My Name is Springtrap

by Darth Pestilence

It's Me

I am Springtrap. I do not remember my real name, it has been many years since I have gone by my old name. Or maybe it hasn't, maybe it has only been a few weeks since I took this form. Time seems to fly whenever I'm hunting the unfortunate ponies that enter Fazbear's Fright, but I suppose it doesn't really matter how long I've been like this. What does matter is how I became the monster I'm known as today.

It all started when I went to a convention dressed as Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. I was looking around when I came across a strange merchant. I stopped to look at what he had to offer, but I didn't find anything I really wanted. I was about to leave when the merchant stopped me. He told me that he had something that I might be interested in buying.

I asked him what it was, but he merely smiled and said, "Follow me."

I shouldn't have trusted him, but I thought he wasn't going to try anything funny since he apparently worked there. How wrong I was.

He led me to a door behind his booth and opened it. I took a look inside and was amazed by what I saw. It was a Springtrap costume, but it wasn't just an ordinary one. It was made of metal like a real animatronic, and it had been modeled after the fictional character down to the very finest detail. I excitedly asked the merchant how much the suit cost, but was saddened to learn that the price was higher than expected.

If I remember correctly, I think he said that it would cost around $1,800. I told him that I didn't have the money, but then asked if I could try the costume on once.

I still remember the smile he gave me, and his words, "Go ahead." I shouldn't have trusted that vile smile, but I was too excited to notice at the time.

I took off my own costume and quickly got into the replica spring lock suit. It fit perfectly. I told him that it fit just right, he just grinned in what I know now to be anticipation.

I remember hearing something fall to the ground with a metallic clang. I looked down to see some kind of crank on the floor. And then came the pain.

Not a day goes by where I don't think about the instant all of the spring lock parts pierced by body. I couldn't even scream because I was in so much pain. Blood leaked out of the crevices of the animatronic and onto the floor of the small room. I fell to my knees as I bled out. The last thing I saw was the still smiling merchant closing the door.

I thought that was the end of me, so you can imagine my surprise when I woke up in a similar looking room. The pain in my body was still present, but it was nowhere near as intense as when it first started. I tried to stand up, but my body was a bit heavier than before. I looked down at my new form and screamed. Through the cracks and holes in my animatronic I could see my mangled corpse.

At the time, I thought that I needed to get help right away. I was unable to fully accept the fact that I was dead until later about a year later, or maybe it was an hour? Time is practically meaningless to me now, so I really don't care how long it's been.

Anyway, ignoring the sound of grinding bones; I got up and opened the door to the room I had woken up in. Strangely, I was no longer in the convention, but in a place that looked a lot like Fazbear's Fright from FNaF 3. I was confused at first, but I ultimately decided that I could dwell on the change in location later.

I began walking down a hallway lined with old arcade machines, another area of the fictional horror attraction I was familiar with. Out of curiosity, I looked up at the walls and ceiling. Sure enough, there was a security camera on the top left corner of the room. Also on the wall was a clock. The time read: 12:30am.

Things were starting to make sense, but I positively refused to accept the reality I now lived. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a whirring sound. The security camera for the hallway had turned on, giving whoever or whatever was in the security room a clear view of me, and the hallway.

'Someone is operating the cameras, maybe they can help me!' I had thought as I made my way to the security office as fast as my new body would allow. I was about halfway there when I heard the sound of hooves hitting the ground.

'Hooves? Are there horses in here?' I had thought. Then the voice of a male echoed from the next room.

"Gary? Is that you? Nice try at scaring us with that costume, but it's going to take more than a griffin in a bunny costume to scare..." the owner of the voice trailed off as he walked into the room and got a good look at me.

I was as shocked as he was when I got a good look at him. It was a pony, and not any normal pony at all. It's eyes were large, it had an orange mane and tail, a green coat of fur, a horn sticking out of its forehead, and a tattoo of a theatre mask on its rear.

Thoughts raced through what was left of my head. Why was a pony here? Is that a unicorn? Did it just talk?

To my luck, the third question was answered when the stallion backed away from me with fear evident in his eyes. "Oh my Celestia..." he whispered.

I saw that he was about to run, I couldn't allow that, I still needed help! I opened my mouth and said, "HeLp mE." The voice that came out of my robotic mouth was not my own, but a distorted and disturbing one.

"N-No! Get away from me!" he said.

I advanced on him. "PleAsE dOn't LeAVe Me hERe. IT hUrtS."

His horn was surrounded by a blue aura. "NOOOO!!!" he shouted as a bolt of magic hit me right in the chest. I staggered back and hissed in pain. I looked down and saw even more blood leaking out of my corpse.

I felt anger build up inside of me, anger towards the stallion so intense that I forgot about my pain entirely. How dare that miserable animal hurt me! I wAs iN pAIN! I WAS ONLY ASKING FOR HIM TO HELP ME!

Then, I heard a voice. "Kill him." I happily complied.

With speed I didn't know I possessed, I lunged forward and grabbed the frightened unicorn.

"No! Let go of me!" he shouted. He plunged his horn into one of the holes in my animatronic endoskeleton, but I felt no pain from his feeble attempt at harming me. The only thing I felt at that moment was the desire to murder him. Letting out Springtrap's signature screech I grabbed both sides of his head and twisted.


I dropped the lifeless body to the floor. If I could still smile I would have right then.

I was brought back to attention when I heard several screams coming from the back of the building. I looked up at the ceiling, and sure enough the security camera was active. That meant there were others that were watching me from the security room.

"More victims, kill them all." said the strange voice. I immediately began walking in the direction of the security room.

