Carmine and Carmine

by PonyManne215

No Bacon For You

Scootaloo awoke very early in the morning. Earlier than her norm and even before her two brothers had usually woke up. They were still snoring the night away. She looked up to the sky and the sun was beginning to dawn on the horizon. The colors of a dark orange clashed with the colors of the purple and black sky. The shining stars were taking no part in this conflict of time. Despite all of this, it was so peaceful. The serene and lush grass and the cool air put Scootaloo in a good mood.

She stood up and went to find some breakfast. ‘Maybe I can get some rad tasting berries.’ She thought as she hopped on her scooter parked against the tree where the brothers had stored their weapons. She looked at the weapons, the death bringers of Anthony and Benjamin. Scootaloo admired every curve and stop around them. They seemed so complex to her. The thought of how they worked confused her as she pedaled away towards Fluttershy’s cottage.

It wasn’t long before Scootaloo arrived at her destination. The animals that Fluttershy took care of were happy to help Scootaloo find something to eat. She went with a large bear and a few squirrels as they rummaged through some bushes and ferns. A large assortment of berries lay before her. The berries, ranging in different shades of colors, all looked so delicious. There were raspberries, blueberries, snowberries, and so on. Soon enough, she started making up her own names for the berries.

‘Bruised on the left berries, rumply berries, purplish with a shade of yellow berries.’ She wasn’t the best when it came to making up her own names for things, song lyrics included. “Thanks guy!” She said as she carried them in a bag she had with her. She waved farewell to the animals who roared in a friendly way. The time had passed relatively fast during this. The sun was almost up and the peak of the sky. ‘Time to wake up the sleepy heads.’

She got back to Anthony and Benjamin. Benjamin was hugging himself and babbling like an idiot. “Mommy.” The one lucid word he said could be heard from where Scootaloo was at. Anthony on the other hand, was just waking up. Apparently, he rolled around so much in his sleep, that he landed on the fire while she was gone. The sight of Anthony bolting up and running around screaming “Aw shit! I’m on fire!” made her laugh loud enough for him to snap out of it.

Anthony heard Scootaloo laughing at his expense. The last thing that he had remembered was that he was being set on fire by a group of gigantic pigs. All throughout the nightmare, he could hear loud booming voices saying “Mmm..bacon” while giant forks tried to prod at his body. The tables were turned on him. That was when he woke up, feeling an intense amount of heat blazing on the side of his body. He looked to where the heat emanated from and saw bits and pieces of ash. He dusted the mess off, revealing the brilliant blue of his standard issue COG armor.

“That wasn’t what it looked like..” He said in the best persuasive voice he could muster. “Yeah, I didn’t see you roll onto a fire and run around like a monkey.” Scootaloo retorted sarcastically. “Glad to hear that you didn’t” He said not picking up on the witty reply. “So, what’s for breakfast?” He said walking over to the bag. “Shouldn’t we wait for Ben?” She asked. “No.” Anthony replied blankly. He inspected the contents of the bag before asking his trademark question. “Where’s the bacon?”


It had been walking in the forest for what seemed like hours. The only thing guiding it at this point was that distinct, sweaty smell of humans. It wanted to find where the humans where, maybe giving it a sense of direction back to the Hollow. It encountered no resistance. The creatures of the forest seemed to acknowledge it’s presence with growls of intimidation and fear. None dared to cross it’s path. After all, it was a tall behemoth compared to a human and it’s armor multiplied it’s terrifying look ten-fold.

It’s weapon no less, was what topped off it’s monstrosity. To any of it’s other brothers, it would have been heavy and over encumbering in battle. For it however, the weapon seemed like a baton at best. A baton ready to cut down any opponents standing in it’s wake. It could see smoke not too far ahead. With each passing step, the fire came closer and the smell of the humans intensified.

