Civilization: The World on your Hooves

by SterlingC

Interlude 1: Sunday Night Flying

We are now approaching the end of the first end-turn phase for the game… I mean story of Button Mash’s beginnings in Ponyville. We shall now head over the illustrious mansion that belongs to Filthy Rich and family. Here we will see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon at work and play before heading to Silver Spoon...

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon spent much of the afternoon completing their latest school assignments. The two fillies finished their multiplication tables and memorized the formulas for calculating the volumes of geometric shapes for their quiz on Tuesday. While much work was done, Diamond Tiara complained of it all,

“Sometimes I wonder why I bother going through all this lame math homework!” Silver Spoon tilted her head up from her math textbook.

“Well your dad certainly finds math useful for a lot of his work right?” Silver Spoon calmly asked. It was normal for her friend to frequently complain about her homework, but she couldn’t help but be surprised at her current complaints. After all, her father computed a lot of his finances with an abacus instead of a calculator!

“Well, my dad works primarily with money, not on things like cylinders and cones!” lashed Diamond Tiara. Even if her father’s work was related to construction and engineering, he was primarily focused on investment, not in the actual construction!

“But Diamond, your dad still has to work with multiplication regularly!” Silver Spoon retorted. “Math is useful, so look ahead instead of just the now. You don’t want to suffer from tunnel vision and realize you needed the math all along,” the grey mare continued.

“Well… you’ve got a point,” Diamond Tiara reluctantly consented. “After all, my dad does want me to take over his business someday,” she continued.

“See? Look at things in the bright side! Not everything has to be so negative!” Silver Spoon cutely smiled.

“Thanks. I’m so glad you’re my friend,” Diamond Tiara affirmed. Silver Spoon wasn’t used to seeing this side of Diamond Tiara, but whenever it came out, she made sure to cherish every moment of it.

“I’m glad you’re my friend too. After all, there’s a lot of colts and fillies who have terrible tastes!” Silver Spoon giggled.

“Exactly! I mean, did you see Truffle Shuffle the other day?! That green fez on him is simply vomitrocious!” Diamond Tiara stuck her tongue out in disgust.

“I know! The fez isn’t bad, but he could have worn one that matches his colour!” Silver Spoon laughed back.

“No wonder the rest of Equestria frowns upon Ponyville! I mean, why would Rarity and my parents even bother staying here?! This place is a dump!” declared Diamond Tiara.

“Well, I can agree with you there for the most part! But…” Silver Spoon stuttered.

“What’s the matter Silver Spoon? You don’t think Ponyville’s a dump?” Diamond Tiara interrogated. Her eyes squinted as she gave a deathly stare.

“Well, no! But lately, Ponyville’s been improving! Like you said, we have Rarity, your dad, and more recently-” Silver Spoon tried to explain.

“Recently?! Silver Spoon, did Button Mash make you drink a love potion while you two were together?! What’s up with you?!” Diamond Tiara waved her hoof over her friend’s face.

“No! He didn’t do anything of the sort!” Silver Spoon sheepishly declared, her blush beginning to grow a bright red.

“Then why the sudden change of attitude?!” Diamond Tiara flailed her hooves in an uproar.

“Well, there’s still nice ponies out there, namely Button Mash!” chuckled Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara shook her head.

“Yep. You’re in love with the colt,” Diamond Tiara replied disapprovingly. Silver Spoon crossed her hooves,

“No I’m not. I just like what I’m seeing from him.”

“Say what you will Silver Spoon, but you’re making it really obvious,” Diamond Tiara chuckled. “While we’re still in the topic though, what do we do with Button Mash’s blank flank?” the pink filly asked.

“Hmmm… I know the Crusaders are blank flanks, but like you said, we can just have him join our ranks as a special pony. I like the sounds of that,” Silver Spoon blinked her eyes a few times in quick succession.

“You’re clearly head over hooves over that colt,” grunted Diamond Tiara. “You’re probably going to see him tomorrow, since he’ll probably start school tomorrow!” the pink filly continued.

“Yeah! I certainly can’t wait to see him tomorrow…” Silver Spoon sighed happily. “He’s such a handsome colt… can we make an exception for him Diamond Tiara?” Diamond Tiara growled in place. This really wasn’t going to help her beef up her ego in any way.

“Alright fine, you lovebird,” scowled the irritated Diamond Tiara.

“Thanks… Anyway, I’m gonna head home now. My parents will probably want me back before dinner. Goodbye Ms. Tiara…” Silver Spoon lightly jumped through the door and headed towards the exit.

“Great. Not only is my new friend a blank flank, but now Silver Spoon thinks she can fly away with him into paradise!” Diamond Tiara angrily scowled and slammed the door in frustration.

Silver Spoon snugged herself into her bed. This day was one of the best she ever had in her life. The high point for her was her encounter with Button Mash in the morning. She had so much fun playing on the Ponyculus with Button Mash that she mused about all the video games she could play with him!

“Let’s see… I guess we can start by playing some more sword slashing games! Then I could find some life style games to play with him! That reminds me, there’s a game I remember seeing a while back called The Ponies! Maybe I could make my own character and have her fall in love with a video-gaming stallion!” imagined the dreamy filly. Her mind was so focused on the handsome, manly stallion that she didn’t notice her bedroom door opening!

