Teen Titans Trapped in Equestria

by Blood_rose_doll

A bit of chaos

Raven was awakened by the sound of knocking and she rolled over onto her back on the bed. Someone was knocking on the door of the room she was in. With a wave of her hand the door swung open revealing Robin. He smiled at his teammate when he saw her on the bed.

"It's not like you to sleep in," Robin said as he walked over to the bed. Raven sat up and glanced at the window to see the sun in the same place it was all day yesterday.

"What time is it?" Raven asked as she rubbed her eyes. Robin looked down and pushed his glove back to reveal a watch.

"My watch says 10 but I don't know if that is accurate here. I do know it hasn't been long since Celestia raised the sun. About an hour." Robin said as he looked back up to Raven.

"I wonder if they have clocks here?" Raven asked in a somewhat flippant tone. Robin shrugged and looked around the room but didn't see a clock. Raven slid to the end of the bed while he did that to let her feet dangle off the end just above the floor. She looked down at them and let them swing a bit. "Why did you come to wake me up?" Robin walked over and placed a hand on Raven's shoulder.

"It's almost time for breakfast and no one wanted to eat without you," Robin said with a smile. Raven gave her own small smile and nodded. She hopped off the bed and looked down at herself. Her cloak was a little off center. She adjusted it and lifted her hood. As she was doing this Robin walked over to the door and waited for her. When she was happy with her outfit she floated just a foot off the ground. Then she floated over to Robin and nodded. They left the room and traveled down to the dining room. They traveled in silence and Raven was glad for that. She didn't feel much like talking, knowing soon she would be the brunt of a magic experiment. A small smile crept onto her face when she realized that Robin had probably figured that out. When they reached the dining room Robin pushed the door open and motioned for Raven to go first. With a nod Raven floated through the door. The dining room was more full than it had been yesterday. Along with all the ponies Raven knew, there were now a few more as well as a weird creature sitting at the table. Robin walked up next to Raven and pointed at the creature. Before he could speak however the creature disappeared and reappeared in front of Raven.

"The name is Discord, madam. It's a pleasure to meet you." Discord bowed low to Raven and she nodded. Her feet touched the ground as she stared at him. She didn't know what kind of creature he was but he sure was strange. "I see the confusion on your face you are wondering what I am, yes?" A word perched on the tip of Raven's tongue and she tried to spit it out.

"Chimera?" Raven guessed based on his appearance. Discord laughed loudly and started to roll around in the air. Raven wondered how he was able to fly so well and he barely flapped his tiny wings. When DIscord stopped laughing he looked at Raven somewhat seriously but maintained a small smirk.

"I am a draconequus, actually. The last of my kind," Discord said and placed his lion paw on his forehead in a dramatic fashion. Then suddenly he disappeared and reappeared even closer to Raven.

"That's not what I'm curious about though. I wish to know what is under this cloak." Before Raven could say a word Discord snapped his fingers and her cloak disappeared. Raven blushed slightly until her cloak appeared on Discord. That sparked her anger and she clenched her fists.

"Give. That. Back." Raven spoke through clenched teeth but Discord barely acknowledged her, instead looking over the cloak.

"What's the magic word?" Discord asked and disappeared quickly to the other side of the room.

"Now." As soon as Raven spoke that single word things got a bit crazy. Plates on the table shattered and a wind kicked up in the room. One of the ponies that Raven had never met lifted into the air and a pane glass window cracked like a spider web. Discord looked around the room as the wind picked up even more and another window shattered. Robin laid a hand on Raven's shoulder.

"Raven, calm down!" Robin shouted over the now roaring wind. Discord disappeared and reappeared in front of Raven again.

"What beautiful chaos you create," Discord said and with a snap of his fingers the cloak was back on Raven. The feel of the cloak helped to calm Raven until everything had settled back down. Raven looked around at all the shocked faces of the ponies. Her friends looked on in concern and Discord looked at her with interest. Then she turned and ran from the room. As Raven ran, she felt the sadness start to well up inside her, but she pushed it back down. She ran down the hall, and as the end neared, she heard footsteps behind her. As she was running, a black portal opened and she ran through it. As soon as she was through the portal snapped shut behind her. Robin, who had been closest to her at the time, ran to the wall and slammed his fist into it. Then he turned to glare at Discord who had followed them. Raven appeared in the Titans Tower and ran to her room. In the safety of her room she let her sadness loose and watched as her room was slowly destroyed by her emotions running free. She floated slowly over to her bed and curled up on on it. She had gotten so angry over such a simple matter; she didn't understand it. Then her vanity shook and her mirror landed on the ground. She got off the bed and walked over to it, picking it up off the ground. She looked at her reflection and then sighed.

