An Old and Wise Star

by Gianfar

Chapter 8: It's nice to see you again, brother

In Neighagra Falls, slowly the night was coming to an end to then it give a new dawn, was shortly that the moon down in the western horizon to make way for the sun emerges in the eastern horizon. It could be still hear coruscating the crickets and hooting the owls, and it could be still see the beautiful starry sky along with the moon almost on its full moon phase.

There, almost the top of the mountain, in a small lake sleeping under a small shelter made with roots and leaves front a tree, Orion was curled in it hidden snout in his front hooves, and to his side Luna was curled resting her head on the Orion's shoulder as if he were a pillow.

Luna seemed to be enjoying being curled up on Orion as could be noticed he had no problem in comfort, but despite that Orion didn't feel to be very uncomfortable since it could also tell that he was sleeping like a little pony. But that convenience for Luna soon would end, because the biological clock woke her up to come down the moon.
She slowly tried to open her eyes to then finally wake up and give a big yawn. Then, she delicately stood up to not wake Orion up and cautiously leaves the tent in which Orion had made the night before, to then go to the side of the edge where falling the cataract and then stop there. Luna begins to shine her horn and slowly bends down bowing, to then gently lower the moon over the western horizon that was at forehead her.

After lowering the moon, Luna gives a small glimpse into the western horizon admiring the beautiful views that it gave to her. Then she turns and looks up the mountain where they were, it could be see the twilight that the sun was giving, to be slowly emerging for a new day. Seeing the reddish color of the twilight, she turns around and turns her sight to the tent.

There, she sees Orion still sleeping like a horse after an afternoon of games without rest. She draw a smile on her face and then cautiously goes to the tent, and carefully to not wake Orion up, she returned again instead supporting her head on his shoulder in which she had been sleeping. She gives a small yawn and then looks at how Orion slept hidden with his snout between his front hooves and then redraw a smile on her face.

"Hmhm. He looks so cute and innocent when he sleeps" she told herself. "I don't understand how the ancestors ponies could hate him; of the few ponies that I know, he's one of the most educated and funny ponies, after of my sister" Suddenly she snuggles deeper into his shoulder and then gives another little yawn. "Besides... his body is very comfortable to curl up and he doesn't snore. I think..." Luna suddenly stops her thoughts and shut her eyes and then shakes her head gently, then opened it "Again?. For all my nights, this damn thought is still hovering in my head?" she said frowning. -Sigh- "I think I'll sleep a little longer until Orion wake up, but I'm going to go crazy" then she begins gently close her eyes and then of several moments she was asleep.

After pass an hour, in Neighagra dawn had appeared, and the sun was rising slowly behind the mountain giving its way to the top of the sky. Because of that a small strip light gives on Orion's face, causing him to wake up. He opens his eyes gently and then takes out his snout between his front hooves and gives a big yawn, returning to open and close their eyes again until that he noticed that dawn had appeared.

He gives a small view looking upwards to the top of the mountain, and sees the sun tucked behind it and at its sides light strips protruding. Then he directs his gaze to the west where the edge where the waterfall was falling, seeing in the background that the landscape was sunlit.

Orion gives another yawn and start trying to fully wake up, but then feels on his right shoulder as if something was rubbing and then he heard a small groan. He immediately gives his view on his right shoulder and sees in it that Luna was curled up like a little filly, he gives a smile at see her so adorable and innocent. "Hmhm. It looks like somepony decided to use me as a pillow" he said to himself mockingly.

He returns to take another yawn and then decides to wake her up because if it don't do later. Then Orion with his snout gives a small rub at the base of her horn to try to wake her up. "Luna... Come on! sleeping beauty, it's time to wake up" he said softly as he continued rubbing.

Luna begins to open her eyes gently and then turns her sight to Orion still leaning on his shoulder. Orion seeing her gently waking up, gives a little smile. "Good morning, my princess" he said softly.

Luna gives a small yawn and then smiles back "Good morning, Selkie," she said gently and also with a mocking voice.

"Slept well my little pony?"

