Redemption, Damnation and FIM

by ShadowWalking18

Chapter 25


Tez jumped through the flying debris of rock, wood, and corpses. He spotted his brother doing the same and he tossed more blasts of energy at him. He had hoped the explosion he caused would have killed him; but looks like it would require more work.


Tez made his way towards his sibling sending blast after blast towards him. Mex dodged each blast, only narrowly reaching the edge of the blast radius when they connected with a rock and exploded. Mex dived towards his brother and struck out with punches at lightning fast speeds.

Tez met him head on, blocking the blows and retaliating with his own. Of course Mex blocked those as well. The two kept up the trade of blows and blocks as they fell to the ground. Rocks and debris fell with them, sometimes causing the two to seperate to dodge them, but each time they met once more and continued the trade of blows.

"You're Insane!" Mex growled as he blocked a strike to the gut.

Tez smirked, his eyes glowing with insanity, "Aren't we all!?" Tez blocked a punch to his face and reversed the block to a grab and pulled Mex's toward him and his fist into his gut.

Mex coughed as he felt the blow connect, and the next and the next. Tez let go of his brothers arm and wraped it around his body, while his other arm continued the savage assult into his stomach with punch after punch.

Mex coughed more and more, before finaly coughing up blood from the barrage of strikes to his gut. Tez struck one more time before grabbing Mex by the arm and tossing him towards the ground, followed by a blast of magical missles.

Mex struck the ground and saw the blasts of magic travel down to met him, years of battle reflexes kicked in and he swiftly rolled to the side. The blasts struck the ground, causing them to explode on impact and sending Mex flying from the force of the blast; as he flew he swiftly got his balance back just in time to dodge Tez as he went in for a right hook.

Mex growled, and swiftly grabbed his brothers arm as the fist flew past and yanked him forward into a headbutt. Mex swiftly grabbed Tez's head between his hands and began to give him headbutt after headbutt, as he pushed Tez back into a pile of rubble. Tez brought his hands up and slapped them against Mex's ears causing discombobulation.

Mex stumbled back, rubbing his ears. Tez dived forward and tacked his brother to the ground, as he did so he shifted into his jaguar form and sank his teeth and claws into his brothers skin and began to twist and scratch drawing lines of scarlet red blood.

Mex screamed and punched Tez in the snout again and again, his legs working to block the rear claws from reaching his chest. The two rolled around on the ground trading punches and bites. Finally the two let go of each other and rolled back and stood and glared at each other.

Both breathed heavily, their clothes and skin torn. Bones were snapped or dislocated. Tez looked at his arm, which was broken the bone pressing up against the skin. He could feel the microbes in his blood working fast to heal the damage, but with all the extra damage to attend to the FR System was at its limits. Which meant that it was the same for Mex.

"We keep this up and one of us will die." Tez said simply.

Mex spat out some blood, "Yeah."

Tez smirked, "Good." With that he dashed forward magic gathering in his hand as he let out a blast of magic. Mex smirked and released his own blast of energy. The two beams struck, and the battle was on again as a bright light of conflicting magic raged on the field.

"Whoo." Dash said as she slowly got off Pinkie's back. The side of her face where she had been hit was starting to sweel up.

"Rainbow Dash, you should put some Ice on that wound." Twilight said, concerned for her friend. She saw as small stream of water and used her magic to lift some of the water up and freeze it into ice. Rarity suppled a scarf to wrap the ice in.

"Aww thith ith nothing." Dash said, only to cringe in pain once again.

"Now Dashie, you might be tough, but even I can see that that there punch from that guy hurt." Applejack said.

Dash sighed and took the offered ice pack and put it against her face. With that taken care of the girls joined the princesses as they watched the battle between Tez and....his brother.

"It's still hard to think that....that thing....was Tez's brother." Twilight said.

"H-he...he was scarey." Fluttershy said meekly.

"I hope Tez makes that brute pay. If he did anything to my parents..." Rarity bit her lip, and closed her eyes and prayed that nothing had happened to her parents...yet something inside her told her that was not true.

