clerisy in research. They didn’t know how well this experimental tech would do against magic attacks, but they were willing to risk lives for testing purposes if it helped win the war. But, to be entirely certain of its capabilities, they’d need to capture a unicorn into helping them test its capabilities fully. When the call to attack came, they’d go for that chance in a heartbeat the instant they could.


Interloc, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

The hands on the clock were ticking slowly, but such tended to happen when you focus on the little details, as the Observers tended to do to pass the time. Weaker minds might go insane from such a venture, but the Observers were not weak. They’d won many wars of the system’s past because of how keen their minds were for details. Even with the Clerisy being the most advanced nation in the system, the Observers were never far behind. Sure the Clerisy had all the human-specific wonders of the Lalande 21185 system, but the Observers had patience and sharp minds. they could play the other nations against each other if they’d so wished; in fact they’d done so a few times in the past for a small bit of amusement. However, the previous war was most certainly not their doing, and they constantly insisted as such. In fact, it was their recollection that the Star Officers- BONG BONG BONG. Oh, the call to rally to Clericorum! Wondrous! It seemed that they’d now have the opportunity to see Earth’s fate first hand! The Observers then sent off their troops to Clericorum to await further orders.


Lalandean Space, Lalande 21185 system

It was almost time, the moment of truth was near. Lapis was terrified. She knew that this strike would be the crowning mark of her military career so far. Thankfully, they had been instructed to wait until the orders to attack would come from Celestia. It would be the moment that she’d been trained for, she reminded herself, even if she hadn’t ever known she would be called upon by Princess Celestia herself. She looked down to the locket that was embossed with the gemstones of her cutie mark once more. I hope I won’t need to, but what happens if there’s no other option for victory? Will I be able to Awaken properly? Or will this fear I have cloud its success? She shook her head. Focus, Lapis! She reprimanded herself, Equestria is counting on the success of your mission! You can’t let Her Majesty down! She looked to the locket one last time. No matter the cost I may suffer should I need to activate the magic of this locket, If it is necessary for success, I will use it without hesitation.


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie woke up with little difficulty. Now, which way to Ponyville? She’d been staying in that cave for nearly two weeks, just waiting patiently to move until the right moment. She exited the cave, and went back to the dirt road and followed it for a while until she saw a unicorn stallion facing off against a manticore. The stallion’s teal coat was hard to make out underneath all the dirt and grime that covered it, and his mane was barely clean enough for her to make out that it was once reddish brown and had a turquoise streak down the center, and was now tangled and unruly. His pupils were slitted, and he bore his fangs. His dim seven-colored rainbow tail swished, and was long and unkempt. His right eye was blue as a sapphire, and his left eye was as green as an emerald. He wore a cracked pair of blue glasses and a rusty oval-shaped locket of some kind. His cutie mark, if he had one, was entirely shrouded by how dirty he was. The stallion and the manticore circled one another. The Manticore looked about ready to collapse. Then, in a burst of speed, the stallion’s mouth clamped around the manticore’s throat. With a yelp of pain, and much thrashing, the manticore finally slumped over, dead. The stallion stood to his full height, which seemed to be barely larger than Shining Armor was in his prime.

Then, the stallion went to the manticore, and spoke. “Oh great creators, send this creature safely to thine embrace.” With a flash of turquoise magic, he cut the Manticore open, and harvested some of its meat, and put it into a pouch. “I’ve already had lunch, so this is for later.” He then shoved the manticore’s corpse off to the side.

As he turned to leave, Trixie ran up to him, calling out. “Wait! Who are you?”

The pony flinched. He then turned to face Trixie, and spoke. “You don’t need to know me, and it would be better for you to just forget me. You’re an outsider; one of the crowd that ostracized me because of my unique appearance. I will not be around ponies if they cannot accept me for what I am, for who I am!” He stomped a hoof, and turned to leave. “Go now, Pureblood, because I’ve no want to deal with your kind. We hybrids stand alone.” He then started off into the distance.

Trixie ran after him, calling out again. “Wait! Ponies have changed! just give them a chance! I’ve been ostracized as well, but I know of a place where they will take me in! Perhaps they’ll accept you as well!”

The stallion turned his head, and raised an eyebrow. “And if you happen to be wrong?”

Trixie then looked at him with a determined gaze. “I know they’ll accept you; I’m certain of it!”

The stallion then went back to the dirt road, and bowed with a flourish. “Very well then. Lead on, milady.”

As she lead the stallion to Ponyville, she then asked a question. “So, what’s your name?”

The stallion uttered a single word in response. “Sapphiron.”


Appaloosa, Equestria, Planet Equus

Chessmaster had arrived quickly thanks to his teleportation spell. He’d been sitting in the bar, in his unicorn shape so as to not draw attention. Can’t risk anyone seeing me in my Hippogriff state, so this polymorph spell has become very useful. He was knocked out of his thoughts as a pale yellow stallion with a tan stetson and a beige vest with a braeburn apple cutie mark came to the table, and sat next to him. The stallion paid Chessmaster no mind, until Chessmaster spoke up. “So, I’ve been hearing certain rumors…”

The stetson-wearing pony quirked an eyebrow. “Oh? ‘An just what rumors would those be, pardner?”

Fiddling with his cider, Chessmaster spoke up. “I’d heard that there was a movement among towns near Ponyville to secede from Equestria, with Ponyville as the capital of the new nation.”

The stallion looked from side to side. “And what will you do if those rumors are true?”

Shrugging, Chessmaster continued nonchalantly. “Check it out, see what’s what. Maybe if I’m so inclined, I would join - provided it really exists.”

The stallion offered a letter to Chessmaster, which he accepted. “Take that to Ponyville. Meet with Applejack, and tell her Braeburn sent you.” The stallion stood, and left the bar.

Chessmaster took a look at the unopened letter, and pondered. These “rebels”... they would trust a stranger such as I? Why? Don’t they think I could be insincere? Puzzling indeed… He shook his head. At least with this, I might find out why they want to do this. With that information, I can judge for myself whether or not Sapphiron was right to abandon the cause after Tourmaline died. He adjusted his cloak, and left the bar.