An Interesting Arrival

by Moongaze14

A Visit to Ponyville

A Visit to Ponyville

The next morning proved to be boring for Statice. He did the same routine that he did yesterday. The only problem now was that, with his Archive already updated, he didn’t have anything else to do for the day. He was already bored by the time he had finished his sparring match with his mineral clone. Training would be a lot more fun if he were out in the open, but that would risk being captured by the Elements of Harmony or being attacked by the beasts of the Everfree Forest. Seclusion was his safest bet at the moment, and he hated every second of it since there was little to do apart from waiting for something, anything, to happen at all.

His boredom came to an end when Discord came by to visit him. The normally annoying visitor popped out of nowhere, but at this point of his sloth, Statice didn’t care, because Discord’s arrival brought him hope. He was aware that Discord’s ideas were VERY likely to bring him trouble as it was proven with his meeting with Zecora, yet he was so bored that he didn’t care just as long as he got to do something other than wait for the day to be over just to repeat the same boring cycle tomorrow. He allowed the draconequus to see his smile, happy that there was a chance to do something fun.

“Somepony is happy to see me,” Discord smirked in a singsong voice. “I usually don’t receive such warm reception from anypony that is not Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie when I bring my trusty chocolate milk raining cotton candy clouds with me.”

Statice gasped and stuttered. “I’m not happy,” he corrected himself as he attempted to sound aloof. “I’m just interested to see what you will offer me this time to get rid of my boredom. Any obstacles that I’ll face because of you will be worth the trouble compared to this lack of action in my lifestyle.”

He won't let me hear the end of this after today.

Discord crossed his arms and hummed thoughtfully. “Well, your visit with Zecora ended with disastrous results.” He chuckled a bit when he saw the green unicorn glaring at him, not too pleased with remembering the beating that he took yesterday because of Discord’s idea. “But I think that I have a plan for what you can do today. It’s crazy, but I think it beats staying here all day.”

“What do you offer?” Statice asked carefully. Though he was glad that Discord came up with something, he was also wary of the possibility of being endangered. His encounter with Zecora was proof enough, even if his Healing Spell managed to get rid of the bruises she gave him during their fight rather than Discord’s magic.

“How about you visit Ponyville?” Discord suggested with a trickster smile and an intrigued raised eyebrow.

“Are you out of your mind?” Statice asked him, too stunned with his ridiculous idea to properly yell at him. Even from the ancient and insane draconequus, this idea was too far-fetched to even be considered a coherent thought.

“No,” Discord shook his head, still keeping his suggestive expression.

Discord's snapped. I better lay it out to him in the most sensible way possible.

“Yes, you are!” Statice pointed a hoof at him as he recovered from his stupor long enough to get sufficiently angry to yell at him. “This is just like Zecora all over again, but this time I will have a town instead of just one zebra chasing after me.”

“Excuse me, I didn’t think Zecora was going to recognize you from her past,” the draconequus placed his hands on his hips in annoyance. “It didn’t occur to me that she may have met you back in your bounty hunting days. I don’t even recall seeing her in any of your memories…must have been a background zebra.”

And I also didn’t think that she knew zebra Kung Fu or something.

“Discord, how is visiting the hometown of the most powerful ponies in Equestria gonna help me out?” Statice asked the draconequus with a raised eyebrow. “Besides, need I remind you that some of those mares have it against me? Out of those six, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle carry the worst grudge against me, and the data you gave me suggests that they are the most dangerous to have as enemies.”

“You’re going to use a disguise,” Discord grinned as he materialized a trench coat on Statice and placed a fake mustache on his face. “Not even Pinkie Pie and her Pinkie Sense will be able to find the difference between you and your new identity.”

I don't think I wanna take that gamble with her at my side.

“You think a coat and a fake mustache is gonna deceive those six mares or anypony else?” Statice gave him an annoyed glare as he used his magic to remove the disguise Discord put on him. “What can you say about somepony finding out that I am hiding something when I dress as if I am trying too hard to hide something? There is a chance that they may know my identity if Twilight and the girls talked about me to any of their other friends.”

