As a Filly: Part 2

Aegis woke up the morning after her birthday. Something was off. It felt late, A little TOO late...

She looked at the little clock on the bedside table and she registered the time.

"Ten-thirty!?" she yelped

She scrambled out of her bed. This was bad, VERY bad. Normally she would have been woken up at 8 by Silver with more pebble on glass action. Aegis looked out the window. Maybe Silver was out of stones to throw and it was a good thing. Well, maybe not, because there was no Silver. Worry instantly filled Aegis' mind. Silver was always there to wake her at eight AM sharp. Aegis opened her window and stuck her head out to look in all of the directions. There was no sign of Silver. Aegis quickly moved to the door and swung it open to run out. She ran to her mother. Her Father was always out by seven. She hugged her Mum crying, as Aegis was afraid without Silver. Silver always diverted attention away from her onto herself.

"Mom! Mom! Silver's gone!" Aegis spoke in a distraught babble that even she could hardly understand. Her Mom was surprised by her child. She never saw Aegis this sad. She was in the living room, knitting, getting ready for winter as it was near the end of Autumn. The weather got very cold during the winter in that particular part of Equestria, so everyone had to prepare themselves.

"Shhhh, Shhhh, Aegis sweetie calm down......No one's caught Silver." Her Mother believed that no one caught Silver. No one could catch that filly. She could easily hide on a roof or on a cloud.

"She's g-*hic!*-gone!" All of a sudden hiccups kicked in. Now she just sounded ridiculous. To understand Aegis at this point would be impossible.
At that moment her Father unexpectedly came home. He was unusually VERY early. There should've been another 5 hours before he returned. Today was definitely different. He strolled in the best of moods.

"Honey, you have no clue what happened today!" The grin on his face said it all. He looked as if he won a million bits. His wife, though, who was still holding Aegis close, did not reply. She just looked at him, awaiting his response. "Ahaha, Some ponies, What'd ya call them... Uh.. Unicorns! Some 'Unicorns' came into town and they said they would catch that little filly that's been buzzing about. Now, NOW, I was Skeptical at first, but then they caught her! She's finally gone!" He started laughing again.

Aegis's heart shattered into many pieces. she was hurt. She wedged herself out of her mother's grip. She couldn't take this. Her only friend in this world was Silver. She ran to her room, tears streaming down her face. She got to her room and slammed the door shut, which made the situation worse. Her Dad, now from happy and pleased to Agitated, went to Aegis' room and opened the door. Aegis had forgotten to lock her door.

"Aegis what have a told you about slamming the door!?" He boomed, as he moved towards Aegis who was both cowering and crying on the bed.
He flipped her over and gave her a forceful slap, which instantly silenced her. She was still crying, but she kept it in. Her Mom would've done something, but she too was scared. After all, she was smaller than her husband. She just sat there, looking down at what she had knitted. It was a small blue scarf for Aegis, but it would hopefully go unnoticed.

Not much happened for Aegis the rest of the day. She locked herself in her room, as she no longer had the inner strength to leave. She was now all alone in the harsh world she had to call home. It was painful. She would have to now suffer every day for the next six years where she lived. To Aegis, this wasn't home. To her, it was absolute hell. The beating came more regular now, as there were no distractions offered to her. As the six unimaginably long and painful years of solitude went by, a plan had hatched in Aegis' mind....