Apples at Sunset

by Wolfton

You look Beautiful Against the Horizon

//------------------------------// // Apples at Sunset// //------------------------------//


You love everything about them: the smell, the taste, even the texture. It was no wonder you'd found a job at Sweet Apple Acres shortly after arriving in Equestria. Twilight offered you a job at the library, Pinkie talked to you about being a cook, Fluttershy always needed help with animals, but the moment Applejack approached you about working the farm, you said yes.

In fact, as you remember, you didn't even give AJ the chance to finish her offer.

It wasn't just the apples that brought you out here, though. It was the open air, the feeling of a hard day's work, the freedom of open fields and orchards that stretched to the horizon... and something else, too.

You wipe the sweat from your brow and let out a heavy breath. Speaking of a hard day's work, the sun was just setting. You liked to come outside, just before dusk, climb the big ol' hill just south of the barn, and watch the sun set; it was a ritual you'd started the day you came to Equestria, those many months ago.

Back on Earth, you never took the time to appreciate these things, but you'd resolved to change yourself for the better, and this was your way of starting. Every now and then you would snag a mug of cider and sip on it as you watched the sun slowly dip behind the horizon, the border between endless blue and rolling green. To you, it was more calming, more important than any beach.

So you found yourself on that hill again, and again the sun was setting. You have to shield your eyes and look away from the sun, it was so bright. Was Celestia in a good mood, perhaps? You turn from the sun and your wandering gaze catches something new: a familiar brown stetson.

You squint to get a better view and confirm your suspicions. That's definitely Applejack down there. Odd, she's often working well through sunset. You've found yourself struggling to get her to call it a day more than once. Real stubborn, that mare, but you liked that about her; at times, to the point of admiration. She had the willingness to back her convictions with absolute confidence, to always stand for what she thought was good and right.

Course, to be as stubborn as AJ, one would need a constant voice of reason to act as a compass of perspective. You put a hand to your chin in contemplation. Had that become you in the recent months? You shake your head at the thought. No, you're still a human in a land of ponies and as much as you like it here, you don't belong, not really.

You weren't born here.

But what was Applejack doing? Curiosity gets the better of you, and you walk towards her. You're not trying to be stealthy, but the noise of the tall grass rustling in the wind muffles your footsteps. As you approach her, you hear something from her... is she talking to herself? You listen closer—no, that's not it. Sobs?

She's crying?

You're within earshot now. "AJ?"

She spins around to face you, shock shining in her emerald eyes. You definitely surprised her. You're not sure from this distance, but you think you can make out tears glinting in the light of the fading sun.

"S-sugarcube? W-watcha doin' out here? Ain't it about suppertime?" You start to walk toward her, but she stops you with a cry. "Wait!"

"What is it, AJ? Are you alright?"

She's rubbing her eyes, doing her best to get the tears out of her eyes. "I dunno what you're talkin' bout, hun, I'm peachy."

"You look like you've been crying."

Her chest puffs out at those words. "C'mon, how long you known me? Crying? Over what, a sunset? That rightly don't make sense."

But, in true AJ form, she hasn't outright denied your claim. Honest to the grave, that one. "You want to talk about it?"

"You jus' seein' things. Let's go inside." She starts walking toward the farmhouse, avoiding your eyes. Just as she's passing you, you put a hand on her withers. She pauses and looks in your general direction, but still not at you. Her eyes, though... they're red.

“AJ, back inside is your family. The most important ponies in your life, as far as I can tell."

She mumbles something, but you can't make it out.

"Ponies that both rely on and support you. Whatever it is you were doing out here, you've been holding onto it yourself."

Her gaze finally meets your own.

"Something is bugging you that you can't tell them about. But I'm not family. Heck, I'm not even a pony. So why don't you, just tonight, just between us, let a little bit of it out? Maybe I can show you the way, but we'll never know unless I get the chance."

You hold her stare with an iron grip and your hand never leaves her withers. Her eyes are wavering, watering up, then she looks away and starts sobbing again.

"Consarnit, you're not s'pposed ta see me like this."

You squat next to her and start rubbing her back. In response, she turns around jumps at you, embracing you in a hug. You wrap your arms around her and hold tight while she cries into your shoulder; you can feel your shirt dampen with her tears, which only makes you to hold her tighter. You brush a hand through her mane, desperate to break the hold of whatever has her.

The stalwart, the steady, the proud Applejack, consumed by darkness, and all she has right now is you.

