The Beat of Her Heart

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

"Were We Always Meant to Say Goodbye?"

Already gone.

Those two words seem to echo in your mind as you stare at the carefully wrapped gift you prepared for Vinyl Scratch.

You cast out a heavy sigh, seeing that it’s Hearth’s Warming Eve and the sun will soon be setting.

Things were going so great for your and her. You had a rare chance to strike up a conversation with her, following one of her sets at your favorite Ponyville bar, which was also one she’d often play at.

From that one conversation the two of you hit it off and for the past seven months things have been beyond great. Sure there was the occasional bump in the road, but the two of you always seemed to overcome it.

As you lightly run your fingers over the smooth texture of the wrapping paper, which is hugging Vinyl’s gift in almost the same manner you wish you could be hugging her right now.

Why? You think as your heart continues to ache. Of all the times for the two of you to have a major fight. You can only wonder as to why it happened so close to one of the holidays you were looking forward to spending with her, and you know she was equally anticipating the time you’d both spend together as well.

“I don’t know what happened? Why did we get so mad?” You wonder aloud, rising from a simple armchair, and begin pacing. “I don’t think it was anything she did…was it?” Taking a few seconds to think, you shake your head. “No, it must have been something I did. Man! What did I do? I was trying to be careful.”

Passing through the kitchen, you slam your fist on the counter and let out an exasperated sigh. “Ugh, this is pointless.”

You head for the front door and grab your coat. It is winter after all.

After zipping up, you head out. “I need to clear my head. That should help.” You mutter heading out the front door, locking it behind you.

The brisk and nippy evening air of Ponyville brushes over your face, sending chills up your back. “Woo, there’s ice in that air.” You chuckle briefly, given that there’s a healthy coating of snow on the ground. One thing you’ve come to love about living in Equestria is that December seems to always boast snow, making for a white Hearth’s Warming Day ever year. Though as you continue walking along, that thought does little to comfort you. Your thoughts immediately turn back to your mare.

You’d like nothing more than to see Vinyl again, but after your argument, she said she didn’t think you two should see each other anymore.

Your feet crunch along the snow as you catch a few whiffs of cooking food from nearby restaurants. Despite their inviting aromas, eating is the last thing on your mind.

Returning to your dilemma, you know the cause of your fight couldn’t be anything too specific to your relationship with her. The two of you spent a good deal of time together, true, for you it wasn’t quite enough, but you knew well that her career as a DJ was rather demanding and your job also had its busy times. Still, whenever you were together it was always great. Spending time together, cuddling, listening to music, going out, and things were sweet in the bedroom. Vinyl always enjoyed the level of intimacy and ecstasy you both experienced whenever you made love.

Those facts just make this all the more confounding to you. If only there was a way to undo the outcome of that fight, but alas you know there isn’t.

Turning the corner, you discover your course has brought you back to your favorite bar. Swallowing thickly you know that Vinyl is going to be playing a set this evening. Despite any hesitation you’re experiencing, you know you’d feel better if you could just see her, even from across the room. Besides, her sets always have been a source of enjoyment and above that comfort.

* * * * * *

Making your way inside, you head for one of the tables along the back wall. Vinyl shouldn’t be able to see you from here, and at least you can enjoy the music she puts down from the mixing board.

You grunt slightly feeling a sharp poke from your right pants pocket. Reaching in, you discover the melody crystal you’ve been listening to since your break-up is still there. You adjust it so it stops jabbing your thigh. There have been some songs that have brought you a little comfort following your fight.

“Hello, what can I get you?” The waitress pony breaks your thought, offering you a welcoming smile.

Alcohol might help, but at the moment you aren’t sure what to order. “Uh, I’ll just take an ice water for right now and order something in a bit.”

“Of course, hon. No problem.”

She leaves your table as your focus turns to the DJ’s booth. There you see her. A sudden rush of adrenaline makes your heart feel tight.