She just nods and then gave another small yawn.

"Hmhm. I'm glad that it is. Well ... what if we get up and we continue through the day?" he said as he beat with his shoulder the Luna's head gently.

"Mmm... Why don't we stay a little longer?" she said innocently.

"Haha!. You say that you're comfortable using me as a pillow, right?" he said with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

"Hmhm. We could say yes" she said mockingly.

Orion gives a small laugh and then directs his gaze to the lake, and suddenly gives a small mischievous smile. "Hmhm. Well ... if you don't get up in ten seconds, I took you to the lake and there I immerse you" he said mockingly.

"Haha!. You wouldn't dare!" she said roguishly still with her head on the Orion's shoulder.

"Oh yeah?. One... two... three... four..." Orion began his countdown still with his sight to the lake and beginning to shine his horn.

"Hahaha!. Stop talking nonsense. I don't believe you" she said clinging to him even more.

"Five... six seven eight nine" before Orion count the number ten, Luna teleports out of the tent being in front of it. "Hmhm. It seems that yes or yes you were going to move" he said mockingly as he stood up and stretched his front legs with a big smile on his face.

"Very funny" she said not very satisfied being deceived for him.

"Hmhm. By the way... How is Twilight with Meissa?" he said looking where Ponyville was.

"You left Meissa with her, in her castle?"

"Well... she insisted that I left him to her. So as he had no problem, I leave him in her hooves" he said as he walked over to where Luna "I hope that he has not caused problems to her"

Meanwhile Kingdom Friendship Rainbow Castle, in each room and hallway could only hear the birds sing in the new dawn of a new day, and apart from that there was a deep silence.

In Twilight's room, was found herself curled up asleep in her bed hugging her pillow and covered with blankets, and next to the bed in a small bed was Spike sleeping in it. Spike was too big to sleep in his little bed, but he still liked to sleep there although small for him. But in her room was an individual more; between the beds was Meissa in a deep sleep with his snout tucked between his legs. But suddenly he begins to open his eyes gently and then gives a big yawn, to then stand up and stretch his front and back legs.
After giving an elongation at his legs, he turn his sight to the Twilight's bed and then he jumped in it supports his two front paws on the edge of it, and then he get closed his snout to her and gave a wet lick to her face on the left side of in which her face could be seen. Twilight feel that something wet on her face, but she ignored it and with a small romp turned to the other side of the bed.

To see that she turned around, lowered back to the floor and rounded the bed to then go where Twilight had turned, and then he jump again to the edge of the bed supporting his front legs and giving her another lick. She begins to frown and gently opens her eyes, and difficulty she sees Meissa.

"Meissa?" she muttered as she rubbed her eyes.

Meissa to see her awake starts to move his tail from side to side and returned to give her another wet lick, causing her to cover with their hooves to dodge his wet good mornings. "Hehehehe. Stop! You tickles me"

then Meissa stops and gets off of it, being seated next to the bed. Twilight achieved painstakingly to sit up on the edge of the bed and give a big yawn, and also lifting her front legs to stretch.

"Good morning Meissa" she said with a smile.

Then she turns her head and sees Spike that was still sleeping, so she gets off of the bed, and then go to his bed. She with her right front hoof, moves him delicately to wake him up, but he only gives some moans but still without waking. Suddenly Meissa directs to his bed and then take a big lick in the face of Spike, woke him up with a jump.
"Hmhm. Good morning, Spike" she said drawing a big smile on her face.

Spike gives a big yawn and then sits on the edge of his bed "Good morning, Twilight". Meissa to see Spike awake gives a little bark as he moved his tail from side to the other.

Spike directs his sight to Meissa "Hmhm. Good morning to you too, Meissa" he said as he stroked his head.

"Hey Spike. How about if we have a hot cakes breakfast?" she said as she headed for the gates.

"Cool! I love to eat pancakes" he said after getting out of his bed and then gives a small stretch to his arms.

But after Twilight turns to leave her room, Spike launches a unexpectedly flare, and then sees that receives an unexpected parchment "Uh... Twilight... We have unexpected mail from... Princess Celestia" he said as he watched the issue of the parchment.