“You’re no Changeling, Statice, but you’re a master of disguise,” Discord playfully nudged Statice’s ribs with an elbow. “You even have a spell just for the occasion. Heck, you used it to get the best, well nearly get the best, out of Shining Armor. If it weren’t for the fact that he knew his soldiers too well you could have escaped Canterlot without a fight.”

“My Light Disguise Spell can change my coat color, but it will still be transparent to anypony who pays enough attention to my body type,” Statice complained as he pondered the possibilities, focusing his mind in trying to find an efficient way to use his disguise rather than thinking of his fight with Shining Armor or his nearly failed escape in Canterlot months ago.

Discord snorted. “Most of the ponies look kind of the same. Some are just palette swaps of others. Believe me, I tormented many of them to notice the similarities before Celestia and Luna turned me into a statue for their garden.”

Statice stared at Discord in disgust. That was offensive to his species…and sadly true. He had often used the Light Disguise Spell to change his colors and then blend in with a crowd of ponies during his first escapades in Equestria. As much as he wanted to yell at Discord for making such claim, he knew that he was technically admitting that Discord was right with the statement.

You’re a racist, Discord…then again so am I against my own kind, so I guess I’m the worst between the two.

“I get your point,” Statice admitted shamefully. “But I’m not going to make changing my colors the only part of my disguise. There is a chance that I may have to do this again eventually, so I need to make a disguise that can be convincing enough to last more than one day, maybe a week or a month doing research among the citizens of Ponyville.”

Focusing his magic on his horn, Statice altered the photons of his coat. His green coat turned dark blue and his mane and tail turned white. His yellow eyes turned grayish blue. His cutie mark was changed from a flower into a white star. Discord smiled at the new design and clapped his hands.

“I think that you did a good disguise,” the draconequus gave him two thumbs up, only to get a raised eyebrow from the unicorn as he was not familiar with the gesture that Discord was giving him.

“It’s not enough,” Statice shook his head as he ignored Discord. “I think that I need to disguise my voice just to be sure.” He lighted his horn with magic and felt his vocal chords shift inside of his throat. The physical sensation was a mixture between tickling and a sore throat that immediately disappeared once the spell was over.

“HOW DO I SOUND?” Statice asked with a resounding voice, almost in league with the Royal Canterlot Voice. Discord burst into laughter when he heard it.

Statice groaned in annoyance, making Discord laugh harder when he heard that voice again. The Creepy Voice Spell was originally designed to scare off others with a terrifying voice. However, Statice had managed to develop it over the years to change it into any vocal range he desired rather than a childish prank.

“Hello,” Statice practiced with his spell one more time, wincing as the sensations of pain and pleasure in his throat altered his vocal chords again. He got a raspy voice in the first try, then he got a feminine voice in his second try, a squeaky voice followed it in the third try, and a soprano voice came up in the fourth attempt. Each voice made Discord’s cackling grow in volume before Statice found the correct one. It was a smooth baritone voice that reflected maturity yet still displayed some youthfulness.

“I wish this was my genuine voice,” Statice said wistfully. With a perfect baritone at the unicorn’s disposal now, Discord was disappointed that Statice was speaking.

I suppose all good things must come to an end.

“Are you done now?” the draconequus stood up and prepared to teleport them before Statice extended his hoof at him.

“Give me a cloud,” he asked patiently.

Discord grinned and did as he told. The following problem was that Discord gave him a cotton candy cloud that rained chocolate milk from above, rather than the storm cloud that he asked for in the first place. “I should have seen that one coming the second the petition came out of my mouth,” Statice chastised himself before looking at Discord, who started laughing at his pouting expression. “If you’re done joking around, I need a real storm cloud.”

Discord stopped laughing and prepared to rectify himself, only to take a pause when Statice gave him a gesture with a raised hoof. He stopped what he was doing and was surprised to see Statice filling a glass with chocolate milk and drinking it. He repeated the process a couple of times before he gave Discord the signal to continue. The draconequus replaced his cotton candy cloud with a real storm cloud, leading to the stallion being drenched with real rainwater.

“On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about bathing again,” Statice scowled, trying in vain to sound optimistic. It was something that he was working on since he retired. As cathartic as beating up Discord would have been, he knew that it was going to be wishful thinking and even if it were a possibility that it was going to cost him the only friend that he had acquired in Equestria at the moment.