When I arrived to where the security room was, I saw a Pegasus stallion with a red coat of fur and black mane and tail attempting to open the door labeled: EXIT. But the door wouldn't budge no matter how hard he tried.

'That will make this a whole lot easier.' I thought to myself before I ran at him.

He only had realized what was happening long enough to turn around before I had him in my grasp. He started to shout at me and began banging his hooves against my arms in an attempt to free himself. But I neither felt pain nor heard what he said, all I felt was anticipation for what came next.

Somewhere in my mind, a part of me was begging me to let the pony go, he hadn't done anything to me.

But the strange voice in my head got rid of those pesky thoughts. He said, "Pay no attention to your weaker thoughts, end his wretched life."

No longer did I care about stupid things like the value of life or what the families of these ponies would feel. The voice in my head had transformed me just by existing. He had freed me from sanity and showed me a different way to live. I know not how it changed me so quickly or where it came from, but none of that mattered to me. I had never felt so alive even though I was dead.

This was paradise.

I ripped him apart like paper.

I heard the glorious sound of screaming from inside the security office. I turned and saw three more ponies. A brown earth pony stallion, an orange earth pony stallion, and a yellow pegasi mare.

"Please leave us alone!" begged the weeping mare. "We just wanted to hang out in this abandoned building, we weren't doing anything bad! Please don't kill us!"

I stared at them for a moment before saying, "It'S Me." And then with a screech, I attacked.

I don't remember exactly how I killed the brown earth pony and the yellow Pegasus, I was too caught up in my exhilaration to remember. All I know is that I saw the orange earth pony try to escape through one of the air vents. Unfortunately for him, I caught up to him.

As I finished my final kill for the night, I felt a sudden urge to retreat back to the room I had woken up in. A quick look at the clock told me why.

6:00 A.M.

I made my way back to the room I had awoken in and sat there in a dormant state, waiting for 12:00 A.M.

When midnight finally came, I roamed around the building, taking in every detail. No one entered Fazbear's Fright on the second night, so I had nothing to occupy myself with.

I looked out of the window to see where I was, and found out that the building I was in was on the outskirts of a town that I assumed was full of ponies, I found that I was right when I looked at a sign that displayed the town's name: Ponyville.

What a stupid name.

The only thing interesting that happened that night was that I realized the injuries my body had taken were gone. I would not figure out why until later.

Nothing happened until my fourth night. I woke up to find a...police pony? Is that what you call it? Anyway, he was shining his flashlight on me. I stayed completely still as he got closer.

"You are one ugly motherbucker," he said. "Wait a minute...what's that in your head?" He got right next my jaw to try and see my corpse's head. Too bad.


I bit right through his skull with my powerful jaws, his corpse fell to the floor. I got up and listened. Sure enough, I heard the voices of other police ponies that were in the building. I guessed that the police had been called in to investigate the where the ponies I had killed had vanished to.

"And that means more fun for us." With that, I set out.

I hadn't even found one of them when I heard the sound of screaming and hooves running towards me. I waited for the vulnerable ponies to run right into me.

When they rounded the corner I saw what was scaring them. The familiar forms of Phantom Freddy, Phantom Puppet, Phantom Chica, Phantom Balloon Boy, and Phantom Foxy were pursuing them.

"HeLp Us!" the phantom animatronics shouted. The police ran right into me, and looked up at my menacing form in fear. I screeched, and tore them all to shreds. Multiple spells hit my endoskeleton and body, but they barely broke my skin.

Once the deed was done, I looked to see the Phantom animatronics look at me in terror before running away. I didn't make the connection that my first five victims had been reborn as the phantom animatronics for a while, but I knew they were still sane. Luckily when more police arrived on the fifth night, the voices had freed them too.

When the fifth night ended, the building caught fire for no reason. I was frightened when the flames first consumed me, but I woke up in the same room the next night.

Once again I was confused, but I now know what happened. Every five nights, Fazbear's Fright burns to the ground, and then it re-appears in a different location in Equestria. And without fail, victims make their way into my home every time, like sheep lining up for the slaughter.

I also learned that I was getting stronger. When I first took this form, a spell from an average unicorn was able to hurt me. But every time something would fight back, every time the flames consumed me I got stronger. My endoskeleton got a little harder every time and my body got a little more durable.

Soon, above average unicorns could not harm me, a dragon's claws could not phase me, soon even the Princesses could not end the afterlives of me and my friends. I was unstoppable!

At least until tonight.

Tonight, the mane 6 themselves showed up. I was eager to kill them, for I had heard of them from the fool Celestia before I slayed her. I made my presence known and tried to attack them along side my phantom friends.

But then they transformed, and not in the good way. Their bodies were transformed by the vile artifacts known as The Elements of Harmony, and then they blasted us with that wretched magic. I screamed as my body was torn apart. By the time the energy blast ended, my endoskeleton was barely holding itself together, my friends had vanished, and the only parts of my body left were my bones, and they were barely there.

I'm listening to those damn ponies cheering in victory as I lay here, reminiscing about my past. But they haven't won.

Right now, I feel my bones strengthening, and rotted flesh covering them. I'm alive. And I'm stronger than ever.

The one named Twilight Sparkle comes over to me, to make sure that I'm really dead. Too bad for her.


ThEy tHoUght tHey CoulD kILL uS.

I take in the ponies' looks of shock and horror in with glee.

BuT yOu cAnT dEstrOY soULs.

I drop Twilight's dead body on the ground.

We CoMe bAcK.

My friends materialize behind me.