"Read it Spike, please" she said turning back to where was Spike.

Dear Twilight.

I'm sorry sending this unexpected parchment to you. but I need your help. These last three days we have had meetings with the mayor of Fillydelphia about the issue between dragons and ponies about reducing the tension between them. So I decided to resort to your help to you to join us in a meeting that will be made within thirty minutes, as we will need the princess of friendship to propose ideas to regularize the situation temporarily until we can find a way to solve it permanently. My sincerest apologies for bothering you Twilight.

Your faithful teacher and friend, Celestia.

"Well... I think the breakfast will have to wait" she said between sigh.

"Are they still with the topic of Fillydelphia?" he asked as he tended his bed.

"Unfortunately... yes. So far we haven't been unable to find a solution for the ponies and dragons get along. It is very difficult to agree with this, and also is begin to have the same problems in other cities" she said in anguish "Well ... get ready Spike, because we're leave in a while"

"Uh... Twi... but what will happen to Meissa?" he asked as he approached him and then bending over, putting his hand on Meissa's head.

"I think we can leave it here. He is very educated, as he showed me yesterday when we were with our friends" she said with a smile as she looking him.

Returned in Neighagra, Orion and Luna were lying under the tree, drinking jasmine tea in which Orion had brought. They remained in a profound silence, one could hear the birds singing and the sound of the falls. But after a few moments Orion finished his tea and gives a small elongation at his legs still lying on the floor like Luna. He directs his gaze to her and gives a smile.

"Well... how about if we grab our stuff and return to Canterlot?" he said as he pointed with his head where was the mountain of Canterlot.

"Aw. We are leaving now?" she said with small pots.

Orion gives a giggle to see her little pouts. "Hmhm Yes. I think it will be better, because I have to go to see if Meissa caused not problems to Twilight"

"Hey. Why we don't stay a little longer?" she said innocently

"Hmhm, I think we'd better go" she said as she pouting at Orion.

Orion gives a laugh to see the initiative that she takes and starts gently shaking his head with a smile "Pouting?. It will not work" he said looking away.

"Pleaaaase!" She continued with her pots and then doing her blue eyes more large and shiny.

"Hmhm. If that wasn't work with Celestia, I don't think it works with you" he said keeping his eyes away of the pots and the eyes of Luna.

"Aww. Why are you so mean to me?" she said angrily as she crossed their hooves to not convince Orion.

"I'm not mean with you. I love to stay here longer with you, but we have to return. I have to see if Meissa caused not problems to Twilight" he said then to get up to collect his things.

Luna gave a sigh and then she also stood up "Ok" she said upset.

When Orion saw that she was not happy with having to Canterlot, he gave a big sigh and then he approached her "Why do not you want Canterlot again? Tell me the truth"

Luna turned her sight towards the mountain of Canterlot and then took another deep sight. "This week I have nothing to do. I'm done my work this weekend and until a few days I'm not back to my royal work"

"And what's wrong with that? You are free from boring and tiring duty, you have plenty of time to do what you want" he said trying to encourage Luna.

"I know, but... my sister is always busy with her duties and there is no one to be there in Canterlot. Just me, alone..."

"Well..." he tried to think anything to say. "If I have nothing to do tomorrow, do you want to spend the day together again?" he said with a smile, putting his right hoof on her shoulder.

"Really?" she said cheerfully returning her sight to Orion.

"Mmhm. It's the least that I could do, what do you think?"

"Of course!, I'd love to" she said with a big smile.

"Well... You ready to go back?" He said as he prepared to teleport to Canterlot.

Then Luna grab her things that were in the tree and then goes where Orion was, staying at his side. Orion then begins to shine his horn and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared in a beam of light.

In Canterlot, at the gates of the castle, in a beam of light appeared Luna and Orion. Luna to see that they already was in the castle gates, she takes a few steps toward to the entrance and then turns looking at Orion with a smile after have spent a great day.