The fire was coming from a camp, it reasoned. Weapon raised, it limbered up, ready to leap into the air and come striking down. After hearing a few pleasing cracks from it’s neck and body, it jumped. Almost touching the sun itself. It saw the large shadow that it cast over the fire, making it seem like an ecplise.

“Die groundwalkers!”


Benjamin awoke from a loud all-too familiar screech that came from above. He recognized it. It was the same screech he heard on Dizzy’s rig, Betty. He heard it while he deployed in a pod, followed by explosions and what sounded like a chainsaw battle. “Shit! Get the fuck out of the way!” Anthony bellowed, causing Benjamin to roll towards their weapon cache.

He picked up his gear, not even looking at the commotion. “Get my shit, Squirt!” Anthony said urgently. Benjamin picked up all of his brother’s weapons and threw them at the receiver. “Shoot that fucker!” Benjamin screamed. Before them, was a Locust who was taller than them, by a foot or two. He seemed like a leader, perhaps a general to the Queen. As they opened fire on the slowly approaching Locust, they began to move down the road towards Ponyville.

Despite the danger that was ready to end their lives, they laughed in pleasure. “Finally some action!” Anthony said ecstatically. “Yeah, I was starting to think we’d have to live the rest of our lives like hippies or something.” Benjamin responded. Scootaloo all the while, was diving in and out of the Carmines’ legs. “Guys! What’s going on?” She said unsure of what action to take. “Oh shit! I forgot she was here. Scoots, get down to town and warn them that shit’s about to hit the fan!” Benjamin said quickly.

Benjamin’s voice was barely heard as all noise was drowned out by the sounds of their Lancers firing rapidly. ‘Good thing we got a good supply of ammo’ Benjamin thought to himself. This was true, not only were their weapons fully loaded, but some boxes of ammo was not far behind them. Anthony was laughing maniacally, overjoyed to finally find something worthy of fighting.

The Locust had not been harmed whatsoever. It was swinging it’s double-ended chainsaw staff in a circular motion, seemingly deflecting most, if not all, of the bullets. Every once in a while, a bullet would graze it’s skin, followed by a small trickle of dark crimson blood. The Locust all the while had been laughing as well, most likely at their futile attempts at killing it. “Foolish…humans..cannot..beat Skorge!” As he said his own name, he lunged with one of the ends towards the brothers.

The brothers, rolling out of the way, realized something. They couldn’t beat Skorge this way. Angry with what they had to do, they turned around, sighed, and ran like bitches. “Shiiiiiiiiiittttt!” Anthony almost sang and held on the t’s for emphasis on his predicament. Skorge was jumping and crashing down with his staff, trying to kill the brothers. They could hear loud thumps and mocking laughs as they ran away.

The town was not too far off now, only a couple more minutes and they would be there. “Maybe Twilight can pick his ass up and rip him apart.” Anthony mused. Benjamin chuckled at the thought. “Yeah, when pigs fly!” Their mixed emotions were mixed with fear, confusion, joy, bloodlust, and adrenalin. They felt like they had an unlimited supply of energy at their disposal.

The town, like they expected, was cleared. Scootaloo arrived just fast enough to warn the citizens to take cover in their homes or evacuate Ponyville. This didn’t matter to them as long as no pony got in the murderous Locust’s path of destruction. “Hey all the ponies are gon-” Benjamin was cut short by a dreaded sound. Not for it’s quality, but for it’s timing. This was the worst possible time that this could’ve happened.

“I wish to welcome you to Ponyville, I hope you find it swell! There’s cake, cupcakes, punch and food, we even have chocolate bells! I’m saying this to you because I want you to be my friend, so please oh please shake my hoof so we ca-” Pinkie’s welcome song and her bouncing party wagon were interrupted by a voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

“Die..” Skorge said as he swung down with his weapon. “Hey that’s not nice! You interrupted my song! I didn’t even get to si-” She stopped mid sentence when a moving form grabbed her quickly. She was on the floor, Anthony on top of her. “Get the hell out of here!” Anthony yelled into her ears, which was followed by an ear-to-ear smile. “I like hugs! You like hugs too? We can be hug buddies! Anyway what about my new friend?” She said without pausing to take a breath.

