A Special Hearth's Warming

by Frozen Quill

Hearth's Warming Wishes

Luna stirs in her sleep before cuddling her quilt closely. The door to her chambers creeps open to allow just the barest slither of light break through into the peaceful darkness which clouds the room. A pitch black three tailed fox with ice blue tips for its tails and ears slips in through the crack and wanders over to Luna's bed before hopping up onto it. The fox slides around to rub against Luna and nudges her to try and wake her up. Slowly opening her eyes Luna yawns before looking at the fox who seems very happy she woke up.

"Good morning, Yuuki. Did thou sleep well?" Luna asks stroking Yuuki's head softly with her hoof.

Yuuki nods happily before bounding around on the bed and running over to the balcony window. He quickly opens the curtains to let the blinding light fill the room and partly blind Luna who shields her still waking eyes to the harsh light.

"Yuuki? What has thou so eager this morning that thy would blind thou princess so early..?" Luna asks, before looking out the window to see that it's snowing.

Slowly getting up, Luna opens the balcony doors and steps out onto it as she stretches. Yuuki follows her, quickly jumping around in the snow on the balcony and marvels at the now white laced royal garden below.

"'Tis such a beautiful sight, is it not? Hmm I believe I just realised what has you so excited. 'Tis Hearth's Warming today, you have been looking most forward towards the Winter months and this day." Luna states to Yuuki as she strokes his head.

Yuuki nods happily before running back into the room and bounding out the chamber door. Luna smiles to herself and follows Yuuki on his strange journey. The pair walk down the beautifully decorated hallways of the castle, Yuuki's smile only grows the more he sees. Eventually they reach the royal kitchen and a guard opens the door for them.

"Excuse me, is my sister in the throne room?" Luna asks one of the guards on duty.

"Yes, Princess Luna. Princess Celestia will be in the throne room all day till the afternoon." The guard replies as he stands to attention.

"Thank you. Let's go see what they are cooking in the Kitchen, Yuuki." Luna states to Yuuki who nods as they walk inside the kitchen.

Looking around, Yuuki's ice blue eyes light up with happiness. The Unicorn cooks are busy preparing and carefully crafting candy canes and icing a large Hearth's Warming themed cake. The Earth Pony cooks are beating dough as they make cookies in the same theme alongside gingerbread ponies. The few Pegasus cooks are cooking chocolate yule logs to be eaten later when set. The atmosphere in the kitchen is buzzing and happy with the festive mood.

"It's so warm and cozy in here don't you think?" Luna prompts to Yuuki who nods and smiles.

A Unicorn trots over to Luna wearing a big smile. His coat is a pale brown while his mane and tail are mint green, his eyes share the same colour. He wears a cooks uniform with a big hat and a red scarf. On his flank is a cutie mark of a mixing bowl and a whisk.

"Welcome to the kitchen, Princess Luna. I hope what you see pleases you greatly. I know little Yuuki seems enthralled by his first Hearth's Warming with us." The Unicorn smiles as he levitates a piece of ginger bread off the finished tray for Yuuki.

Yuuki sniffs the gingerbread a few times before taking it in his mouth and starts to nibble on it with the help of his paws. Yuuki's smile only widens as he makes happy noises and continues eating with enthusiasm.

"Haha it seems I have his approval for our gingerbread ponies. My name is John Whisker Silver, but your majesty might shorten it to Whisker to make things easy, if she wants?" Whisker asks, with a smile.

"Whisker is perfectly fine given your profession. Our head chief is truly capable it would seem." Luna compliments as she looks at an overly happy Yuuki.

"Thank you, your highness. Please take these for you and Yuuki to share as you enjoy your day." Whiskery levitates a bag of Hearth's Warming cookies to Luna who takes it in her magic and thanks him.

Leaving the kitchen Yuuki hops up onto Luna's back and she levitates him a cookie before taking one herself. The pair make their way back to Luna's room so she can pick up her winter scarf as they continue on their way outside into the white snowy royal garden. Luna takes in a deep breath as she enjoys the crisp winter air, Yuuki jumps off Luna's back and bounds about in the snow eagerly enjoying it.

"It makes me happy that you enjoy being at my side so much. Thou art truly the perfect pet for the Princess of the Night, my little Yuuki." Luna states, smiling happily as they continue their walk which leads into town.

Luna and Yuuki walk through the Hearth's Warming decorated streets of Canterlot as they marvel at their beauty. Bright lights and festive scents flood their sense as they continue their stroll looking into the shop windows and stalls that litter the streets. Luna walks into the town square where the biggest Hearth's warming tree could be seen decorated with an immense amount of decorations ranging from baubles to tinsel and an abundance of bright lights.

"This will be my first Hearth's Warming since returning as Princess Luna..." Luna takes a deep breath to absorb the festive atmosphere around them before exhaling happily. "Everypony thus far has been so kind... Despite what I did before, I'm trying my best to atone for that. What does thou think?" Luna asks Yuuki.

Yuuki simply hops up onto Luna's head and makes a cute fox like 'meow' sound before nuzzling her affectionately.