“Would you rather have the chocolate milk again?” Discord proposed. “You were having a nice time with it.”

“It’s been so long since I drank chocolate milk,” Statice admitted, inwardly laughing upon hearing his attractive voice saying something like that. “But I need the storm cloud for my next spell.”

Focusing all of his magic on his horn, Statice released a green vapor into the cloud before he absorbed it. Discord watched with interest as the cloud entered the tip of Statice’s horn. Once the cloud was gone, Statice’s horn vanished and was replaced by a pair of dark blue wings on Statice’s sides. The stallion grinned in triumph as his metamorphosis from unicorn to pegasus was a complete success.

“Nah,” Discord shrugged his shoulders. “I have seen better transformations than that, Statice. Twilight turned her friends into Breezies once.”

She even has better transformation sequences than you.

“My Race Shifting Spell does something more than change the shape of the target,” Statice corrected Discord, feeling insulted by the comparison with Twilight. “My spell gives me all of the advantages of the pegasus and the earth pony with an additional bonus coming from my unicorn heritage.”

“Pray tell, what is your advantage in your pegasus form?” Discord asked challengingly, wanting to see what was so special about Statice’s spell that put it above any other transformation spells.

Statice response was to fly circles around Discord and releasing green electricity from his body. The electricity zapped the draconequus, although it didn’t seem to hurt him. He was covered in soot and minor burns although he was not fazed at all, even when a part of his beard was singed with a flame his only reaction was tocasually turn it off by licking the fingers of his eagle hand and closing them on the flaming tip of his beard.


“I think I see your point,” Discord snapped his fingers to get rid of his injuries. “You’ve disguised your body, your voice, and even your species. Are you done with your preparations?”

“Give me a second,” Statice ordered him as he thought of his new identity. He came up with a name and a small background check just in case the ponies were getting too inquisitive about his life. “Okay, I’m done,” Statice smiled at Discord as the draconequus snapped his fingers and brought them to a hill close to Ponyville.

Statice was surprised to see Ponyville from this perspective. He had seen the town from the exit of the Everfree Forest, from the top of Canterlot, and he had seen the memories of the Elements of Harmony. But he had never seen the town from up front. It was simple yet beautiful. It was no wonder Twilight decided to live there. He recognized each building in front of him, but he was mesmerized by the castle that was now Twilight’s residence. He had to give it to the Tree of Harmony; it really knew how to rewards its chosen ponies with style.

“Where are you going to start, Statice?” Discord asked his disguised friend. “Small or not, the town is still big enough for a pony to travel on hoof if you want to check all the attractions in it.”

“Call me, Aster,” Statice smiled at Discord. “I am going to need to use an alias here for the time being. As for what I am going to do here in my first day, I think I’m going in for a flying session and then nap at a cloud.”

Gonna start the tour Rainbow Dash's way.

“Aren’t you going to travel on hoof…Aster?” Discord winked at Statice. “Flying will make the tour shorter than you expected. Believe me! Ponyville is much more interesting when you’re walking on its ground.”

“If I go on hoof, I’ll be meeting Pinkie Pie,” Statice deadpanned at Discord, momentarily forgetting his enthusiasm. “I want to postpone that meeting as long as I can. For the time being, I need to recharge my pegasus self if I am to keep my disguise still working.”

“Recharge you say?” Discord asked, intrigued at the phrase. “Is there something wrong with your pegasus form, Statice?”

“Using special abilities of my alternate forms wastes my internal magic,” Statice explained the kinks of his spell. “For my pegasus form, I fly fast and get the ability to coat myself in electricity as I do so at my top speed, but the magic runs out of my body the longer and faster I fly.”

“So, if you do something like the Sonic Rainboom your pegasus form will run out of magic?" Discord theorized with genuine scientific wonder, rubbing his chin thoughtfully without even bothering to put on some lab coat to make fun of the situation. “What will happen if you run out of magic?”

“The spell is cancelled and I go back to being a unicorn with zero magic until I recharge,” Statice explained, annoyed at his spell’s weakness. “The only way I can recharge is by absorbing clouds within my body to prolong my form.”

