The White Alicorn

by Brony2015

Prologue (Edited)

The night court was progressing rather well. Luna was hoping that she would be able to finish up all of her formal appointments earlier than normal, and return to her chambers.
After all there were Ponies out there who needed her during the night, as she was the one who could help chase away a nights worth of nightmares.
But with that, all peace was brought abruptly to an end, by the sound of Prince Blue Bloods voice. Luna and several of her night guards all winced due to the sudden sound of him shouting at the top of his lungs.
“stand aside at once, I Prince Blue Blood demand by my royal right to enter these chambers! He screamed, as he forced his way into the room.
Prince Blue Blood forced his way into the throne room. Luna gently waved off the spluttering apology from the young guard outside the door.
“Auntie Luna I must speak with you at once" Prince Blue Blood shrieked.
Luna stood upon the throne, her eyes closed, as she took a deep slow breath in. Opening her eyes once again to see her nephew stood in the middle of the room with his face set.
''My Dear nephew, we are about to wrap things up for this evening. Unless you have something that requires me, and the courts attention, that can not wait, then continue. But if not, then please leave at once" Said Luna, calmly, but firmly.
Luna knew her nephew far too well, he would not take how she had spoken to him very well at all. She waited to see how long it would take for him to take the hint, and leave.
“A-auntie Luna, I must report that one of the new maids has failed in her duties to the crown. My chambers have not yet been cleaned, and it has come to my attention that she has spent most of the day cleaning the guest rooms on the second floor. Why is this, I demand an answer"? Asked Prince Blue Blood.
There was complete silence in the room, not one Pony made a single murmur. Prince Blue Blood, looked around at all the other court members, as they looked down upon him turning there heads away in disgust

He looked at Luna, who now was finding it increasingly hard to keep her cool in front of her court members, and the guards. Luna took a big deep breath in once again, as she answered her nephews question.
''Prince Blue Blood my dear nephew, you force your way into these court proceedings, with something very important for our attention, and this very importing thing is just because your chambers have not been cleaned!
If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed we have a very important guest coming to the castle, which means we needed all of our focus on making there stay very comfortable. Now I have answered your question, now that you know the reason, you may leave'', Continued Luna.
Prince Blue Blood looked upon his Auntie, with complete surprise upon his face. He could not believe that she had spoken to him in such a manner.
''Well then, I can see how that would be important, but still by my royal rights, my chambers must be cleaned. I am not happy that I have to sleep in a mucky bed'', Replied Prince Blue Blood.
Luna sighed heavily, she was well aware that after the maids had finished cleaning and preparing the guest rooms, they had been given the rest of the night off. Luna knew if the young maid had gone back to Prince Blue Bloods chambers to clean it, she would have been working much longer hours than she should have been.
Luna took a mental note of this, and to make the young maid clean his chambers to keep him happy. In return she would give the maid a week off for her hard work.
''If that is all dear nephew then myself, and the court will bid you a good night. I have kept a mental note about this, ‘‘issue; you have brought to my attention. I will have a word with this young maid, and make sure she cleans your chambers this evening'', Said Luna, as she stood up from her throne, the other court members stood up as well, and started to make there way out of the room.
As Luna was about to leave, a sudden magical disturbance caught her attention. She felt it high above the castle. It appeared to be coming from the very edge of the sky. A place only an Alicorn could go due to there strong magical resistance to the cold.