"I have to see," Raven said to the empty room. She reached out and touched the cool glass of the mirror. She disappeared and the mirror fell back to the floor with a soft thud as it hit the plush black carpet face down.

Meanwhile Robin was glaring at Discord when the rest of his team and the ponies caught up to him. Robin knew one of his teammates would have been able to catch Raven but he was the first to react and the closest to the door. He clenched his fists in anger, he knew if he had powers he could have caught Raven too. Discord noticed the look on Robin's face and crossed his arms. Twilight, oblivious to the stare down, looked to the wall where the portal had been.

"What just happened?! Where did Raven go?!" The Titans all looked to Robin but when they saw his face they looked to each other. Cyborg was silently volunteered to explain and he sighed before turning back to look at Twilight.

"Well that was a portal that Raven made. She can use those to travel from place to place instantly. As for what happened in the dining room..." Cyborg was cut off mid-sentence when Robin turned his glare on him. Cyborg backed up a step to fall in line with the other Titans. Starfire watched this and then huffed.

"Robin should we not follow friend Raven?" Starfire asked as she started to float towards the ground. Robin relaxed his glare and sighed. He gestured to the wall where the portal was a minute ago.

"She could be anywhere, Star," Robin said. Starfire touched the ground, she had lost the joy to fly. Discord, however, grumbled something that sounded like 'not anywhere'.

"You're right, Discord," Celestia said as she approached the end of the hall. Luna and Celestia had walked instead of running after Raven. She walked over to where the portal was and bowed her head so her horn pointed at the wall. Her horn glowed and a beam of light shot out hitting the wall. After a second it vanished and Celestia looked to Robin. "Raven has gone back to your tower." Luna's face lit up and she walked forward.

"Shall we follow then, dear sister?" Luna asked and Celestia nodded.

"We should indeed. I assume you have collected all you need from the castle?" Celestia asked, looking to Twilight, who nodded. A book appeared next to Twilight followed by the diary from the day before. She held both in her magic and nodded to Celestia again. Celestia turned back to Luna and smiled. "Will you help me here, Luna?" Luna was practically bouncing where she stood and nodded.

Luna walked up next to her sister and they touched horns. Both of their horns lit up and then there was a flash of light. When the light faded they stood in front of Titans Tower. Robin wasted no time and ran into the tower. The rest of the Titans hesitated and looked around at the ponies. Robin was in the elevator and on the way up by the time the other Titans had figured out what they were doing. When the elevator opened he rushed to Raven's room. He ran in to see it in shambles and Raven gone. Robin paced the room waiting until after a few minutes he heard the group coming down the hallway. Robin exited the room and met them in the hall.

"She isn't there," he stated, and the group stopped short of the door to Raven's room. He was somewhat surprised to see all the ponies and Discord were with the Titans. He wasted no time on that though. "Search the tower." Before any of the Titans could move however a voice sounded.

"Wait!" Twilight said and made her way forward. Her horn lit up and she closed her eyes. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and her horn lost it's glow. "She isn't in the tower."

"How is that possible? She came here didn't she?" Robin asked and looked to Celestia who nodded. Beast Boy though pushed his way past Twilight and Robin. He entered the room and looked around. When he saw the mirror on the floor he rushed over to it.

"Dude, she's in here!" He yelled and picked up the mirror. He showed the mirror to Robin and Twilight frowned.

"That's a mirror." Twilight said her frown deepening as she saw her own reflection in the mirror. Beast Boy ignored her though.

"Should we go after her?" Beast Boy asked Robin who shook his head.

"She probably just needed to be alone. We should respect that." Robin said causing Beast Boy to deflate. He looked at his own reflection in the mirror and sighed. Robin turned back to look at the ponies. "Raven is taking a break so we can wait for her here." Luna's eyes lit up again and she nodded to her sister. Celestia gave Robin a gentle smile.

"We will wait as well, if that is alright." Robin was hesitant but eventually nodded. Everyone and everypony started to leave. Beast Boy was still staring at his own reflection in the mirror when Robin turned back around. He walked back over and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. Beast Boy looked up at him and Robin gave him a smile.

"She'll be back soon." Beast Boy sighed but returned the mirror to the vanity. He nodded to Robin and they followed the rest of the Titans with the ponies into the main area. Soon Raven was a somewhat second thought as the ponies went around exploring. Cyborg was showing Rainbow Dash the gaming system, which caused Beast Boy to challenge him to a game. Soon all the ponies were gathered around to watch the match. Robin shook his head as his teammates got way too into the video game,. Starfire floated over to Robin and looked down at him.

