Piraka Don't Play Fair

by Reiuji Laevateinn

Chapter Five: Some Well needed Exposition

Now I know many of you are asking, how did this come about? Well, it all started on a midnight stroll through the woods.....

Three Months Before Thok and Reidak's  Heist

  Zaktan's  POV  

   "Look, Zack, I know you think you know where we are going,  but let's just face it; we are lost." Hakann groaned. I turned to him.

    "And that's  why we need to find our way out of here! Of course, I do have a way to do so." I replied, grinning evilly.

   "What, turn into protodites? We both know you barely have any control when you turn into that swarm.  I suggest we make camp for the nigh- AHHHH!" He screamed as I grabbed him by the neck and tossed him into the sky. When he landed, he swore at me.

   "You absolute bastard...." He growled. I just chuckled.

   "Well, hey, one of us was bound to do it. I just felt like you should be the airborne one." I replied, before getting serious.

   "Did you see anything?" I asked.

   "Yeah. That settlement isn't far from here. Other than that though, nothing but woods. So either we brave this freaky place, or we go take a look  at the town."  Hakann replied. I motioned for him to lead the way. He nodded, before  taking point.

   "So, Harry... what have you been feeling?" I asked. He glanced at me.

   "Like I'm being watched..." He quickly scanned the area. Surrounding us in the darkness, glowing green eyes glared at us. Hakann/Harry quickly got out his Magma Launcher, and I prepped my laser vision, which was the only power so far that I had mastered.

 A group of ten wooden wolves slowly stalked towards us. At least, until Hakann blew one up with a ball of magma. Then they started to charge us. Hakann burnt most of them to death, while I stabbed at their wounds with lasers. Pretty soon, what remained of the pack slouched away, locking their wounds.

  "When did we get so heartless when it came to killing things?" Hakann asked as the Woodwolves  limped away.

   "Humans always hunted animals. That Pegasus back there attacked you first." I replied.

   "Yeah, but we left her bleeding to death in a burning forest." He pointed out. I sighed.

   "True, I guess becoming a Biomechanical being can change you." I gave in.

   "Yeah, but the Toa didn't  do such a thing. They swore never to kill. Or allow a death to happen." Hakann added. I sighed.

   "Perhaps... perhaps you have a point. Perhaps the Skakdi forms are influencing us. So, should we go back and bring that pegasus to the town?" I conceded. He nodded, before running back. I followed after him. As we ran, I asked, "So, should we swear not to kill anything?"

   "Yeah, that's  probably for the best. We might end up as true Piraka, but we shouldn't  kill innocents just to get what we want. If we have to fight, just knock them out. Also, since we aren't humans anymore, should we start calling ourselves by the Piraka names?" Hakann replied, eyes staring dead ahead.

   "Why not. We don't  exactly have anywhere else to go but closer to being the Piraka." I answered, and we burst into the blazing forest.

   It had expanded quite a bit, but  it wasn't that far. The forest seemed to be... resisting. Anyways, Hakann hopped down, and picked the prone pegasus figure up in his claws. Her mane was covered in ash,  as well as her coat. I nodded, and we ran  out of the blazing inferno.

Five Minutes Later

   "Uh, Zaktan? I think she's  starting to wake up." Hakann called out suddenly. I looked back to him to see the blackened mare stretching.

   "Mata Nui damn it..." I groaned. She opened her eyes slowly, to see Hakann's  grinning face.

   "Uh, hi?" Hakann started, only to get a decent buck to the face. He dropped the pegasus, who I just now realized was Rainbow Dash. She landed  on the ground, and cried out in pain as her wounded side hit the ground hard.

   "Why you arrogant little!" Hakann roared, and prepared to strike her. In a flash, I was in front of him, holding his arm away.

   "Hakann, don't. She needs medical care, and I'm not about to let you bring her even more pain. Let's just get her outside the forest, and let the other ponies take care of her." I growled, before looking down at the pegasus. I knelt down.

   "Sorry about my friend here. He gets really angry when hit." I smiled, and tried to not make it creepy looking.

  "What the buck are you two up to? Where are we?!" She growled, trying to put up a defensive  stance.

   "We are currently inside the Everfree Forest, and if you want to make it out alive, then you'll  let us bring you to your town. After that, your on your own." I replied, and she glared at me.

   "Oh yeah?! What if it's a trick?! I bet you are planning to take me to your hideout and eat me!" She snarled, before twitching slightly.

   "Peh. We took up a moral not to kill innocent  or sentient creatures. We are thieves, not murderers." Hakann grumbled. She stared at him.

   "Anyways, if we don't bring you back to your town, you'll  die of blood loss. Just trust us for once." I asked, holding out a claw. She stared at it, before, begrudgingly, taking it. I picked her up, and we began to walk forwards again.

