Apples at Sunset

by Wolfton

You Drink the Sunbeams Like They Were Raindrops


You look down at the dirt falling between your fingers as waves of memories crash over you. It was curious how the ponies called it ‘earth’ here, too. Looking up, you close your eyes and focus on the breeze; a gentle wind like nature itself was grazing your skin with the lightest touch. There were so many things you missed about home. The crowded, sprawling cities, any information you wanted within only a couple clicks, and, most of all, the friends you had left behind.

Did you really leave them behind?

It wasn’t your choice that led you to Equestria, but they had to move on, regardless. They were strong, though. They didn’t need you. Truth be told, you were the one who needed them, especially after your last relationship.

You cringe and release the rest of the dirt from your hand, letting the soft breeze carry it away, then smack your hands together to clear the dust. It’s a waste of time to be regretting the things you no longer have. Besides, life is good here.

For now, at least.

AJ is waiting for you back in the orchard. Best not be slacking when there’s work to be done. You get to your feet and wipe the dirt off your rear.

Just before you turn around, though, you see a pony on the path into town. He’s not moving, just staring at you. Another tourist, wanting to gawk at the strange alien. You had gotten used to the stares, though most ponies around here knew you now. This one is new. You can’t make out much about him except his coat: a dark color, unnaturally deep. The pony and you share a gaze for several seconds, then he starts walking toward town. An urge to follow him rises up within you, but it’s probably nothing, and you need to be getting back.

You turn around, sticking your hands in your pockets, and make your way to the trees you and Applejack had been bucking. The sun bears down on you, making you blink and clear the sweat from your eyes. There were so many things about Equestria that were familiar and so many other things that didn’t make sense. Back home, nature was just... nature. You never felt anxious or strange when immersed in the wilderness but here—here it seemed there was something more to it. Something oppressive, yet gentle. Curious, yet predictable.

Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you. This was definitely an apple orchard, ponies were definitely ponies, although these ones only came up to your belly. You could pick one up, too, if you had both hands free. Well, AJ, perhaps. Not her brother. Which, speaking of, he’s standing right where you left AJ and she’s nowhere in sight.

He greets you with a nod and goes back to bucking. You nod back and pick up your bucking bat.

“So, where’s Applejack?”

”Relieved her for a spell. Should be back before long.”

Fair enough. She was known for working herself to death. You’re still a little leery, though. There was plenty of work to be done elsewhere; Big Mac always had his hooves full. You remain silent, however, and get to work. The crack of the bat connecting with the apple trees and the weight of the swing melts your troubled thoughts away. This is work. Nothing more, nothing less.

Simple, yet satisfying.

Big Mac and you work in silence for a while. You lose track of time but your concentration is broken when he coughs.

You turn to him. “What’s up, Big Mac?”

”Couldn’t help but notice that haul you and my sis brought in yesterday was a mite smaller than usual.”

Gig’s up, bud. AJ was right about her brother’s perception. “Ah, yeah, Applejack and I were pretty wiped out, so we called it early.”

”Called it early in the middle of the orchard? Didn’t want to relax back in the house?”

“We were resting in the shade of a tree.”

He nods. ”Makes sense. You two still up for workin’ a full day, right? Exhaustion won’t be getting in the way that often, will it?”

“Can’t speak for your sister, but I know I’m good.”

”Oh, you can’t now?”

Damn, he is sharp.

You run a hand through your hair and sigh. “Are you trying to make a point, Big Mac?”

”I ain’t so sharp as to be makin’ some kinda point. Just concerned it all. Don’t want my sister to have troubles workin’ cause of something she’s too stubborn to tell me about.”

He leans forward on his forelegs and unleashes a mighty buck on the tree behind him. A terrible crack echoes throughout the orchard, one loud enough to hurt your ears. The entire tree reverberates with the force of the kick, dropping every last apple it had been holding. As Big Mac’s hooves come off the tree, you can see literal craters where his hooves had hit.

”Huh, guess I forget my own strength sometimes. Good thing trees can’t feel anything.” He’s looking directly at you the entire time.

You swallow. “Yeah, they can take a bit of a beating, can’t they?”

”Well, well, look who’s back.”