"Well... Orion" she walks towards him and then sitting down in front of him "Thanks for taking me to Neighagra, it was fun" she said happy.

"Hmhm. It was nothing" he said flattered "Besides, the who should thank it's me. Long time ago since I enjoyed myself so"

"Hmhm. Indeed!"

Suddenly, a deep and uncomfortable silence fell between them, it could be hear the wind humming as it hit against the castle and sounds of the everyday life of the city. Luna and Orion gave a few laps on their heads to say something before say goodbye.

But, prowling in the corridors of the castle was the princess Cadance, she was heading to the door at the entrance where Luna and Orion were. -Sigh- "I don't know until when we will be with this with the mayor of Fillydelphia" she said not very satisfied "I think..." but then when she reach the castle gates, she sees Orion and Luna in front of it. Seeing them, without get their attention, cautiously she takes a few steps back and then hides behind one of the pillars that was supporting the roof which was near the doors, inside the castle.

"Uh? What are they doing here?" she told to herself beginning to doubt.

She noticed that among them was an awkward silence, but after a while one of them starts to say something.

"So... Where do you would to go tomorrow?" she said while she was wearing one of her hooves on her neck.

"Uh... I don't know... I thought you were going to choose the place" he said mockingly.

"Well... We won't go to a place that you don't like it, hehe"

"No matter what place, while it be with you I'll go" he said with a big smile.

"Hmhm. And stop talking nonsense" she said blushing after giving a tap on his shoulder.

Cadance to hear the conversation, she raises an eyebrow with a mischievous smile. "Well... well... well...!. What we have here?" she said roguishly.

"Well... I think I'd better go" he said as he spread his wings to take flight.

"Ok. See you tomorrow then" she said farewell to Orion with a hoof up. But Luna suddenly stops him before takes his flight. "Hey wait!" she yelled.

"What's wrong Luna?" she asked confused.

"I always wanted to ask you this but, I hadn't the opportunity" she said serenely.

Cadance is surprised to have heard that and that almost she gives a yell of surprise. "Oh! Hmhm. What will be?" she told herself as she rubbed her hooves against each other anxious to hear.

"Uh... Ok. Tell me, what do you want to ask me?" he then said to keep his wings back into its place.

"When we met you in the Everfree forest it wasn't by chance, since I was a small mission to discover who or what was scaring or alarming the creatures of the forest, causing them to go near the town of Ponyville, putting in danger to the ponies. Do you know who was?"

"Aw. It was just that?" Cadance told herself disappointed sticking her tongue out.

"Oh!. Hehehe. Well..." he said a little embarrassed. "How I could say this?"

"It was you?" she asked pointing with her hoof.

"Hehe. Yes, since Meissa is carnivorous we have to hunt so he can eat" he said with a hoof on his neck "So... I think that yes, we were the ones responsible" he finished with a sheepish smile.

"Well. Thanks to you I almost died for a manticora to discover who or what it was that did that. Thanks Orion!" she said not very satisfied with her hooves crossed.

"I'm sorry about that. The least he could have done was heal you. And I did" he tried to apologize to Luna.

Luna said nothing, just ignored him turning her head away. For a moment he didn't know what to do, but then he begins to shine his horn and raise her up to the floor, to then get her closer to him until be face to face.

"Orion! put me down!!" she yelled as she struggled to break free

"Hmhm. Stop acting as if you were angry. You do it just for to I regret, right?" he said with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

Luna stops moving and still ignoring Orion, looking away. "You don't have to leave Orion?" she said in disgust yet.

"Ok!. What do you want to I do to reward my mistake? I told you that I would do what you want as I promised" he said as he returned her to the floor.

"Oh!. This is getting interesting" Cadence said as she went back to rubbing her hooves against each other.

To leave her back to the floor, she gave a small smile concealed "Hmhm. I got him!" she told herself. And then she dissimulates be thinking of an idea carrying her hoof to her chin. "Well... Did you had sleepovers?" she asked indifferently.

Cadance almost fell to the ground to hear what Luna said. "What?... Hmhm. Luna have increasingly more surprises under her hooves"

"Well ... No. I don't know what that it" he said serenely.