Silver Spoon jumped up from her bed in shock! The grey filly breathed a deep sigh of relief upon seeing the silhouette that emerged. It was only her mother!

“Hello Silver Spoon! Did you have a good day today darling?” Her mother asked.

“Yeah I did! I hung out with Diamond Tiara today, and I managed to spend some alone time with that handsome colt…” Silver Spoon gleefully recalled, before she squirmed on her bed.

“Mom… is it alright if I like a pony who isn’t rich?” Silver Spoon whispered.

“Sure it is dear! Especially if the pony’s a sweet colt!” chuckled her gleeful mother. Silver Spoon giggled and replied,

“The handsome colt’s a pony who just moved to Ponyville on Friday! His name’s Button Mash!”

“Well that’s quite the name! You can tell me more about him tomorrow darling! But for now, you’ve got to get yourself to sleep! You’ve got a long day tomorrow!” reminded Silver’s mother before continuing,

“Good night Silver Spoon! Make sure you’re bright up and early dear!” Silver Spoon’s mother kissed her lovely daughter good night.

“Thanks mom! I love you!” Silver Spoon happily hugged back.

“I love you too dear. You’ve got a whole world of dreams awaiting for you tonight. I won’t keep you waiting. Sweet dreams!” Silver Spoon’s mother gently caressed her mane and trotted out of the room, gently closing her bedroom door. Silver Spoon took off her glasses, placed them on top of the wooden side table beside her bed, and snuggled in her bed, dozing off to sleep.

While Silver Spoon was fast asleep, her room’s window was slowly opened. A brown colt slowly crawled into the grey filly’s bedroom. The colt then sat by Silver Spoon’s bedside. The grey filly tumbled on her bed before thudding on the colt’s body. Silver Spoon jumped up in fright and screamed out! The grey filly bumped on her sidetable, dropping her glasses to the ground. The brown colt also jumped up out of her bed and thudded on the floor!

The brown colt immediately brushed the dust off his body before he approached the disoriented filly. He then wrapped his hoof around her body, but just as he placed his hoof on his body, Silver Spoon let out a gasp of fright!

“Shhhh!! Don’t worry Silver Spoon! It’s only me! Button Mash!” The brown colt calmly introduced himself.

“But… but… how are you here?! How do you know where I live?!” Silver Spoon questioned, still wandering aimlessly.

“Shh… I’ll go find your glasses. You just stand where you are,” Button Mash calmly motioned. He slowly turned towards the side table, ducked down and picked up her glasses. The young colt then trotted back to Silver Spoon’s side, placing her glasses on her hooves. Silver Spoon frantically put on her glasses and rubbed her drowsy eyes.

“There! You look a lot better with your glasses on!” Button Mash chuckled.

“Why thank you Button Mash!” Silver Spoon sheepishly replied, her cheeks becoming red in embarrassment. But then she realized that Button Mash was still inside her bedroom!

“But what are you doing here?!” asked the flustered filly!

“Well, I’m going to teach you how to fly!” Button Mash gleefully laughed.

“Fly?! How can anypony possibly fly?! I’m an Earth pony!” protested the grey filly.

“You just need to believe Sylvie!” Button Mash laughed again. “Now! Think of a thought! A merry little thought!” instructed the colt. As Button Mash spoke, Silver Spoon realized that he was growing more and more enchanting with each passing word!

“Come! Hold my hooves and I’ll show you! Just think of a wonderful little thought! You don’t even have to tell me!” Button Mash extended his hoof. After a few moments of ponderous deliberation, Silver Spoon placed her hoof, thinking about all the bright decorations hung across Canterlot’s buildings on Hearth’s Warming Eve!

As soon as she placed her hoof on his, Button Mash eagerly laughed.

“Now we’re off!” cried the brown colt as the two foals levitated into the sky! Silver Spoon looked around her room, noticing that her hooves were off the ground!

“Wait… I’m… I’m flying! I can fly!!” Silver Spoon blurted out!

“Yes! You can fly! Now let’s go!!” Button Mash declared as the two foals went out into Ponyville through the open window!

As the two foals soared above the clouds, Silver Spoon looked down and pointed at all the landmarks she could see!

“That’s Ponyville’s Town Square! And I know that roof from anywhere! That’s Carousel Boutique!” the flying filly remarked with awe! As she made the remark, she could hear a chorus of singers that were declaring,

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!” Button Mash also cheered along before he turned his head to Silver Spoon and asked,

“From up here, you can see just how beautiful Ponyville is can’t you?!” Silver Spoon nodded happily as the two fillies continued to fly across Ponyville…

Silver Spoon tumbled around her bed as the sun began to rise and the rooster began to crow. Silver Spoon awoke with a loud yawn and stretched her hooves. Looking around, she immediately noticed that the window that was opened was closed, and that nothing was tampered with at all! Plus, her glasses were still lying on top of her wooden side table!

“Wow… all that… was it really a dream?!” Silver Spoon asked herself in confusion. Regardless of the answer, Silver Spoon chuckled to herself.

“If it was, it was sure some dream! Ponyville looks so beautiful up in the sky… and Button Mash was so chivalrous…” Silver Spoon gleefully sighed as she got up and prepared for school.