You turn to where Big Mac is looking and see Applejack approaching. She looks much more rested than when you had left her.

”Howdy, Twig-legs, big brother! You two wouldn’t happen to know what that sound was, would you?”

You point a thumb over your shoulder to Big Mac and AJ rolls her eyes.

”Trees are for buckin’, not abusin’, Mac. I’m good and fresh, so you can get back to whatever you were workin’ on before.”

He just nods and walks off, waving a short farewell to you and AJ. His eyes linger on you a bit longer than necessary, then he’s gone.

You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding.

Applejack watches her brother leave, and as soon as he’s no longer visible, she leaps up on you chest. Wrapping her legs around your hips and neck, she dives in for a kiss. Your lips crash together and your tongues intertwine. You bring a hand to the back of her head, relishing the contact of her mouth. The kiss continues for several seconds before you break away.

Smiling, you say, “How was the break?”

”Heh, Granny was able to rope me into something, but it wasn’t half as hard as the work out here. I would have preferred to spend the time out here with you, but Macintosh insisted.”

“I bet he did.”

Applejack releases her grip on you and you let her down gently.

”Enough of that lovey-dovey stuff, though. You ready to get some real work done?”

Grabbing one of your biceps, you flex it liberally. “Hell yeah.”

She rolls her eyes at you. ”Now I think I liked it better inside with Granny.”

You throw your head back and laugh; Applejack cracks a smirk as well before returning to the task at hand. Shifting your grip on the bat, you do the same.

Comfortable silence. Those are the only words you could use to describe the lack of talk between AJ and you. There were grunts, cracks, and the sounds of heavy breathing, but no words. Every now and then, you’d glimpse over and catch her eye. The two of you would share a look and speak with something more powerful than words then return to work.

The rest of the day passed like this: bucking, sweating, and smiling. It was pretty late in the afternoon when AJ called over to you.

”Hey, handsome! We’ve got a good haul for today. I’m gonna get these wagons back to the house, you head back and see if Granny or Big Mac need anything.”

“You sure you got the wagon on your own?”

It’s a pretty big payload, one a bit larger than you usually saw her lugging around.

She just guffaws and waves you off. ”I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear ya say that. Now get.”

You nod and start on your way back to the house, but AJ stops you by calling your name before you get too far.

”Head to the barn once you’re done. I’ll be waiting.” She emphasizes the last word with a wink, and you take off.

You wanted to get back to that barn as soon as possible.

It hasn’t been but a couple minutes when you hear your name again—this time, from above. Eyes going to the sky, you spot the pony responsible: Rainbow Dash. She zips by you in an incredibly low dive, kicking up wind and dust. You shield your eyes with an arm.

When everything settles, you see Rainbow not ten feet away, strutting towards you.

You smile at her. “Always got to make an entrance, don’t you?”

”Of course! Being this cool doesn’t come naturally, I need to work on it. And I gotta say, your face looks a lot better without the hoofmarks on it.”

With a laugh, you offer Rainbow your palm and she smacks it with a forehoof.

“Are you never going to let me live that down? That was months ago!”

”Psssh. You shoulda seen your face! I know I pack a mean buck, but you went down so hard!”

Eager to change the subject, you wave your hand in dismissal. “Alright, alright. What brings you down here?”

”I wanted to hang out with you and Applejack. Haven’t seen you two in, like, forever!”

You offer a weak smile. “Applejack and I are pretty beat, Rainbow. We’re just now finishing up work for today.”

”I knew you’d say that. So how about this: tomorrow afternoon, meet me at the lake outside of town. We’ll chill there! I’ve been wanting to race you in a swim and tomorrow’s a great chance.” She leaps into the air and starts hovering, hitting you in the shoulder and chanting, “Eh? Eh? Eh?”

“You? Beat me in a swim race? Not happening.”

She hovers over and sticks her face into yours. ”Scared of a little challenge? You know I can beat you anytime, anywhere.”

With a smug grin, you brush some dirt off your shoulder. “I’m not scared of losing, I’m just scared of what’s going to happen to your reputation when I lap you.”

She jerks back, staring at you like you’d just insulted her mother. ”Oh, it is so on, now! Tomorrow, noon, you and me! And bring Applejack!” Saluting, she races off, once again blowing dust into your face.

