I remember you

by Strata

The visit

Fatigue was wrapped around the Professor's fetal-positioned body like a loose glove, warm and soft. All the sheets were off, as he had tossed them off. The morning was relativley quiet, the birds somehow absent. As his alarm went off, he seriously debated skipping work. Sure, it's my job, but I run it, don't I? After a few moments of decision he reconciled himself, I just need another three minutes. Ugh, shouldn't have done that last night.

A good three hours later, he woke up again, the sun harshly imposing itself through the slats of his window. He lazily got up, grunting as he did so. A quick check of his alarm clock told him that he should've been in his store a few hours ago. Oh well, he barely got any customers in the hot summer. No-one bought rings, his biggest claim to fame in the summer, as trying to have a wedding, or really any celebration in this weather was like trying to tan yourself on the dark side of Mars. Difficult, foolish, and bound to end horribly. Deciding to work from home, he suddenly got his second ever phone call.


He swore, surprised again by the phone and tripped over an errant shirt, swearing again. In a bad mood, he gruffly picked up the phone and grunted;
"Who is this?"
"Are you the owner of the gem store on the intersection of Honde and Marlboro?"
he was a little surprised. The tenderness of voice... Must be Cadence!
"Yes? Is this Cadence?"
"yes! good to hear from you again. The little board outside your shop says you're open today, but the sign says 'closed.' Are you in the back?"
Oh dear.
"Y-yes! One moment, I'm just... having a shower."
"A shower? in your store?"
"hmmmah, yes! Personal hygiene is of utmost importance to me!"

Oh wow, Sombra. Bachelor's in geography, seven years experience, certified excavator, and that's the best you can do? AND WHAT WAS THAT 'HMMMMAH' NOISE?!

to his surprise, Cadence replied cheerily.
"Good to see someone taking care of themselves, especially in this sweltering weather. I like a man who takes his hygiene seriously."
"You do?! I mean, yes! Good. So do I, actually."
"you like men who have good hygiene?"
"uh, yes! just look at my friend, Alex."
"Sure. So... Should I come back later?"
"No! I mean, no. I'll be right out."

she then hung up.

taking a moment to wipe the sweat from his forehead, he looked around a little before doing a wolf-whistle.

Nicely handled, Sombra. Knew you could do it.


A quick sprint down to the store in under a minute and a face-dousing to look like he was damp later, he sneaked into the back room and came out inside the store to make it seem like he was already in there. He saw Cadence idly checking her phone in the doorway, before noticing him and smiling. He weakly smiled back, opening the door.
"Great to see you again, Professor."
"Great to see you too, Cadence."

He walked her into the store, and began to take out a paper towel and began whistling as he began to clean a perfectly-clean display case. containing his favorite finds. The #8 emerald he had seen in a magazine, a lapis-lazuli found in Afghanistan, and quartz in Vietnamese mountains. He had some of the jade from the famous Marble Mountains
of Hoian in some of the jewelry in the store. He used to be funded by the Government before they dropped him and he had to start the store.

"enjoyed your shower?" Cadence asked with a sly smile as she admired a ring in the sunlight.
"A bit cold." He replied, chuckling.

they started t converse about several topics, and Cadence even volunteered to help clean.
"I had the day off" She said.
He had to interrupt her for a moment, for he had a text incoming.
"one moment."
"no problem!"
He opened his phone and saw a text from Alex.
ask hr out

He looked around, and saw his lean, Hawaii-shirt friend standing in the window, holding his phone and nodding. He quickly ducked as Cadence began to look around, seeing what the flustered professor was looking at.

he quickly began to continue the conversation, subtly texting Alex back.

Just because it worked once doesn't mean you have permission to stalk my social life. I get enough of that from Chris.
Wht did Chrissy do
none of your business
fightin off the ladies with a stick eh sombrero
I'm going to block you
just ask hr out
It's getting to that sheesh
Im goin to walk in pick up a ring and propose to you if u dont ask her out in the nxt 10 secs
You wouldnt
watch me

He suddenley heard a little ding-ding sound as the bell rang, and Alex peeped through the door.

"should you get that?" Cadence asked.
"Nah, he's a friend."


Sombra, seeing behind him Alex pick up a ring, and begin to walk towards him, whistling slyly, he looked up at the pink-haired woman before him, the object of his affections. He had never done this before. Taking a small breath of apprehension, the approaching man stopped, sensing the question about to be asked. The professor never had done this before. What does he say? What does he do? should he kiss her hand? no, that's creepy. Should he be cool, or sincere?

Alex cleared his throat behind him.

"Are you sure you don't need to-"
"Cadence, I would love it if you would see Quatermass and the Pit with me on Friday." he blurted out, and Alex grinner, fist-pumping.

"Quatermass and the Pit? Can't say I've heard about it, but it seems fun. Where's it showing?"
"As in, you mean yes?"
"Of course. I would be my pleasure to take a charming man such as yourself to a movie."
"Me? Charming? huh-" he stammered out a little laugh and a word of thanks under his breath.
"So, where?"
"stanford, the big movie theatre."
"Nice. What time?"
"what time works for you?"
"I'm babysitting this adorable toddler at eleven until one, so can we do it after then?"
"you bet. the movie's at four. We can get lunch before then."
"If ever you have a meal then a movie, have the movie first so you can talk about something over the meal."
"just something my dad always tells me."
"Well... I think there's a showing at 1:15, so we'll have to hurry."
"Good. Can you pick me up from my house? It's on Ken street, the seventh house."
Sombra grimaced a little, as he already knew the house. He still wasn't okay with that.

"I look forward to it. She said, winking."
"me too..." sombra muttered out, embarrassed, and winked back, rather comically. She chuckled, and walked out of the store.
"oh, and I think it's closing time, too." she said, and Sombra checked his watch, before also heading towards the door, bringing he ring of keys from his pocket, ushering Alex out. He sent a text as he walked, and smiled at Sombra before leaving with a tip of the cap.

the Professor get the keys, and was about to open the door, when he dropped them accidentally. They both bent down to pick them up, and bumped noses. Both of them immediately shot back up, and put their hands to their nose before laughing together. She batted her eyelashes at him, and went to pick up the keys, picking the correct one and locking the door.
"first try. Nicely done."
"Suppose I'm just a bit lucky." She smiled at him, before walking away."

Alex emerged from a bush, patting Sombra on the shoulder before whistling and walking away.

best wingman evr