Burning Passion

by Crimson Beat


We waited outside of the changing room waiting for Spitfire because we needed to schedule a day where all three of us could go to Sugar Cube Corner. After about thirty minutes I could feel my eyelids getting heavy as the haul of today began wearing on me. I fell into the embrace of a quick nap as we waited.

"Finally I thought you were never going to be out of there," Rainbow sighed with relief which made me jolt from my dream. I wiped my eyes with my hooves getting all the crud out of them and looked where Rainbow was directing her voice. There standing before us was Spitfire. This was the first time I saw her out of her suit. Her yellow coat matched the leaves of a tree in the middle of fall. Her mane the color of a lit flame. It wasn't like the appearance it had when she wore she actually tried to look good, and did she.

"You alright Crimson?" The mare of my dreams asked me. I then realized I was drooling again and I almost had a puddle down around my hooves.

"Yeah I'm good hehe. Umm I might need a mop though." I replied comically trying to account for the ocean of slobber.

"Yeah I think you'll need one." She said giving a slight chuckle in return. She glanced at me in such a way that even Celestia would be jealous. I hope she asks me to be hers Celestia knows I'd say yes I thought to myself. After thinking this I saw her lips move as if she was going to say something. Sweet Celestia please let her ask me to be her special somepony I thought to myself as I got lost in those gorgeous amber eyes.

"So when are you going to treat us at Sugar Cube Corner?" Spitfire questioned. Go figure of course she wouldn't ask me to be her special somepony you dumbass I thought to myself.

"You free next Saturday?" I answered hoping the answer would be yes.

"Sure that'll work." She said as she flashed me her beautiful smile. After accepting I flew 15 feet into the air.

"Fuck yes I got a date!" I grunted as I broke out into a little happy dance. Once I finished fan-girling I flew back over "Sorry 'bout that." I said hoping she didn't hear my verbal excitement.

"Its alright." Spitfire replied. Then she suddenly leaned next to my ear and whispered. She was getting ready to leave when she looked at me and commented with that gorgeous smile," you should teach me how to dance one day hehe." I couldn't help it as I sheepishly laughed out.

"Yeah." After the little fiasco we said our goodbyes as Rainbow and I started heading to Sugar Cube Corner to meet with our friends like we always do on Saturday nights and talk about our week. It took us about an hour or so to leave Canterlot.

Soon enough Sugar Cube Corner was in our sights. We landed in front of the door as we heard the overwhelming sound of hysterical laughter inside.

"Hey no fair." Rainbow shouted as she burst through the doors. "You guys started the party without us." I followed shortly behind and as soon as I walked through the door I heard the clatter of a table falling over.

"Crimson who do you have a crush on!? I know you have a crush I can see it in your eyes! Come on tell us we'll keep it a secret! Pretty please with sprinkles on top!" Pinkie Pie screamed as landed on top of my head knocking me down to the floor. Even when she just sat on my head I can tell you that mare weighed almost a ton. She ate all day and could still hide it somewhere. That was one of the many mysteries here in Equestria.

"Sometimes you scare me pinkie." I said as I tried to lift my head with the little pink pony that weighed about as much as a baby blue whale. Sadly my efforts didn't work as I couldn't lift my head a centimeter off of the ground. Within an instant I got bombarded with millions of questions that buzzed in my head.

"If you all quiet down and Pinkie gets off my head I'll tell you who it is." I yelled as I began losing my patience. Thankfully they all agreed and became silent as Twilight picked Pinkie up off my head.

"Okay um the pony that I have a crush on is." I took a minute to possibly remake my decision. Then it hit me like a kick to the face. These girls were my true friends that I could tell anything. Hell they were my family, with this decision in my mind I bit the bullet and hoped for the best. "The pony I have a crush on is Spitfire from the Wonderbolts." I hollered quickly just wanting to get those words out of my mouth. All of a sudden I was assaulted with a blast of screams. I just stood there like a deer in the headlights frantically patting my head because I thought my ears were ripped off.

"Hot damn Big Mac will love this." Applejack pronounced patting me on the shoulder.

"I think it's adorable." Fluttershy said quietly with a major hint of excitement in her voice.

"This calls for a party!" Pinkie Pie shrieked with joy. Everypony encouraged her with laughter and nonstop cheering. Then all of a sudden Pinkie gave I gigantic gasp that almost took out half of Sugar Cube Corner. "Idea!" She rung out like a morning bell. "I'll make my special cupcakes!" she proclaimed darting into the kitchen.

"You know what that means." Twilight said looking at me smiling.

"Hehe oh hell yeah I do. Let's get this party started and get hammered woohoo!" I screamed at the top of my lungs trying not to wake up everypony in town.

Finally after about twenty minutes the tantalizing smell of alcohol and baking cupcakes filled the vast emptiness of Sugar Cube Corner. All at once everypony inhaled the exotic aroma.

"That smells delicious." Fluttershy stated.

"Who says a lady can't partake of something so naughty, yet delicious." Rarity added. Then out of nowhere Pinkie busted through doors with two bakers dozen cupcakes.

"Let's get this party started." She screamed. Everypony with shouts of joy acquired four cupcakes each. We were all eager to bite into the concoction of alcohol and sugary goodness as drool flowed like the rivers of the world out of our mouths.

"Before we start I want to make a toast." I announced before we dined on our treats. I hovered over top of them holding one of my Alcoholic's Delight cupcake in front of me. "To true love." I shouted as I bit into the succulent morsel in front of my face. The taste sent my taste buds to heaven immediately as I could tell that Pinkie added more Applejack Daniels liquor than the recipe required. The only sound present over the next ten minutes was the sound of seven ponies chowing down on some badass cupcakes as the alcoholic emerged in all of us. After all our bellies were filled we started mumbling something that sounded like a foreign language only we knew. If you were to walk in on us without knowing there was the Devil's sweet nectar flowing through our veins you might conclude that we were mentally retarded. Hell who am I kidding I was damn sure we were at this point. Finally after two hours everypony was hopefully able to walk home without falling on their ass.

"Come on Rainbow we.. we gotta get home *Hic*." I slurred out through my slobber filled mouth as I poked my sister who laid passed out on the table. She grunted in agreement. We said our drunken goodbyes and planned to do this again sometime. Even though I knew that everypony wouldn't remember what even happened after the cupcakes showed up. Then me and my sister walked into the dark and starry night.

After a forty or so minute walk Rainbow Dash and I finally reached our house. I rammed through the door as we both were laughing our asses off. Even though we were hammered I still loved times like this. These moments reminded me of when we were kids coming in from playing outside the entire day. I just smiled as I carried Rainbow into her room and plopped her onto her bed.

"Here I gotta feelin you gonna be needin 'is 'ore than I will." I stated laying a waste basket beside her bed as I began getting a pain splitting headache.

"Thanks bro *Hic* I 'ove you. G'night." She thanked me as she passed out in ten seconds laying on her bed. I just laughed. Okay now it's my turn I thought as I waddled to my bed at the end of the hall. The short fifteen second walk seemed like a fifteen hour walk through my drunken haze. Finally after my long trek I reached my room. I open the door to find my bed waiting for me, calling my name seductively as it waited for me to climb in. I couldn't stop laughing because I thought the bed grew eyes.

"I'm comin' damn he*Hic*he." I said as I dashed to my warm and comfy bed. I kid you not as soon as I laid down and got under the covers I passed out for the longest sleep I've had in years.