Rarity's adventures

by azularmz06

Chapter 2: The worst possible thing!

It was the day of the grand opening of Manehattan Carousel Boutique, and as usual, Rarity woke up before Spike, she decided not to bother him in his sleep, but she did proceed to fix her mane and makeup. A knock on the door made Rarity forget about her makeup. The pony on the door said she had received an anonymous present, she accepted the present and gave the mail pony a little gem. She got inside the hotel room and opened the present, but first she examined the present because A wrap like this is worth of a recognition. It was a small box, not bigger than a hoof, wrapped in an elegant paper that looked similar to a fabric Rarity invented, and it had a beautiful ribbon that reminded Rarity something familiar, but she couldn't say what.

"Hmn... I wonder who was the pony who sent this... well, I guess I must open it" Rarity said as she unwrapped the present. Inside there was a picture of Rarity's cutie mark, "How curious" she said, and she turned the picture to reveal a little message.
"Good luck with your new boutique, Rarity" She read as the dragon in the next bed woke up.

"What is that Rarity?" Spike asked with the same curiosity Rarity had.
"It's a present, an anonymous pony sent it, but I really don't get why" Rarity answered, as the dragon walked closer to his unicorn friend.
"I don't get it either, what kind of pony puts a message in a present box, when it's obvious that messages go on letters" Spike pointed out, and Rarity giggled a little.
"No, silly, I don't get why would some pony send this kind of message anyways... Good luck with your new boutique, Rarity it just doesn't fell right..." She said, and she lost herself in thoughts. Meanwhile Spike walked up to the bathroom. When he got out, he found Rarity exactly in the same spot, it was impossible to say if she even blinked.
"Rarity... Rarity, are you okay?... RARITY!" The dragon tried to get his friend out of her thoughts, after a few seconds, she got out of her shock.
"Were you saying something?" She asked, apparently she didn't notice her friend had been calling her for the last five minutes.
"YES, I was, I've been calling you the last five minutes, look, I know it's weird to find this kind of messages, but don't let other ponies get into your mind like that, okay?" Spike said, sitting next to Rarity, she turned around to see him and stood in silence for a little while more.
"Sorry Spike, I'll get more focused from now on, you are really a good friend"Rarity said and smiled to him.
"Yes... just a friend" Spike answered and sighed.
"What was that?" Rarity asked.
"Oh.. nothing! we better hurry, the opening of the boutique is in ten minutes!" Spike said as he grabbed Rarity's hoof for her to follow him.
They got out of the hotel building and headed to the boutique. A small crowd was already out of the boutique, and when Rarity arrived another crowd of ponies gathered in the front door. Coco Pommel was already inside, placing some new Hearths Warming decorations.
"Coco! you are a genius, how could I've forgotten!" Rarity exclaimed as she took some new decorations and helped Coco "Let me help you. Spike, be a dear and make sure every decor is in the right position"
Spike rushed to the other mares and helped them in their task, and just in time everything in the boutique was ready... except some pony.

Rarity's makeup was not there, her face was a mess, and everything thanks to the little note she received that morning. Spike noticed that little detail, but he didn't tell her so she wouldn't panic. Even though three of them were nervous, Rarity proceeded to make the grand opening. She opened the front doors and pulled out golden scissors from a little box. She raised the scissors with her blue aura of magic.

"Today is the grand opening of the Carousel Boutique, and I am so happy to share this dresses with you. Welcome Manehattan!" Rarity spoke to the crowd and then cut the ribbon. The big crowd rushed inside the boutique as Rarity was pulled inside with them.
Every dress in exposition was beautiful, and perfect for the season. Coco, the pony who was in charge of the till, got a little nervous at first, but everything went out perfectly, until...

...Some pony that had already bought the dress she wanted walked up next to Rarity and asked for an autograph, but when the random pony got close enough to Rarity, she got a little surprised.
"What happened to your face?" The random mare asked, and Rarity changed her face from happy to worried.
"Why?!" She said, coming into panic. Rarity pulled out a mirror and looked up to her face, and the catastrophe occurred.

Rarity started running around the boutique as a maniac, yelling and screaming all her lungs could. Spike catched her and stopped her.
"Rarity, what's wrong?" He asked, and the whole crowd inside the boutique came closer.
"This is the worst possible thing!!" Rarity whined. She started crying and Coco Pommel dispersed the crowd as every pony went back to their task of buying dresses.
Coco walked closer to her friend. "Spike, go to the till and make sure every pony get what they want, I'll take charge of this" She said.
Spike ran to the till and the ponies in the line started buying again. Meanwhile Coco tried to calm down her friend, it was a difficult task because the white unicorn was crying and whining in the floor saying things like "I'm doomed, every pony will laugh at me!"
"Rarity, calm down right now, if you keep crying, then that's why they'll laugh, but, if you stand up in this moment as a mare of your age, you can borrow my makeup" Coco told her, and the unicorn got up from the ground and dried her tears.
"Thanks Coco" Rarity thanked and took the makeup from her friend's hoof.

Everything continued perfectly from that moment, as ponies got in and out from the boutique. The night had fallen and Coco said it was time to leave.
"Bye Rarity, bye Spike, see you tomorrow" Coco said, putting her scarf on.
"Wait, Coco, you'll have to open the boutique tomorrow, you see, Twilight told me she had something important to tell me, I don't know why she didn't tell me in the letter, but Spike and I will have to take tomorrow's train" Rarity stopped her.
"Well, hum, I'll see you in the train station then" Coco said, and that time, finally left.