The clumped together couple looked over to what was Pinkie’s party wagon. The once joyous and booming contraption was now nothing more than a mangled, shredded pile of sawdust. Sparks and pieces of gravel were emitted when Skorge’s weapon reached the granite flooring. Pinkie’s hair deflated as she started to cry. “I don’t think he want to be your friend, Pinkie” Anthony said hesitantly. She somehow had gotten out of his grip, most likely teleported, because she was now on Skorge’s back.

“You big meanie! You know what? I’m not even going to put frosting on your cupcakes mister! Are you happy now?” She said while tapping her hooves on his helmet. “Kill…” Skorge grabbed her with a single hand and brought her to his face. His jagged and sharp teeth were drenched in uncontrolled streams of drool and he snarled at her. His beady little eyes focused on hers.

“Wow buddy, I hate to say this about new friends but boy do you smell bad! Peeyew!” She said while clenching her nose with a hoof. Skorge seemed annoyed by the fun mare’s voice and began to move his blade towards her neck, ready to decapitate her. “Oh no you don’t!” A flash of cyan and rainbow whizzed by his head, bucking his hand, causing him to drop Pinkie. Rainbow Dash seemed triumphant and started shaking her hooves to an invisible crowd. “Thank you, thank you!” She patted herself on the back.

“Get out of here girls!” A by standing Benjamin said as he rushed over to Skorge. “Yo ugly, I bet you want to cut my ass in half don’t you?” Skorge nodded and began to step towards Benjamin. “And your queen is a slut! She was down on me this one time..and man did it feel good! I had to put a paper…bag…over…her head..” Anthony was cheering his insult at Skorge, who had immediately turned his head to Anthony after hearing his queen being mentioned. Anthony stumbled over his last few words because it seemed to infuriate Skroge with a will power never seen before.

“Insolent!” Skroge rushed at Anthony who met Skorge’s blades with his own. A large clash of metal could be heard grating against each other. Benjamin, who tried to help, was thrown against a wall with a huge amount of force. He let out a slight groan as he was knocked unconscious. “Aw shit, Benny’s out cold! Yo Flutter..guy? No, Sluttershy! Wake his ass up!” Fluttershy who wasn’t even insulted by his mix-up, but was scared of the force in his voice and the intensity of the situation, fainted.

“Oh horseapples! Ah’ll get him!” Applejack ran over to Benjamin, who was as still as a statue. “Wake up ya hear? Wake up!” She bucked him on the head, making him respond with some small mutterings. Rarity was running to her sweetheart, shoving Applejack out of the way. “Oh don’t worry darling! Rarity is here to make you all better. That ruffian didn’t hurt you too hard did she?” Rarity spoke in a baby voice. “I…love…you..” Benjamin said quietly. “I knew it! Yes, I do to-“ “Applejacks…” Rarity’s white alabaster coat, turned into a blood red as steam was emitted from her ears. “OH APPLEJACK DARLING..”


Benjamin was back in his home. He was a kid again. How he got there or why he was there didn’t matter to him. He was just glad to be back in his cool racecar bed. The birds were chirping outside of his window and the air conditioner’s cool air made the room temperature just a bit below average. The bright and brilliant sun’s hot rays were blocked out by this almost winter air.

“Ben honey! Come down for breakfast!” Benjamin’s mom called to him from the downstairs kitchen. “Oh boy!” A young Benjamin exclaimed in glee as he rushed down the stairs. He sat down at the handmade and carefully crafted furniture that his family had worked on during a family workshop. The sturdy, yet soft cover of the mahogany chair made him feel right at home.

