I remember you

by Strata

The movie

"Celeste's a tad... scary, isn't she?" Sombra asked, tearing his view away from a weapon-shaped cloud with concern as he walked alongside Cadence to the Stanford movie theater.
"hm? not really. Did you find her scary?"
"well... the way she walked right up to me and was so tall... She looked at me like she was looking through the bars of a prison towards the person who murdered her parents."
"I don't know. She used to be a judge before she retired early, taking up a day job so she could raised Trace."
"committed any crimes lately, Professor?" Cadence asked slyly.
"hah, not that I can remember."
"You never really told me where you get your gemstones from." she teased.
the professor squinted his eyes and held up an imaginary gem in the air, putting on a stereotypical collector's voice.
"why yes, this one, I acquired from a doting grandmother. What a rare find!"
Cadence chuckled. she elbowed Sombra lightly.
"Watch the grandmothers, we aint' got many in this town."
He playfully elbowed her back.
"Okay then,I'll stop. On a completely unrelated note, can I borrow the keys to your house, safe, and cookbook?"
She hit back again.
"Be careful, Garett. My fridge handle comes off, and can be brandished as a fairly hefty weapon."
"I know Tae-Kwon-Do!" he laughs, playfully pushing her.
"And, I could beat you in an arm-wrestling contest!" she said, pushing him back.
Sombra smiled, and doing what came naturally, wrapped his left arm around the back of her knees, and put his right arm around her back, and lifted her up. with a surprised yelp, she began laughing. Sombra said triumphantly:
"Think you're stronger, eh?"
"okay, okay. But I could probably do more push-ups."
"how about on-arm?"
"you can't do that, and neither can I"
"how'd you know?"

they continued laughing and chatting before getting to the Stanford theater. Sombra promptly pretended to drop Cadence before grabbing her again, but overestimated his own strength and ended up tripping over, with Cadence landing on top of him. They both laughed, and Sombra got up, about to offer a hand, but the lithe woman had already jumped to her feet, smiling. Someone muttered from the street; "get a room, jeez" but neither of them heard it. They bought their tickets for the 1968 sci-fi horror Quatermass and the Pit, and entered the theater.

The movie was black-and-white, as this movie was only made in the late sixties. It followed Earth as an invasion threatened its inhabitants, along with some quirky, slightly out-of-place humor. Overall, rather enjoyable. To Sombra's immense relief, he realised halfway through that he had remembered to turn off his phone. Alex was no doubt furiously texting at the moment.

"What is it, Holly?"
"It's... I think that there's something in the vent..."

"Allow me to check, Holly." Ominous music began to play, as they zoomed in on Morse unscrewing the vent.

Sombra felt Cadence lean in a bit towards him in apprehension. Sombra honestly didn't know what to do, but he started to raise his arm up, attempting to surreptitiously put it around her. first time, Sombra. Come on. You got this. he slowly left his arm hoverring slightly above her shoulder, and was ready to put it down, when

"AAAAAAARGH!" A blood-curdling scream came from the screen, and they both jumped, reflexively grabbing each other. Morse had just been pulled into the vent. They only held tighter as Holly decided to go into the vent and find out what had happened.

"I mean, WHY?! Why would she go into the vent?" Cadence ranted.
"I know. 'OOH, friend just got dragged into a vent! Time to investigate!'"
"I know, right? ugh!"

Sombra pulled out his phone, and turned it on, seeing the 15 or so texts from Alex.

Cadence grabbed the Professor by the shoulder, and he put away his phone.
"I know a place that's pretty cool."
"Let's go."

Cadence led to the back of Stanford theater, where there was a fire escape that didn't have stairs to the ground.
"I've heard of this, but never been up there. but now... can you give me a boost?"
Sombra put his hands out, where Cadence put her foot, and he pushed up, as Cadence grabbed the railing. She pulled herself up, and extended a hand for Sombra. He, with some trouble, managed to get up, and they began to walk up the stairs, ascending to the roof. the sun was beginning to set, and they both lay down on the roof, staring at the sky.

"Today was fun." cadence said, sighing with satisfaction.
"you bet. thanks for giving me such a great time."
"I never knew that black-and-white grainy movies could actually scare me." she laughed.

Sombra turned his head, and said nervously;
"I just... I've never done this before. T-thanks."
"Fun, isn't it?"
"that's an understatement. I just... If this sounds strange, I've just never felt this way before."

To Sombra's surprise, a pained expression crossed Cadence's face. She looked... guilty. Her usually bright and smiling face was contorted as she scrunched up her nose and held her eyes shut.
"something wrong?"
"I just... No... I mean- ugh, I don't know. I just-" She got up suddenly, and began walking towards the fire escape again, saying as she left;
"I shouldn't, yet I did... I just-" she was stammering, and she picked up her pace towards the exit. Sombra got up, quickly, and ran after her.
"Cadence, what's the matter?"
she turned on her heel, and grabbed Sombra by his shoulders.
"I can't-"
she just hugged him.
"Cadence, what is this?"
"Nothing, I'm sorry." she laughed unconvincingly. "I'm just not feeling well is all."
"Okay... Just tell me if you need to be taken home."
"Yeah... probably a good idea."

Sombra led Cadence to her house, and with a 'goodbye' hug at the door, he pocketed his hands an walked home, confused.

A text from Alex rang through at about eleven o' clock, as Sombra was still lying in bed, staring at her ceiling, confused.
how did it go
he wrote back.
no idea
whaddya mean
I mean the movie went great and we broke the touch barrier, but then as we lay on the roof, I told her I had never felt that way and she freaked out and started to leave
but then before she left she hugged me and said she was just feeling unwell
why are women so confusing
no idea
at least you broke the touch barrier
reckon chris would know anything about it?
worth the ask, also why didnt you answer my texts
my phone was off
whatever just ask chris tomorrow
g'night Sombrero
night discord