Discord Did It

by DarkMasterofCupcakes

Chapter 12

(Regular POV)

(Sugar Cube Corner)

"Butterscotch, please, just sit down so I can give you some breakfast" Carrot Cake practically pleaded with the foal, who was currently fighting as hard as she could to remain out of the pink highchair.

Pound and Pumpkin were seated at the table eating slices of cornbread, though they stopped eating for a few moments to watch their father struggle with Pinkie Pie's daughter.

Once again, the yellow earth pony attempted to place Butterscotch into Pumpkin's old high chair, and once again, she resisted. The foal clung to the back of the chair with her front hooves, stretching her hind legs so they pressed against the tray.

Carrot sighed; maybe he should have asked Pinkie how she got Butterscotch to listen before volunteering to watch the twins and the baby while his wife, niece, and employee went to the store to buy supplies for the big party tonight.

Seeing his father was starting to really get upset, Pound Cake decided to help his old man out.

"Hey, Butterscotch" the young pegasus called to the infant filly, grabbing her attention almost instantly. "You wanna sit next to me?"

The baby's blue eyes widened and she squealed happily.

She then took her hind legs off the tray of the highchair, bringing her hooves to rest on the front of the actual chair.

With an almost manic grin, the filly suddenly shoved off the highchair, smacking Mr. Cake in the mouth with her head as she back-flipped through the air, much to the amazement of the twins. She seemed to hover over the chair to Pound's left for a brief moment before appearing to literally float down to the chair, her ears flapping up and down as though they were wings.

"Come closer" Butterscotch demanded of Pound Cake, smacking the tabletop with a hoof.

When the colt ignored her demand, the filly groaned in annoyance before hopping off her chair and into his, pushing him to the side to make more room for herself.

Pound Cake turned to shoot a glare at Butterscotch, only to find the filly reaching onto his plate and stealing a thick slice of cornbread.

"Hey, that's mine!" he protested as she took a bite out of the cornbread. Butterscotch's ears flopped downwards.

"Sorry" she said in a small voice, her eyes beginning to water.

"Nice going, Pound. I can't believe you, making her cry like that" Pumpkin Cake scolded her brother.

The beige pegasus's cheeks turned red; it would have been bad enough if his father had scolded him, but to have his twin sister-who was five minutes younger than him-scold him was almost unbearable.

Pound sighed but turned to face the infant pony anyway. He opened his mouth to apologize only to close it again as a delighted noise came from her mouth.

Butterscotch suddenly began to arch her back, puffing her cheeks in and out, and occasionally sticking her tongue out.

"Daddy" Pumpkin called to her father, who was currently rubbing his sore (but amazing not broken) jaw. "I think Butterscotch needs to be burped".

The stallion looked over and, seeing what the foal was doing, realized that his daughter was right.

He walked over to the table and picked up Butterscotch with one foreleg, leaning her against his shoulder and patting her back.

When he didn't hear her burp, Carrot moved the baby so she was looking at him. She didn't seem to be in pain anymore. At the very least she wasn't arching her back and making weird faces.

The two of them stared at each other in silence…and then Butterscotch opened her mouth, causing a stream of amber-colored viscose liquid to erupt from her mouth and completely coat Mr. Cake's face.

Pumpkin Cake simply looked disgusted by the fact that the younger filly had thrown up on her father. Pound, however, sniffed the air, recognizing the sweet smell now emanating from his father's now sticky head.

The colt hopped off the chair and trotted over to where his father was standing. Once he was next to the older male, Pound opened his mouth and allowed some of the sticky amber-colored substance to drip from his father's head and into this mouth, resulting in a disgusted squeal from the unicorn. Brown eyes widened in delight and Pound licked his lips.

"Did you just throw-up maple syrup?" asked the pegasus colt of the earth pony filly.

Butterscotch said nothing, but gave a large grin, showing off most of her teeth, in response.

Mr. Cake, meanwhile, simply blinked in silence, trying to comprehend what had just happened.


(Carousel Boutique)

"Now, Libby" Rarity said, trying to get her daughter into the dress she was supposed to wear for the party tonight. "Don't you want to look nice for your party?"

The response was a rather loud shout of protest.

The mare sighed; things were not going well for her this morning.

First of all, Libby had apparently squirmed out of her diaper during the night, only to have an accident, so now Rarity had to wash the green sheets and hummingbird-patterned blanket.

To make things worse, her daughter had refused to eat the breakfast her mother had prepared for her.

Rarity had made pancakes for herself and Libby.

The white unicorn female had personally thought she had made the pancakes perfectly. Not as well as Flapjack would have made them, of course, but her talent was related to fashion, not to making breakfast foods. But, even if her talent wasn't cooking, she knew she had made the pancakes as well as any other pony would have been able to.