Luna was no longer listening to her nephew. She was too focused on the strange magical energy that was slowly building up in the sky. What ever it was, it was falling fast, and as it fell, Luna could feel its magical aura change, and reshape. It felt as if a life was slowly being born from this powerful surge of magic.
The magical surge was beginning to flex, and twist. Luna continued to watch from her minds eye, a shape began to form within the white sphere. At first it was nothing more than a black mass, but slowly it began to split and divide. Slowly a new life was born within the magical sphere.
Luna could only watch as the strange ball of magical energy continued to feed on growing life within its self. By now the dark shape had started to look like a very young Pony. As more magic was forced into its new body, the Pony began to spasm.
Luna could only watch in shock, wondering what she should do, as a pair of small wings and a horn slowly emerged from the young Ponies body. Luna continued to watch as the newly born Alicorn was suddenly engulfed in the remains of the magical sphere. There was a sudden burst of magical energy, and the Alicorn’s small body was sent plummeting towards Canterlot castle.
Luna witnessing the baby Alicorns birth was the only Pony in the court who knew what was actually going on. She began to react, moving swiftly out of the way, seconds before the glass roof above where she was once standing shattered. The guards moved out of the way of the shards of broken glass that was raining down, and ran right to, Prince Blue Blood, and pinned him down, protecting him.
Luna watched in horror as the newly born Alicorn crashed through the glass roof. Her eyes widened in shock at the sight. Its coat was bleached white like bone, as was its wings, tail, and mane.
Its horn was glowing brightly with the last of the magical power surging into the sphere, and becoming one with the Alicorns body. Luna came into contact with the newborn Alicorn.
Luna ran over to the young Alicorn wrapping her legs and wings around him. She felt all the shards of glass that was falling cut her body. She screamed in pain, but that was not important, as her focus was to protect the Alicorn, even if it cost her, her life.
Luna rolled herself up concealing the young Alicorn close to her body, the blood from the shards of glass that fell, and cut her smeared across his body. When Luna was finally free of the falling glass, she was able to stop herself from rolling. She was able to get a better look at the small Alicorn, and check him over to see if he was not injured. To Luna's relief he was fine, apart from some of her own blood that covered him.
Even by Alicorn standards he was a strange creature. His coat was pure white, as was his tail, and mane. His horn was also white, and was currently still glowing as it continued to absorb the remaining magic from the strange sphere that had been responsible for his birth.
For a moment his eyes flickered open. Luna then found her self reflected in a pair of teal eyes much like her own. His eyes were open for only a moment, and she heard the softest whisper from his lips.
The Foal’s eyes closed once again, and Luna felt his small body begin to tremble. Slowly his coat became covered with sweat as his body began to heat up.
Luna’s eyes widened with shock, as she recognized the signs of a magical surge. There was too much magic flowing through his small body, and he was unable to handle it.
“Princess Luna, are you alight"?
Luna looked up at her guards, and her eyes widen with fear, as she watched the shards of shattered glass, slowly rise off the throne room floor. The Unicorn guards all froze, as they released what was going on. The earth, and Pegasus guards not being able to sense magic, did not understand what was going on.
“Guards, Go, and bring my sister here at once, also do not allow any other pony to enter here, go quickly”.
''Yes, Princess Luna, right away''Said two of the guards, in unison.
The two guards started to run out of the room, but then they both hesitated, and looked back at Luna. They where torn between assuring the safety of Princess Luna's life, and Prince Blue Blood, which was still cowering in the corner.

''Go now! Please do not worry about me; I have some remaining guards here to assist if I need them. I need my sister here immediately" Screamed Luna at the two guards,
''Yes, of course Princess, right away'', both guards reply.
Luna looked down at the young Alicorn foal, he was beginning to panic due to the increasing surge of magical power resonating from him.
''Shh now little one, do not fret. I will make sure you are all better, you'll see'' Says Luna, with a reassuring smile.
Luna felt a warm feeling come over her. She couldn't quite understand why this was happening, but with the little Alicorn calling her Mummy really affected her.
It made her feel that she needed to protect him, and help to ease his suffering with the magical surge, still running through his body.
Luna then gently dipped her head, in order to touch the young foals horn, with her own. She then began to drain the magical power that was surging around his body, and into her own self.
As Luna continued to drain the magnitude of the magical power from the young foal, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.
''Lulu, what is going on here"? Asked, Princess Celestia.
Celestia’s words were cut short, as the little foal Alicorn, let out an almighty scream, as a powerful blast of magical energy, shot out of his body, and out through his horn. The resulting explosion would surely of destroyed the entire castle, and most of Canterlot, if Luna had not of acted as she did.
As the dust and debris cleared, Luna, and Celestia could only look onwards, as the once grand throne room collapsed in on its self, leaving only rubble. The roof directly above them, bounced harmlessly.
As a powerful energy shield, that had been summoned just in the nick of time saved there lives, ''Oh, thank you Tia'', as Luna acknowledged her sisters quick actions. Luna's thoughts suddenly went back to the young Alicorn foal. She ran over to him, his little body lay lifeless on the floor. She began thinking the worst, that the surge of magical energy that had escaped from his body might have taken its toll on him.
Luna paused and looked up at her concerned sister, as the remains of the throne room finished crashing to the floor. Celestia looked down at her sister, her voice was filled with concern and worry.
“Lulu, where in Canterlot, did that Colt come from"?
Several hours had passed since the explosion happened in the throne room; the royal guards were now on full alert. The aftermath of the throne room collapsing caused a lot of panic in the citizens of Canterlot.

A large portion of the royal guards were sent there to try and ease the fears of its citizens who had witnessed everything that had just happened.

