Burning Passion

by Crimson Beat

The Race In The Sky

"Come on Crimson we're going to be late!" My sister, Rainbow Dash, called ahead of me.

"I'm coming, calm down." I commented when I reached her. Yesterday she had received two tickets from the Wonderbolt academy to the Wonderbolts air show, and race in Canterlot this Saturday. Surprisingly I was the first pony she wanted to take. Needless to say she didn't get any sleep last night. Rainbow was extremely excited; so excited in fact that she woke me up this morning jumping up and down on my bed eager to start the day. Like every morning we ate breakfast with a bowl of cereal and some apple juice that Rainbow had procured from her friend Applejack at the market. I had just finished in the bathroom getting ready for the big day when suddenly as I opened the door a bucket of ice cold water fell on my head. She was always playing pranks on ponies no matter who they might be.

"Holy shit!" I screamed as what felt like liquid nitrogen flow freely down my face leaving me soaking wet. Meanwhile I heard the faint snickering of somepony upstairs. "Rainbow!" I yelled at my sister. Well, if I wasn't awake before, I sure am now because of Rainbow Dash's stupid prank. She thought my reactions were hilarious despite my frequent denying's of this.

As we walked through the dark hallway of the Canterlot stadium, I couldn't help but smile when I saw my sister flying anxiously ahead of me. I haven't seen her this happy since she got the acceptance letter from the Wonderbolts academy.

After a forty five minute flight, we had finally reached our destination. The very instant we landed on the clouds I could feel the excitement of the thousands of fans all around us. We showed our tickets to the colt collecting them at the gate. We then headed to our seats running like children.

"I hope I get to see Spitfire today, she's so awesome!" A ecstatic Rainbow said back at me as we entered the stadium stands. Then I saw her. Flying with the other Wonderbolts was the most gorgeous mare I had ever seen. Through all the light I could see one of the Wonderbolt's; her orange and yellow mane on fire like the sun. I wasn't as familiar with the Wonderbolt's as my sister was though everypony knew Spitfire. The most important Wonderbolt.

I started freaking out as she began flying toward us. I didn't know what to say. I turned to my sister.

"Rainbow is my mane okay, does my breathe smell bad?!" I asked quickly because I was so nervous I thought I might piss myself. I didn't know why but I needed to impress because somehow I knew that we were destined to be together.

"Sweet Celestia calm down bro, what's wrong?" she asked. I couldn't speak all I could do was look up and nod. Rainbow followed my gaze. "Oh I see now hehe." She commented. Then before I could say anything she started chanting. "Crimson has a crush, Crimson has a crush!"

"Shut up, Rainbow, it isn't funny," I said through gritted teeth as I darted in front of her and looked her dead in the eyes giving her my death stare.

"What isn't funny?" Somepony behind me commented. I turned around and stopped in my tracks, my heart felt like it was going to break out of my chest, because standing in front of us was the pony of my dreams in the Wonderbolt outfit with her gorgeous orange and yellow mane. I felt something wet flowing down the corners of my mouth I thought it was drool so I quickly wiped it away.

"N...N...Nothing," I stammered out finally.

"Nice," Rainbow whispered to me as she walked by. "Hey Spitfire how's practice going?" I just sat there still staring at the gorgeous mare in front of me.

"It going pretty good actually," Spitfire replied her voice sounded like the perfect symphony.

Rainbow looked over and noticed that I needed 'rescuing'. "Spitfire, I'd like you to meet my brother Crimson Beat," She said pointing at me.

"Nice to meet you," Spitfire said extending her hoof for a hoofshake.

"Nice to meet you too," I replied still nervous as could be as I met her hoof and shook it hoping she didn't notice the rivers of sweat flowing down my arm.

"Well, I got to get back to practice, I hope you enjoy the show." Spitfire replied before soaring off she looked back smiled and waved. I could have swore she winked at me.

When she was out of earshot I commented to Rainbow. "I think she winked at me!" My sister just laughed at me. "No, seriously, Rainbow I..I think I'm in love." After I collected myself Rainbow Dash and I flew to our seats where she watched the race and I just watched Spitfire. Then I felt it. The fire in my heart made me melt inside. Finally the air show was over and it was time for the event everypony was waiting for the big race.

"Ugh damn it why can't I be out there racing with them." Rainbow Dash groaned in anger.