Another explosion made all the ponies jump. Celestia and Luna looked ready to be sick as they watched the destruction unfold.

"This is.....terrible." Celestia said as she looked at where the remains of Fillydelphia had use to be.

"If Tez and this...Mex are indeed related, the two are very powerful warriors." Luna said with slight terror.

Twilight looked up to the princesses, then to the battle in the distance. Blasts of magic and the clashing of two dark figures in the disance were all that was viewable.

"Princesses....What will happen if Tez loses?" Twilight asked. Afraid of what the answer would be.

The two alicorns were silent. Then Celestia turned and looked to the girls.

"I do not know. I cannot say how powerful this Mex is, but if he should defeat Tez....I do not think there is anything we could do to stop him."

Luna nodded, as she watched the battle progress.

"All we can hope my little ponies, is that Tez can win this fight. Right now....he is the only hope we have." Celestia finished and looked back to the battle, just as the earth was torn up by another explostion of magic.

'But....if Tez does win. Will we still have to fear for our future?' Celestia thought with worry.

"FINAL FLASH!" Tez shouted as a large ball of destructive magic gathered infront of his hands and blasted at Mex.

Mex's eyes widened as he saw the attack coming. Worse being caught in mid jump made it hard to dodge. He lifted his arms to an X block and took the hit. He felt the energies of the magic burn at him as it pushed him into the ground. With a roar he gripped the ball of energy and lifted up and tossed it aside towards a mountain. Upon striking the mountain side thousands of rocks fell and blew into the sky, before raining down onto the earth.

Mex flipped himself back onto his feet. He was singed and burnt everywhere. Some of his cut wounds had seared shut. But he was alive at least, that had been close. Of course he did not have long to enjoy this before Tez came charging in, this time in his jaguar form again claws slashing this way and that.

"Hold! Still!" Tez growled.

"Sorry! I don't need a shave!" Mex said before jumping back and threw this sword at Tez.

Tez grabbed the sword before it stabbed him and smirked as he looked at the blade. He lifted his arm and placed the sharp edge of the blade against his arm and slide it forward slightly before drawing it back cutting into his arm and drawing a fountain of blood. He grinned madly as he watched his arm bleed, the wound slowly closing as the FR system got to work.

"Really?" Mex said as he pinched his temples and shook his head.

"Nice and sharp." Tez said with a grin and charged forward swing his newly aquired sword with lightning speed.

Mex jumped back, and drew his spare sword and the two combatants now began to trade sword blows. Their strikes were quicker then lightning and only appeared as white flashes of light.

Tez brought his blade down to cut diagonly across his brothers chest, but Mex grabbed the hand that wielded the blade and swiflty turned it and shoved it foward, causing Tez to stab into his own stomach and out the other end. Tez coughed up some blood as Mex kicked the blade forcing it all the way through Tez.

Tez staggered back and held a hand over the gapping hole in his stomach. He coughed up more blood. He looked up at his brother and said, "Damn you."

Mex growled, then moved and jumped over Tez and ran.

"Get back here!" Tez said as he gave chase.

The two ran till they reached a cave entrance, Mex stood at the mouth of the cave and held out a hand and with a bit of magic caused a sudden flash of blinding light to spread out over the area. Tez yelled as he covered his eyes from the sudden burst of light.

"Sorry Tez, I don't have time for a fight to the death. Though beleive me when we next meet it won't be so equal in skill or power." Mex said before fleeing into the cave, blasting the rock and causing a cave in to block the entrance.

Tez rolled on the ground as he waited for his eyes to regain sight. He could tell that Mex was getting away and that made him even angrier. He arched his back and as he opened his eyes he screamed; magic flaring about him wildly till it exploded tearing up the earth.



Everypony turned to the battlefield, where the scream came.

"That was Tez!" Luna said with worry.

"Oh no." Fluttershy gasped.

"We goth ta helth him." Dash said as she flew up, only to be pulled down by her tail by Applejack.