"I gotta be strong for her. All the time. Every day. But... it's hard sometimes, y'know? And what if it ain't enough? She's got Big Mac, but he's ain't one for words. He'll always protect her body, but who can help with the rest? I can't always be there, not at school, where the other fillies set on her like wolves. She came home crying today.” She rolls her head over to touch your cheek. "Ya think she still looks up to me? A sis that can't even save her when she needs it?"

Her words are tearing at your heart, so much so you almost feel like crying, too. But you know this mare. "AJ, look at me. Look at me."

She releases you and looks into your eyes, leaving her hooves on your shoulders.

"I know you, and I know you would do anything for Apple Bloom. You do everything in your power to be the best sister, the best protector you can be. And there is no doubt in my mind she knows this, too."

AJ nods, wiping a hoof across her face. The tears have stopped. "Oh, what would she say if she saw me now?"

You smile and reply, "Your face is dirty."

She throws her head back and chuckles. "I think you're right on that account, partner."

The two of you embrace briefly one last time. "Here, let me get that." You take your shirt and wipe the tears from her face. "Wouldn't want Apple Bloom thinking you've forgotten your manners."

Applejack playfully smacks you with a forehoof and heads toward the farmhouse. You follow close behind. Just before you two reach the light of the porch, she pauses. You stop right behind her, curious.

"You know, sugarcube...I think I now know which direction is North." She flashes you a smile and you grin in return. While she walks inside, you linger a moment, looking west. You catch the sun just as it disappears from view, then head inside yourself.

The next day came quickly. You had been exhausted from the previous day's work and hit the hay as soon as dinner was over. Applejack tried to tell you something both at the dinner table and in the hall before you went to sleep, but when it came time for her to talk, all she could do was stand there with her mouth open.

You shrugged it off, it was probably just a thank you; a silly thing as far as you were concerned. There was no need for thanks, you were only doing what any decent person would do. You were just glad you could be there for her.

In the morning, AJ told you that the two of you would be working the north field, bucking down the Golden Delicious. Well, you didn't actually buck, you hit trees with a bat-like tool. Amazingly, the apples would rain down if you knew just the right position and angle at which to hit the tree.

You bet AJ had gotten you to work with her in order to say thanks. Somepony else might try to talk her out of it, but you knew better than to try, so you accepted the job silently and headed out with her. The journey wasn't too long; you made small talk along the way.

For whatever reason, she walked right next to you, almost touching your hip. She grazed your legs with her tail a few times. Your hands accidentally brushed up against her flank as well. You'd get out a "sorry" when it happened, but AJ just laughed it off.

You're not so sure they were accidents.

Eventually, you both make it out to the Golden Delicious trees and get to work. You started "bucking" along with AJ, but she had you moving the bushels of apples onto carts before long. It was a typical day. At least, for a little while.

The first thing you noticed was how deliberately she moved: slowly, almost... seductively. Her hips swung back and forth more frankly than usual. You brushed it off, you're sure you were just seeing things, but it didn't stop.

You found yourself spending more and more time just staring at her. For the first time, you were noticing her sturdy, defined body. Corded muscles all along her legs, neck, and even flank; a flank that had been put through every applebucking season since AJ started working the farm. It was fair to say Applejack was well-equipped.

She caught you gaping. "See somethin', hun?"

You shook your head, breaking out of your trance. "Sorry, just got lost in the view."

"You talkin' bout the orchard?"

"Yes. Definitely the orchard. Sure ass—I mean, IS something."

A sly grin crawls upon her face. "Alrightly, then." She returns to her bucking.

You catch yourself stealing glances at her working, watching her rear ripple with the force of each fuck—er, buck. Pull it together, boy, there’s still plenty of work to do. You let out a deep sigh and get back to the bushels.

This is how things continue for a while. You catch glimpses of AJ doing what she does best, and what's she's doing best right now is getting you aroused as hell. What is it with her today? These thoughts haven't so much as poked around your head until today, and now you can't get rid of them for the life of you.

You decide to focus on your work in an attempt to clear your mind, and soon you're moving bushels like a machine. Bend over, grab, stand up, move to cart. Bend over, grab, stand up, move to cart. Bend over, grab, st—

Your face collides with something soft and furry. You stumble, dropping the bushel and apples spill over the ground. You wipe your eyes and look up at what you bumped in to.

It's AJ. More specifically, her ass.

"Woah, sorry, there. Sometimes even I have trouble controlling that thing."

Her words say one thing, but her face says another. She winks at you.

Okay, you are definitely not imagining things now. She is coming on to you. You're having a hard time comprehending the situation. If this was back on Earth, you'd have jumped her bones long ago... but this—this was different. And before you acted you need to figure out whether it was good different, or bad different.