"Really? You have never had a sleepover?"

"No. I never had one, and besides I don't know what is actually"

"Well... how about if someday we do a sleepover?" she asked with a smile.

"Alright!. When you want, we'll do a sleepover" he said with a smile as he folded his wings to take flight back. "See you later, Luna" he say goodbye.

"See you later, Selkie" she said goodbye mockingly.

After saying goodbye, Orion undertook his flight. Luna was sat there watching Orion how he was looking a little smaller each second until be away and after a moments she lost sight of him. Then she stood up and turns towards the castle gates and begins to walk toward them to enter the castle.

"What I just did? Invite him to a sleepover? What the hell was I thinking?... Thank goodness he didn't know what were the sleepovers, but I don't know what he would said" she told herself. "But... what now? What will he think when I tell him what really are the sleepovers?"

Cadance to see Luna heading for the door gives a small smile and hides behind the pillar. After a moments, Luna pass through the gates and then she suddenly hears a voice.

"Well... well... well... But what we have here?" Cadance said with a mischievous smile from the pillar being supported on it.

Luna is surprised to hear a voice behind the pillar, taking a few steps away from it. Seeing in detail, Luna realizes that it was Cadance.

"Cadance? How long have you been there?" she asked surprised.

"Oh I don't know. Enough" she said mockingly.

Luna didn't know where to hide to see Cadence was spying her from there without her noticing. Cadance by other hoof was a little excited to see the connection between her and Orion.

"Hey ... What were you two doing?" She asked dissimulating.

"What are you talking about?" She also said dissimulating.

"Don't pretend. Celestia told me that you and Orion were somewhere to spend time together"

"What? Oh!. Yes. Well... he invited me to spend a day in Neighagra Falls, because two days ago he had promised me that this week he would do what I wanted to remedy his mistake of hiding the truth about Celestia"

"So... It was fun, boring? What happened? Tell me" she said eager to know everything.

"It was... fun" she said with a smile "Long time ago that I had such a fun day like that"

"Tell me everything" she said excitedly as a small pony when listening to her favorite story.

"Well... First we had swum in the lake that was before climbing the mountain where the waterfalls end, then we went up to the mountain and admire the landscape that gave us the same mountain. Then he invited me a cup of tea that he had brought and then wait for the night for stargazing"

"Then what happened?"

"After observing the stars, Orion had decided it was best to come back because it was late, but I didn't want come back since I was still having fun. So I asked whether we could camp there until morning, so well ... he accepted and then he made with magic a tent with tree roots where it was back, and you know... we stayed camping there until this morning"

"Cool!. So... on the other hoof, what do you think about him?" she couldn't bear to not ask that.

"What? What are you talking about?" she dissembled, knowing very well what she meant.

"How what I'm talking about ?. I'm talking about Orion"

"What happened with him?" she said indifferently as she began her way to the main hall.

"Luna stop pretending, I know you think something about him. I could feel while you two were saying farewell" Cadence said as she reached to Luna to walk by her side.

"¿Y-You were s-spying us?" she said dumbfounded.

"Hehe. Well... I saw that you two were there saying goodbye, but then the things got interesting and I couldn't help spying" she said with some embarrassment.

Luna didn't know where to hide, her cheeks turned red like a tomato and her ears dropped of shame in not knowing what to say. "I-I don't know what you're t-talking about Cadance. I think your senses fail, since Orion and I are just f-friends" she said trying to evade Cadance.

"So... why did you invite him to make a sleepover with you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous smile.

Luna had no idea what to do to Cadance stop asking. "Well... I... I invited him to... uh... to spend another night among... friends" she said blushing as she stammered.

"Aham... friends..." quipped Cadance.

"What? Friends also have sleepovers" she said more seriously and firmly.

"Hmhm. Okay. I believe You. I won't bother you anymore" Cadance still believed that Luna had feelings for Orion, although she denied it, but for now she decided not to bother anymore to Luna.

