The Soul's Savior

by Dusty Old Qrow

Chapter 13, Part 2: Heroes & Cons [OLD]

When Rainbow Dash had stopped herself mid-shout and had not said a word since, Sunset immediately knew something was wrong. Knowing Dash, she wouldn’t just randomly stop shouting at a person she was made at unless she had a very good reason. Within three seconds of reaching this conclusion, Sunset had already whipped out her phone and sent a mass text to the girls:

Something’s wrong. Someone might be in the house. Stay upstairs.

Cryptic, yes. But it should get the point across. Sunset put the phone away and turned to look at the doorway- she couldn't see the front door from the kitchen, as the hallway turned to the left. Okay, Sunset, she began in her mind. Gotta figure out what's going on. Dash might be in trouble. And I have no idea what to do.

Just as Sunset was about to make her way to Rainbow, she heard somebody begin walking down the hall. Their steps were slow, methodical in a way, and heavy, almost as if they were tired. Sunset cursed under her breath as she dived behind the island in the middle of the kitchen, pressing her back into it as she listened for the mystery person.

The person walked into the kitchen. Sunset's breath caught in her throat as she gulped.

Her phone picked the absolute worst time to go off.

The distinctly loud Ding as her phone declared that she had received a text sounded, causing Sunset to flinch and close her eyes. This is very bad, She said in her thoughts. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, so she slowed her breathing, hoping to quiet herself.

That hope was dashed as soon as she felt the blade of a knife at her throat.

Sunset yelped as her unknown assailant grabbed her hair and yanked her up to her feet. "Sunset Shimmer," the person- who was know known to be male- droned. His voice, much like his movements, seemed tired and sloppy. "You..."

She couldn't look at her attacker, not with the knife on her throat and his hand in her hair. But one thing was certain: this boy had a grudge. Think, Sunset, think...! She looked around the kitchen for anything she could use, a weapon or something, but found nothing.

If I die, I'm gonna be angry.

Taking a deep breath, Sunset rammed her foot into the assailant's shin, causing him to yell in pain. Before he could recover- and use that knife- she grabbed his wrist and twisted. She ignored his scream of pain as he dropped the knife. She continued holding on as she pushed him back, and now held his arm twisted behind him.

"Featherweight." She noted with little surprise. Featherweight was one of her most frequented victims, though she never expected him to go this far.

The boy didn't seem to react to his name- instead he kept still, trying not to hurt his arm further. He stared directly ahead of him, his eyes blank, though Sunset didn't notice. "Let go!" He shouted, still trying to keep still. His voice, while still tired sounding, was full of rage.

Featherweight used his weight to yank at his arm. Sunset kept her grip on the limb, but was lurched to the side, her back facing the hallway. He's going for the knife! Even while Sunset kept his arm twisted behind his back, Featherweight's long arms allowed him to reach for the discarded blade, which thankfully lay a few inches out of his grasp.

"Oh, no you don't!" Sunset pulled the boy back, causing him to gasp as another jolt of pain went through his arm. I need to get him down, and keep him there. Sunset prepared to tackle him...

Suddenly, something collided with her head. Something hard. Pain filled her mind. Her vision failed her, and her grip on Featherweight ceased. She collapsed onto the floor with a grunt.

She heard Featherweight scramble for the knife.

"Don't kill her." Another tired voice droned. "We need the magic."

There’s two of them and the other one has a bat. And since Dash still hasn’t shown up, there’s probably a third. Oh, Celestia, I’m in trouble... Sunset clutched her head in pain, trying to block it out. Focus, Shimmer... You gotta find a way outta this... Through her throbbing head, she managed to crack open an eye. Featherweight’s got his knife back. Other guy’s standing right behind me with a bat. If my head was still in working condition, I could knock his legs out from under him... But then I still have to deal with Featherweight.

Okay, here I go...

Sunset tensed up her legs, preparing to sweep them around and knock Bat-Guy off of his feet. But suddenly, something hit Featherweight in his face, sending both him and his knife to the ground. A pink blur rushed into the kitchen, grabbing the object that had hit Featherweight- a rolling pin- and rushed at Bat-Guy.

Bat-Guy swung his weapon, which collided with Pinkie Pie’s.

The two teenagers with wooden instruments of pain stood, locked in a furious battle of who could outlast the other. Their wooden weapons clashed against each other, their faces inches away with their teeth gnashed. Pinkie Pie growled at the boy holding the bat as she leaned even closer to him with fire in her eyes- literally.

