I stole your boyfriend, what are you gonna do about it?

by ultronquake

Chapter three - Date night

To Flash's credit he had Aria to the nurse's office in a matter of minutes and he waited beside her bed the whole time like a true gentleman. The nurse, Miss Redheart looked almost in worse condition than the patients she was treating. Her skin was pale and devoid of color, almost as if she were anemic. She wore her pink hair in a top knot to keep it out of her eyes. "You say you lost consciousness for a time? How long would you say that was?"

Aria had the standard diagnostic tools attached to her, a blood pressure cuff around her arm and the stethoscope placed above her heart. "I'm not really sure, I think I heard the bell ringing when I came to."

"It must have been about fifteen minutes I stayed with her. I wasn't sure what to do so I didn't move her at all." Flash said.

"No you did good, she might have gone into shock. But should such an event ever occur again it would be best to notify someone with medical training as soon as possible." Redheart took off the cuff and jotted down the results on her clipboard, "You should be fine but at the first sign of difficulty breathing or loosing consciousness I want you to seek medical attention."

"Oh yes nurse, I will."

"Good girl. If I were you I'd be thanking my lucky stars, if your boyfriend hadn't been there than there could have been some very bad consequences." Flash's was quick to dispel her misconception.

"N-No, A-Aria's n-not my gu-girlfriend." he stammered.

Redheart wasn't fazed by his unease, "My mistake, I just assumed that was the case by the way you had her hand on her a#@ when you came into my office." Flash's face went even brighter red, "I suppose boyfriend and girlfriend is too 'restrictive' for you kids. All I ask is you use condoms, god knows we already have too many teen mothers at this school."

By now Flash was so upset he had to leave the room, Aria couldn't help but laugh at his misery. "Don't worry nurse, we'll be sure to take your advice. Right now I'd better catch up to my 'boyfriend,' we have Ms. Cheerilee's literature class to get to." Redheart waved her off and wished her a healthy rest of the day.

When Aria left the nurse's office she found Flash not too far away, jammed in between two sets of lockers as if he were trying to blend into the bland decor of the hallway. "Why didn't you let her know we're not a couple?"

"Because I like you Mr. Sentry, would it be so bad if we were a couple?" Aria asked in a playful way.

"Don't even joke about that, I'm with Twilight, end of story." Flash said while crossing his arms.

"Whatever you say Mr. Sentry."


After a boring lecture about classical literature that was outdated when Aria first read it three hundred years ago came lunch period. That blessed time when students could congregate and graze with people of like mind. The lunches at CHS also were known for their frequent interruption by well-choreographed impromptu musical numbers. But there was none of that today, just students sitting with their cliques with a small amount of intermingling.

It didn't take long for Aria to find her sisters, they had already gone through the line. Sonata was unhappily prodding at an unidentifiable blob of brown goop. Adagio had something more sensible, a salad of pathetic looking greens drowning in ranch. "I don't suppose there's anything better, is there?"

"I asked if they had any tacos left over from Tuesday, this is what she gave me!" Sonata held out her tray as if to show off how disappointed she was. "I think I'm gonna be sick."

"So how was your first day of hell?" Adagio asked casually, she popped a crouton in her mouth and began crunching on it. "Mine sucked a*@."

Aria shrugged her shoulders, "Nothing much, calculus is boring as hell, and literature is the same old garbage. Some kid tried strangling me to death though." she mentioned as a side note.

"For realzies? How long did he try before he gave up? My money's on five minutes!" Sonata asked excitedly.

Adagio didn't wait to swallow, "No way, the kids here aren't that motivated. It was two minutes tops!" Immortality, it does strange things to people. When the icy sting of a knife plunged into your gut or a hangman's noose has no consequence things like mortal peril become mundane. For the siren sisters it had become a game, something to place bets over, anything to keep eternity interesting.

"Actually I don't know how long he was choking me. It was strange, after a few seconds everything went black." Sonata and Adagio shared a concerned glance.

"That's ... Weird." Sonata bit on her thumb nervously.

Adagio was quick to come up with a theory, "Maybe you fell asleep, you were up really late last night. What were you doing anyway?"

"Glad you asked, so you know my handler is in a relationship with the ringleader of the Rainbooms right?"

"Sunset Shimmer? No she let me know they broke up months ago." Adagio corrected her.

Sonata shook her head, "No Ari means Rainbow Dash, she's the band leader."

