MLP: Return to the Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria

by Luigifan7013

5 AM

5 AM

The wondercolts and Timberwolves were standing around in the parts and service area minding their own business, but suddenly, they heard a voice.

"Hey!" said the voice.

They turned and saw Toby in a Tirek suit, having no idea it was Toby fooling them.

"I'm going to need you all to help because that team in the prize area said you are all nothing but idiots."

"Wait. What's the plan, Tirek?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Gather around and I will tell you all." said Toby, as they gathered into a group and formed a plan.

A few minutes later, Toby was now hiding behind the prize boxes. He then pulled out a walkie talkie that he got from evil Rainbow Dash and said, "Alright, guys. It's show time!"

Rarity then ran out into the prize area while holding a jar of dirt and began singing "I got a jar of dirt and guess what's inside it!"

That caught Captain Underpants' attention until he was hit in the back of the head with a Crowbar by lightning dust.


Ed was shocked by this until the lights went out for a second. It came back on to show that Fluttershy had a pistol in her hands pointing at Ed.

"Hello!" she greeted, before shooting Ed in the head.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash sneaked behind Donkey Kong. Rainbow pushed Donkey Kong over some boxes while Pinkie took out a frying pan and knocked him unconscious.

The human CMC were messing around until Toby ran towards them and somehow managed to pick all three of the girls up and throwing them to who knows were.

Purple Sweetie Belle over heard the commotion and walked in, but got hit by the crusaders.

"MUFFINS!" shouted Derpy, as she and Diamond Tiara were fighting, but Derpy was unlucky and got knocked out by Silver Spoon, and the two ran back to the prize corner.

In there, the Wondercolts and Timberwolves were knocked out cold by a unknown force and blood stains were on the floor, as well from the dead bodies.

"Well, thanks for doubling my work," said PSB. "Now I have to kill you and clean this mess up." She then made her way to him.

"Hey!" said a voice.

She turned and saw Anti-Toby who was the source of the voice .

"I'm going to kill him, not you!" he said.

"Hey!" said another voice.

They turned and saw Doctor Neo Cortex who was walking into the prize corner.

"No, it's me who's going to kill him, not you two!" he said.

"HEY!" said two voices in unison.

They turned yet again and saw Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon walking into the prize conner as well.

"Me and my friend here are the ones who's going to kill Toby." she said while her friend nodded in agreement.

"Aw, heck no!" said Anti-Toby.

"Oh, so you think your better than us?" said Cortex.

"Hey, what about me? I'm better then all you morons!" Purple Sweetie Belle complained.

"Oh, it's on!" Silver Spoon shouted.

In no time flat, the villans began fighting over who should kill Toby while he stood there, being annoyed by them. He then noticed a laser gun on the floor that said "Property of Dr. Neo Cortex" which gave him a idea.

The villains were still going on about killing Toby until they heard "Hey, idiots!"

They turned and saw Toby holding a laser gun.

"Wait, is that a soda shooter?" said PSB.

Toby then fired a laser at the stage area and it exploded on the stage. The villains were horrified by this and they began running outside while PSB shouted "Run!!!

When they went outside, they saw a car. Diamond Tiara then said "All of you, get in while I start the car."

"Wait, what about the kid?" said the villains in unison.

"She said get in the car, you boneheads!!" Silver Spoon screamed.

When they all got in, they drove off while Toby got on a motorcycle and chased after them. Toby them fired multiple lasers but missed every shot. Anti-Toby then threw a beach ball at him but that didn't stop him. Soon the car then crashed right into the building of the pizzeria and the other villains got out while Toby walked towards them and said "Payback time!"

But just as he was about to reach them, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ran at him and pushed Toby into the box, sealing him inside. The box then started playing music again and the villains began dancing in celebration. But then the alarm rang, causing all the villains to panic. They then proceeded to push the music button fast.

"WARNING MUSIC BOX OVERLOAD!" said the speakers but the villains didn't care and kept pushing it until it exploded.

The villains began screaming in fear as Toby began climbing out the box and jumped scared them all.