Rarity's adventures

by azularmz06

Chapter 3: Partners in crime

After a week in Manhattan it was time to Spike and Rarity to leave, they were getting inside the train as Coco waved goodbye.
“Bye Rarity! Bye Spike! See you later! Thanks for the opportunity, don’t forget to write!” She was saying, and the train advanced far from her.
Inside the train, Rarity and Spike started talking again.
“You know Rarity, sometimes when Twilight and I are bored; we like to invent stories, like a roleplay, want to try?” Spike proposed, and Rarity accepted the proposal.
“Okay… Once upon a time-“Rarity started, waiting for Spike to continue.
“In a jewelry shop”
“Two partners in crime”
“Looked for precious gems in delight”
“The older one proposed ‘Rubies’”
“As the younger said, ‘Emeralds first’”

The two of them told the story, giggled a little, and even made a perfect crime plot based on a doodle of a false jewelry shop made by Rarity. They were having fun as they never had before, until a pony dressed in a police uniform got into their cubiculum in the wagon they were.

“Good morning, can I know what are you doing?” The cop said, as Rarity stood up from her seat.
“Of course officer, we are telling a roleplay story” Rarity answered, showing the police pony their doodle of the false jewelry shop. The stallion spoke in his radio device “Gentle colts, we have a possible 10-45, this could or could not be a 10-45”
Rarity’s expression shocked and Spike also stood up from his seat.

“Hum, officer, what’s a 10-45?”Rarity asked, a little nervous.
“It means Attention to every units and I’m saying it’s possible because you two are suspicious, but not enough for getting arrested” The cop explained. “So, I have to make sure you are not trying to steal a jewelry shop” He took out his radio device again. “Gentle colts, I’ll need support in here, total 10-48, I repeat, 10-48”

Spike walked closer to Rarity, who seemed relaxed, as if everything was in order.
“Rarity, why are you so relaxed?” Spike asked as the cop turned around waiting for his partner.
“Well Spike, 10-48 means Speak in joke, so we have nothing to worry about, just be careful with what you say, actually, let me speak” Rarity explained, and Spike nodded.

The other cop got into the train wagon and pretended to be serious, but actually, the two stallions were giggling insidetheir tooth.

"Very well, what do we have here?" The new cop said and the older cop handed him Rarity's doodle. "A jewelry shop huh?" He said and gasped falsely. "Are you trying to... STEAL IT?!" The cop said as the stallion behind him busted in laughter.

Rarity smiled "Well officers, nice pun, but I think we all shall go back into the calm of our seats" she said and the two laughing cops walked until they were out of Spike's and Rarity's sight.

"I'm happy it was all a game, Rarity" Spike said and sighed.
"Well, I am not, How am I supposed to feel safe if the officers in charge are making jokes and playing with the ponies in the train?" Rarity said in disapproval.
"Huh.. I guess it's true, but in case of emergency, you have a dragon by your side" Spike said and then tried to get some fire out of his mouth, but instead of that, he could only get some little flames and fell to the ground.
Rarity giggled "Now THAT makes me feel safe"

Both of them giggled as they enjoyed their trip. Since that journey was a day-long trip, Rarity decided to go to the food wagon.
"Come on Spike, let's get some food" Rarity said.
"Well, I don't think it's a good idea, unless they have some precious gems, I won't be able to eat with you" Spike said a little unsure, but still followed Rarity.
"But I thought you also ate pony food" Rarity said confused.
"I did, until Twilight found a book about dragons. It said that pony food can make my growth slower, and even avoid me for getting wings" Spike said, pointing his wingless back.
"Oh.. I guess you can eat this" Rarity said, taking some jewels from her saddle bag.
"But Rarity, aren't you going to use those in your dresses?" Spike asked worried.
"I was, but for a friend like you, Anything!"

The two friends ate as the sun fell in the horizon and in the sky started appearing little twinkles, stars. Rarity and Spike decided to continue their story, based on their experience with the officers a few hours ago.

"And the officers, convinced that the partners in crime were innocent, left laughing" Rarity said, telling the story.
"But what they didn't know, is that the partners in crime had a whole lot of emeralds and rubies hidden under their hooves" Spike continued and ate a diamond from the ones Rarity had given him.

But when Rarity and Spike didn't notice, the cops got into the food wagon.
"'Oh, how foolish cops!' The older one said" Rarity continued, but Spike wouldn't dare, since the police officers were standing back from Rarity, with a face of disgust.
"Why don't you continue Spike?" Rarity said, and for some reason or another she turned around her head to reveal two cops with intentions of arresting them.

"Well gentle colts, my mistake, arrest them" The cop said to the other officers behind him, and the other stallions proceeded to arrest them and carry them to an empty wagon that looked like a jail. There they released Rarity and Spike, who were so worried and scared they couldn't think in a way to get out of that one.

"So, you weren't trying to steal it, after all, huh?" An officer said, taking Rarity's doodle out of his bag.
"But we weren't" Spike said, trying to defend himself and Rarity with him.
"Well, we got a call from a jewelry shop in Manehattan, the owner said that the thieves escaped in a train to Ponyville" The cop said, walking closer and closer to Rarity and Spike.
Since Rarity and Spike were too paralyzed to answer, the cop continued.
"And the owner said they were two thieves, a mare and a stallion" Rarity's eyes sparkled as an idea came to her mind.
"Then that's it! that's how you know we are not guilty. Yes, I am a mare, but my dearest friend Spike is not a stallion, he's a dragon!" Rarity exclaimed with glee, knowing that her argument would get Spike and her out of the trouble they got in.

The officer stood up there for a while and then he blushed a little ashamed.
"I'm sorry, I guess you WERE doing a role play after all" The officer apologized, when a voice in his radio device stopped him from whatever he was going to say.
"Attention, we found the real thieves, in wagon 3" The voice of another officer called out from the device.
"I'm very sorry, but I'll have to leave you" He said as he ran in help of the other cops.

Rarity and Spike also left that wagon and walked back to the food wagon to finish eating.
"Well, at least you'll have something to tell twilight about your trip" Rarity said, placing her hoof in Spike's shoulder.
"Yes, that we got arrested, I can't imagine how happy she'll be when she hears that" Spike said sarcastically.