"Shall I prepare the snacks?" Robin nodded to her and she happily set about making popcorn. Robin looked back away from the commotion towards the door and so he was the only one to see Raven enter. He rushed to her side and smiled down at her. Her hood was down and she looked somewhat sullen. She nodded to him and then glanced about.

"Sorry for earlier," she said and looked down with shame.

"Are you okay?" Robin asked her, to which she nodded. Robin placed a hand on her head and she looked back up at him. He smiled at her. "Come on, all your friends are waiting for you." Raven gave a small smile at that and Robin let go of her to turn back to the rest of the room. When he moved, Starfire gasped and flew over quickly. She grabbed Raven's hands in her own and smiled.

"Friend Raven, you are back!" Starfire yelled which caused Beast Boy's ears to twitch. He turned around quickly and when he saw Raven, he vaulted over the couch. Cyborg was hot on his heels and soon Raven was surrounded by her friends. Beast Boy hugged her and then quickly let her go.

"Sorry," Beast Boy said blushing slightly. Raven shook her head a little and gave him a small smile. "Is everything alright?" he asked, inclining his head.

"It is now," Raven said with a nod. Beast Boy and Cyborg exchanged a look but Raven waved them off with an 'it's OK' gesture. This caused Cyborg to smile and turn to Beast Boy.

"Well then BB, shall we continue our match?" Cyborg asked while inclining his head towards the couch. Beast Boy gave him his own huge smile in response.

"You are going down!" Beast Boy shouted and started towards the couch. Cyborg smiled to Raven before following him.

"I think we both know who won last time, BB!" Cyborg said and Raven gave a small airy laugh at their antics. Starfire looked to Raven then.

"Would you like the corn of popping as well, Raven?" Starfire asked with a smile. Raven nodded and Starfire flew off to finish her task. Robin turned to her and smiled before walking over to the couch as well. Raven gave a small smile to the back of each of her friends before walking further into the room. Just then she noticed she was being watched by all the ponies. Discord in particular was watching her with an interested look. Raven gave a small sigh and tried to ignore the looks. She was used to it by now. They had seen her anger and it was a nasty thing. It was under control now but the fact that it had gotten out again was worrisome to her. She pushed it to the back of her mind for now. After a short discussion among themselves the ponies looked back to Raven. Twilight stepped forward and approached Raven carefully. Raven wanted to tell her she was fine now but didn't dare open her mouth for fear of scaring the pony princess. Twilight stopped a few feet farther than normal from Raven.

"Would you like to try the spell now? I've had some time with it this morning before breakfast and I think it can be done." Raven looked around the room at her friends and then gave a very small sigh. She nodded to Twilight who smiled. "It would be best if you are in a relaxed state when the spell is cast." Raven nodded again and walked to the middle of the room.

Raven sat cross-legged on the ground and placed her hands on her knees in her usual meditating pose. She closed her eyes and focused to tune out everything around her. Soon the noise of the video game and the small whispers of the ponies were forgotten. She started to float just above the ground and let out a small relieved sigh. In her mind she repeated her usual mantra as she breathed deeply in and out. After what felt like a couple of minutes Raven felt a foreign magic envelop her. In her relaxed state she merely accepted the magic instead of fighting it. Then she felt a wave of magic move through the magic that surrounded her. Soon there was wave after wave and then she felt it. It felt like an info dump. All of a sudden things were rushing into her mind. She saw a snippet of it here and there but most was going to fast to see. It felt like her mind was filling like a glass being filled with water. The info was confusing to her and she scrunched her brow. It all seemed to be foreign but at the same time it all felt so familiar. Slowly less and less info was dumped into her mind until it stopped. Her eyes snapped open and she fell to the floor with a thud. She looked around to see she was surrounded by the ponies and her friends. Twilight gave her a curious look and floated the journal over to her. Raven grasped it in her hands and flipped it open to the first page with the language on it. It looked exactly the same as before and Raven frowned. Then she watched as the symbols swirled and morphed into english letters. Raven shot to her feet as she read over the page. She looked up at Twilight with an expression of joy on her face.

"I can read it," Raven said and held the book to her chest. Twilight's face broke into a smile as well.

"It worked," Twilight said and looked to Celestia who nodded with sage understanding. Robin walked over to Raven then and looked at the book held to her chest.

"What does it say?" Robin asked and Raven looked down at the book again. She brought it away from her chest so she could again see the words on the page.

"Let's see...."