Bloody Good Show

by Shadow Valkyrie

First Blood

Chapter 1

It was a most disturbing case, filled with gruesome murders and frights all around. Could be used a horror story of a sort to frighten young fillies, or even children. Possibly squeamish adults. But you get the point. On with the story.

He needed a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, but to get in he needed a ticket. Either a forged one or it was acquired through less than honorable means. But still, to get in the latter way, you would need to know someone who knows someone. He didn't have a government official's personal phone number, yet, but he had a few ties to a secretive, but strong gang. And that is something hard to come by. But alas, he couldn't afford to leave a witness, albeit a valuable one. He would have to take care of it soon, or he would be discovered sooner or later. That was not something he would leave to chance. He wold have to tie up loose ends, but that didn't mean he couldn't have fun doing so.

The "loose end" he had to sever had accepted a meeting with him in Las Pegasus. A loose end wouldn't be the only thing he would sever, though. They met in an alleyway, behind a small store, which was obviously closed. His contact had come alone, for the gang he was in struck so much fear into the local populous that no one would dare harm them and get away with it. Or so they thought.

"I believe you ordered one ticket to the Gala." The gang member started. He held out the envelope, ticket enclosed. As his buyer reached for it, he jerked it away. "But first, tell me something. Is it business or pleasure?"

"Oh, definitely pleasure. I have all the assets I need set in place for this little game I play. I just need you for one last thing, and then our business is concluded."

"Oh, yea? What?"

"Well... it's not to say that I need your help with anything. But it isn't to say, is it? Come closer, I'll whisper it to you. You know how those spies are in this city."

"Mm-hm. Hate them spies"So the loose end came closer. "Yeah? What's the- Urrrk" He toppled over.

He stood over the victim, brandishing a knife. " I just need your body. Not your help." The victim's eyes went wide with terror as his final business partner stabbed and hacked away. Then he leaned over and whispered in the dead body's ear: "That was liberating."

Riing-Riing! Riing-Riing!

"Hello, this is Sherlock Hooves the Fourth. To whom am I speaking? Oh, hello captain! It's been far to long."

"Ah, yes, it has been, my friend. I wish it could be under better circumstances. There's been a... disturbing murder recently. I think you should take a look and see if you can help our investigation along."

"Scene of the crime?"

"Let's see. Uh... At the pastry shop near the small office complex in the east section of the city. Meet up with the head detective on the case if you find her."

"On my way there now. And don't give up. We will get that crime boss eventually." Sherlock hung up.

At the scene of the crime, police barricades were diverting traffic away from the area. If the crime scene was contaminated, that would be bad. Inside the shop, there were ponies from forensics trying to analyze the evidence. Sherlock slipped past the barricades.

"Excuse me sir, but you can't go in there."

"It's fine. The captain sent for me."

"He's fine, officer. I can vouch for him." A female voice intervened.

"All right ma'am."

"Right. You must be Sherlock then." She shook his hoof and introduced herself. "Detective Hidden Detail. I'm leading the investigation here. We are having a hard time figuring out this case. Mainly because our forensics specialists keep running out to vomit. It got very annoying for 15 minutes. Then they sucked it up and stopped puking. It's either that or they haven't reloaded their stomachs yet. I swear, those new guys need to learn that police work isn't pretty. One managed to suck it up and get down to business. Once he managed it, the others were able to do that too."

"Agents of change. So what were they able to dig up?"

"So far, they were able to find the identity of the deceased: Money Launderer. At least that's a start. The body was nailed to a wall, definitely not the cause of death in lieu of the multiple stab wounds found all over the body. Also, there is a word written in blood." She paused for a second. "But some of the blood has been mixed with something, making it blue. And the meaning of the words are undetermined at this time."

"Why? What's the word?"

" FirsT Bl00D" She said. "Could be the first for a serial killer. Let us hope that we stop that from happening."

"What do you mean we? My fathers before me have worked alone for generations ever since-"


"Yes. Best friend to my great grandfather, the original. When they attempted to solve the case of Jackal the Ripper. When they found Jackal, he leapt off a tower and plummeted to his death, refusing to be caught. But he pulled poor Watson down with him into hell with him. It was the one killer who truly beat the great Sherlock Hooves. That story was passed down for generations. Even I, a century later, feel for someone I never truly knew." He closed his eyes and sighed. "That is why we have worked alone for so long. So that that never happens again."

"I realize that this may be your family's way of honoring a friend, and it may be part of your legacy, but you can't take them all on alone."

"I'm still here, aren't I?" Sherlock remarked.

"For now. Tell you what, we work on this case together, but keep it strictly professional. Deal?"

"Deal." They shook hooves, sealing their partnership for the case.

A day later, Twilight Sparkle was reading the newspaper. An article caught her eye:

Beginning of a Serial Killer?
A heavily mutilated body was found in a pastry shop in the city of Las Pegasus. The body was nailed to a wall, and the words "first blood" were written in the victim's blood. This possibly implies more murders along the way. Forensic teams were able to determine the identity of the victim: A known member of the Solo Gang, Money Launderer. However, no forensic evidence was found a to the identity of the killer. On another note, detective Sherlock Hooves IV, decedent of the legend, and head detective of the Las Pegasus police department, Hidden Detail are attempting to solve the case. That is all the department is revealing to the public at present time.

"Spike! I'll be going to Las Pegasus for a bit! Don't use the telescope to watch Rarity sleeping while I'm gone!"

"Sure, I can zo dat." Spike mumbled in his sleep.