“What do you mean by absorbing clouds?” Discord asked feeling more excited. He had seen pegasi manipulate clouds with their forelegs and busting clouds with their hind legs but he had never seen them absorb them…unless they were Bulk Biceps literally eating the clouds.

“For some reason, when I stand on a cloud, my hooves absorb it from within,” Statice awkwardly tried to elaborate on the details in the mechanism. “It’s like sweating in reverse in that rather than sweat coming out of my hooves precipitation comes inside of them.”

“Fascinating,” Discord stroked his beard. “Does this only happen with your hooves or does it also extend to anything else?”

“I can absorb clouds by crashing into them so I guess that my whole body can absorb the clouds,” Statice informed him as he remembered the notes that he recorded in his Archive after doing test flights on his pegasus form. “That way I can recharge my energy as I spend it flying at fast speeds.”

He had done research and experiments on both of his forms. Thanks to his training and studying, he had found many applications and ways to use each of those forms at their very best of their abilities. His pegasus form had its positive and negative variables in the air, but he could maintain it longer if he remained on ground and did not fly at all. He could have used the earth pony form if it weren't for the fact that its special qualities may bring suspicion if he didn’t use it correctly.

“This should be interesting,” Discord smiled as he snapped his fingers of his lion paw to materialize a pouch that had a bag of bits inside of it in the right side of the pegasus’ barrel. “I’ll be doing some of my royal duties, Statice. If you’re in trouble, just call me. Take this bag of bits in case you decide to buy something.”

The draconequus vanished with a finger snap, leaving Statice, now known as Aster, to fly around Equestria. The now dark blue pegasus opened his wings and flied into a nearby cloud. He pretended to take a nap as he let his hooves absorb the cloud on which he was resting. He hid his head between his forelegs to make it seem as if he were asleep rather than trying not to laugh at the tickling sensation on his hooves. Once he felt recharged, he “awoke” from his nap and went flying around town. The cloud on which he rested was now smaller. Fortunately, nopony realized what had happened to it.

The flying view was amazing. Now Statice understood why Rainbow Dash liked to fly so much around town. A blush formed on his face as he remembered the accidental kiss that they shared months ago. He shook his head back and forth to get rid of the memory and focused on his flying.

Forget about Rainbow Dash. She is just an individual. She is just a face among a large population. There’s lots of ponies that you can meet here! Keep your eyes open and you’ll see there’s more pleasant ponies for you to meet.

He saw several pegasi flying around town; all of them too busy soaring in the air to notice him. Statice was scared at the possibility of having ponies stare at him, not having much social experience other than business transactions and basic social skills. His chance arose when a blonde gray pegasus mare with golden wall eyes noticed him and waved at him. Statice smiled as he recognized Derpy and waved back at her. Even though he didn’t know her that well, he always felt happy to see her every time that she appeared in one of Discord’s movies.

I guess she must be one of those nice ponies you instinctively like when you see them. She was my favorite on Discord’s movies. Maybe I'll talk to her if I ever meet her face to face.

He kept flying for a few minutes until he had seen all the town had to offer to him during his visit. Now it was time to choose his next destination.He was now struggling on whether it was a good idea to test the effectiveness of his disguise by trying to establish contact with one of the Element of Harmony as he let the options run inside his head. Fluttershy was too shy to meet, he couldn’t just barge in on Applejack’s farm unannounced, there was no way he was going to meet Pinkie Pie that soon, he was still awkward about the accident between him and Rainbow Dash, Twilight was probably busy doing princess duty, and he was not going to tolerate Rarity’s fashion thing.

What in Tartarus am I thinking? Meeting those mares is a bad idea even if I'm not discovered. I don't have anything in common with them. It's better if I try to do something new in Ponyville than trying my luck with them. Maybe some shopping in an area less likely to find any of the Elements of Harmony would do fine.

Without further ado, Statice flew to the markets and went on to buy fruits and vegetables. Much to his relief, the bits Discord gave him were genuine, instead of some chocolate coins wrapped in gold paper or coins that had poorly drawn pictures of Discord in the sides that he expected, so he was able to pay his purchases perfectly.

Thank you, Discord. I guess you really want to help me.

He attempted to be sociable with the vendors, only managing to remain coldly polite and professional, never giving them a smile until he was away from them with his purchases done.