"Whatever, now that you are here, Celestia and I needed you for a meeting about the issue of Fillydelphia. Twilight is on her way to here, so let's see if we can do something.

"Well... At least I will not be lonely and boring after all"

"And if you're going to be lonely and bored, why not invite Orion?" Cadance said mockingly.

"Shut up!" she snorted.

Near Ponyville, flying through the sky was Orion toward to the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle to return to take a break after camping with Luna and see if his wolf Meissa had not caused problems to Twilight.

"Sleepover? What the hell is that?. Is it a place? an Activity?" he thought before the doubt of the sleepover in which Luna had invited him earlier. "Hmhm. I'll have to update myself with this generation, because there are new things in which I would have to learn"

After a few minutes had passed Orion, landed on the balcony of the castle, where it was on the side of it. Orion gave a small smile about to have landed safely by his lack of practical flight. "Well... I think that little by little I'm getting better with landings and flight hmhm" he said to himself proudly.

After Orion landed smoothly at the castle, he headed for the doors to the balcony to enter the castle. Orion to leave the balcony continued right down the hallway in front of him and this led him to his room. As he walked down the hallway it could be see that there was a deep silence. Then arriving at the door of his room, when opened he got a great surprise.


Meissa turned to see Orion and then immediately runs to him and jumped on him, throwing him to the ground and giving a big wet welcome. "Hehehehe. Stop! You tickles me boy!" he said as he tried to dodge the licks of Meissa.

"What are you doing here alone boy? I thought you'd be with Twilight" he said after getting back to his four hooves.

But then when he decided to approach the bed and leave there the things to the side of it and of the nightstand, he looks a parchment tied with a purple ribbon. Orion didn't remember having left a parchment with a purple ribbon in his nightstand, then without thinking with his magic approached it to him and opened the scroll. To give it a read, it was a note of Twilight.

Dear Orion.

I wanted to let you know that I was called to a meeting on the issues of Fillydelphia what I had told you earlier. I don't know when I will return back to the castle but I think it will not take more than an hour or two. By the way, I'm sorry to left Meissa alone, I didn't think it was the best option to carry him to Canterlot in a meeting, also having entered to your room without permission. See you later, Orion.

Your dear friend Twilight.

PS: If you want to compensate it, for lunch you decide what you want to eat.

Orion to finishing reading the note, reread the farewell letter several times and then gives a smile. "I think Zecora was right after all. All this time when I was with her in the forest, she told me that the ponies today are not the same as last. That the ponies from here are nothing compared to the other ponies of the past" he told himself with a faint smile "I think it's enough to be hiding, it has been two thousand years since it all started. I think It's time to start socializing with other ponies, and enjoy moments with my new friends"

After a moments spent, Meissa went up to the bed and gave a big yawn and curled up on it. Orion also gave a big yawn. "Well... for now I think I'll lie down for a while because I'm still a little tired from yesterday" he said to himself with another yawn. "I don't know how Luna can have so much energy, it's like a little pony, are full of energy"

Without more think it, Orion climbed into the bed and curled up to the side of Meissa, his legs pointing where the pillow was. Then he begins to shine his horn and closed the curtains of the window, leaving it almost dark. And after several minutes had passed, Meissa and Orion were already deep asleep.

After two hours had passed, it was almost noon. Back in Canterlot's castle in the meeting room, the Fillydelphia's mayor had recently retired from the meeting after to be over. Inside the room were only the four princesses and Spike still sitting at the big table in it.

"Well... it was a bit difficult but for now I think they will be able to neutralize the conflicts between dragons and ponies for a certain time" Celestia said with a sigh

"I hope it lasts for a long time until we can find a way to solve this issue, since in other cities have presented the same issues" Luna said still not satisfied with the deal.

"The issue happens in other cities already been treated, and took precautions on the subject. Until now only Fillydelphia is which's very tight with this issue" said Cadance.

"Well I think we'd better leave it for later, because we had too many discussions on this subject" Celestia said trying to avoid the topic of Fillydelphia and other cities."You all want to go for a cup of tea, to relax?" she said as she stood up.