"Now hold it there Dashie, we don't even know if that Mex feller is still there." Applejack said, though inside she wanted to go and make sure Tez was okay.

Pinkie Pies hair was flat as she looked to the distance, "Oh no....oh please be okay Tez."

"Sister." Luna said as she looked to Celestia.

Celestia bit her lip, "The explosions seemed to have ceased....but...." She looked to all the ponies and sighed when she saw the looks in their eyes, "We will proceed careful. Stick together and do not seperate."

"Right!" Everypony said and Twilight teleported them back to where they had been before. The sight was....shocking. Terrifying.

"Oh my..." Celestia tried to finish, but her words simply faded as she looked at the destruction about her.

"This is..." Twilight said, her eyes wide with terror.

"Oh dear...this is horrible." Fluttershy gasped, hoping that no little animals were hurt.

"Wow." Rainbow Dash said.

The entire area looked like a large crater. The entire city of Fillydelphia was just gone, save for a few pieces of masonry from the walls or buildings that remained where they had been when the city was still there. The ground was turned up, green grass replaced with tossed up dirt or large holes. Where grass did remain, much of it was black and charred from the spells of fire or other searing hot energies. The edge of the forest had suffered damage as well. Trees were uprooted and laid on the ground. Others had been blown apart into toothpicks or torn from the ground and appearently used to hit something...or someone.

"Such destruction." Luna said as she looked about. She felt slightly sick, not even discord had been capable of such a thing. Sure he was the spirit of chaos, but such devestation made anything the daconiqus did pale in comparison.

"Where's Tez?" Pinkie Pie asked, her mane still flat as she looked around with wide eyes. Eyes filled with fear.

A loud slamming and the sudden feeling of the earth shaking caused them all to jump. Followed by the shaking was a scream. Tez's scream.

"That's Tez!" Rarity gasped and ran to where the scream was coming from. Everypony followed.

When they finally found Tez, he stood in a crater looking down at his hands. His entire body was covered in bruises, cuts and other forms of minor and major wounds.

"Tez!" Twilight shouted and she and the rest of the girls ran down to him.

Tez looked up at them, and everypony stopped dead in their tracks. The look in his eyes was one of pure anger. The force behind it freightening.

Fluttershy eeped, and hid behind Rainbow Dash. Celestia felt shivers run down her spine as she looked into Tez's eyes.

"'re hurt." Luna said, though she could not bring herself to get any closer to him. Not when he had such a look in his eyes.

Tez smirked, "I'll be fine," he pointed at Twilight, "Twilight. Teleport us all back to Canterlot. We have things to do."

"Things to do?" Twilight said confused.

"Of course. We have a great deal to do." Tez said as he chuckled. His laugh made all the girls shiver.

"Tez....where is your brother?" Celestia asked.

"Her ran off. The coward; but I'll find him. And then.....I'll pull his head off and mount it on my wall." Tez snarled.

The girls gulped, this could not be Tez. It couldn't be....right?

Celestia asked again, "Tez...what exactly do we have to do?"

Tez smirked, "We're gonna plan for war."

"What?" Luna said, not sure if she had heard correctly.

Tez's grin grew, "War....a war to end all wars. A war that you will need me to win, otherwise you can kiss more of your precious subjects goodbye."

The princesses shivered, the very word turned their stomachs. There had never been a war in Equestria ever, but now it seemed that they were heading towards one. One that, Celestia thought, would lead to the destruction of everything that Equestria was; if it survived.

Tez looked to Twilight and said, "Now.....lets go."

Twilight could not say anything. All she could do was nod and cast the spell, and in a flash of light the group left that scarred patch of earth. Though it would not be long before all of Equestria ressembled that place.

Sorry for the long wait. Had a bunch of stuff going on, plus I had to think on how things will be progressingnow cause I have a whole bunch of different ideas. So updates might be slower as I try to get the right ideas down to make this fic flow well and become epic. Hope you all liked my little battle scene :)