“Don’t forget to smile,” Statice reminded himself as he walked towards three mares that were selling flowers. Discord called them the Flower Trio because they sold flowers, although in Statice’s opinion the only recognizable thing about them was that they were the mares that were afraid of anything. Despite how annoying their panic attacks were, Statice decided to practice his smiling with them.

“Excuse me,” he asked them with a charming smile. “I would like to buy some flowers. Can you give me some advice?”

“Yes!” all three mares responded enthusiastically. They gave him free samples of flowers to eat before he decided to settle with a sunflower. Once he made his purchase, he flew away from them, not noticing their heart shaped eyes and the longing way that they stared at him.

“At least I’m remembering to smile to the vendors as I make the purchase,” Statice admitted to himself. Granted, the line was ironic when it was the customer rather than the owner of the food stands saying the line, but he still considered smiling to be an appropriate custom for a good social relationship. However, his shopping spree had its ups and downs, causing Statice to alienate between smiling and frowning. Buying with stallions and older mares was the same business transaction he always had, even if he somehow managed to smile at them. However, buying stuff from young mares earned him sultry looks and lots of free sample. In some cases, he actually got discounts with each purchase.

“I bet that it’s because of my voice,” Statice pondered as he remembered how desperate the mares wanted to be with him. He was just an average stallion, albeit with soft features. His disguise was just a change in color and replacing a horn with wings. It was probably the suave voice that he selected. He liked it. He just didn’t expect mares to LOVE it that much though!

Deciding to forget about his unusual adventure at grocery shopping, Statice gave Discord a quick call to ask him to put all of his purchases back on his home while he keep himself out of sight from anypony to watch their conversation. Discord did the favor with no reluctance, disappearing as fast as he appeared, allowing Statice to continue his explorations. He could try to visit the Crusaders, only to drop the idea when he realized that they were not going to recognize him with his new disguise.

I better not cause a scene with them. I don't think they'll appreciate a stranger claiming to be another stranger that rescued them from Timberwolves in the Everfree Forest. Yikes, that sounded just as weird in my head as it would have sounded from my mouth.

“I might as well see the girls,” Statice whispered silently. He wasn’t going to interact with them. All he was going to do was get close to them and try to eavesdrop on their conversations just to see if they remembered him.

It's more about blending with the crowd, Statice. You just get inside and out. It's no big deal.

So far, nopony remembered him or even knew of his existence. There were no wanted posters of him so there was a chance that he may not be recognized. Maybe Twilight forgot about her grudge against him. She forgave her friends for turning their backs on her during the Canterlot Wedding and she even forgave Discord for betraying Equestria to Tirek. That meant that there was a chance that she forgave him for the horn sucking incident or that she cooled and down and decided to forget about it…at least for the time being.

“No,” he finally decided. “It is way too early to meet them. I better not take any chances.”

He gave another flying tour around Ponyville, recognizing some familiar faces that he had seen in the videos. Deciding to take a nap, Statice flew around and found an abandoned cloud. It looked thick and fluffy, the perfect place to sleep. He flew headfirst into the cloud expecting the sensation of a pillow to be met with his head...CRASH... He certainly didn’t expect to feel something hard hitting the top of his head when he was less than a second away from the cloud!

“Ow!” Statice and a feminine voice shouted at the same time. The unicorn turned pegasus rubbed his head with a hoof as he floated in place. Much to his surprise, he saw that he had collided with Rainbow Dash herself. The stallion felt his heart freeze in fear. Was she going to recognize him in this form?

“Watch where you’re going, you jerk!” she yelled at him angrily as she rubbed her head and glared daggers at him.

“I was watching where I was going!” Statice snapped at her, already forgetting his fear of being caught. “I was going to nap on that cloud until you banged your head against mine.”

“Well, tough luck, buddy,” Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes and hugged the cloud to herself. “This cloud belongs to me!”

“Since when does it belong to you?” Statice angrily asked as he pulled the cloud to himself, not willing to let the mare do as she pleased. He grew annoyed when he saw Rainbow Dash trying to tug it back to her.

“It belongs to me since I got there first!” Rainbow Dash kept pulling. By the stars, was this mare that strong? It took her less time to pull the cloud towards her body than it took Statice to pull it away from her.