"Sure!" retorted Cadance and Luna.

"Uh... I think I'll pass princess, I have to go back to the castle to see if Orion is there" she said as she stood up, heading for the door.

"Oh. By the way, how did it go with Orion to offer him temporarily living in your castle?. He told me a little, but I want to hear your version" said Celestia as she headed where Twilight was.

"Well... he took it well. It was a little amazed by the room since it reminding him when he was living here in Canterlot with you. Then... when we had lunch, I had asked him about the times in which he enjoyed, and I think it makes you just need affection and love, because it is not a bad pony. He is very attached to find his brother, Markab, since he left his life into the East Kingdoms to here, to meet again with his brother since he felt that his brother will reincarnate here, but unfortunately he didn't found him for anywhere"

"Yes... when we were in Neighagra, he told me some things about his past and different adventures that he had, about his friend Meissa and many thing about his brother" Luna added.

"Oh. So you two went to Neighagra? How did it was?" Twilight asked.

"Well... it was... fun. Long time ago that I hadn't such a fun day like yesterday" she said with a little smile.

"I'm glad that it has been so" Twilight said with a smile "Well... I think we'd better go. Let's back to the castle, Spike?"

"Okay. I follow you" he said as he stood and then go to her side.

After Twilight and Spike left the meeting room, after a few moments the three princesses who were in the room also came out, but they went to the tearoom. Meanwhile on the road Celestia gave a little chuckle and then looked at Luna with a smile.

"Luna. Tell me, from who was the idea of going to Neighagra Falls?" she asked indifferently.

"Well... the idea was Orion" she said as she looked to her sister "Why do you ask?"

"Oh nothing. Just itched me the curiosity" she said returning her gaze to her front.

"Neighagra ... What an old memories" said Celestia to herself entering into nostalgia.

"Hmhm. Also according to she, the day in Neighagra was great with him. Doesn't it, Luna?" Cadance said mockingly to annoy a little to Luna "In addition to then invite him to a sleepover"

"Really you invited Orion to a sleepover?" Celestia asked returning her gaze to Luna.

"Yes. What's wrong to invite him to a sleepover? if we are friends nothing more" she said starting to chafe.

"If we see it as friends" said Cadance mockingly.

"Ugh!!. Leave me in peace. Seem that you two love to bother me" she said snorted as she accelerated her pace to not listen to her sister and Cadance.

Celestia and Cadence to see the reaction of Luna, gave a small laugh and then they continued their way to the tea room.

After a few minutes has been passed, Twilight and Spike already had reached the gates of their castle. As they entered, they went up the stairs and then go to their room to leave their things back in their places.

Twilight couldn't carry Spike anymore on her back to fly, because Spike was tall and slightly larger than Twilight and to her was very difficult to carry him. Then each trip that they do is with teleportation. But, as previously Orion had told to Luna, the long-distance teleportation consume more energy than a teleportation to short distance. In itself it doesn't consume large amounts of energy, but it could be noticed at the time to do a comparison.

"Ugh!. At last we are here at home. I couldn't endure that meeting anymore" she said as she lay down on her bed with a big sigh.

"Hmhm. You say that as if you were the only who spoke" he said mockingly as he sat down on his bed, leaving a front hoof on her forehead

"Haha!. Shut up Spike!"

"Hehe. Just I say" he said with a smile.

"Hey... what do you thing if we go to see if Orion is here at the castle? So you can meet him" she said as she sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Uh... ok. But... you know where is he?"

"Hmhm. He sure must be in his room, I don't think he's hanging around in the castle, Spike" she said mockingly as she got down of the bed and walked toward the gates of the room.

"Ok!. I follow you" he said as he approached to Twilight.

Then, Twilight and Spike left from their room and went to the Orion's room. Their room were in the same hallway where leading to the throne room, then to reach to the Orion's room, they had to go to the stairs and then turn left where the hallway leading to his room is.

Upon arriving at the gates of the Orion's room, she knocked the gates. "Orion? Are you there?"

