Piraka Don't Play Fair

by Reiuji Laevateinn

Chapter Two: ....But it Did give us a Good Profit

Avak's  POV

    Current time

    As I sat in the cell, plotting my escape, a purple winged unicorn walked in.

   "Well, well, if it isn't my interrogator. The last few couldn't Crack me. What makes you think you will?"  I ask. She gasped.

    "Umm, I'm not an interrogator... I am mostly here to ask about your species...." She muttered. I raised an eyebrow. Or would have.

    "Well, I do like to brag a bit.... oh whatever. I'm Avak, the Jailer. A Piraka." I told her, and she nodded.

    "Why are you called the Jailer?" She asked.

    "Oh, because one of my powers enable me to create the perfect prison. For everything." I bragged. She raised an eyebrow. Lucky bastard.

    "Oh really? Then what kind of prison would it take to hold me?" She asked. I grinned.  

    "Well, let's take a look, shall we?" I replied, before my power activated, and she was trapped in a bubble. She glanced around, before charging a magic shot. However, even while it charged, I could see it being drained by the bubble. Sweat started to fall down her face as her magic was drained out of her. When she was about to pass out,  I let her go.

    "Do you believe me now?" I asked, a smirk plastered  on my face.

    "Yeah..... ok, next question." She gasped, her magic slowly returning to her. I chuckled.

    "Sorry birdy, but I'm done answering questions." I told her, before easily breaking the weak chains holding me. She backed away suddenly, only to be caught in my power again. The two guards rushed forward, spears at the ready.

    "Hold it right there. I've got a hostage. I can literally  drain her of her magic until she dies, so listen up. I want you to give me my weapons, and escort me out of the city. Then I'll  let her go. Also, don't chase after me. Got it?" I ordered. They glanced at eachother, then to the unicorn in my prison bubble, and back to me.

   Hakann's    POV

     "What the hell happened..." I muttered under my breath,  before standing up. I was in a dark forest,  and it was night time. I glanced around, before noticing how much taller I was than before. I scratched my head, before feeling the cold metal that was my  hand now. After a minor freak out, I examined myself. Yep, definitely  Hakann. Welp, this could be fun.

   I heard a growl behind me, and turned to find a manticore glaring down on me. I unhooked my Magma Launcher  and aimed,  but right as I fired, it swung it's  paw at me, hitting my Magma launcher off course. The ball of magma struck a nearby tree, and it burst into flames. I stared back at the manticore, and, through pure luck, managed to fire my heat vision. The manticore burst into flames, growling in pain. I walked away.


   Rainbow's  POV  

   As I flew over the border between the Everfree and Ponyville, in search of the green guy, I noticed a red glow over  inside the Everfree. My curiosity  got the better of me, so I took a look. It was an inferno. Trees burned, and animals ran in fear. In the center was a bright red bipedal being, and to my anger, he reminded me of that green guy.

    "He must be with greeny. Hey you!" I shouted, before charging. I rammed into him as he turned, and this time, instead of the usual phase through them, I connected my blow, my hooves meeting very hard metal. He stumbled back, stunned slightly. My hooves hurt badly, but I ignored the pain,and continued to glare at him.

    "What the buck do you think your doing?!" I raged, and he stared at me with contempt.

    "Barely a minute awake, and I'm already attacked by two creatures. Oh well, at least this one is sentient. So, you little worm, what do you think you're doing attacking the Great Hakann? He asked  and a strange metal object flipped over, and he pointed it at me.

    "You're  with that green guy, right? I'm here to stop you from burning down this place!" I replied, before charging him. The metal thing in his hand glowed, before a ball of molten rock shot out. I quickly leapt to the side, the superheated rock missing me by inches. I continued at him, and he flipped it back under his arm, revealing some sort of claw device on it.  Right as I was about to hit him, he turned to the side, and I flew past him. However, unlike with the green one, Hakann raked the claw across my fur, and I cried out in pain. I flopped to the floor, gasping for breath in this burning inferno. Hakann walked up to me, and placed his hand on his knee.