Avak's  POV  

  "*sigh*. Community Service sucks." I groaned. After my escape, I was caught  again, and put to work in the jail. The White Alicorn had told me that they would forgive me holding 'Twilight', the purple one, hostage and attempting to escape if I served a few years worth of community service. Also, to answer any question Twilight asked. Her questions got annoying in the first hour.  Due to my unique ability, they put me to work as a security guard for their prison. I would've  broken free, but miss White Alicorn  actually scared me, what with the 'Burning me to ash' way. After a few days, though,  I managed to bribe the guard captain here to let me take free days from time to time, in return for a decent weapon that doesn't  kill.

   So, I gave him a Taser gun. I would be lying if I said he didn't  go crazy with it.

   Today I had just defeated a prisoner riot single handedly. I mean, really. All I had to do was place them in a magic draining cage, and they gave up. Apparently, prisoners tended to riot every day at lunch. Something about "horrific food".

   "Good job, Avak." My boss, Captain Jail Keeper, told me. I nodded.  "You've done exceptionally  well today, so why don't you take the day off. Just don't  go stealing anything, ya hear?"  I chuckled. He was a pretty lenient guy, but whenever I stole something, I'd  get a taser  to the knee. And boy did it hurt.

Reidak's  POV  

   "Agh, what the hell happened...." I muttered  as I stood up. I was in a very snowy area. Seriously, there was snow for miles on end. I glanced to the side to see Thok laying on the ground, nearly blending in completely.

  "Hey, get your ass up!" I kicked him. Me and Thok, before we were Reidak  and Thok, had always had both a rivalry, and a mundane hatred for the other. When we got paired together near a volcano, I had been seriously  tempted to chuck him off a cliff. We also had been the most violent of our group.

  "Agh, it's  too early for school..." He grumbled. I kicked him again.

   "If you don't get your ass up, I'm going to drag you to the top of a mountain  and toss you like the Ring from LOTR." He snapped up, his ice pick inches away from my head.

    "I would kill you, but I don't want to be alone in this misbegotten  tundra. We got better things to do anyway." He growled, before sheathing his ice pick and heading off in a random direction.

   "So, fearless leader, what do you have in store for us today?" I asked,  chuckling to myself.

   "Well, Matau, there's a cave system up ahead. We can stay there until this blizzard blows over." He replied snarkily.

  "I am not a  Toa of Air, I'm a Piraka. I mean, hell, just us being together could be taken as racist  in some way!" I grumbled.

  "Oh really? How so?"  Thok asked.

   "You're white, I'm black, and we hate each other." I deadpanned. He stopped.

   "Huh... that's a good point... I wonder what  the people at Lego thought when the Bionicle Legends books came out." He said thoughtfully, before continuing to walk forward.

   When we eventually arrived at the cave, we were greeted by a bunch of weird dog-ape things.

   "Uh, hi?" I said. They raised primitive spears at my face.

   "Wait, fools, wait!" The obvious leader barked, and the rest of them lowered their spears.

   "You." He pointed at me. "Can you dig?" He asked. In response, I activated my drill, and tunneled a bit into the wall.

   "We need help! We looking for rare crystal, but we can't dig through crystal. Only rocks." The lead dape  told me. I nodded, seeing where he was going with this.

   "You find crystal, bring back to us, and we repay you with lots of crystals!" The dog thing finished. I pondered it over. Crystals were pretty rare. At least, back on Earth. I glanced at him.

   "Eh sure why not. Just point us in the right direction." I replied after a minute. He nodded, before pointing down south.

   "It under big pony city.  Can't miss it." The dog said. I looked at it.

   "By the way.. what in Mata Nui's  name are you?" I asked.

   "I is Diamond Dog!" It said proudly.

  "Ok, Diamond Dog, we will be off then." I said, and began tunneling  into the ground.


Vezok's  POV  

   "So, Chrysalis, what  your saying is that you were beaten by the same power you feed on? Pathetic. Really. It's so pathetic it's  not even worth  laughing." I told her. Truth be told, even when I was human, I was the worst of our group. Becoming Vezok only made it worse.

   "Well, I underestimated them. It won't happen again!" She growled.

   "You're damn right it won't. Because you won't  be in charge. I mean, seriously. They said they would use it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, and you shrugged it off. If it's  your food supply, shouldn't  you know  that power better than anyone else?" I replied.

   "I was in the moment! What else could you expect of me?" She pleaded.
  "Maybe, oh I don't know, PLACING THEM  IN SEPARATE ROOMS?!" I growled.

   "Sigh. You got me on that one." She muttered, head down.

   "Look, whatever. I don't have time for this. I have to get my new Changelings beefed up. Get back to your room." I ordered. She slunked back to her quarters.