“You got there at the same time that I did!” Statice shouted at her defensively, gritting his teeth and grunting as he struggled to keep as much of the cloud in his grip as possible. It didn't help that he was absorbing part of it on his hooves, effectively reducing the surface area he could grip and pull to himself.

It's a bad time for my special abilities to take place right now!

“What proof do you have about that?” Rainbow Dash asked defiantly, slowly getting the upper hoof in the ensuing contest.

“We got the head bumps to prove that we got there at the same time,” Statice rubbed his still sore head with his hoof while still trying to keep the cloud for himself with the other hoof.

“Whatever,” Rainbow Dash continued the tug of war, not even bothering to rub her bump with one hoof so that she was free to use both to pull more of the cloud to herself and away from her adversary. Feeling frustrated, Statice decided to try diplomacy, especially now that he saw that Rainbow Dash was close to winning the tugging match.

“How about we solve this dispute like civilized ponies?” Statice suggested with a sly smirk. All he needed was an appealing proposal and then he was going to have her right where he wanted her.

“No way,” Rainbow Dash growled at him threateningly with narrowed eyes and gritted teeth. “I’m not letting you use that suave voice of yours to sweet talk me into letting go of my cloud.”

“I wasn’t going to do that,” Statice growled at her. As much of a success as he was with the ladies, seduction was never his forte. And even if it were his forte, he was NOT going to use it with Rainbow Dash even if his life depended on it. “I was going to suggest a more peaceful solution to our cloud problem.”

“And that is?” Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow. She stopped pulling the cloud but still kept a firm grip over it, just in case he was trying to trick her into lowering her guard to steal the cloud from her.

“How about we compete over it?” Statice suggested, trying to appeal to Rainbow Dash’s competitive spirit. If there was something that Statice knew of Rainbow Dash from the movies Discord showed him was that wherever there was a challenge she was going to tackle it head on.

The suggestion worked a little too well on her as she gained a determined grin on her face. “Now we’re speaking the same language!” Rainbow Dash fiercely pounded her hooves together. “I’ll race you three laps across Ponyville. The winner gets to nap on that cloud!”

“No!” Statice declined.

“Why not?” Rainbow Dash seemed offended and a little disappointed at being denied a race. “Are you scared or something?”

As a matter of fact, yes. It was the truth though, even if he wasn't going to phrase it like that. “I’m not much of a good flier,” Statice responded. He rarely used the Race Shifting Spell to turn into a pegasus so he rarely flew. Furthermore, since he barely trained, his flying abilities were lacking. Even if he trained and had an environment on which he could recharge, there was no way that he could beat Rainbow Dash in a flying race. The mare was capable of breaking the speed of sound, for crying out loud!

“What do you mean by that?” Rainbow Dash demanded questioningly. “Every pegasus is taken to flight camp to develop their flying skills. That's like going to kindgergarten!”

“I’m not much of a speed type,” Statice remarked. “I was suggesting more of an even competition on land.”

Please fall for it! Please fall for it! Please fall for it!

“You mean an Iron Pony Competition?” Rainbow Dash asked as she was looking very excited at the prospect.

Statice was aware of the Iron Pony Competition. It was a series of athletic events between two ponies to find out who was the best athlete. He had seen Rainbow Dash’s athletic prowess before, yethe was curious to see it in real life. Furthermore, he was curious to see how much he was capable of doing with the skills that he got.

“Yes,” Statice reaffirmed her question with a nod of his head. “I challenge you to an Iron Pony Competition for the right to use this cloud as a napping spot.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Rainbow Dash spat on her hoof. Statice did not hesitate to repeat the gesture before placing his hoof on hers.

“The name’s Rainbow Dash,” the cyan mare smiled smugly. “I’m the fastest pony of Equestria. You must be new here since I’ve never seen you before. What’s your name?”

“My name is Aster,” Statice replied. “Where will I see you for the events?”

“I’ll see you at Sweet Apple Acres in five minutes!” Rainbow Dash smiled as she flew at fast speeds, leaving a rainbow trail behind her. “Follow me if you don’t know where to go!”

Deciding to humor his athletic rival, Statice followed the rainbow.