You shake your head at her display. Fiercely competitive, Rainbow Dash had become one of your first friends in Equestria right behind Applejack... initial disagreements aside. You worked yourself hard, but Rainbow was something else. She never stopped reaching, never let her ambition dwindle and wore confidence like an armor, albeit sometimes a bit flashy about it. You liked hanging around somepony like that. Some of those traits bled off onto you, gave you strength.

She loved butting heads with you in just about every sport. A test not just of skill or talent, but determination. You two used each other to push yourselves. As you make your way to the farmhouse, you realize exactly how much you had missed her. It’s true; you and AJ had been working awfully hard the last couple weeks. You’re both due a rest.

Once you get back to the house, Granny has some kitchen work for you to do. You help her with a smile on your face, but there's a stirring in your loins, urging you to get to the barn. She has you working for a good fifteen minutes, though it feels like an hour.

The moment you finish working, you jog out of the house, not wanting to betray your excitement but not restrained enough to walk. When you make it outside you see the wagon Applejack had been hauling, sitting unattended next to the barn. She’s definitely in there by now.

You approach the barn doors then give your surroundings a quick glance for onlookers. It’s clear, so you dart inside, closing the doors behind you. The smell of hay hits you like a truck; the barn air is stuffy from the heat and humidity. In the corner, shifting hay bales around, is Applejack.

She finishes moving one and stops to look at you, grinning. “Howdy. What brings you here?”

“Just wanted to see if you needed help with anything.” You stroll over to her.

”’Help’, eh?” She brushes her tail up against the inside of one of your legs. ”I kin think of a couple’a things for you to help with. How ‘bout you start unravelling these here bales and spread the hay around?”

You tap her flank. “Sure thing, partner.”

The two of you start removing the rope fastenings on a hay bale. As you work, you catch AJ eyeing your hands. She’s almost panting.

”I sure could use some hands like that. Would make work a lot easier.”

“Just work?”

”Well...” Her tail wraps around one of your legs, right next to your crotch. ”Maybe a few other things.”

You find yourself breathing hard as well. It’s becoming harder to get the fastening off the hay bale; your fingers are less precise than a moment ago. You catch the smell of AJ’s musk wafting over. Her scent brings you to full mast.

Through the distraction, though, you’re able to get your fastening off. AJ is still struggling with hers. Kneeling down next to her, you run a hand through her dirty mane.

“Perhaps my hands could help out here?”

She stops working and turns to you. ”I bet they could.”

You place a hand over the hoof still on the fastening and start fumbling with it. Your eyes, however, are still locked on Applejack, and hers on you. AJ keeps trying to remove the fastening, but your hand is more interested in her hoof. You start rubbing it, massaging every line and indent. She can no longer maintain her grip on the rope and instead allows your hand to explore further.

Your faces have been moving closer the entire time. Her breath is hot on your skin, and her eyes twitch with each of your exhales. You can make out the detail on her face now: the brilliant emerald irises, pupils growing in size, specks of dirt on her cheeks.

She breathes out, ”I think, hun, your hands ain’t doin’ much help.”

“What a shame...”

Your noses are practically touching now.


You both inhale, brimming with anticipation and wonder. Time freezes for a moment.

Then you dive in.

The kiss is powerful and filled with the sweetness of apples. You’re a little surprised at how restrained it is. Completely unlike yesterday, but it’s wonderful all the same. Your hands wander; one moves through Applejack’s mane, the other crawls along her belly.

Her coat is soft, though speckled with clumps of dirt and damp with sweat. AJ snakes a hoof under your shirt, both eager to remove it and to feel your chest. She mumbles into the kiss and removes her mouth.

”You humans and yer damn clothes.”

You smile and help her remove your shirt. As soon as it’s off, she walks over you, knocking you onto your back. She lays down on top of you, moving in for another kiss and grinding her nethers against your crotch. You knock her hat off to feel her mane, exploring it with both hands.

The kiss becomes even more desperate. Your tongues itch for more contact, more intimacy. One of your hands makes its way to the base of AJ’s mane on her neck. You start to scratch and massage it; AJ rewards you with a meek moan.