"Heh, don't worry about it, AJ. I'll get these cleaned up."

She walks back you while you're still sitting on the ground. Her tail brushes against you as she drags it all the way from your foot to your shoulder. It stops for just a moment on your junk.

"Don't work too hard."Her voice is racy and as thick as honey.

You gape at her ass as it swings back and forth, then you gulp. Your member had made up its mind, but you had not. So you get up and collect the apples, returning to your work.

At least, you tried.

But the more time passed, the harder it became to ignore Applejack. She never outright said anything, but these little 'incidents' kept occurring. Every time you looked up, her flank was facing you. She kept bumping into you, making sure to graze across your sensitive areas. That tail of hers was crafty, too. You were surprised at how well she could control it.

It came time for lunch, and you two were getting ready to head back with the harvested apples and for a break. Just before you got to the carts, though, AJ blocked your path. You started breathing heavily, but not from exhaustion. She very slowly sauntered up to you with half-lidded eyes.

"Maybe humans are a touch slower than I thought. I'm done beatin' round the bush, hot stuff."

She rears up on her back legs and knocks you down with her forehooves. The moment you hit the ground, she positions herself over your body. Her hair tie falls out, allowing her mane to cascade around you. The stetson drops to the ground.

"I wanna fuck."

You are now hyperventilating and your dick is hard as a rock, but you still can't make up your mind. This is all happening so fast. You can't deny the attraction is there, though. You and AJ may tussle at times, but it's often a result of stubbornness for one of you refusing help from the other—and you loved that about her. Not to mention she's hardworking, honest to a fault, a great sister to both Apple Bloom and Big Mac... and that flank! Goddamn.

You think you just made up your mind. However, you weren't exactly, uh, experienced in the whole pony-human relations thing.

"Well, that sounds pretty swell, AJ. Yeah, wonderful." Smooth, tiger.

"Sugarcube, you got five seconds to say, 'No'. If you dun say anything, then things are gonna get real dirty 'round here, and I ain’t talking about the kind of dirty your face is right now." She leans in so her mouth is right next to your ear. "I reckon, we's about to make rabbits jealous."

The way she spoke wasn't just sexy, it was downright wanton.


She's looking into your eyes, now.


God, her eyes are so beautiful.


Like emeralds stolen straight from Rarity's collection.


Or a ripe granny smith apple.


A lewd smile appears on her face. For a second, the two of you just stare at each other, panting.

The next instant, you both attack.

Your hands go straight to her flank and squeeze. Her mouth crashes into yours. The kiss was primal, one of pure lust, and your tongues fight like gladiators. Applejack sits down, landing her ass right on your junk. You're lost to your hunger, just as AJ is lost to hers.

She starts rubbing her plot into your crotch and you respond by flexing your fingers, grasping that wide, magnificent rear tighter. Then you hands start wandering, exploring the expanse. Even though you're kissing her, feeling her up, rubbing into her, it's not enough. Your bodies beg for more.

You flip her over, holding the feral kiss. Her tail then wraps itself around one of your legs. She moves her hooves to get a good grip then rolls the two of you again, putting you back on the bottom. Her hooves start darting under your shirt, desperate to get it off. You move to help her, but she knocks your hands away.

You're momentarily confused and she breaks the kiss. "You put those things right back where they were, partner. I know how to undress a stallion." She turns around so her ass is over you, and you realize what she's about to do a moment before she does it.

Her gorgeous flank lands right. on. your. face. You can't believe how massive it is—you even have a hard time breathing through it.

"I don't feel no hands, yet!"

You immediately grab and squeeze again. She responds by rubbing it against you. Her motions almost set you off right there. Hooves start digging under your shirt and the buttons simply pop off; AJ didn't have the patience to undo them. You feel a hot breath on your crotch as she leans over to undo your trousers with her mouth. This increases the pressure of her ass on your face—heck, you can't even breathe now. You could lift it off of you, but screw that.

Her tongue brushes up against your cock as she works to get your pants off. A chill travels up your spine and pretty quickly, your member is exposed. AJ was really skilled with that mouth of hers. You're getting light-headed from lack of air, but you just dig your fingers further into that thick, heavenly butt of hers.

With a gasp, you find out exactly how skilled she is.

In one fell swoop, she takes your entire length into her mouth. She starts bobbing up and down right away, anxious to get you going. Her tongue laps back and forth along your shaft. This elicits a grunt from you, muffled by her ass.

She stops the glorious work of her tongue. "Dangit, Twig-legs, get lickin!" she says, shifting her rear so her flower is lying on your mouth.

