My Little Donkey and the Stork's Dream

by Catkitty

V - Decision

The next day, in the late morning, Twilight slowly opened her eyes. "I'll have to stand up..." she thought reluctantly. Suddenly, she felt a beautiful scent coming from the kitchen. Curious, she got out of bed and went led by the smell.
She went into the kitchen. Spike was sitting by the table while eating. Sunny Ray was rustling up some food.
"What are you doing, Sunny" Twilight asked.
"Oh, I did not hear that you awake," the donkey said, "You are so nice and hospitable for me. I wanted to repay you, so prepared the breakfast. I did not want to wake you up, because I know that I sleep a little loudly," he laughed.
"You didn't have to," said the unicorn.
"Oh yes, I had," Sunny said. "Want to know what I prepared? So come here."
"Okay..." Twilight Sparkle came up to the donkey, "My favorite! How did you know?"
"It is easy."
"I opened a cookbook that was lying on top and looked for the most faded page."
"Interesting... Yeah, right... Though, the longer opened pages are, the more faded they become."
"Exactly. Well, sit, please, at the table," Sunny Ray asked while putting plates of food on the tablecloth, "Enjoy your meal."
"Thank you. You too," Twilight responded.
Everyone ate with relish. Spike even asked for a makeweight.
"I was wrong about our guest," he said, "He's very cool."
"Oh, Spike..." Twilight sighed.
Donkey cleared the table. He did the dishes He put the cookbook into its place. Friends were amazed at his sense of duty and a desire to help.
A few hours later, he heard shouts:
"Why isn't it going to stand?!"
Curious what's going on, he came to the unicorn.
"What happened, Twilight?" he asked.
"Nothing important. I can handle it."
"Well... fine..." he retreated.
After fifteen minutes, he heard the same shouts.
"Twilight, certainly nothing happened?" he asked.
"Oh! The reading desk falls over. I can not deal with it."
"Perhaps help?"
"Yes. I could try to fix it."
"Um... Okay..." she said, surprised.
Sunny twisted something, tapped something and after thirty seconds, the desk was standing. Twilight's eyes widened.
"Here it is! Finished."
"Thank you..." stunned Twilight Sparkle said.
Sunny Ray was helping in anything he could the whole day. He did it willingly and with joy. "They took me under their roof, though." he reckoned.
At the end of the day, after long reflection, Twilight came up to the donkey.
"Sunny..." she began.
"Yes, Twilight?" the donkey asked.
"You help us a lot..."
"Though, I have to give something back," Sunny interrupted.
"...and I thank you for it a lot..."
"You are kindly welcome!" he replied.
" I was thinking..."
"Yes??" he asked curiously.
"...if I could introduce you to my friends."
"Me??" he asked in surprise.
"Yes. You," Twilight replied.
"I do not know how I will be received by them," Sunny said.
"Stop... If I liked you, they will probably like you too.
"Well, PROBABLY they will like me too," the donkey repeated.
"So have I to invite my friends here or not to invite them?"
"Oh... Fine... I will willingly meet them," the guest agreed.
"OK. So I'll go get them know."
"Fine. I will prepare the dinner meanwhile."
"Oh, Sunny..." Twilight sighed while leaving.