Your erection is begging for freedom from the prison of your pants and AJ’s movements down south are making you impossibly stiff. Her juices have soaked your jeans as well. She’s rearing for more.

You flip over and shift your weight to your knees, allowing you to lift your crotch and unzip your pants, never removing AJ’s mouth from your own. With some skillful scooting and tugging, you’re able to get your pants off. Your member happily stands like a flagpole the moment it’s free.

AJ glances down at it. ”Glad to see...*huff*... you’re just as ch-chipper ‘bout this as I am.”

You grin in return and start raining kisses down on her. Starting at her cheek, you slowly make your way down her neck, then her stomach, stopping right above her heat.

She squints at you. ”Hey.” Her tail wraps itself around your shaft and squeezes. ”Don’t be teasin’. I need somethin’ in me. Now.”

You grab her flanks and start caressing her folds with your tongue. At the same time, she starts using her tail to stroke you. You thought that it would have been painful without some kind of lube, but her tail is as smooth as silk.

AJ’s marehood is radiating heat like an oven, and she’s panting before you’ve even touched it. You’re about to dive into her snatch when you get an idea.

An evil grin appears on your face and you look to Applejack. “Beg for it.”

Her stroking immediately stops and she raises an eyebrow at you. ”Pardon?”

“I want to hear the mighty Applejack beg to be pleasured.”

Her tail withdraws and she gapes at you. ”You can’t be serious.”

“Dead serious.”

She smacks your head with a forehoof. ”You gone loopy since I last saw you? That ain’t happenin’. Now get to it.”

She attempts to push your head toward her nethers, but you don’t let her. You maintain your look of depravity—if anything, your grin widens.

“That didn’t sound like begging.”

”Cause it wasn’t. Stop kiddin’ around! I need this!”

With a shrug, you get to your feet and collect your pants and shirt. As aroused as you were, you wanted to see Applejack ask for it more. Besides, you were worn out. There’s no way you’d have been able to last a full session.

”Oh, no, you are not leavin’ me like this!”

She stumbles onto her legs and tries to tackle you, but her movements are sloppy and you easily dodge. When her lunge fails, she collapses again, panting. You calmly pull your pants back up and put on your shirt.

“You made your choice. See you at dinner.”

She’s able to sit up, looking at your with desperation in her eyes. ”I’m so hot, sugarcube. This isn’t funny any more!”


Waving back to her, you leave the barn. A whimper escapes her just as you close the door behind you.

As soon as the door closes, you turn around and put your ear up against it. Closing your eyes, you listen close for a hint of what AJ might be doing.

”Consarn it!” You hear the sound of a hoof striking the ground. ”Stupid human.”

Covering your mouth, you suppress a laugh. You then walk over to the left side of the barn, making your way toward the alternate entrance. Checking the door, you find it unlocked. Very carefully, you open the door and shut it behind you, not letting Applejack in on your presence.

You quietly remove your clothes as well, then tiptoe into the main area of the barn, where you left AJ. The hay is fairly silent as you step over it, though rough against your bare feet. By this point, the scent of AJ’s heat has completely overwhelmed the hay smell. You duck behind some feeding troughs, then peek over them and catch sight of AJ.

She’s still sitting down, moaning. Her front isn’t visible from where you’re hiding, but it looks like she’s trying to finish herself off with a hoof. You imagine it isn’t nearly as good as a hand could do, though.

Maintaining your stealth, you gradually make your way over to her. Typically, you’re not one for sneaking, but she’s lost to the world around her. You could probably play hopscotch behind her and she’d never notice. Once you’re in position, you wait. That mane is bouncing up and down, begging to be scratched and massaged, but you hold yourself back.

Her movements start quickening; her moans rise in pitch. It’s time.

Reaching over her shoulder, you grab the hoof she was masturbating with and pull it away. At the same time, you sit down directly behind her, crossing your legs in front of her and on top of her back legs, pinning her in place. She reacts instantly, spinning her head around to look at her ambusher. Her eyes reflect shock at first, then confusion.

”W-what’re you doin’ back here? Why’d you stop me?” Her voice is shaking.

“Shhh. I’ll take care of you.”