Princess Luna's voice echoed through the halls of the castle. The unfortunate guards who had tried to take the unconscious Colt away from her chambers were thrown out in a blaze of her magic might. The guards struggled to untangle themselves and get back onto there hooves. The sound of soft Hoover’s echoed across the corridor, the guards quickly bowed as Princess Celestia walked towards them.
“Princess Celestia, we apologize for our actions, but we must do something about that Alicorn Colt immediately", said the captain of the guard,
“Captain I understand your concerns, but please let me deal with this, my sister can be hard to reason with sometimes’’, Replied Celestia,
The captain of the guard paused for a moment, before nodding softly and with a motion of his head, signaled the other guards to stand down, and for them to follow him. Celestia waited patiently for the guards to depart, once the sound of there hooves had faded away she took a breath and steadied herself, before knocking softly on her sister’s door.
“Lulu it me, Tia, may I come please come in”?
There was silence for a moment, then the doors that had been encased in a dark blue magic, softly swinging open. Celestia calmly walked into her sisters chambers. Luna stood protectively beside the little unconscious Alicorn, her wings spread defensively and her horn pointing at her, slightly glowing. Celestia paused and her gaze switched to the small Colt as he lay unconscious on Luna’s bed.
“Lulu, I just wish to talk”.
Celestia’s voice was soft and gentle, she watched as Luna slowly lowering her wings and slowly lifting her head up, taking away the current of magic that surrounded her horn. For what seemed like hours but was only mere minutes the two sisters stood silently watching each other, and then Luna spoke her voice filled with both anger and worry.
''Tia, I will not permit you to take this Colt away from me”, Said Luna.
Celestia sighed, and dipping her head softly, she paused for a moment before answering her sister.
''Lulu, please calm yourself, I will not be taking that Colt away from you, I promise you'', Luna's expression then began to change, as she became relieved at hearing those words.
''Do you speak the truth, Tia? Because if you do go against your word, I will have no choice but to defend him with my life'', Said Luna,

''Lulu, it will not come to that. I give you my word; I will not take him away from you. All I ask is that we talk about this'', Replied Celestia.

For a moment there was silence, as both Luna, and Celestia stared at each other. Luna slowly backed off, allowing her sister to enter.

''Thank you Lulu for allowing me to enter, all I want to do is talk, talk about what we need to do about this little Colt, and what we plan to do to protect him'', Said Celestia,

''This Colt will be staying with me, Tia. I will be the one who will protect him. I shall raise him as my own, in order for him to understand his powers'', Said Luna,

''But how will you protect him? Don’t forget you have responsibilities here. You are the one who brings forth the night, and protect those from a night full of nightmares. How would you manage that, and raise a young Colt?" Asked Celestria,

Luna paused, as her sisters’ words made her realise her negligence. Celestia spoke the truth there was no denying that. She would be busy most nights attending the night court, and then her duties in the dream world would no doubt be another obstacle.

Luna turned to her sister knowing she must have some kind of plan that would allow her to bond with the nameless Colt.

''I agree Tia; I would not be able to protect him on my own, and carry on my duties. What would you propose I should do about this"? Asked Luna,

''Well Lulu I do have one idea. Would you be against this little Colt being sent to Ponyville? My reasons for this idea, is Twilight Sparkle and her friends are learning so much from there friendships together. Twilight is a very responsible Pony, and she raised Spike all on her own, whom is in fact a baby dragon".

Before Celestia could finish, Luna gave her decisive answer.

“Tia I agree with you. Twilight and her friends would be good guardians to him”, Said Luna,

Celestia paused, surprised at her sisters’ acceptance of her plan.

'Lulu, you like my idea". Asked Celestia.

''I do like it; I think Twilight would indeed make a strong and trustworthy guardian'' Replied Luna,

“Then it is settled, I shall make the arrangement’s as soon as possible”, Said Celestria,

Luna paused once again, before voicing a small demand. Something she hoped her sister would agree to.

''But I must ask this, I want access to him; I too want to raise him, and help him to control his powers" Asked Luna, with great pride.

‘‘I do not see a problem with that. I would not want it any other way, when he is living in Ponyville, you can carry on your duties, and when you are free from them, you can also help his development'', Replied Celestia,

''Thank you Tia, this means the world to me'', Said Luna, as she gave her sister a hug,

''You are very welcome, dear sister'', Replied Celestia.
The little Colt let out a small whine, and both Luna and Celestia quickly turned there attention to him. He was shifting slightly as if he was in distress, or in some pain. Luna gently lowered her head, as she gently nuzzled the Colts snowy white coat.