But with a few strokes, a door opened just a crack to be wrong closed. Twilight thought it best to not enter the room, since she thought that it is part of the castle, now is the Orion's room, and she didn't want to disturb the personal space of Orion.

But despite that, she decided to open the door gently with a thud to look if he was there. The room was dark and they could barely see. But to enter delicately and be close to the bed, they see Orion and Meissa huddled in it, sleeping. Twilight to see them sleep like a little colt with his pup, she draw a smile on her face.

"I think we'd better let them sleep. Try to not make any noise" she said quietly.

"Okay," he replied also softly.

But Spike suddenly begins to feel an itch on his nose, causing him to want to sneezing. Twilight realizes the situation and quickly, and without waking them, she puts her hoof in Spike's nose to the sneeze pass. After has been spend a few moments, the sneeze had passed and she withdrew her hoof of his nose.

"I thought I told you that don't make noise" she said angrily keeping her voice low.

"Sorry. I think a little fuzz entered on my nose" he said quietly.

"Let's go out before you awake them" she said seriously keeping her voice low.

Upon starting their way cautiously toward the door to not wake then, suddenly the unexpected happened. Spike took a big sneeze that he launched a flare from his mouth to the ground, and apparently it awoke Meissa and Orion of a jump. But to the surprise awakening, by reflex Orion grabs his sword that it was lying supported between the nightstand and the bed, and then he rams Twilight against the wall leaving her and he on two legs, and leaving his blade of his sword in her neck. Meissa also rams Spike leaving him lying on the floor and showing his teeth.

"Who are you and what do you want?" he said with a menacing voice.

-Cough- "O-Orion ... W-we are u-us," she said weakly and frightened by the reflection of Orion.

Orion at hear that familiar voice, he look her in detail between the dark of the room, then he opened his eyes as much as he could, to noticed that he rammed Twilight against the wall with his sword. Then he immediately withdrew his sword out of her neck leaving back on her four hooves Twilight.

"Twilight? Oh no!. Are you okay!?" he asked worried about having hurt her by his reaction.

-Cough- "Y-Yes. I'm fine" she said gasping to recover air and decrease her heart rate.

"Oh crap!. I'm so sorry Twilight. I was surprised to notice that a flare up appeared here and then I saw two figures, but didn't notice that you were" he apologized embarrassed with his ears low.

"It's ok Orion. It already happened. Don't worry, I'm fine" she tried to calm down Orion.

But then he see that Meissa is in attack position above another individual, he tells him to got down from it. Meissa before the order of Orion, he leaves above Spike allowing him to stand up again.

"Hehe. Sorry, I think I still have the habit of response when I was in my life as a nomad. I think it's something that joined me" he said mockingly but yet ashamed.

"Hmhm. It's okay. Actually, I think Spike and I shouldn't get into your room, since that would be a violation of your privacy and personal space" she said with her low ears.

"It's Okay. Never mind that, as you said, it already happened" he said now trying to calm down Twilight.

Orion turns his gaze to the window and begins to shine his horn and then opens the curtains of the window, so that the rays of sunlight falling into the room along with its heat. But after looking back at them, he notices that next to her, was a dragon and then he remembered that that dragon was Spike. He watched him carefully and then gave a smile.

"So ... he's Spike that you told me about" he said, returning his gaze to Twilight.

"Mmhm. Yes, It's him. Say hello Spike" she said as she gave him a elbowed.

"Oh!. It's nice to meet you, Orion" Spike bowed.

"It's nice to meet you too, Spike" he said responding to reverence

"He's been with me almost all my life and is my number one assistant and also my best friend" she said with a smile.

Orion said nothing, he just kept watching Spike from up and down, and then he gives his view of his green eyes and look in detail. But after a few moments watching his eyes detail, he opens his even bigger as he could and had a lump in his throat, and weakly draws a smile of happiness on his face and also some tears begin to fall from his eyes. And without further thought it, he begins to shine his horn and attracts Spike to him and gives him a big and strong hug.

"It's nice to see you again, brother"

_ _ _