You readily oblige. As you work, she returns to swallowing your member. Her mouth feels so incredible, you almost pass out. It's not a refined technique, but greedy and eager. You start shifting your hands over her rear, trying to get more traction and push her ass harder into your face, giving you a better angle on her marehood. You roll over on your side, giving you more freedom. Your tongue is darting in and out Applejack, exploring as deep as you can, intent on giving her the kind of pleasure she's giving you.

Her tail wraps around your head and pulls it closer. A moan escapes her throat, reverberating on your cock as she's blowing you. You keep working that spot, and Applejack rewards you with a shudder. She is determined to keep up and intensifies her own actions. Her legs curl around your head and drag your face even further into her pussy.

The things her tongue is doing are amazing—you can't help but start thrusting into her mouth. However, she stops sucking as soon as you do this. You're about to ask why when you hear a shrill moan.

Her eyes are closed and she's gaping. She squeals your name as her entire body seizes. Juices flow over your mouth and chin, signalling her release. You smile internally as Applejack releases your head and turns to face you.

With her hair covering half her face, and the eyes of a lust-crazed goddess, she looks both radiant and intimidating. She gets off of you and lowers her head, striking the ground with a hoof like she's about to charge.

You scramble to your feet and hunker down just as she breaks into a gallop and leaps at you. Her forelegs hook around your shoulders and her momentum knocks you back a few steps, but you're able to keep your balance and you're now holding her up, her belly just inches from your own. Smirking, she dives in for another kiss and your mouths join once again.

Distracted by the kiss, you don't notice when her back legs circle your hips. She tightens her leg muscles, pulling your waist toward her, slamming your dick into her marehood.

You gasp in surprise, and she starts working her hips while you're still convulsing in pleasure from the initial contact. You make a mental note to never underestimate AJ's ability in the sack, then return her thrusting with your own. Your knees start to tremble; the sensations are too much for you to screw and hold her at the same time.

You stumble over to a cart and throw her down on the back, never letting your member escape her heat. She keeps her back legs hooked around your hips to allow her something to pull against, but her forelegs are now limp, bouncing back and forth with your rhythm. You're both panting like dogs, not saying a word, though you're grunting with effort. You slam into her over and over while her hips move in perfect synergy.

The pleasure is getting to you, forcing you to clench your teeth. You lean over AJ, smacking your hands onto the cart on either side of her head. Sweat is dripping off of your face onto hers, but neither one of you care. You're running out of energy to keep it up, but you're ready

From the look on Applejack's face, she is, too.

You speed up and AJ matches pace. With a roar, you rear your head back and bite down on Applejack's shoulder. She moans in reply. Your world explodes in pure rapture; your vision goes white. In that moment you both cum, finally achieving the release you'd sought.

You collapse onto AJ, still shooting spurts of jizz into her... but you forgot something, something you just learned:

Never underestimate Applejack.

"That ain't gonna be enough to please this farmpony, human!" She bucks you off.

Your sore body hits the ground, knocking the air from your lungs. Your eyes widen as AJ leaps back onto you, lunacy dancing in that gaze of hers. She looks angrily at your fading erection, trying to think of a way to speed your recovery. It's not long, however, before her eyes light up with inspiration

"You an ass man, right, hun?"

You're too wiped-out to respond, so she takes the initiative and sits on your chest.

"Where you want it? On your chest? Your hands? Your face? Or...” She starts scooting south. "Down here?"

Applejack is rubbing her flank all over your junk. At first, there are no results, but she keeps at it, sensually moving her rear in circles. You think you drooled a little. Before long, AJ's skillful motions have resurrected your arousal. Even at full mast, though, Applejack continues her grinding a while. When she's satisfied, she leans in and starts sucking on your neck. You close your eyes and lift your chin, exposing as much of yourself as you can.

AJ takes full advantage of it. You feel her grasp your hardness in a hoof as she raises her ass high.

"Ya might wanna be gentle, cause I sure as sugar won't be.” She sinks her butt right onto your shaft.

It's tight beyond belief, prompting you to grunt in surprise and pleasure. She starts slowly to keep from hurting herself but doesn't waste any time getting into a rhythm, never stopping the licks and sucking on your neck.

You lay one hand on her flank and use the other to pull her close. You want to participate, but she's just so damn good at this, you can't think straight. It's all you can do to hold on and not ejaculate right away.

You realize if you let things go on like this, AJ's going to end up disappointed again. Mustering your resolve, you roll over and take control of the pace. Applejack is shocked only for a moment, then passion returns to her eyes. She grabs your shoulders as you plunge into her. You bend over and start giving her neck the same attention she gave yours, eliciting a moan out of her.