His fever had dropped but his coat was still sweaty. Celestia knew, as Luna did that the Colt was not out of danger just yet. A second magical surge was possible unless he was taught basic control, and soon.
“He’s burning up sister, but he is strong, that is clear. The injuries that he received from the fall have already healed as a result of the magical surge and no doubt he will be very hungry when he finally wakes”, Said Luna, concerned.
Celestia was well aware, that her sister was giving her a silent message to leave, and allow her time alone with the colt. Celestia was happy to do so, but the question was of the Colts sudden birth, it had to be investigated, and dealt with. But for the moment Celestia silently agreed to leave Luna and the nameless Colt alone.
“I shall arrange for some food to be sent to your chambers, Lulu. I need to let the citizens know that we are both unharmed and no pony has been injured. I imagine that it will take a few weeks to deal with all the issues that are, no doubt going to arise from this little incident. I doubt I will be contacting Twilight Sparkle, at least not for the next few weeks”, Said Celestia.
Luna watched in silence as her sister left. Luna was silent for a few minutes, as she collected her thoughts. Finally she turned her attention to the sleeping Colt, with soft steps slowly approached him.

She once again tried to wake him by gently nuzzling him, but he did not stir so Luna decided to take a more direct approach and gently settled her larger body beside the sleeping Colt. She watched him carefully, as he sensed her warming presence beside him. The colt unconsciously snuggled closer to her side. Luna lifted a wing and gently draped it over the little Colts small body.
Luna took a slow deep breath before relaxing her body. She dipped her head and let her horn gently touch the tip of the Colts horn. There was a brief flash, and her mind slipped into the Colts’ dreams.

Luna was unprepared for the pure chaos that was the Colt’s dream world. It had no form instead it was, as if a large and powerful storm was wiping through the darkness. A flash of bright white light illuminated the world for mere seconds. Luna watched as the lightening strikes grew more and more powerful, until the very darkness seemed to shatter around her.

She then was falling towards Equestria, the ground was far below her and the city of Canterlot was just a small dot, but it was growing bigger. Then there was the feeling of fear and confusion, Luna finally felt the presence of the Colt. He was oblivious to her, he fell in his dream world, Luna could only watch as, fear and confusion grew more powerful until finally his small body impacted with the throne rooms glass roof.
The shock and pain of the Colt echoed across the dream world. Luna winced as the pain back lashed through her connection with him. Luna was prepared to catch him before he hit the ground, but the pain of smashing through the glass roof caused the Colt to wake, his screams pulled Luna from his dream world and back into the real world.
Luna could not understand what she had just witnessed. She knew this young Colt, had amazing strength and a lot of potential. But the hard part was finding out who he was, and where he came from.

Luna paused for a moment as she felt the small Colt shift slightly; she then turned her attention to him, and smiled. The young Colt looked up at her, his expression was of utter confusion, and then he succumbed, and smiled back at Luna.

At that point with them both looking into each others eyes, Luna felt a warm feeling come over her. Was this love? She was unsure, but it felt right.

She also seemed to get a feeling of acceptance coming from the young Colt. Luna then tucked him up in her blankets. Softly and gently touched his little horn with her own, and said, ''Good night, little one'', and walked out of the room shutting the door quietly behind her.

Luna quietly walked down the corridor and caught up with Celestia. She spoke softly as not to wake the Colt that was sleeping peacefully.

''Tia, wait a second? Luna asked.

Celestia paused at the sound of her sisters’ soft voice and she turned her head in Luna’s direction.

''What is it Lulu? Asked Celestria, concerned,

"I went into the young Colts dream world. I cant understand it. I have entered many dream worlds in my time, but this one has to be the strangest I have ever come across''.

''That is so surprising, what exactly did you witness Lulu? Asked Celestia,

''Well that's it, I saw nothing. All I saw was a blinding white light that came from him when he released his power. The moment he fell through the glass roof in the throne room. I have to say, I'm unsure what to do next. I actually think we should hold out on sending him to Ponyville, at least until I find out a little more about him''.

''Hmm, that is a situation isn't it, okay I will hold off on sending him to Ponyville until we understand more about this young Colt, as I already said, I was unsure to send him there, until we find out more about his past'', Replied Celestia.

''Thank you Tia, I will keep an eye on his dream world, and keep reporting back to you with what I find out. The main thing we need to find out, is who exactly he is, and where he came from''.

''I agree Lulu, take your time, don't rush this, when the time is right we shall then send him to Ponyville’’, Replied Celestria,

''That would be great Tia, Thank you”
The two sisters hugged once again, and parted ways. Luna quietly slipped back into her chambers. She approached her bed and smiled softly as she watched the nameless colt sleeping peacefully. She didn’t sense any discomfort, or fear coming from him. Luna then settled herself on the bed beside him pausing for a moment.