"Thou is right, it's no good for me to stress about things beyond my control. Let us enjoy the day together, there is much more to see I'm sure." Luna comments as they move past the square and through a housing estate.

As they walk the pair can see many foals and adults building snowponies and having snow ball fights. A small group of foals gallop up to Luna and beg her to play with them. Luna glances at Yuuki, who eagerly nods making Luna accept their invitation. The next hour was filled with the cries of laughter, victory and blissful fun. Luna couldn't remember the last time she had this much fun during Hearth's Warming. Yuuki was also bounding about trying to help Luna where he could in her team's conquest of the playing field. Alas, in the end, Luna's team was defeated, but everypony was extremely happy. The foals' parents came over to collect their children, giving Luna sincere thanks and bowing before they left.

"That was quite enjoyable, those foals were so full of energy. We have spent quite a bit of time here, it will soon be time for sister to be out of court. We should take the long route around Canterlot and take in the rest of the festive sights while we can, don't you agree?"

Yuuki nods happily and hops up onto Luna's back as they continue their peaceful and happy stroll through the streets of Canterlot.

Luna walks down the hallway leading to the throne room dropping by her room first to put her scarf back before carrying on with Yuuki. As they reach the throne room the guards stand to attention.

"Is my sister still in session?" Luna asks the right guard.

"Princess Celestia is finishing for the day, allow me to open the doors." The guard states, before opening the doors to the throne room.

"Thank you." Luna states before moving past the door into the large throne room.

Celestia can be seen sitting on the throne looking through a scroll with a pile of more scrolls beside the throne. Her expression becomes brighter as she sees Luna and Yuuki approach the throne.

"Dear sister, Yuuki. It's most pleasant to see you both, have you been enjoying your day?" Celestia asks, standing up and stretching.

Yuuki jumps off Luna's back and bounces over to Celestia who receives him happily as she starts to stroke his head with her hoof.

"Yes, big sister, we have been walking around Canterlot on a lovely stroll, took in the festive decorations and atmosphere. The foals in the housing district were also very adorable as we played snowball fights and built snowponies together. Yuuki helped of course, he has been good all day." Luna happily reports her day.

"I'm very pleased that you two were able to enjoy yourselves, alas I have been in here all day so I've not had the opportunity to enjoy today as much as I'd like. I was, however, sent a delicious bag of cookies from the kitchen. I can only assume you got the same when you visited this morning with Yuuki." Celestia states as she straightens the scroll pile before trotting up to Luna.

"Perhaps next time thou could join us for our stroll, I know Yuuki would love that as would I." Luna comments with a happy smile.

"That'd be very nice, little sister. Shall we go to dinner before retreating to the drawing room fireplace for a calm evening?" Celestia smiles as they leave the throne room and head to the dining hall.

Luna and Celestia lay beside the fire with Yuuki happily between them. A Hearth's Warming tree of their own is nearby also decorated in bright lights, tinsel and baubles. Levitating over a box shaped present, Luna places it beside Yuuki who sniffs it curiously.

"This is something I picked up for you from the pet store in town, you have so few things to play with so, I thought you'd like it." Luna nudges the box towards Yuuki using her nose.

Yuuki inspects the box before eagerly and badly opening the wrapping paper. Celestia can't help but smile at the display before her by the fox she bought not only months ago. Using her magic Celestia opens the cardboard box for Yuuki and sets down a small ice blue ball. Yuuki's eyes light up as he swipes it around and plays with it using his paws and nose.

"That's an excellent present, little sister. I hope mine is just as approved." Celestia states before pulling out a small box.

Using her magic she opens the box and levitates an ice blue collar out of it. On the front centre of the collar is a silver name tag in the shape of a fireball. The name engraved on it is 'Yuuki'. Luna happily nods to Celestia who slips it around Yuuki's neck and adjusts it to fit snugly. Yuuki looks down at his collar and makes a happy noise before bouncing around and going back to his new ball.

"It's a wonderful gift, big sister, thank you. I'm extremely happy you managed to get Yuuki for me when you did. He has quickly become a valued member of our family." Luna nuzzles Yuuki affectionately.

Luna levitates Yuuki's ball before casting a spell on it which makes it glow slightly. Luna gently rolls Yuuki's ball towards the sofa and it slides slightly underneath it. Yuuki bounds after it and dives underneath the sofa to retrieve his now glowing ball. He eagerly clambers back out from under the sofa, ball in mouth and runs up to Luna who pets his head with praise making him make more happy noises.

"Just be careful not to hit anything or make him too excited indoors. This year has been heavy on us for various reasons. I'm just glad to have my little sister back in my hooves and that with Yuuki you won't be so lonely in my absence. If you are happy, that makes your big sister happy." Celestia leans over and nuzzles Luna who nuzzles back.

"It was the best gift thou could have given me. Yuuki is such a perfect pet being a moon fox. He is an excellent companion and has made me so happy. Thank you sincerely, big sister." Luna relaxes as the pair cuddle together by the fire.

Yuuki yawns and slides up against the two before curling up to close his eyes, his new ball kept close at paw just in case as he snuggles his owners. There is no doubt in his mind that this was the best Hearth's Warming he has ever had.