Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

Chapter 1

My name is Violet Price, I am 19 years old. My skin is grey with wild white hair along with clothes that never match. I am most known for causing lots of destruction and chaos, whether it be intentional or not. All my classmates call me 'Eris'. for it means in Greek mythology the goddess of chaos.

It wasn't my idea you think I could have figured that out ? No the nerds of the school thought it would be neat and honestly I think it suits me better. I love putting pranks on my classmates and teachers but I can't really do that anymore since I was put in a mental institute.

I was put in here after my pranks became more life threating. Like this one time I messed with the traffic light system outside my school oh how I laughed when all those cars crashed into one another it was quite a sight. Luckily nobody died I maybe crazy but even I would feel bad if I killed someone who didn't deserve it. Well unless I was really really board or if they pissed me off. Oh my parents were so pissed, in fact that was the prank that got me here, well that and me burning down my parents house I don't know why I did I just wanted to watch it burn and loved every second of it.

Don't worry I didn't kill them I'm not that sick, I told them there was a parent teacher meeting and while they were gone I cut the gas line to the oven and the heater in the house until the house was completely filled with gas and when they were coming close to the house I threw my lighter into the window and watch the house explode. Watching my parents panic as their house burned was the funniest thing in my life.

They had it coming since they were pretty harsh with there punishments. This one time when I was 11, I put banana outside my parents door and when my mom slipped on it she put me in a dark closet with a poster of a scary clown in it for a week during the summer. I still have nightmares about that clown.

Anyway after the fire they had me arrested for arson, destruction of private property, and attempted murder, although that last one was never confirmed since I sent them purposely away from the fire. At my trial my parents tried there best to put me in prison for what I did. Even if didn't start the fire or mess with the traffic lights I still can't believe that they would send there own daughter to prison.

Luckily at my trial I plead for insanity and they sent me to the mental institution with no hope of getting out. I'm now forced to live with a bunch of whack jobs. I try not to make it easy for the employees that are keeping me here.

I play tons of pranks on them and I make sure they hurt. Like this one time I put a note on one of the guard's back that said. "This man has drugs." Some of the patients had serious drug problems as well as being insane. Unfortunately for him he was just unlucky enough to walk into a room full of them. as soon as they saw the note 20 to 30 of them all jumped stripping him off all his clothes and even breaking a few bones just to find the nonexistent drugs. It was hilarious to watch.

No one wants to be near me but I always need a guard outside my cell during the day. I mostly spend most of my time watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic on my TV. Don't Judge Me its a good show. My favorite character is discord he is so funny and destructive I just can't help but smile every time he is on screen. We have tons of things in common and that was even before I was a fan of the show. Like obviously we like to cause choas and destruction, we both are crazy, we both have blown up a few things, and we are both feared by many. He just appeals to me so much and that is why am such a huge fan of him.

Anyway the reason why I have a TV in my room is because its the only thing that will keep my busy that doesn't involve the employees going to the emergency room. My usual guard outside my cell is called Thomas. He is a dick. He is about 27 years old and is a little taller than average and just a little skinny but is way stronger than he looks. Has navy blue skin and has short neon blue hair. He always wears the light grey security unfiform all guards wears and he is the only one that wears a matching security cap. He is also the most rule strict person I ever meet and always does everything by the book but makes acceptions when it comes to me. I try my best to annoy him and play most of the pranks on him. I also like to announce things that are going on in the show just to piss him off, its hilarious.

But I need to be honest here, as much as I hate to admit it that show is the closest thing I have to a friend in the nut house so I sort of like to talk to it as if they could hear me. I admit its pathetic but I don't have that very many options to choose form since everyone is afraid to come near me. Although it does has its perks. Its funny and makes me feel powerful to see people instantly get scared as soon as soon as I enter the room. But I will admit it gets lonely.

MLP is the best thing I have in this nut house If only I could live in that world. That would be dream come true... But *sigh* even I know that is crazy even by my standards A girl can only dream. Anyway its time I go to bed. While I was getting in bed I was not aware that stranger was in the security office watching me.

"don't worry Eris any dream can become reality"

*Tomorrow morning*

I woke up to find Thomas banging on my cell door to wake up

"wake up psycho its time for breakfast"

"yea yea yea I'm getting up cool your jets"

I opened my eyes to my same white boaring room. It wasn't anything special it was just plain boaring cell with a white bed. A white dresser where I keep my clothes. A TV in the corner. A window with metal bars on both the inside and outside. A bathroom with no door, inside it just had toilet, a sink where I brush my teeth and and my towels are, and shower. And finally a door that lead outside my cell with small one way window on it with bars on the inside of my cell.