She was unsure if visiting the young ones dreams again was a very good idea. But she wanted to introduce herself before he woke. After all that brief glimpse he had seen of her when he woke briefly could have been dismissed as a dream. Luna finally made a decision and once again she lights her horn with magic and guided the little ones sleeping mind into her own dream world.
The darkness began to slowly lift and the small Colt suddenly found himself in a large open field. It was full of flowers that were the same colour of the night sky above, the little Colt stared up in wonder at the night sky and his eyes were drawn to the large full moon. Its light shining down upon him, the colt felt warmth spread through him along with a sense of safety and security; he knew he was safe as long as the moon shone brightly in the night sky.
“Greetings to you, little one”, Said Luna, as she looked down upon him, with a radiant smile.

The Colts’ eyes widened as the moons light suddenly intensified, as a large midnight blue Pony slowly appeared before him. She softly flapped her wings as she descended to the ground. The nameless Colt watched in wonder as she landed upon the ground, she was many times his size but he felt no fear in her presence. He felt only a strong sense of love and compassion; he knew the winged mare meant absolutely no harm to towards him.
The Colt studied the larger Pony and he noticed not only her wings, but also her horn. From somewhere within his mind the word Alicorn came from no where, but he knew that was what this mysterious mare was.

The Colts eyes widened as he noticed the royal attire of an Alicorn, and bowed, and once again. This knowledge was pulled deep from within his mind; Luna chuckled softly as the small Colt bowed before her, for the third time, shaking her head softly she lay down upon her belly and spoke softly to him.
“There is no need to bow before me little one, you are after all an Alicorn, like me.”…
The Colt suddenly looked up at her, his eyes widened with surprise; Luna smiled a little as he studied the small wings attached to his body. He lifted his small hooves and gently touches the small horn on his head.

Luna was quiet for a short while, as she watched the Colt explore his new body, it was becoming more and clearer to Luna that this little one had been thrown into Equestria from another world. The transformation had no doubt affected his memories, and yet he had some knowledge of what she was. He recognised her royal attire, and had a general idea as to what an Alicorn was.
“Little one, can you tell me your name”, Asked Luna.
The nameless Colt paused, with a look of concentration appearing upon his face. Luna watched for a few minutes as he struggled to remember his name, and who he was, eventually the little Colt began to sob, tears filled his eyes.
‘‘I, I don’t remember", Sobbed the little Colt.
Luna felt her heart break at the sight of his tears, he was lost and alone in a world that was not his own. What ever or who ever had brought him from his own world and had caused a great deal of mental trauma to his young mind, Luna pushed away the anger she felt towards the one responsible.

The Colts misery, instead made her focus on making him feel better. Luna silently stood up and softly walked over to the sobbing Colt, nuzzling him gently before resting beside him, draping a warm wing over him, and watched as he snuggled closer to her side.
‘‘Shh, now little one, stop your tears there is no need to fret, I am here for you, and I will help you’’, Said Luna, as she cradled the young Colt in her wings.
The little Colts’ sobbing slowly stopped and he looked up at Luna, his eyes widened, with tears still rolling down his face. Luna gentle brushed the tears away with a hoof before kissing him softly on his forehead.
“Who are you, are you my mummy”? Asked the young Colt.
The Colts’ question caught Luna by surprise; she had to collect her thoughts before answering. She could not bring herself to say yes, or no, it would take time after all a thousand years of isolation in the moon had changed her, she was not the same Pony she used to be.
“I am Princess Luna, guardian of dreams, and ruler of the night”, Replied Luna.
Her answer caused the little Colts’ ears to go back against his head, his eyes showed sadness. Luna felt a little guilt from her answer, what he had been hoping to hear was yes, but she could not rush things just yet.
“Little one, I can be your guardian and your friend, in time maybe I can by your mother too”, Said Luna, as she tried to reassure the young Colt.
The last part she whispered so softly that the Colt did not hear her, but the part he did hear, with her being his friend and his guardian cheered him up greatly and a smile spread across his face.
‘‘Thank You Princess Luna, I hope we can be good friends, and you can be my guardian. I am so happy to have you with me", Replied the young Colt, as he smiled up at her.
Luna smiled, looking down at him, she nuzzled him once again, and decided that it was time to wake him and let him meet her in the real world. She let her magic flood her dream world, and suddenly they were pulled back from the dream world and into the real world.