Vinyl looks across the room and waves to all the ponies and the few humans that are there to enjoy her set. Staring closer, you notice that she’s wearing a festive outfit – a green and red dress. The top portion is green with a two tiered green and red skirt, and her head is covered in a traditional red Santa hat with fake white fur that matches the white faux fur lining of her dress.

Shaking your head, you quickly realize that you’re one of the only humans around and know you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. Carefully, you cinch up the collar of your coat and hope it’ll make you a little less obvious.

Then, to your surprise you notice that Vinyl has spotted you. Even through her shades you can tell she’s recognized you, but instead of seeming angry or annoyed that you’re there, she nods and waves your way. She seems to be lighting up, just as she does whenever you sit in on her performances.

You take a deep breath, feeling no less confused than you did before you entered the bar.

* * * * * *

Now that Vinyl’s set has ended, you sit there sipping at your drink. During her performance you didn’t get any malice or real anger from her. That most likely means that at least you can be friends, maybe.

You take another swig of your drink and feel its warming effect spread along your extremities. Your problems may not be gone, but at least you feel a little better. Then, just as you contemplate flagging down the waitress for a refill, you feel a familiar hoof on your shoulder. Turning back you see that it’s Vinyl. You try to mask the surprise in your eyes, but suspect you are doing a terrible job of it.

“Vinyl, uh, hello. Your set was great.” As smooth an opening line as any, you facepalm internally.

She smiles, letting out a faint chuckle. “Um, could we talk?”

Words that often times mean trouble for any relationship. Still, maybe there’s hope for your relationship.

Standing up, you toss some bits on the table and turn to Vinyl. “Where did you...”

“Uh?” She looks around. “Let’s step outside.”

You nod. “All right.”

Grateful to be clad in your coat, you join Vinyl Scratch outside. It’s just as chilly as it was before.

You see a puff of her breath before she speaks. “It was nice seeing you here tonight.”

Her welcoming words almost make you smile as you try to sort out the millions of things you’d like to say to her. “Yeah. I know since the other day, things aren’t really good between us, but…” You trail off.

“Yeah. Well, I was still pleasantly surprised to see you here.”

“It shouldn’t have been too big of a surprise. You know I love your sets. I always have.”

She nods. “I know.” She sighs. “I should have remembered.”

“It’s okay. Truth is…I missed you. I know there’s no easy fix for what happened. But even so, with what we shared, I was just wondering, if you’re not busy tomorrow, could we maybe have dinner?”

Vinyl bites her lower lip. “I’d like to but, Octavia invited me to have Hearth’s Warming dinner with her and her folks. You know, given what happened.” Her shaded eyes continue staring at you, a neutral expression on her face.

Realizing this conversation, along with your hope, to be dying, you simply nod. “I understand. I can always mail you your present if you still want it. Well, I’d better go.” You reach out a hand to touch her, but hesitate as you pull it away. Turning away you realize you’d better make yourself scarce, despite all your efforts, you feel the pain in your heart grow and the tears continue to try and force their way out of your eyes, as they have been off and on for the past several days now.

You feel their warmth as they start to pool. Then as you start to regain control, you notice that same hoof touch your shoulder again. Turning around, you fight to maintain your composure with every ounce of your will.

“Wait a second. You didn’t let me finish.”

To your surprise you see a smile form on her face. “I’m sure Tavi wouldn’t mind if I brought you with. And about the other day…um…”

“Yeah?” You feel a little calmer.

“I’m not even sure why I was mad and know I said some things I more than regret now. Maybe it was our schedules…or the way I feel about you. I’m not sure. I’m not even sure if or why you were mad. Honestly, I don’t care.” Vinyl hesitates and takes in a staggered breath.

“Vinyl?” You look closely and in the dim streetlight you see something glisten from the corner of her shades. “Are. Are you crying?”

She shakes her head. “Of course not. But like you…oh, who am I kidding.” Vinyl flips up her shades, tears clearly trailing from her eyes. “I miss you.” She sniffles as she dives for your chest and wraps her hooves around you.

