Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

Chapter 3

After he finally calmed down I explained the situation to him. After I told him he looked poissed and tackled me and I dropped the gun. He saw it picked it up with his teeth and pointed it to my head while he was on top of me. Discord and Twilgiht tried to help.


Twilight and discord didn't move and had no idea what do without getting me killed.

Twilgiht said. "What ever your name is no pony needs to get hurt this is all just a big misunderstanding just put the thing down and let's talk"

He replied angrily. "There is nothing to misinterpret I'm in the land of a stupid TV show and I'm going to kill the bitch that led me here and I'm going to kill this bitch for driving me crazy for over 2 years !"

I was terrified II had no idea what to do. Then it hit me I then remembered my powers. I may not have used them before but anything has to better then this. I then snapped my fingers and concentrated on the gun and it then vanished. Thomas was in disbelief how I did that. I was even surprised I even pulled that off. Twilight then blasted him off of me with magic blast and then snapped his fingures and he was then in big chains so he can't get up. Twilight then helped me up.

"Thanks twilight and thank you discord"

Discord replied "anything for a friend."

Twilight replied "your welcome also I never knew some could snap like that. "

I replied nervousily "yea that's kinda my fault"

They both looked at me with suprised looks on there faces.

Discord looked impressided like "What did you do to that guy. I have never seen anyone go that nuts."

I looked a little nervous "yea you see in my world certain people that are not mentally stable are but in big white buildings to be taken care of .Unfortunately some are so crazy they are put in there for life cause they are too unstable to be in public, I was one of those patients. I was put there for 2 years and my usual guard outside my cell was the pony that just tried to kill me few minutes ago. His name is Thomas and when I was near by I would always try to annoy him and play over the top pranks on him which would always cause tons of chaos. He was a jerk to me though so I was just giving him his just deserts."

Discord looked even more impressed and twilight looked uneasy. Discord then replied

"You and me are going to get along great"

I blushed a bit. Twilight replied "not without someone watching you 2 I'm going to round up the girls go to the map room while I go get them spike will be watching you while I'm gone."

I replied "ok twilight"

Discord then took me to the map room and spike was sitting in his chair with a determined look on his face as he was watching me and discord. I then lowered my self down to his level and I could tell he was scared.

"hey don't worry little spike there is no reason to fear me...yet."

He then looked more scared.

"oh relax I'm just messing with you"

I patted him on the head.

After that me and discord played poker on map table. I won 3 times and I can tell it's starting to get to him. After about the 10th time I won twilight finally came in with the others. I then thought of something interestimg I told discord to pretend to fall asleep and spike was in the dragons room. I decided to hide as they walk in.

Rainbow dash said. "So twilight what is this suprise guest you are talking about twilight"

Twilight replied "she should be at the table but girls before you meet her I just have to ask of you, Don't judge her right away she can be a bit odd.

Applejack replied "how odd can she be ?"

Twilight replied nervously "well it's bec she's a-"

I then made a very loud boo from right behind them and scared all of them. Me and disord were laughing histericlly and they we're getting back on there feet and then rainbow dash tackled me.

"Hello rainbow still strong headed I see. Also you need to learn to take a joke."

She was about to punch me but luckily twilight stopped her. Rainbow then look at discord and then back at me.

"Great we have another discord, one is bad enough as it is"

I replied "oh relax rainbow you'll like me once you get to know me and besides I don't even have control over my powers yet."

Twilight replied "ok that is enough out of you 2"

We both shutted up.

"Ok since we got onto a bad start let's try this again. Girls meet Eris she called draconequus. That is what discord species is called and she happens to be the only other female of there species. Right now she doesn't have control over her powers and is going to be doing some training with discord. I brought you all here is so you girls here is so you all can one at a time keep a eye on these 2 while they do there training, can I count on all over you when you take your shifts."

Applejack replied "you can count on us sugercube."

Twilight replied "great now rainbow since you and Eris had a rough first impression why don't you take the first.

Rainbow dash "uh fine but I won't like."

I then grab rainbow and hive her a big hug "oh this is going to great. You and me will be great friends when this is over"

I noticed I was squeezing a little hard and she was turning red. I then let go as she gasps for air and still flying.

"Oh sorry I guess I don't know my own strength."

Rainbow dash replied "Uh yea I can tell"

Discord replied "ok now that we have that out of the way lets get to training"

Twilight replied "ok you 3 stay safe I'm going to figure out what to with Thomas."

I then thought to myself "hmm hey now that I think about it. That name doesn't really fit him anymore, give me a second. Um Oh I got it. Security care. Or Sec for short cause security care is a bit of a mouth full."

They all liked the name. Discord replied "nice choice"

Twilight replied "then it's decided his new name will be security care"

I then said "ok let's go already!"

Discord then snapped his fingers and then me, him, and rainbow were somewhere in a big rocky desert

I then shouted "Ok finally let's practice"