“You might know everything I’m going to do...” Pinkie said in a low voice. “But that’s not going to help you!” Her rolling pin pushed harder against the bat, gaining ground in the battle as Bat-Guy was forced to bring his bat closer to himself. “SINCE I KNOW EVERYTHING YOU’RE GOING TO DO!” She screeched, pushing Bat-Guy away stumbling as he lost his footing. “STRANGE, ISN’T IT?!” Pinkie growled for the final time, winding back her arm and throwing her rolling pin yet again, hitting the boy square in his eye, knocking him out cold.

Sunset could only stare in shock. “Was... Was that a hallucination caused by my head getting hit with a baseball bat... Or did you really just do that?” Sunset half-mumbled. Pinkie happily bounced over to her- rolling pin in her hand- with a goofy smile on her face.

“Yes!” Pinkie answered, wrapping an arm around Sunset’s shoulders.

"Why do you even have that rolling pin?"

"For rolling pin emergencies! Now c’mon, Sunny! We’ve gotta save Dashie!” Pinkie suddenly serious’d.

"W-wait!" Sunset stuttered, trying to get a grasp on everything. "What about the others?"

"Oh!" Pinkie giggled. "Don't worry, we've got a plan!" The pink girl said happily, zooming into the hallway just before the turn.

"You've got a plan?"

"Uh huh!"

"What is it?"


Sunset groaned and facepalmed. "That's... That's not a plan, Pinkie..." She sighed and shrugged. "But I guess it's the best we've got." Sunset walked over to the hyper girl- who had her back pressed into the wall. "So what do we do?" Sunset asked.

"We rush 'im! He'll never see it coming." Pinkie said with a mischievous smile. "Or we could wait for Applejack to get down here..."

Wait? But what if something happens to Dash?

Just as Sunset was about to voice her concerns, a loud bang sounded, startling both girls. "That was a gun!" Pinkie noted. "Oh, no! Dashie might be hurt!" She grabbed Sunset's arm and prepared to rush whoever fired that shot. "Come on, Sunny! Let's go!"

"Whoa, Pinkie! Wait!" Sunset cried, but Pinkie didn't listen.

"Sit." Napalm ordered as he motioned for Featherweight to head further into the house. Rainbow Dash backed away from the door with her hands up and a glare on her face.

She continued backing away until she ran into her couch on the side of the living room. She sat down slowly. "This is a little dramatic, ain't it, Napalm?" She began teasingly. "It's not my fault you were stupid enough to bring both girls you were cheating with to the same place at the same time! Honestly, who does-!"

She cut herself off yet again as the barrel of the pistol into her eyesight. "Shutting up now." She said quietly. Something's not right here. He hadn't said a word.

"Magic." He said.

Ah, there it is. "Magic." She said, imitating his tone. "What about it, huh?"

"You have it. They want it. Give us the magic."

"Yeah, okay, sure. Magic. That thing that doesn't exist in this world anymore. Princess Twilight took it all back, dofus." A ruckus from the kitchen briefly distracted her, but she eventually turned back to Crimson. "'Sides, why would I give it to you anyway?"

He glared at her- she could have sworn his eyes flashed green- and brought the gun closer. "You will give us the magic."

"Yeah, no." She smirked. "You wanna shoot me, Napalm? Do it. I don't think you're a murderer." Shut up Dash shut up shut up.

“Do not underestimate us, Rainbow Dash. We will get your magic. They will get it.”

Rainbow Dash cocked an eyebrow. “‘They’? Who’s they? Oh, I get it. You’ve gone completely insane. You come in here, talking big with one of the tiniest guns I have ever seen,” Seriously, that pistol was small. “And you threaten to shoot me. But we both know you’re not gonna do it.”

Inside Crimson Napalm’s mind, a battle ensued. Most of him was fogged by the green smoke, but a small part fought. Every fiber of his being said to shoot her and move on to the other girls in the house, but he didn’t. I ain’t a murderer! he shouted in his mind. He fought hard.

His finger quivered on the trigger.

The front door opened.

Keeping the gun on Rainbow Dash, Napalm turned to look at the new intruder... And found himself lassoed. A new voice sounded, an energetic "Yeehaw!" as the newcomer barreled through the door and punched him in the face.

"Gah!" He grunted. As he found himself tumbling to the ground, he clenched his fists.

One of his fingers happened to be on the trigger. The pistol fired.

Rainbow Dash closed her eyes tightly, preparing for impact- but it didn't come.

She felt the bullet whiz past her, embedding itself in the couch she was sitting on. "Holy crap...!" She breathed/exclaimed. Dash zapped her head up to look at Napalm, who was now being held on the ground by Applejack's foot. "AJ?"