"Wow I had no idea, I wouldn't have pegged him for being into athletic girls. Personally I thought he'd be all over that nerd Twilight Sparkle." Adagio was fully aware of what she was doing and seeing Aria's frustration made it all the more worthwhile.

"GRR! Yes, he's dating the friendship princess. And I stayed up all last night thinking of ways to get revenge against her." Aria was comically rubbing her hands together like a cartoon villain.

"Ooh I get it, you’re going to use him to get back at her." Aria was about to answer with 'exactly' but Sonata continued. "Like, you could handcuff her to the wall and force her to watch as you disembowel her boyfriend right in front of her."

Both Aria and Adagio looked at the sister with shock and disgust. "Jezzus Crist Sonata!"

"What the f#@*?!"

"What? Too much?" Sonata's expression never changed from her innocent smile.

Aria shook of her sister's disturbed nature and continued, "Anyway, no, I'm not doing any of your F'ed up stuff you've got in your head. I'm going to seduce him away from her and really make it hurt. Then to top it off, once he's mine to do with as I please I'm going to dump him in the gutter.

"I don't know Aria that's almost as f*#@ed up as what Sonata was talking about. I love it!" Adagio took a big fork full of salad in celebration. "Maybe we can't hurt that smug b#$@* physically anymore, but she can’t do anything to prevent grand theft boyfriend."

"Hey speaking of." Sonata pointed to the end of the food line, the whole Rainbooms group plus Flash Sentry were coming out with their lunches. "Hey there Pinkalicious!"

"Pinka- what now?" Aria asked with raised eyebrow.

"She thought we should come up with nicknames for each other."

Pinkie waived back, "Hay there Sonnet!"

"I see you girls have some open seats, mind if we all join you?" Sunset asked politely.

Adagio rolled her eyes, "I doubt there's anything we could do to stop you. Go right ahead." One by one every member of Sunset's posse found a seat, now the once abandoned lunch table was filled to the brim.

"So how was your first day back at CHS?" Fluttershy asked in a near whisper. None of the Dazzlings even bothered to respond, only glowering at her. "Sorry."

"You remember my first day back after my failed coup, I wasn't exactly in a friendly mood either Fluttershy." Sunset had a look of understanding on her face, she'd been through exactly what they were dealing with. "Oh, that reminds me. Principal Celestia wanted us to do something to help your transition into everyday life here smoother, so she asked if Pinkie, Flash and I would take you out on the town."

"Mmhhmm," Pinkie hummed with her mouth full of the reconstituted leftovers, "She gave us fifty bucks a piece!"

"I figured we could use that to go catch a movie at the Cineplex, if you wanted to that is." Sunset looked to Adagio hopefully.

"What's playing? Nothing that would appeal to my sophisticate palette I suppose." Adagio said in a dismissive manner.

"Well, there's a screening of the unexpected virtue of ignorance, or the art theater is showing Bernie, the movie about the guy who murdered an old lady but no one wanted to convict him." Sunset posed the options, to Adagio's surprise they weren't that bad. "And if none of that sounds appealing I've got the box set of Twin Peaks, it's a bizarre mystery show set in the Pacific Northwest."

"Alright, I'll take you up on your offer." 'Eh what the hell,' Adagio thought out loud.

Sunset and the others seemed pleased with that, next up the ever energetic Pinkie Pie. "Soo, I was thinking and call me crazy if I am-"

"Alright you're crazy." Sonata said with a giggle.

"We could use the money and go out for some expensive dinner that's barely enough to feed an ant. Or, we could do this!" Pinkie held out her cell phone, on the little LED screen was an ad for Taco Gong. "They’re running a midnight deal for one dollar tacos! I figure if we hold out for that long then we can each get twenty five a piece!" Pinkie looked expectantly to her ward, "Sonnet?"

Sonata's eyes were filled to the brim with tears, her mouth was overflowing with drool. "You- You, understand me."

"It's not that hard to understand you have a taco fetish considering how much you talk about them Sonata." Aria turned to her handler, "Well Flash, what do you have planned for us?"

"I dunno, actually the dollar taco's sound pretty good to me." Flash didn't have a very sophisticated pallet.

Now was the time for Aria to further her goals, "Really now Flash, you went and felt me up in the school hallways in front of everyone and you want to take me out to fast food? The least you could do is treat a girl to a nice dinner."

The reaction from the table was quick and volatile. "I can't believe you Flash! Taking advantage of a vulnerable woman like that, shame on you!" shrieked Rarity.

"Wow dude, I had no idea you were such a perv." Rainbow Dash seemed less upset, more indifferent to the whole thing.