She had even put blueberries, Libby's favorite fruit, into the pancakes that she served to the foal, and Libby had refused to even take a bite.

When it became clear that the filly wasn't going to eat her breakfast, Rarity decided to take the still warm food and place it in the refrigerator; she didn't' want to waste perfectly good food.

Of course, while Rarity was putting the pancakes in the fridge, Libby had decided she was hungry after all, and had gone after the eggs on the older unicorn's plate. She had made a mess of herself, getting bits of egg in her mane.

So, Rarity had given her a bath.

To make a long story short, by the time Libby was actually clean an entire roll of toilet paper had been stuffed into the toilet, half the bathroom got filled with soap bubbles, and the shower curtain had been torn to shreds.

Now the filly was clean, dry, and she even allowed her mother to brush her hair and braid it, tying off each end of the braid with a gold-trimmed dark green ribbon.

However, she refused to wear the dress that went with the ribbons.

Libby had clearly not inherited Rarity's love of fashion and had done whatever she could think of to avoid having to wear the dress.

She had hidden underneath her crib. She had tried to force the window open and escape. Her strangest attempt involved trying to switch places with Opal, morphing her face so it looked more feline and morphing her hooves into an odd mix of paws and hooves.

So far, the only thing she hadn't done was-


"Libby!" Rarity shouted in annoyance, looking down at what was now two halves of a green and gold filly's dress. One half was still in her own magical grip, the other was currently in the young unicorn's mouth, getting punctured by her teeth and covered in drool.

Rarity sighed.

"Alright…I guess you win" she said to her daughter, who gave a little cheer of delight, causing the part of the dress that was in her mouth to fall to the ground.


(Sugar Cube Corner)

-Several Hours Later-

Pinkie Pie smiled as she bit into a fresh apple muffin, looking around the crowded bakery. She had been worried that the party to welcome her and her friends home and introduce their babies to the town wouldn't go very well, since she had been forced to delay the party a month.

She had wanted to throw the party the day after they got back to Ponyville, but things kept coming up.

But, that didn't matter anymore.

Every-pony was having a great time, eating snacks, dancing, and just hanging out with their friends.

Well…almost every-pony was having a great time.

Roxbury had been scared by Roid Rage when the overly buff pegasus had come in and given his trademark "YEAH!"

Since Roid Rage had come in, the green colt had spent the party hiding behind his mother's forelegs, peeking out occasionally to see if the muscular stallion was nearby.

A tap on her shoulder brought Pinkie's attention away from the party for a moment. She turned around to see who had tapped her shoulder.

"Mom! Dad! Blinky!" she gasped happily before giving all three of them a hug.

"How'd you know to come here? Ooooh, did me from the future come and tell you about the party, just like how Twilight from the future came to tell our Twilight not to time-travel in the future?" the pink pony questioned, gaining confused looks from her parents and younger sister.

Her mother explained that, no, they hadn't learned about the party from a future version of Pinkie Pie; they had actually come to Ponyville to pick up some flour, and decided they wanted to see Pinkie, and meet her foal.

"Inky had a concert, so she couldn't come" Blinky said, explaining why her twin wasn't with them.

Pinkie frowned at learning that Octavia wouldn't be coming to the party. However, she almost immediately forgot her sorrow as she called to Butterscotch.

"Come over here" she called to her daughter, who was currently about to take a huge bite out of a piece of cake that was almost as big as she was.

The butterscotch-colored filly hopped off the table and ran over to her mother.

"Butterscotch, this is Grammy, Grandpa, and Auntie Blinky" the pink mare told Butterscotch, pointing at Sue, Clyde, and Blinky respectively.

Sue and Blinky almost immediately started cooing over the little filly.

Clyde, however, looked at his granddaughter for a moment, then scanned the room until he saw Caramel, who ended up being on the receiving end of a death glare from the old stallion.

Butterscotch gave a little burp, followed by a loud yawn. Her half-siblings all echoed the yawn.

"Guess they're ready for bed" Applejack said, picking up Roxbury by the scruff of his neck. The other young mothers agreed and picked up their own children, carrying them up the stairs.


"I just don't think we should leave them alone" Fluttershy whispered, looking at the sleeping foals, three in each crib.

Rainbow Dash sighed.

"Fluttershy, they'll be fine," she assured her friend.

The others nodded their agreement.

In order to help ease the gentle pegasus's fears, they told her whatever they could think of to calm her. They would lock the door so no-pony could come in and accidently wake the babies.

