Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

Chapter 2

Discord looked over my unconscious body and made a cotton candy rain cloud above my head. It then poured a bunch of chocolate milk onto my face which woke me up. I coughed some of the milk out of my throat and licked some of it off of my face.

"Hmm not bad"

Discord then did a fake cough to get my attention. I looked at discord not sure what to say.

He replied "ok I guess I will start again. I am discord the God of chaos and who I may have the pleasure of meeting miss ?"

I then stood up and shook off the chocolate still in my fur and cleared my throat.

"I am Eris and you can quite with the formalities it's not my style"

"Good it's not mine either. I am sure you have like a billion questions to ask ?"

"Not really it's pretty obvious you brought me here using the portal mirror and your chaos magic to bring me here."

That took discord a little off guard. "Yes how did you know that ?"

"Oh right you see in my world this whole universe is a TV show. In the show we follow the adventures of the new princess twilight sparkle, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, rarity, Applejack, and fluttershy as they go and spread the the friendship of magic all across equestria while facing tons of obstacles along the way. like when they beat nightmare and brought us princess Luna, trapped you I'm stone again and then made you friends with the main six, launching queen chrysalis and her subjects all across equestria, killing king sombra, beating sunset shimmer and making friends with her, defeating the sirens, and that epic battle with lord tirek. Oh it is hands down my favorite show and I- "

I then look back at discord who for the first time ever was speechless. I just made discord speechless the God of chaos. This is bucking awesome and a little unnerving. I then clapped my hands in front of discords face to snap him out of it.

"Uh well that was, Unexpected to say the least."

"Ok but I do have one question. Since I am the same species as you does that mean I have the same choas powers as you ?"

Discord had his thoughts back and started thinking.

He replied "well I guess there is only one way to find out."

"Oh my celestia this is going to be awesome I am going to get magic form discord this is the best day ever!"

Unfortunately I sorta jinxed it at that moment. Then the lights in the room turned on and right at the door way was twilight still trying to keep her eyes open. "Discord ! What Did You Do !" I turned to her as she was shocked to see 2 draconequuses in the room.

"Oh twilight so good to see you have you meet my new friend."

I smiled and waved to her "Hi I'm Eris nice to meet you twilight"

Twilight looked furious at discord and also confused and excited all at the same time.

She then went up to me and started examining me and checking all my limbs and it starts to get annoying.

"Hey enough touching the merchandise"

"Sorry miss Eris was it ?" I nodded "sorry Eris it's just that we haven't seen another draconequus since discord came to be."

"I can tell."

"So how did you came to be did discord make you ?"

"That would be awesome, sadly no I came from another dimension from the mirror portal. Although not the one your thinking of. It's a similar one just with none of you guys exist in mine or at least none that I am aware of."

"That is amazing well your more than welcome to go back."

I laughed "trust me I'm better off here. I'm not exactly the most liked person in my world. If it's ok with you I would rather not talk about it"

"Oh sure you can stay but discord I would recommend you tell me or the other princess before you take some one from another dimension."

"Oh sure twilight you have my word."

'You don't have mine' I thought as I had a evil grin on my face.

I replied "now that we have that out of the way I guess we can do my chaos magic training ?"

Twilight looked a little worried and surprised then looked calm "hold it ! Oh right since your a draconequus it would make sense you would have the same powers as him. I am confident he can teach you how to use your magic. I don't trust him to be alone with you testing magic this powerful. He isn't exactly the best person to be a role model."

"Oh twilight I'm hurt"

"However I will allow me or one of the girls to watch you 2 while you practice agreed?"

We both reluctantly agreed "ok now that we have that out of the way who will-"

Right in the middle of the of my conversations someone entered thought the portal. I then saw a earth pony with navy blue coat and blue neon mane and curry mark of police based with pistol on it.

"Are you bucking kidding me !"

Discord replied "Eris language."

Right next to him was a pistol. I picked the gun off the ground before anyone noticed and hid it behind my back. Twilight then walked up the pony on the floor.

Twilgiht replied "Eris do you know this pony?"

I face palmed "uh unfortunately yes he is-"

Discord covered my mouth as I kept swearing as he held my mouth. After a few minutes I calmed down and I took disord's hand off my mouth. "I don't like him and he doesn't like me"

He then starts to wake up and then sees me, discord, and Twilgiht. He then stands up or at least tries and falls back a few times while trying to run but honestly it just pathetic and painful to watch.

I then had enough "ok Thomas calm down your just making a fool of yourself."

"What how do you know my name ?"

"I'm surprised you don't recognize some you guarded for 2 years"

"Eris ?! What happened to you ?!"

"The same thing that happened to you"

He looked confused then I moved his head toward the mirror and then he screamed again.

I then looked toward twilight and Thomas. "Huh deja vu"