Sunset seemed to be the most disappointed having been in a relationship with the man in question in the past. "Really Flash? I know I was a b*#@$ to you back then but you never touched me like that." All eyes were on bacon hair, "Uh, I mean- What's wrong with you, filthy man animal!"

"But I didn't do anything honest!" As much as he would plead his case none of them would have any of it, in the end he had to hang his head in resignation. "Fine, where do you want to eat?" Flash asked in a defeated tone.

"I'm feeling like spending big tonight, how about sashimi?" Under pressure from every girl at the table Flash Sentry had no choice but to accept. "See you tonight."


After school the Dazzlings got off the bus with Pinkie Pie, having to tote their luggage the few blocks to her home. In the intervening time her sisters had responded to her texts asking if their rooms could be lent out. "You're really going to like it at my place! There's plenty of empty space, Inky and Blinky aren't really the decorating types so feel free to put up whatever you need to make this feel more like a home."

"Your sister's names are Inky and Blinky?" Sonata asked confusedly.

"No silly, there just nicknames we gave each other. They call me Pinkie but my legal name is Pinkamina, and my oldest sister Maud we call Clyde. She's already graduated and still lives here so you'll have to meet her, just keep out of her room okay? She doesn't like people touching her rocks." Sonata was nodding in understanding but in reality she was milling over the familiar naming convention of the Pie sisters.

The rest of the way was spent in annoying banter between Sonata and Pinkie, made all the more unbearable by the nicknames they insisted on using. Finally when it seemed stepping in front of traffic would be a better option they arrived, it was a modest looking two story house with no lawn to speak of. Their host was all too happy to show them in, "Hey Maud! We have company!"

Not a sound was heard and no one was there to greet them. "Is your sister out at the moment?" Aria asked as she set down her overstuffed luggage on the floor.

"No silly, that's Maud right behind you."

Once Aria wheeled herself around she was greeted by the blank face of a statuesque woman in her early twenties, her skin was like smooth marble, her hair worn strait down. "Boulder says hello." Perched in her right hand was a small pebble, she was cradling it like you would a small dog.

Not wanting to seem rude Adagio stepped forward,"Hello Maud, I guess we'll be living here for a time." She only blinked, "It's awfully nice of you and Pinkie to take us in." Still she only blinked, "We'll try and stay out of your hair as much as we can."

"Okay." The grayscale woman walked away, grabbed a box of crackers off the counter and started pouring them on her rock.

Pinkie looked somewhat embarrassed, "S-sorry about that. Maud isn't quite all there if you know what I mean."

"Oh, so is she like a total psycho or just has some social disorders?" asked Sonata.

"Maud has problems communicating with other people, so if you see her talking through her pet rock, she's not crazy." The pink one drew silent, it was obvious she'd been living with her sister's condition for some time. "Anyway I'm sure she'll warm up to you once you've been here a while. Let me show you the rooms you'll all be staying in!"

The rooms themselves weren't anything to write home about, though seeing as this would be the Dazzling's home for the foreseeable future they would have to do something about that. Once again they had to draw lots as to who would get what, there were two bedrooms and three sirens. Once again Aria drew the short end of the stick, this time being forced to share a bed with Sonata while Adagio got an entire bedroom to herself. Maybe she was just lucky that way, but it seemed anytime chance was involved Aria would end up on bottom while Adagio would take the top.

After unpacking her belongings Aria spent some time getting ready for her date, it might have been by force but it was a date nonetheless. She was confident in her abilities enough to say by the end of the night she would have Flash Sentry for herself, not that she particularly wanted him in the first place.

As she ordained her jewelry in its rightful place, hair pins, ear rings and what remained of her broken siren charm, memories of the day flooded back. It had been so odd, Aria had lost all control, she could feel herself slipping away. Nothing like that had ever happened in her thousand years, nothing. Maybe Adagio was right, she would have to get some real sleep on the weekend.

While she was still getting dressed Aria heard the doorbell chime, it was Sunset here to collect Adagio. 'I can't believe she just going along with her. Adagio's usually too uptight to hang out with anyone.’ She would have kept on wondering but then Aria remembered she didn't care.

Downstairs she could hear Pinkie Pie and Sonata mashing on buttons and chugging over caffeinated beverages, likely to sustain them through the wait. 'No surprise there,'Aria thought. After applying a modest amount of makeup she was ready, she was garbed in her nicest getup, which happened to be the outfit she wore to the battle of the bands. Rather than wait inside Aria decided to step out, she would rather face the cold than be subjected to her sister's squealing.