"I already put an anti-phasing charm on the windows, walls, door, and floor" Twilight said in response to Fluttershy bringing up the fact that Pumpkin Cake had apparently phased out of an upside-down playpen that Pinkie had tried to trap her and Pound under.

"Well…okay, if you're sure…" Fluttershy muttered softly, her tone showing that she was still unsure about leaving the foals alone.

She was the last one out of the room, stealing a nervous glance at the two cribs before shutting and locking the door.


Firestorm's eyes popped open as he heard his mother and her friends go back to the party.

"Hey, wake up" he whispered, turning to his left and shaking Roxbury.

The blond colt opened his eyes and glared at his brother, but quickly began shaking Butterscotch to wake her.

However, the earth pony filly had already been awake and had responded to the colt shaking her by licking his hoof, resulting in a disgusted shudder from Roxbury.

Meanwhile, the three fillies in the other crib had also woken up and were currently climbing over the bars of the crib.

They landed with a series of soft thumps and ran over to the crib Butterscotch, Firestorm, and Roxbury were supposed to be sleeping in.

The two colts and the other filly climbed out of their crib, the two earth ponies landing with thumbs on the floor, while the pegasus fluttered over to a dresser near the open window.

"Hey, guys" he whispered to his siblings. "Let's escape".

The girls all voiced their excitement at the idea of going outside and exploring without hesitation. Roxbury, however, rolled his eyes at his brother's suggestion.

The girls quickly got to the top of the dresser where Firestorm was standing. Velvet and Libby used their telekinesis to levitate themselves up to the top of the dresser; Butterscotch appeared to climb an invisible rope and jumped over to where the others were; and Meadow simply fluttered up.

This left Roxbury on the floor, looking up at the other five.

"And how am I supposed to get up there?" he hissed angrily.

The five by the window began to brainstorm a solution.

Suddenly, Velvet's eyes lit up.

"Grab onto our tongues" she whispered, opening her mouth and allowing her tongue, which was now very long and flexible. The others followed suit, wrapping their tongues around Roxbury, who made a sound of disgust as the tongues of his siblings began to shorten themselves, pulling him up to the top of the dresser.

Once he was with the others, the green colt shook himself slightly to remove the saliva from his coat.

"How're we going to get out" Libby questioned, comparing the opening between the window and the sill to the size of her head. Her head was larger than the gap by at least four inches.

Butterscotch smiled, said, "Easy", and lowered herself to her stomach. She began to squirm underneath the window, her head becoming a bit crushed as she crawled through.

A few seconds later, she was standing on the roof of Sugar Cube Corner and her skull seemed to be inflating back to normal.

After watching to make sure Butterscotch's head had completely healed, the others began crawling underneath the window and onto the roof, one by one.

Once they were all on the roof, they looked down, judging the distance to the ground.

"Let's just take a fast way" Meadow Lark suggested, screwing up her face in concentration. She suddenly vanished with a wisp of smoke, reappearing on the ground.

Giggling softly, the others mimicked her actions.

"Shhhhhh" Meadow commanded softly, covering her mouth and pointing to the nearby window to silently remind the others that the adults could very well hear them.

The six foals lowered themselves to the ground, their stomachs nearly dragging on the grass. They crawled along the floor until they were certain that they were far enough away, at which point they leapt up and began galloping.


"Mommy?" Ocean Breeze looked over to her daughter, who was currently looking out the window.

The mare asked Crystal Lake what she wanted.

"How come I can't go outside now? They can" the filly asked, pointing to something outside.

The unicorn looked confused and got to her feet, going to see what the little earth pony was looking at. Her gaze turned cold as she saw the six little demon-spawn darting past her home in Ponyville.

"Mommy's going out for a bit, Crystal. You stay here" Ocean Breeze muttered softly, using her magic to bring her cloak over to her and put it on.

She then stepped outside, putting the hood of the cloak over her head in order to hide her face.

She followed the foals, making sure to step quietly as to not alert them to her presence.

The foals giggled softly and seemed to be whispering to each other as they ran into what appeared to be a very ominous forest. They didn't seem to notice the strange feeling coming from the forest, but Ocean Breeze did.

She paused at the edge of the Everfree Forest, questioning in following the demons was worth the risk of going into the dangerous area.

Deciding that she needed to keep an eye on the little monsters (and, if needed, stop them) by any means possible, the mare steeled herself and stepped into the Everfree Forest.

A/N: Well, this shows the major downside of having children that have abilities that you don't fully understand: they can easily get away. I mean, from what the girls knew about their children, they figured that leaving them in the room while the napped would be fine. The anti-phasing would also take away the risk of them teleporting outside. Sadly, they didn't take other things into consideration.

Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I'll be putting this story on break while I work on something for a good friend of mine.