His mother, ever so smiling, gently placed a bowl of cereal down in front of him. Her apron and hair in a bun was just as how Benjamin remembered them to be. “Eat up sweetie, so you can be bigger and stronger than all of your brothers combined.” She said while smiling at him lovingly. He happily chowed down on the cereal, enjoying every bite and sip of milk. The cereal was just what he loved. Applejacks.

“I love you mom! Thanks for the Applejacks!” His mother walked over and hugged him. “Wake up, Ben. Wake up.”


“Whaa?” Benjamin said as he woke up from that fond memory. Before him, two ponies were fighting. Applejack was trying to back away from an enraged Rarity, who said Applejack was ‘stealing’ her lover away from here. They had not even noticed his waking. They did however, stop when a pained scream echoed across the village. “Aaaarrrrggghhh!” Anthony screamed as one of the ends of Skorge’s staff sawed into his left shoulder. Clumps of blood and flesh splattered the floor in every direction. Anthony couldn’t keep up much longer. The persistent Locust had been sawing down for almost ten minutes now. With no help from anyone, Anthony couldn’t possible hope to defeat him.

Anthony’s cry, wasn’t ignored. At that moment, a blue bolt came right to the side of Anthony, grabbed something off of his person, and went back around to Skorge’s back. “Gotcha.” Benjamin said as he tagged Skorge with a frag grenade. He went back around and revved up his own Lancer, pushing back Skorge, even sawing his staff in half. In almost a split-second after sawing through Skorge’s weapon, the two brothers were cutting into Skorge’s body itself. The crimson red sea splashed itself to parts of the Carmines’ armor.

“Shit yeah!” Anthony said while still coping with the loss of blood and pain. The beeping of the grenade grew faster. Anthony and Benjamin both started to count down, a panicking Skorge trying to rip it off. “Three…” As they said the final word, an ear-piercing explosion bellowed throughout the peaceful land. Parts of the divided body flew as far as thirty feet. The blood entrenched almost every building, floor, and pony in the vicinity. After the frightening hail of blood, the ponies tried to look through the big dust of cloud where the three foreign beings once stood.

“Where’s Ant and Ben?!” A distressed Scootaloo called out. Everypony looked around trying to find where their new friends were, only finding more blood and gore. “Looks like they’re gone..I’m sorry Scootaloo.” A sympathetic Twilight said as she put a hoof on the filly’s shoulder. “They’re over here!” A sniffling Scootaloo perked up, almost flying over to them.

She gasped at the sight. The two brothers lay motionless before her. They travelled at least thirty five feet away from the explosive force. “Anthony? Benjamin? Wake up.” Scootaloo said pleadingly at her two brothers. She was shaking their bodies, which were stiff and completely still. “Wake up! Please wake up!” Her eyes were forming tears again. She could feel the wet cold streams travel down her face.

The other ponies looked away, knowing what was happening. The only noise heard was from the little orange, flightless, pegasus filly who was pounding on the two lifeless bodies. “You can’t do this..You can’t leave me alone!” She was crying into their chest pieces now. Realizing the full result of the situation. Death had come to these two brothers who had saved all of Ponyville. The crows of overhead carrion birds circling, ready to pick their food, made Scootaloo cry even harder. “Why?!”

“Would you chill the fuck out!? God, my fucking ears hurt!” An erecting Benjamin said. “Shut up! My shoulder almost got cut in half because your wimpy ass wasn’t there!” Anthony angrily replied. Scootaloo, who’s tears of sadness had been replaced by tears of joy, impossibly stretched her hooves long enough to embrace both brothers.

“Thank you Celestia!” The others soon joined in, almost squeezing the life out of the humans. Benjamin was just glad to have survived and appreciated the caring gesture. Anthony on the other hand, was yelling and trying to squeeze out because with every new pony joining in, more pressure and pain came from his cut shoulder. Finally, a mint-green unicorn joined in while exclaiming “Babe, you’re all right!” She unknowingly put a hoof inside of his open wound.