There wasn't much going on outside, the street was barren, devoid of cars. Maybe that was just the kind of town Canterlot was, Aria suspected she'd get to know this place very well as time went on, weather she wanted too or not. At least the stars were out, none of them obscured by the city smog like in Detrot, there had been no starlight over that city.

While she was absorbed in stargazing she completely missed her date arriving, "You see some U.F.O.'s up there?"

"Wha- Oh Flash, I didn't hear you drive up."

"That's cause I didn't, my car's in the shop, from the damage you caused it, remember?" he asked in a deadpan tone.

"Eh no," Maybe minor property damage wasn't the best way to start of this relationship. "Anyway no flying saucers tonight, just watching the stars."

Flash held out a hand to help her stand up, "What do you use it for inspiration for your songs?"

"No, most of our songs were just done on the fly. Half of them were just hypnotic commands set to acappella vocals." Aria dusted off the rear of her skirt before taking hold of his hand. "I like watching the stars because they’re the same ones from back home. Every night when I was just a little guppy in the big ocean I would peek my head past the surface to watch them. Even though this is a completely different world than the one I come from, the stars are the same. It's just about the only thing that's a constant in my life."

"Wait ... guppy? Are you saying-"

"That I'm an aquatic being by nature? Yes."

"But if you're a fish then, why sushi?" Flash was somewhat horrified that he might be standing next to a cannibal.

Aria just had to roll her eyes. "It's sashimi, sushi is the art of preparing the food. And maybe you didn't notice the huge chompers on our siren forms, those aren't for show. Back in Equestria we were alpha predators, we didn't start out that way but- never mind." Aria hadn't intended to bring back those painful memories, or to even share them with a stranger. "Anyway just because you're a born land dweller doesn't mean you’re a cannibal for eating cows or pigs."

"I guess that makes sense, jeez it's pretty strange though. You’re actually a fish creature and the only two girls I've ever dated are magical horses from another dimension. Kind of calls into question my preferences doesn't it?" Flash let out a laugh, he didn't really care too much. Sunset Shimmer had always been a regular B#@**y girl, and Twilight Sparkle was a regular awkward girl. The spontaneously appearing wings were kind of odd though.

With her arm intertwined with his Aria turned to ask Flash a question, "What's so great about Twilight Sparkle anyway? Why do you want to be with her?"

"Well... She's really nice, the first time we met it was like an instant connection you know? And the time we spent together dancing at the fall formal was ... Magic!" his eyes were lit up like a hearths warming tree.

"So you had a cool date at the school dance, anything else?"

"I just know she's the one because ever since she had to leave I kept on waiting and hoping she'd come back or I'd hear something from her. Every single day my thoughts were on her alone."

"Wait, are you saying yesterday was the second time you've ever met her? What kind of a basis for a relationship is that? One dance and a few dozen words shared. I've had a deeper and more meaningful relationship with a turkey sandwich!" Aria wasn't exaggerating, you'd be surprised at how much you can love food when you haven't had eaten in weeks. "I bet she's never even kissed you."

Flash's temperament was flaring up, "J-Just because we haven't kissed doesn't mean we're not right for each other."

"Oh I'd never say that Flash, it's just that I'm surprised she's not even willing to give you a sign of affection as meaningful as a kiss. I know if you were my boyfriend I wouldn't hesitate to give you all the sugar. As a matter of fact," Aria swooped in and planted her lips on his, they stayed there for a good three seconds before he pulled away. 'With this kiss I do thee steal.'

"Wha- what the hell!"

"I'm sorry Flashy, I just couldn't help myself. I don't regret it though." Aria licked her lips seductively as she stared into his eyes. It was having the desired effect, she could see the want in his eyes.

"J-J-J- Just p-pu-promise you won't do that again." he stammared out.

"Scouts honor, not that I was in the girl scouts but you get the idea." She would hold that promise, she didn't need to kiss him again to make him hers. Flash had been given a taste and soon he would crave it. "Come on Flashy, let's get some dinner."

The whole walk to the Japanese restaurant Flash was half jittery half trying to mask his arousal. Once there he didn't get much better so Aria ended up ordering for the both of them. Spicy tuna, Ahi, and crunchy crab, tried and true favorites. She learned once the food came that Flash had never tried sahimi before. As a reward for being such a brave boy Aria fed him with the chopsticks he was struggling with, all the while playing a little game of footsie under the table.

All was going as planned.