The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage

by The REAL Mister Pkmn

3- Readying, Lift-off, Rest, and Spy (Updated)


Valerian, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

The Imperials were almost ready to fight this war. When the Clerisy sent the word, they would rally to strike, swiftly and without mercy. The Imperials took up banners emblazoned with constellations like Orion, Leo, Scorpio, and Drago to show their ferocity. They would intimidate their foes by sending as many warriors as necessary to squelch their oppression of the Terrans. The Imperials shouted, raising their weapons to the sky. They were ready for war with those that had imprisoned their fellows. They were ready to die for their fellows with honor, no matter how steep the cost may be. If necessary, the entire nation would lay down its life for this cause, and they would be remembered as heroes for the rest of the ages. This was for the Imperials' pride and honor, and they would show their best.


Draper, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Naumachia

The defenses were being shorn up, readying for the inevitable strike at Lalandean cities. Typhoei and Ur-Titans were being set to roam the perimeter of the city, and Singulons were being produced as well. The force fields were strong, but the Funestian government wasn’t sure it could hold off the Equestrian’s “magic” for long, if at all. Therefore, standing armies were set up as a precaution in every Funestian city. The Funestians weren’t about to give an inch of the home they loved to an invading force, even if they needed to die to protect it. With a few more checks and double-checks, their forces were ready to face whatever the enemy could throw at them. They were as ready as they felt they would ever be.


Probandi, The Observant Confederation, Planet Nona

They were watching, waiting, calculating, anticipating, as they always did. They ran checks, double-checks, even triple-checks to ensure everything was in order. The soldiers did drills to keep their minds sharpened on battle, and the citizens kept constant vigil on watching the sky for the signal to attack or defend. They kept themselves busy with various tasks, including maintenance on the force fields. The people were busy, and kept themselves alert enough to act on a moment’s notice. None of them would allow themselves to be caught off-guard just in case one of the signals were sent. The people were proud to be as attentive as they were; they were Observers after all, and they wore that title with pride. Their great attention to detail would ensure that nobody within their cities would be caught unawares by anything. This preparation was crucial to the fight ahead. None would blind them from their mission. It was all or nothing, and they wouldn’t accept “nothing.”


Near the EarthGate, New Equestria

The vessels had taken off, and were ready to enter Lalandean space. Even so, Lapis was nervous. This was her first big assignment in the Equestrian Special Forces, and she was afraid that she’d blow it. She shook her head. No! Focus, Lapis! You are a soldier! You gave up that pipe dream of being a jeweler for the glory of the Equestrian nation ages ago! You can do this! You no longer have use for the mask of Janice anyway. She took a deep breath, and calmed herself. You may no longer have contact with Sapphiron ever since he disappeared before Equestria came into contact with Earth, but at least you still have Topaz. She then faceclawed. Oh right, he’s still got his mane and tail dyed from their lustrous obsidian to a dull orange and red and mixed his eye colors to be red-orange. He even masked his cutie mark and goes by the name Chessmaster now. It helps that he uses that persona to fool the rebels into believing that he’s on their side. The space ship lurched as it neared the EarthGate, almost causing Lapis to lose her footing. These commandeered vessels need some serious maintenance, She mused to herself.


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie was tired. Dealing with those Timberwolves certainly had not been easy. Her magic was still not meant for combat, even with her living on the run for twenty years. She knew that she’d never truly get used to it, despite her sometimes hiding in the Everfree for a night or two. Yes, Trixie had been here before, and it was no less frightening now than it was back then. She then ran across a group of unicorns in gold and red bodysuits- the Solar Flares, the only other competent part of Equestria’s Military besides the Equestrian Special Forces. One of them spoke as she was surrounded. “Well, look what the manticore dragged in! Trixie Lulamoon! What a pleasure to see you again.” The stallion smiled cruelly. “When Celestia hears that we’ve captured you, she’ll be most pleased.”

“Commander Flare Strike.” Trixie spoke venomously as she narrowed her eyes. “Why am I not surprised to see you underestimate me again.” She lit up her horn in response to the Solar Flares charging up their magic. Trixie then smirked. “Let’s see you catch me after this show-stopper!” In a flash of pink, she blinded her opponents and wove a glamour of invisibility and silence over herself and her wagon. As she went on her way, she heard Flare Strike curse and order his stallions to spread out over search for her. As soon as they were out of sight, she dropped the invisibility, but kept the silence up just in case. Well that was tiring, she mused to herself. How long have I been in here? A few days now? She shook her head. I can’t worry about that right now. I need to find a cave or something to rest in. After all, I’ve had little to no chance to sleep ever since I left Manehattan. She sighed because she knew that her wagon-stage wouldn’t suffice in the forest as it had on the road. She soon stumbled upon an empty cave. It wasn’t much, but it was at least shelter. Trixie knew that staying outside during the night in the Everfree was never a good idea. So, she went inside, careful not to disturb the creature that most likely lived inside. I just hope it's not an Ursa Minor… She took some provisions out of her travelling wagon-stage, and had a small meal. It may not have been much, but it kept her relatively content. She then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Hayburg, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d heard various rumors about a movement centering around Ponyville that pointed to secession, and appointing Princess Twilight as the head of state for the new country. However, Twilight herself denied such claims. So, Princess Celestia had tasked him with assessing whether or not the rumors were true. He’d just recently arrived in a town near Ponyville, and had listened in on conversations around town. Only very private conversations spoke of the secession, just as had been trend in the towns he’d been to thus far. He was sitting at a table, playing chess against himself, as he tended to do. His aqua hoof sifted through his orange and red mane, and went down again. Using his red-orange magic, he moved a pawn on his chessboard, and took one of the black pawns. He had a thoughtful look on his face as his red-orange eyes gleamed. The rumors of secession… the closer I get to Ponyville, the more they seem to be true. He then frowned, his eyebrows scrunched. Yet, the closer I get to Ponyville, the harder the rumors are to track... He looked back to admire the golden chess king cutie mark he sported on his flanks. It was wise of Her Majesty to send me for this job, for I will find the facts. No matter how hard it may be to uncover them. He turned to face his chessboard again. Now, all I need do is follow the most recent lead, and see if I can track them some more. He spread his griffon wings, and swished his lion tail. “After all, a challenge is always good for a Chessmaster.” He then smirked to himself.