It's not enough for you, though. You need to get her off again, so you snake a hand downward.

"Ooohhh, you sure know how to please a mare."

You grin and insert two fingers. She can't help but let out a moan that turns into a squeak; she’s both beautiful and adorable. You being exploring her depths, searching for that vital, sensitive spot, maintaining your movement into her ass as well.

Now she's the helpless one, unable to participate due to your attentions. This drives you further into her and your fingers seek more urgently. Before long, you feel AJ tense up against you. Her snatch practically seizes your hand and holds it in place.

That's what you were looking for; you exploit it, causing Applejack to release herself once again, crying in ecstasy. You withdraw and wobble backward, trying to recover before you blow. AJ should be down for a little while after that.

At least, that's what you thought for all of two seconds.

The next moment she was up and charging at you, yelling "Yeee-haw!"

Her shoulder slams into your upper leg and you flip over her head, landing on her back. She keeps running until she's about to run into a tree, then hits the brakes. Hard.

You slide off of her back and up against the tree. Shaking your head, you blunder to your feet, preparing yourself for another attack. Applejack has turned away from you and dug her forehooves into the ground.


She bucks with considerable force, but she wasn't aiming for you. Her legs hit the tree on either side of your waist and, by golly, the mare has aimed her pussy perfectly to sit right in front of your member. The shock of the buck reverberates through the tree and your body. You're dizzy for a moment and when your vision clears, your can see her dripping marehood waiting for you.

"Damnit, Twig-legs, don't stare at the thing, stick it in!"

You're tired, but you're a man. You love the feeling of a hard day's work. And this is some hard work—literally. You shove your manhood into her and grab her rear, holding her steady.

Then fuck her relentlessly. Over and over. You don't know how long it lasted.

Felt like hours, though you don't see how you could last that long. Applejack and you switched positions once, twice, a hundred times. She was on top of you, then you on top of her. The fucking went on and on.

You weren't human and pony anymore, just two animals driven by lust, attraction, and need.

You body gave up before your spirit. You collapse, your energy finally giving out. Applejack's warm body is by your side as you lose consciousness in the shade of an apple tree.

You open your eyes and the first thing you see are emeralds, brilliant and verdant.

"How was yur rest, hot stuff?” She's smiling at you, a bedroom smile, a smile of relief. Of peace.

You sigh and let the wind graze over your exposed skin. You suppose you should be worried about Big Mac or Apple Bloom finding you naked with AJ like this, but for some reason, you're not. The sun is actually dipping toward a rest of its own; you must have been out for a while.

"It was wonderful, AJ."

She runs a hoof down your chest, tracing the muscles you'd developed while working for her—no, with her.

"I guess we didn't get much done today, huh?" you ask.

"I reckon Big Mac was counting on it."

You look at her, raising an eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?".

She shakes her head. "I've learned many things about my brother. One is that he's quiet. The other: he's ain't dumb. He knew." Dropping her stetson over her eyes, she sighs. "He knew."

Your hand curls around Applejack, resting on her stomach. Absentmindedly, you start rubbing. You can feel her breaths, even and calm. Closing your eyes, you can hear the air escaping her lips, the most beautiful sound.

You turn to her. "Say, AJ, what were you doing outside last night? I usually see you either still working or eating by then."

She's blushing, but maintains eye contact. "I—I've been going out every now and then to... remember while the sun sets. See, when I lost my parents, they were buried at dusk. That's what I always recall about that day. The humid air, the fading light, the long shadows, it's a part of me, now. And I made a promise to myself under that falling star." Her eyes are watering up.

"AJ, you don't have to say anything you don't want to."

She shakes her head vehemently. "No, hun. I gotta say this."

You nod and brush her blonde mane from her eyes.

"I promised... I promised I'd change. That I'd be better. A better sister, a better farmer, a better friend. That I'd never let those I loved down, never give up the morals they'd put in me."
Once again, she's crying... but you're right there. You've always been right there.

"I said somethin' I don't think ya caught last night. When you said my family were the most important ponies in my life..." the words washed over you in that sweet voice of hers: a banjo on a summer night, a meadowlark in a field of wheat, "I said, 'So are you'."

The two of you held each other like you'd never let go, like you'd never be separated again. You dared the world to try. Over AJ's shoulder, you could see the sun start to dip below the horizon.

"Which way is North, do you think?" you ask.

There was only a short pause before her answer. "Whichever way points to you."

The two of your sat there, embracing, facing North and watching the sun say farewell for another day.

Maybe you weren't born here. Maybe you weren't a pony. Maybe you'd never fit in. But maybe, just maybe...'d belong.