"Don' you worry none, RD," Applejack said as she stepped off of Crimson Napalm's back. "Ah got 'im." She turned her head to the hallway and shouted. "Rare, Fluttershy! Y'all taken care of them other two?" She asked.

"Indeed we have, darling!" Rarity said as she walked into the living room with Featherweight slung over her shoulder. "Though this rope was a little hard to work with. I tie fabric, not rope." She grunted as she later the unconscious boy next to Napalm. "But a lady always finishes the task she is given."

Fluttershy walked in as well, walking backwards as she dragged Bat-Guy- sans bat- into the room. "Oh, my." She said with wide eyes as she saw the bullet hole in the couch. "Are you alright, Rainbow Dash?"

"Yeah, 'Shy," Rainbow Dash breathed as she stood. “I’m fine.” Rainbow took a deep breath as she looked at the three unconscious teens on her floor. "Bastard almost shot me. Me! I'm too awesome to get shot!" She crossed her arms and sighed. “I’m just glad that’s over.”

Fluttershy whimpered and grabbed a lock of her own hair, hugging it. “Me too. I-I was so scared when Sunset sent that text- and then that commotion in the kitchen...!” Fluttershy cowered behind Applejack, occasionally stealing glances at Crimson and the other two boys. “But... Why’d they even attack us in the first place?”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and began speaking with a shaky breath. “Somethin’ about magic. He wanted us to give it up, or whatever...”

“Give it up?” Rarity inquired. “But Princess Twilight took the magic back with her, right? And aside from that... What would these boys want with it?” Rarity looked at the boys in quest quizzically. “Quite frankly, it doesn’t make any sense. And Featherweight, oh, he was so sweet! He’s a nice person! To think he would do this...” The fashionista placed her hand on her chin, thinking. “Oh, I do wish we could talk to them. But we can’t, not with them like this.”

Just then, Sunset and Pinkie Pie walked into the room. “Oh, thank Celestia!” Sunset exclaimed, running over to Rainbow Dash and giving her a tight hug. “I thought something happened to you! After that gunshot and you weren’t making any noise that I could hear and... Oh, I’m just glad you’re okay!”

Rainbow Dash smiled awkwardly- she tried her best to hide the slight blush on her face- and gingerly returned the hug. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine, Sunset." Dash laughed awkwardly, the red in her face deepening. "You can, uh... You can let go now."

“Huh?” Sunset lifted her face from Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. “Oh. Oh! Okay.” She said awkwardly as she slowly unwrapped her arms from Dash’s body. “Sorry...” The room fell into awkward silence as nobody said anything.

Pinkie Pie laughed. “Oh, just kiss already!

Both Sunset and Rainbow Dash blushed deeply and scooted away from each other. The six of them shared a laugh.

Then Featherweight started to stir.

“Ow... My head...” He whined. His body stiffened as he realized that he couldn’t move his arms or legs. “Whoa, hey, what-?!” He frantically moved his head around, looking from one girl to to the next with a growing sense of dread. “I-I... Wh-what the hell’s going on?!” He cried as he desperately tried to move his limbs.

The six girls looked at the boy then to each other with confusion.

“Alright...” Applejack spoke up. “Either he’s plain’ the best game of ‘Playin’ Dumb’ Ah’ve ever seen... Or he ain’t rememberin’ anythin’.” The honest farmer stated with an eyebrow raised.

Sunset looked worriedly at the boy- who still vainly struggled against his bonds- and crossed her arms. “We could ask him what he does remember. See if that’ll tell us anything?”

Suddenly Featherweight started screaming horribly. “No! No, no, no! Y-You gotta help me.... Us!” He pleaded, managing to get to his knees while still tied up. “Th-Those girls, they’re... They’re...” As he spoke, his words became messier. He started slobbering, saliva getting all over his face and shirt.

He fell over unconscious.

“Wh-whoa! What the hell?!” Sunset and Rainbow Dash said at the same time. Rainbow rushed over to the boy, checking his pulse- weak, but still alive- and untied him. “We gotta get this guy to the hospital- now! Come on!”

With Featherweight over her shoulder, Rainbow Dash hurried out to her car and put him in the back seat.

He may have just tried to kill us... But something’s not right here. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.

Sunset sat in the passenger seat of Dash’s car. I didn’t even hear her get in! Dash looked at Sunset, mulling over every detail of the flame-haired girl’s face. ... How do I feel about her...? No time for that. Gotta get Featherweight to the hospital.

She sped off, leaving the other four girls with the two remaining unconscious boys.

Oh, boy...