A Changing Song

by Just A Random Pegasus

I: Discovery

Rarity sewed a few folds into her new outfit. She leaned closer to make the lining as perfect as she could. She flipped her ragged mane to the side of her head; mentally reminding herself to give her mane a good brushing after she finishes her work. She finally finished a line and levitated the dress. So far, it looked elegant and beautiful; perfect to display in her boutique in Canterlot. She smiled at the thought and set her work back on the table; taking a drink of the cup of water by her work area.

A knock then came from the door; sounding fairly quiet. Rarity turned her head to the door and levitated her glasses away from her face to a clear spot on the table.

"Come in!" She remarked as she moved the many fabrics set all over the floor to the side of the room.

The door opened as a shy figure walked in. It was Sweetie Belle. She looked like she was trying to avoid eye contact.

"Sweetie Belle? Are you alright?"

Sweetie looked up at Rarity; and used the little amount of magic she had to shut the door. "I-I don't know..."

Rarity pulled up a chair for Sweetie to sit on. Sweetie sat down and put her head on her hooves. Rarity then wrapped her fore-hoof around her sister.

"What happened? Are you broken-hearted? Bullied? Hurt?" Rarity questioned; moving a small bit of mane out of Sweetie Belle's face.

"N-no..." Sweetie Belle responded; looking up into her sister's blue eyes.

"Well... then what's go you so hurt? I haven't seen you this pained in a really long time, darling."

Sweetie Belle sighed. "My whole life, and existence, has been a complete lie."

Rarity's eyes widened. "What?!" She stared back into her sister's eyes. "W-whatever do you mean, Sweetie Belle?"

Sweetie buried her face in her hooves again. "I'm not who you think I am. I didn't even know what I was until a few minutes ago." She sighed once again; this time more silently. "I'll just say I'm really happy I didn't have school today... I would have been expelled, most likely."

Rarity pat her sister on the back. "There, there. Is it really that bad?"

Sweetie nodded her head. "It is. I-I don't know how to say this..."

"Sweetie Belle, you can tell me anything! That's what sisters are for!"

Sweetie Belle stood up; looking heavily troubled. "I'm... I'm..."


"A... changeling."

Rarity looked at Sweetie in confusion. "Um... what? Sweetie Belle, you're not a changeling. Did you just have a nightmare?"

Sweetie shook her head. "I am a changeling, Rarity. I don't know why... I just... I don't know... transformed today."

Rarity stared at Sweetie for a few seconds. "Sweetie Belle... there are no known traces of a changeling in our family! Maybe you were just seeing things."

"I'm not just seeing things! I turned into Spike earlier!"

Rarity's eyes widened. "What? How?"

Sweetie looked to the ground. "I don't know! I just thought that it would be cool to be a dragon, and Spike popped into my mind. Next thing I knew; I was staring at a small purple dragon!"

Rarity shook her head. "I-I still don't know if I can believe this..."

"Fine! I'll show you!" Sweetie Belle responded. She was then engulfed by a small green light and grew in size. When the glow disappeared, Cheerilee was standing in Rarity's room.

Rarity stared with wide eyes. "I can't believe what I'm seeing..." she muttered to herself as Cheerilee disappeared in a flash of green; and Sweetie Belle was once again standing in her place.

"I told you!" Sweetie remarked as Rarity stood up and walked over to her sister.

"Sweetie... Have you transformed into an actual changeling yet?"

Sweetie thought and shook her head. "Nope. I probably could, but it would be a lot of energy to turn back into my true form."

Rarity nodded her head in agreement; her eyes still wide with shock. "What I don't understand is why you're just showing your transformation powers now. I saw you when you were born. You didn't appear as a changeling then!"

Sweetie thought. "Yeah. That is pretty weird. I guess I have changeling genes in me, or something." A huge smile then spread across her face. "Wait... I am a mix between a changeling and a pony... that means I'm not an evil creature... but a filly who has superpowers!" Sweetie then started bouncing up and down. "Oh, I can't wait to tell Scootaloo and Apple Bloom! They're gonna-"

Sweetie was cut off by Rarity's hoof in her mouth. "Don't tell them, Sweetie. And I don't think it's only genes from a changeling. It's very possible that you really are a changeling; you were just living your life in disguise."

Sweetie's smile quickly disappeared. "But... what should I do? What if I really am a monster?"

Rarity thought. "I'll go talk to Twilight. She probably has at least five books about changeling ancestry in that library of hers."

Sweetie wrapped her fore-hooves tightly around her sister. "Thank you."

Rarity returned the hug. "Thank you? For what?" She asked as Sweetie pulled apart.

"For not abandoning me just because I'm a changeling."

Rarity gave her sister a sympathetic smile. "Sweetie, you know I would never do that! Even if you were secretly a diamond dog, I would never leave you on the streets! You can't choose what race or creature you are! That's fate's decision."

Sweetie Belle smiled back at her sister. "Once again... thank you... so much."

Rarity nodded her head. "Think nothing of it! I will always be here for you, Sweetie Belle!" She then looked outside. "I'm going to have to see Twilight about this. Do you want to come with me?"

Sweetie Belle nodded. "Sure! But can we get crackers in the marketplace on the way back?"

Rarity giggled. "Of course! Now, let's get this mystery solved."