    "You really shouldn't  charge a Skakdi like that. Especially not a Piraka." He scolded me, a sinister grin across his face.
    "The... the bucks a Piraka?" I asked. Somehow, his grin grew even wider.

    "A thief, but one that is shunned even by other thieves. For example, if a thief wanted to steal something, he would sneak in to steal it. A Piraka destroys everything between him and his goal. Goodnight, little Pegasus." He raised his clawed fist, preparing to smash it down on me. But stopped.

    "Hakann, shouldn't  you know better?" A sinister voice murmured.  I turned to the side to see the green one.

   Hakann snorted.   "She attacked me first, Zaktan. I'm only responding in kind, as a Piraka should."

    "Yes, but for now we should lay low, and locate the others. Then we can decide our next plan." The green one, Zaktan, replied. Hakann shrugged, before lowering his fist.

    "Fine. What do we do about her?" He asked, pointing to me. Darkness started to form around the sides of my eyes, and as unconsciousness took me,  the last thing I heard was Zaktan.

    "Might as well give the creatures here a gift." He said simply.

  Vezok's  POV

     I grumbled as I woke up. I was in a barren wasteland. I sighed, before standing up. It's a shame that I got lost in the desert, but everything here looks the same. I cursed, before turning to the side.  I noticed a tall, black spire, which popped up from the ground like a sore thumb. It had blended in with the night sky, so I didn't  notice it until now. So, I began my trek towards it.

   The best thing about no one else being here is that I can test my powers in silence. The laser vision was quite fun, for some reason. Then, as I neared the black tower, a weird equine looking bug slammed into me, a green field surrounding it. I growled, and unhooked my weapon. It lunged again, that green aura encompassing the front like a battering ram. It ran into me, and damn did it hit hard.  I stumbled away, but grinned as that ramming weapon was added to my powers. So, I did the same to the bug, except mine was stronger. I ram him into the wall, crushing him entirely. Then a whole swarm of the things flew out of the tower.

    "Quite the power you got there. It's  alot like our own ability. Who are you?" A silvery voice asked. I turned to see another bug, but this one was different. It had what looked to be a crown on it's  head, and was a bit bigger.

   "Vezok. I'm a Piraka." I replied, trying to keep my voice in a normal tone. Luckily I had Vezok's  intellect, and not just his Brute force.

   "Well, Vezok, might I ask why you were coming towards our hive?" The female asked.

    "First, tell me your name. It's a common courtesy." I replied, and she sighed.

    "Chrysalis, queen of the Changeling Hive 'Alpha'. Now, answer my question." The queen replied, keeping her eyes on me.

    "I was lost. That's  all." I replied, somewhat honestly. She burst out laughing.

   "Well, Vezok, this is changeling territory. I don't  know where you came from, but surely you must have known about us?" She asked when she calmed down. I shook my head.

    "Nope. I'm from far out." I replied. She stared at me skeptically.

    "Your kidding, right?" She asked. I shook my head.

    "Nah. Anyways, if you can just lead me towards the nearest settlement, I'll be on my way." I replied. She chuckled.

    "Sorry, but we can't  allow that." She smiled, and the hive closed in. I roared, and lashed out with my Impact vision, striking a bunch of them with it. My weapon tore through a few of them, and any that got close were torn  apart by my claws.  After a few minutes of this, they backed away, with only Chrysalis  remaining.

    "Well, Vezok, you've  proven more difficult than expected, but this is where it ends." She fired a beam of energy at me, which slammed into my chest, blowing me off my feet. I felt pain reaching up to the rest of my body, but smiled, as the same energy she used became mine. I leapt back up, and shot a beam of the same energy straight into her surprised face. I then  used the green ram, and charged into her, knocking her off her hooves. She landed with a thud, green icor  falling from her wounds.

   "Damn you... fine. We surrender to you, Vezok of the Piraka." She said, and knelt down. The rest of the changelings did the same. I glanced at them.

    "What's  going on?" I asked, confused.

    "When defeated, a Changeling queen pledges their hive to the service of the victor. You now command Hive 'Alpha'." She muttered angrily. I thought about it before grinning.

    "Oh, it's  good to be king." I said.