"Because they only allow real fliers in." I chuckled.

"Oh harde har har how long did it take you to come up with that one?" she said. We then decided to go to the concession stands and get some cider and maybe some hay fries. As we were walking through the crowded hall I couldn't stop thinking about her the mare of my dreams Spitfire. I imagined the life we could have. I had it all pictured it was a dark and cold Hearthswarming eve we were in our house. I could feel the coldness creeping upon us slowly, hauntingly as if it was hunting us. Thankfully the fire was fighting against the onslaught from the chill. The warm cider warmed both of our hooves and the warm fleece blanket acted like a shield against the night. With her head on my chest I wrapped my wings around her and held her close. It was perfect she looked up at me and I looked down at her. Our faces got closer and closer, her lips started to purse as did mine. We both closed our eyes as we leaned in and due to my daydreaming I didn't notice that I was now in free fall.

"What th-" A loud ring was heard as my face connected with metallic bleachers.

"Son of a bitch that hurt." I complained through the throbbing of my head.

"What happened?" Rainbow asked curiously.

"Nothing, just fell down the damn stairs." I replied feeling like a complete and utter dumbass. I picked myself up and we continued our trek to the concessions. As I searched the sea of hungry ponies I finally found the hay fry stand. I pointed it out to Rainbow and we started heading that way. We finally broke through the crowd and surprisingly the line wasn't as long as I thought it'd be except for the one mare getting her order.

"Oh look Crimson it's your girlfriend," Rainbow whispered in my ear. I looked at her in confusion and looked closer at the mare and I nearly shit myself because out of all the mares in Equestria Spitfire had to be that mare. I Paused dead in my tracks and stood there. "Come on, bro, it'll be okay... holy crud you need to lay off those cupcakes," Rainbow grunted as she pushed me from behind getting me closer and closer to her.

"Oh hey guys, how'd you enjoy the show?" Spitfire asked as she turned around and noticed us.

"Oh my gosh it was amazing," Rainbow screamed at her hero.

"Glad you enjoyed it kid. What did you think Crimson?" Spitfire questioned me.

Oh Celestia now I got to answer. "It was amazing I like you. I mean I liked watching you fly in the show hehe." I commented as my heart began to race.

"Thanks, I guess I'm glad you enjoyed it. Oh and I hope you don't mind me asking, but what does your cutie mark mean?" Spitfire said staring at my flank.

I looked down and there was the same old confusing as fuck cutie mark. A crown with three emeralds embedded in it perfectly placed on the hilt of a platinum sword that ran down my leg. I wish this came with a manual I thought.

"You know,I don't even know it has been confusing me ever since I got it." I replied after thinking about it.

"Well I think it's awesome," Spitfire responded immediately. "Hey Rainbow I was meaning to ask want to make a wager?"

"Oh heck yeah now we're talking!" Rainbow Dash said like a gambler.

"That's the spirit now here's what's on the table. If I lose the race then I'll take us three out to Sugar Cube Corner one day my treat." Spitfire challenged my sister with the gambling problem.

"Okay and if you win the race, then we'll all go to Sugar Cube Corner Crimson's treat." Rainbow said sinisterly.

"Um can I talk to you for a second sis," I said quickly before Spitfire could answer. I dragged my sister over to the side, "What in the sweet name of Celestia do you think you're doing?!"

"Either go along with it or I'll tell Spitfire about your little crush," my sister cheerfully said. I stood there for a minute or two weighing the options. Finally I gave in to her and agreed.

"So I take it that's the deal?" Spitfire asked.

"You bet!" Rainbow Dash said with every fiber of her being filled to the brim with excitement. After Spitfire walked away and we got our drinks and fries we walked back to the stadium where the flyers said it'd be a three lap race around the track. We made it back to our seats and sat down as the race began. There was only one pony that I was rooting for and that was Spitfire. I didn't care if I had to spend some of my bits to take the most exquisite creature in Equestria on a date. She flew with the most amazing style I've ever seen as if she was an angel. As she passed the stands the air around her broke as she gained an amazing burst of speed and crossed the finish line and won the race.

After all the other competitors crossed the line, they held the awards ceremony and Spitfire claimed the middle pedestal waving to the vast ocean of her adoring fans. She then noticed us and looked me directly in the eyes and winked. "Okay that time I know she winked at me." I said drooling a little. Rainbow just looked at me and laughed.