“Vinyl.” You speak shakily, placing your arms around her. She starts to cry and unable to hold back any longer, you feel your own tears break free like the water over a failing dam. “Vinyl…oh…Vinyl. I’m s-so sorry!” You hold her tightly.

Her forelegs grip you harder. “I’m sorry too. I…I don’t know why we had that fight. I just don’t want to lose you from it.” She lets out a few strong choking sobs. “I don’t know why I said we should stop seeing each other. What was I thinking?”

“Shh, shh, that’s water under the bridge now.” You rub your hand along her back.

Looking up at you with tear stained eyes, she speaks your name. “I love you.”

You smile at her, tears still slowly falling from your eyes. “Vinyl. I love you.”

She pats your side with her left hoof. “Do you still have it with you?”

“Huh?” Your eyes widened as you reach into your pocket. “You mean this?” Holding up the melody crystal.

Vinyl nods. “Yes.” She grips the crystal in the blue glow of her magic. “That song from your world… “Already Gone”.” Vinyl sniffles. “I don’t want to say goodbye.”

You hug her tight and hold her close. “Don’t worry, Vinyl. We don’t have to. I know the reason that song hit me so strong is because I don’t want us to ever end up like that.” You give her another loving squeeze and whimper faintly. “I don’t want you to be gone.”

Vinyl leans against you harder. “I don’t want to be gone either. So, don’t worry, I won’t…I won’t.” She sniffs again and laughs. “Look at me, blubbering like a foal.”

You snicker and pat her head. “Yeah, but you’re my foal.”

She giggles and sniffs back a few tears, while pretending to punch you. “You always know how to make me laugh.”

You smile warmly and run your fingers through her mane. “I guess I do.”

Vinyl smiles up at you and turns her head, blushing a little. She stands up on her hind legs and places her hooves on your shoulders. Her eyelids close partially and you see her lips part. You know what’s coming next as you place your arms around her. Parting your own lips the two of you meet for a passionate kiss. In an instant, any doubt you were feeling evaporates. The tenderness in her lips makes you sigh happily. Vinyl sighs back, appearing to enjoy the warmth of your embrace.

A few moments pass and your lips separate. Taking in a deep breath, you smile. “That was perfect.”

She giggles. “Mmm, it was.” Vinyl continues to stare at you, her forelegs still draped around your shoulders.

You pull her closer in response to a gust of wind. “Brrr, we should get in out of this cold and warm up.”

Vinyl nods. “That’d be great. Say, your place isn’t far from here? Why don’t I spent the night?” She stares at you half-lidded. “We have some making up to do.”

Your smile grows as you place your arm around her. “We sure do. Man, I missed you.”

She leans against you and coos softly. “I missed you too. I still don’t know why we got so angry and fought?”

You shrug your shoulders as the two of you make your way back to your place. “Hard to say. You know, I’ve heard couples have nasty fights. Maybe this was just one of those and part of a rougher patch than we’ve been through.”

“Yeah. I’m just glad we got through it. I don’t think my sets were going nearly as well following our fight, but after you showed up tonight.” She blinks her red eyes, which appear magenta in the pale glow of night. “I felt that beat you always seem to bring out in me.”

You pull her tighter against you and rest your cheek along her red Santa hat. “I’m glad. Your set really was great tonight.”

Vinyl sighs contently. “Let’s make a promise.”

“Oh, what kind of promise?” You glance over at her curiously.

“To never let an argument or a fight get so out of control again. I’m sure we’ll have our rough patches, but I don’t want to end up saying things I’ll regret again.”

“Same here. Come on, we’re just about back to my place. Let’s go inside and warm up.”

She nods happily as you make for your front door. You breath a much needed sigh of relief knowing that Hearth’s Warming won’t be a disaster, and more importantly, you’ve got your beloved mare back. That’s the best possible present you could ever hope for.