”You’re jus’ gonna tease me again!”

She takes her free hoof and starts rubbing herself again, desperate to climax. You don’t let her. With your other hand, you remove her hoof and she struggles against your grip.

”I need this! Please!”

“You’re going to beg now?”

”Yes! Please!” She pauses to pant. ”Let me cum! I-I can’t take it anymore!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely...”

You release the hoof in your right hand and lay it over her marehood. At first, all you do is cover it, feeling the heat coming off of it and letting her wetness coat your palm. Then you plunge into it with three fingers, curling them around like you’re beckoning someone over. With your thumb, you caress her winking clit.

Her muscles visibly tense up as her pleasure begins to build again. Short whimpers escape her mouth. She closes her eyes and leans her head back into your chest. You release her other hoof and it falls limp to her side; your workings have her helpless.

Applejack’s chest is rising and falling faster and faster. Your fingers shift between a massage of her upper walls and a slow rubbing when she responds with more intensity. With your thumb, you trace circles around her clit and occasionally pinch it gently.

AJ’s snatch is starting to tighten up on your fingers. She waves one of her free forehooves at the air and strikes the ground with the other. You start moving your fingers quicker and more vigorously—Applejack responds by thrusting into your hand.

”I can’t—I can’t...”

She throws her head up and screams to the sky. The yell rips through the barn, reverberating through your ears and carrying a the tone of a primal need. The walls of her sex have your fingers in a deathgrip as her cum flows over your hand. You continue to work her marehood, riding her through the orgasm. Every inch of her is tensed and flexed, revealing lines of corded muscles. Once her energy is expended, her entire body goes slack, hooves falling to her sides.

”Hun, that was incredible. I jus’—”

At first, she hadn’t realized you haven’t stopped thrusting your fingers into her. When the afterglow fades, however, she becomes very aware of it.

”Oh, Celestia, you’re still goin’?”

Her eyes go wide and she braces herself against you. You reply by kissing and nibbling at her neck.

She wraps a hoof around your neck, holding you close. Her eyes have closed again, she’s tensing in anticipation. Your fingers are now absolutely drenched in her juices, sliding around inside of her like butter. A mighty gasp comes from Applejack as she releases herself once again.

Her marehood is grasping your hand so tight you can hardly feel your fingers, but it’s worth it to hear her squeal in pleasure.

”Landsakes, you’re good with those fingers.”

You ignore her, continuing your work.

”Sugarcube, I don’t know if I can handle another!”

Her words say one thing, but she’s still thrusting into your hand and making no move to hinder you. You’re starting to sweat heavily now, though. Your hand is starting to ache and your arm is threatening to quit on you—so you work with purpose and ferocity.

You lay your other hand across her belly, rubbing her closer and closer to her flower. She grabs that hand with both hooves and presses it tighter onto her stomach. Something comes out of her mouth; an attempt at speaking, but she can’t say anything coherent. All you hear from her are moans now.

Your arm is protesting every stroke, but you need to drive Applejack to the edge. Both of you are heaving, straining for air. Before long, her marehood is squeezing you again and just as you think she’s about to cum, you remove your hand.

She reaches out with her hooves, trying to grab your arm and bring it back into her heat, but you put it behind your back where she can’t get to it.

”Not again! You can’t do this!” she squeals.

“I’m not.”

You pick her up by her sides and lay her down on her back. Now that she’s changed positions, you can get a good look at her face. Her eyes are stuck open, gaping at you. Sweat is dripping down all over and her tongue is lolling out of her mouth. You allow yourself a brief smile at your work, but you’re not done yet. Not wanting to let AJ down from her high, you take only a quick break to stretch your hands and arms.

You grasp her flanks, kneading and massaging them with care. With a quick look into Applejack’s eyes, you dive into her snatch again: this time with your tongue. The moment it touches her flower, she instinctively wraps her rear legs around your head, pulling you in further. You don’t complain.

Her sweet sex invites your tongue in. You plumb as far as you can, then curl your tongue upward and retract it. Every time you repeat this motion, Applejack tenses. You also brush your front teeth against her clit, causing a wave of movement from her lower body. She’s repeating something, though you can’t make out what it is; her speech is slurred.