I then got up and went to my dresser and put on my lame clothes this places forces us to wear. I never understood why we have to wear this crap. Anyway after I got dressed Thomas escorted me to the cafeteria. It wasn't anything special, once again all white walls and floors. There were a total of 12 tables and 5 seats for each one except I had my own person table in center of it all. It's basically a single chair with a school desk attached to it. Its kinda embarrassing at first but after spending 2 years living here it doesn't bother me anymore.

I went to the chef picked up a plastic food trey. Today we had eggs, bacon, and toast. I then sat at my usual table sitting alone with guards near by as I eat. After I finished eating I waited for one of the guards to get close and in my pocket I pulled out a small bag. I emptied the contents inside to show marbles falling all over the floor as the guard slipped she heard loud snap to show he broke his leg. He was in serious pain and I just laughed.

"Oh you have found my marbles I guess that means I get to leave."

"You Broke My Leg You Crazy Bitch !"

I replied with mischievous smile. "I take that a no then"

Then Thomas and another big guard pinned me down to the table and put a straight jacket on me. I was then sent to my room with no lunch or dinner and didn't get my jacket taken off till near my bed time. Worth it.

After I got my jacket off Thomas was going to work overtime tonight but took patrol instead of watching me more that night. He will later regret that. After I took my shower and got ready for bed I saw there was a envelope left on my bed and the camera light was off so knew the camera wasn't on. I went up to my bed sat down opening the envelope. Inside was a note, keys, and a map. I looked at the map first and memorized where it wanted me to go with there being a red X at some statue near a high school. I then looked at the note and read it in my head.

"Hello Eris you must be confused how this got in your room but that is not important what is important is that I am here to help. You are going to break out I took the liberty of turning off the security cameras and the main security guard that watches the cameras is having a sick day. You will take this opportunity to use those keys to get out of your cell and to come across and locked doors in the building. You just need to avoid the guards head out the nearest exit. Once that is done you will head to the marked location on your map where we will discuss and I will have a little surprise for you when you get there I hope to see you soon."

I sat there for minute trying to get my mind around this. someone is breaking me out and I don't even know who is helping me. Why would anyone help someone like me ? But now is not the time to think about it I have a chance to escape this nut house and I'm taking it. 'this is going to be fun.' I then went to the cell door and unlocked it and opened the door and peeked out to check the hallway for any guards. Luckily their weren't any at the time so I closed the door behind me and sneaked through the building looking for a exit. I walked down he corridor trying to stay as quite as possible. I looked at all the corners and walls to see or hear if anyone was coming. Damn why does everything has to be white in this building.

After 10 minutes of searching I then finally saw exit. However believe it or not Thomas himself was guarding the door and swore under my breath after seeing him there. I then had a idea when Thomas wasn't looking I grabbed a medicine bottle and threw it far away form the door but loud enough for him to check out where it landed. After he left his post I took the chance to go to the door and unlocked it. Unfortunately as soon as I got the door open Thomas turned around and saw I was walking out the door and running and he sounded the alarm and he chased after me.

Lucky for me I memorized the map before I left but Thomas was persistent he chased me all the way to the school I managed to get him turned around as I head for the statue. I then hid behind the statue as I waited for my unknown helper to show up but the person was nowhere around. Thomas was getting closer to my position I start swearing in my mind since I just did all that for nothing. I knew no one would put that much effort into helping me.

Then right before Thomas was about to find her a miracle happened. Something behind me grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into the statue and I saw the weirdest lightshow ever. I felt like my whole body getting rewritten and changing like I was growing fur. I then felt like I hit the floor hard and I saw it to be very shiny as was the whole room. I had trouble standing up but I quickly got back up. then I looked back toward the mirror and saw in utter amazement and shock to show what I had become. I had become a draconequus. For those who don't know that is the mythical creature discord is. I had basically become female version discord.

I then realized my situation. I am in equestria in the back room where princess twilight keeps the portal and I have basically turned into a creature that has the powers of a god. At that moment I then totally nerded out and cheered to the top of my lungs. Luckily I think the walls were sound proof it is made of crystals after all. Then I heard a familiar voice from behind my back.

"Hmm I did not expect your transformation would be a draconequus it's interesting to see another one my species."

I looked at him in disbelief as I saw my favorite character ever discord was standing right in front of me.

"Oh how rude of me allow me to introduce myself I am discord the element of chaos and you must be Eris"

I just stood still standing there staring at him and thinking in the back of my head

'I am standing right in front of disord while I am now the same creature he is. This Is A Dream Come true.'

Discord looked a little confused as Eris was staring into space. Discord clapped his hands in front of her face and snapped her out of it.

"Uh are you ok ?"

Eris looked like she was about to say something but all that came out was gibberish and then she fainted.

"Maybe bringing her here was a bad idea."