Tribes Ascend into Equestia

by Manticore328

Chapter 1: I got to go fast

Tribes Ascend into Equestria

“Ten minutes until deployment.” a gruff male voice said over the deployment bays coms.

Blood Eagle High Marshal Jenkins sighed. He hated this war and everything it was about. It had been all he had ever known while growing up but he hated it. When the day came for him to finally enlist he considered killing himself. Now 8 years later he was one of the most regarded warriors in the Blood Eagle tribe for his ability. Fates funny that way, he hated war but turned out to be really good at it. The only reason he fought was so he could stay alive.
He had been chosen to pilot a new medium armored solider suit. This new suit had more shielding than a Juggernaut, had its own thrust pack, short range teleportation, and utilized vehicle bay technology to allow him to summon up inventory stations and even repair bays and command posts. It even had an air tank for missions on airless planets or in space. Then to top it all off the suit looked no different from any normal soldier’s suit.
There were two others a light armored pathfinder and heavy armored Juggernaut who also had these new suits that gave them specific ability’s. Rumor had it the Pathfinder could get up to five hundred miles per hour on the smallest of hills and that the Juggernaut could survive an orbital strike. Jenkins also had access to these suits but had tuned out what they could do during orientation.

“Five minutes until deployment.” The disembodied Ship Commanders voice said again.

Jenkins started going over what was going on in his head. He was in a Blood Eagle Super Carrier descending toward the plant Arx Novena which was under assault by all four of the main tribes. The Blood Eagles, Diamond Sword, Star Wolves and, the Children of the Phoenix. Arx Novena was a high priority target simply because of its geography. It had everything a human being would need to prosper. To top it off the planet was rich in minerals that could be used to make the power suits which all of the tribes used.
The Super Carrier was going to be stopping over an extremely large mountain that had a half of it blown into oblivion by an orbital strike. The steep smooth slope the laser had created proved the perfect point to enter the battle at top speeds.

“Sixty seconds until deployment!” The Ship Commander shouted.

The massive amount of troops in the deployment bay started to ready themselves. Some getting onto Grav cycles others into shrikes.
The bay door slowly opened showing a scene of complete chaos as ships battled in near orbit and all the little dots on the ground of men moving around near two hundred miles per hour in attempts to kill each other.
“Deployment in five.”
The lights at either side of the bay door turned green and the mass of Blood Eagle soldiers surged forward and jumped.

Jenkins jumped head first. Time seemed to move in slow motion as he fell. Looking around his vision was filled with red as countless other men dropped to the ground below.

Right before hitting the ground Jenkins flipped forward and activated his skis. Already going at two hundred miles per hour he used his thruster to gain even more speed and catch up the Pathfinders at the front of the pack. Hitting the tip natural ramp at the bottom he activated his jet pack and soared through the air looking for another hill to come down on.
Not only did he spot a hill but his first victim. A Diamond Sword Sentinel standing on top of the hill he planned to land on was firing over at a building in the distance.

Jenkins hit the slope with his claw out and cleaved the entire right side of the sentinel’s stomach out and continued on at two hundred fifty miles per hour.

Jenkins was now gaining on a Diamond Sword soldier and took aim at him with his Spinfusor. The Spinfusor roared its signature revving sound as it shot a bright blue disk filled with plasma at the other solider.

The other solider saw this coming and jet packed out of the way then returned fire with his Thumper DX. The explosion hit a little to the left of Jenkins causing him to veer left and have to use his jetpack to get back on course. He then used his thrust pack and delivered an almost point blank disk of plasma to the other soldiers face.
The enemy solider died almost instantly as the plasma ate through his helmet and skin.

A large splash of blue shot Jenkins forward as a disk exploded near his heels. A Brute was now gunning for him but quickly ran out of luck as Jenkins rocketed away. But this was not the direction he wanted to go. He was quickly approaching a Diamond Sword controlled command center and the men there were taking notice.

A Pathfinder flanked him on each side and in front of him he could see a blur of bullets as two Doombringers attempted to gun him down. A third waited there with a saber launcher waiting for him to get air born. They stood behind a vehicle bay were a Technician was deciding what to warp in.

Well no better time to try out that warp function Jenkins thought to himself. It began to charge as he grew ever closer to the 3 Doombringers wanting nothing more than to see him dead.
His HUD showed that the teleportation was 85% charged and the Vehicle pad was about one hundred feet off.

“Come on almost there.” Jenkins whispered to himself.

He was directly over the Vehicle pad when two things happened at once. He activated the teleportation device and the Technician tried to warp in a vehicle.

Jenkins heard something that sounded like an explosion but the noise disappeared almost immediately and his vision became blurred. He couldn’t see anything and he couldn’t hear anything.
“Am I dead?” He thought to himself until his vision began to clear up. Everything around him was black but there were white dots every were that looked like stars. Then he realized they were stars…and they were moving into and out of his vision alarmingly fast. The speed meter on his HUD didn’t show numbers. Instead they showed three blood red question marks.

“That can’t be good.” He muttered.

Then for a split second he saw a planet. I Second later it was all he could see and then blackness.

Jenkins woke up with a start. His whole body hurt but he sat up. Looking around he seemed to be in a large black crater that could have easily fit a Beowulf tank in it. The crater seemed to be in the middle of an incredibly dark forest. The only light came from the hole Jenkins made through the canopy and the trees he had uprooted upon his impact with the ground.
He did a diagnostic on his suit and the teleportation device seemed to be fried and his energy pack seemed to have been damage so his energy stores had only recharged to two hundred and four. Everything else seemed to be fine but two hundred four wasn’t enough energy to warp in a repair center or anything for that matter.

Jenkins stood up and tested his coms hoping to maybe find some Blood Eagle ships or at least some Technicians to fix the suit. No good, nothing but static. Looking up he noticed the sunlight was getting dimmer.

“Well I guess I should try to find some shelter before night fall.” He sighed
He could see a mountain north of him peeking over the tree tops.

“Were there’s mountains there’s caves.” He thought to himself as he started picking up his weapons that had fallen off him during impact. His Spinfusor, Thumper DX, and Eagle pistol were all accounted for. He then started off in the general direction of the mountain.
The forest was unnaturally dark, not dark enough for night vision but dark enough to force him to turn on the built in lights in his helmet. All the way through he couldn’t shake the feeling he was being watched. He would jump at the sounds of branches being snapped and bushes being disturbed.

“You’re one of the best soldiers the Blood Eagles have and look at you jumping at the smallest of sounds.” He grumbled to himself.

He finally got to the mountain after nightfall and as luck would have it there was a cave right there. He cautiously entered looking around with his lights. He then realized night vision would be much more useful right now. He was about to turn it on when he heard movement.

He pivoted on his heel to look behind him but saw nothing. Then he heard a feral growling.
Slowly turning around he saw what looked like the night sky with stars. Looking up toward the source of the growling he saw what appeared to be a bears head towering over him.

He uttered two words. “Oh Shazbot!”

Authors notes: My first fan fic…well first time writing anything really outside school so please be understanding with any errors I may have but the only way I can get better is by practicing and with your critics so please tell me my errors and such.