It doesn’t take long for your ministrations to bring AJ to the edge again. Just as she climaxes, she wraps her tail around your head and squeezes. Even as her cum flows from her heat once again, you don’t slow down. You continue to massage her flank and thighs with your hands and thrust your tongue in and out with purpose. She doesn’t comment on your actions; she simply presses your face further into her folds. Her forehooves push against the back of your head as well.

Not content with just repeating the same motions, you angle your head in an effort to stimulate different areas. You also remove a hand from her flank and hook a finger inside her marehood, just below your tongue and alternate thrusts. When your finger is fully inside of her, you retract your tongue, and when your tongue is deep, you trace the outside of her folds with the finger.

As time passes, Applejack clutches your head harder and harder with all four hooves and tail. Before you let her orgasm, however, you swap hands, now grasping her thigh with the one that had been in her flower, and moving the opposite hand down south. AJ has other plans for that hand, though.

She grabs it with her forehooves and moves it to her mouth where she starts sucking on it. You can feel her tongue lazily lapping up her wetness and exploring the grooves and shape of your fingers. While her pleasure builds, her mouth starts to clamp down harder. She curls her lips in to avoid biting you. A vibration runs through your hand as she moans into it.

Her marehood is starting to tighten further, so you make the most of the time you have by increasing your pace and diving as deep as your finger and tongue will allow. But you don’t thrust mindlessly: you keep stimulating her most sensitive spots. With a yell, Applejack strains herself one last time. You can hear the wanton pleasure build to bursting and ride her voice into the air. Her legs squeeze your head so tightly you can’t even breathe. The fourth climax roars through her body like a tsunami crashing against the shore, sending every fiber of her being to a peak.

Then she goes completely limp. Her back legs drop to the ground and her tails releases your head. The mouth that had been nearly biting on your hand now just lays sprawled open. You get back up on your knees and see her chest heaving up and down. There’s a small puddle of her juices darkening the barn floor.

Her hat lays forgotten to the side. You get up and grab it, then put it back where it belongs and kiss Applejack on her freckles. “You okay, AJ?”

She manages to roll her head to the side and looks at you through glazed eyes. ”Twig-legs, I ain’t ever been this ‘okay’ in my life.”

“Good, cause I don’t have the energy to do that again.”

You both giggle at that. After a quick stretch, you go back to collect your clothes and put your pants on. You use your shirt to wipe yourself off... don’t want Big Mac catching you with AJ all over your face and hands.

As you pass Applejack, still panting and lying in the puddle of her cum, you wave. “See you at dinner.”

She acknowledges your statement by lifting a foreleg then letting it fall back to the ground.

Dinner comes around before long. You help Granny in the kitchen along with Apple Bloom. As everyone sits down at the table, you notice Applejack having a hard time walking over to her seat, almost like she hasn’t learned how to use her legs correctly.

You smile inwardly at that.

Supper is a filling feast. Granny discusses this year’s harvest with Applejack and Big Mac. Apple Bloom talks about school and cutie marks. While you and AJ were rolling in the hay, Apple Bloom was flying kites with her friends. You wonder what one would do with that as their special talent. Seems kind of monotonous to you, but Apple Bloom didn’t find her calling there.

Applejack, you notice, is a little apprehensive about talking to her little sister. You have an inkling as to why. You’ll have to talk to her about that later. Right now, though, you mention Rainbow’s visit and offer. AJ is enthusiastic about it and agrees to go right away.

As dinner winds down, you realize how at home you feel here. Everyone treats you like part of the family... except Applejack, of course. They don’t expect anything special out of you because you’re human; you have to contribute like everypony else. At the same time, you also get a seat at the table. While the seat technically is a little larger than the others. it doesn’t feel any different.

You pick up your dishes and bring them over to Granny, who is cleaning them. The rest of the family have since left the dinner table for other things. Smiling, you decide that accepting that offer from Applejack was the best decision you’d ever made.

The mistakes you left on Earth seem like actions of someone else, now.

”Hey, sonny.”

You look over to Granny. “Yes?”

”If you’re gonna fuck my granddaughter in the barn, at least be quiet about it.”

You blush brighter than the sun.

Well, how about that.