Chrome, The path he walked

by RIPoste

Present 2: Understanding Is Success Itself

Understand yourself, and you would move forward. Understand others, and they're as good as friends. Do both, and success would be yours.

Present 2

Understanding is Success itself

Crimson Fall had panicked when her lord Lueur had went missing and she thought that that situation was bad enough. However, another situation had arisen causing her worry to blubber out of control.

Her lord Lueur… Had ordered her… to meet him in his quarters.

Crimson Fall blushed at the thought.

His quarters…

Her face flared a deep red, one far stronger than her original shade.


Unable to hold it in, Crimson Fall began hyperventilating, causing the guards in the hallway to look at her with concern.

'I’m not ready for this!' She thought, 'what do I do? WhatdoIdo? Whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoido????'


Screaming out her frustration created by the welling emotions within her, Crimson Fall raced down the hallway like a red bolt of lightning. Leaving a pair of guards coughing in the dust.

“What the. Eck. Hay’s with her? Eck!” Asked a Dark Crystal Pony, coughing out dust.

“Bathroom? Kek. Maybe?” Replied his companion.

“It was an obvious move, Tia,” Sighed Luna, “you should not act as he would want you to, same to you, Princess Sparkle.”

“But!” Fretted Twilight, “How did he call forth such power? We could not sense a single shred of power from him!”

The three of them were seated within a dimly lit tent, one of the twenty command tents within the Military Encampment. They had made specific efforts to ensure that a different tent was used each time, and that hints were dropped to indicate that they were at another one.

However, none of them had bothered with the normal precautions, leaving the preparations purely to their officers this time, after all, it would be quite difficult to do anything when two of the rulers were greatly disturbed while the last one was trying to keep them from falling into distress.

“He was far more powerful than I thought,” Whispered Celestia, “a spell of such magnitude, yet having next to zero presence, physical or otherwise at the same time. It was a feat Starswirl the Bearded could not even accomplish…”

“It was clearly a display of strength,” pressed Luna, “and it was clearly meant to mess with us psychologically. DON’T FALL INTO HIS PLOY, THE BOTH OF YOU!!!”

With a magically enhanced royal voice, the beings that could hear this and not falter in whatever they do were definitely not before her.

“Alright, alright,” panted Twilight, who looked as though she was on the verge of hyperventilating. “I’m calm, calm...”

“And you, Tia?”

“I’m good, I’m good…”

“Very well,” Luna could not help but feel disappointed in her fellow princesses, after all, as pinnacles of ponies, it would not do for the common folk to see them disgruntled.

“Princess Twilight, could you please help us break down the possible categories that Lueur’s powers could possible fall under?”

It was an attempt that she had constantly repeated ever since she was reinstated as Princess Luna after her defeat as Nightmare Moon. It had been a benefit to her, for she had since been humbled and had put her previous general’s teachings to good use.

If she had heeded that general from over a thousand years ago, her victory as Nightmare Moon would be all but guaranteed.

Looking back, Luna was glad that she had rejected the general’s teachings then, but also glad that she had at least bothered to remember them.

One of which she would put to good use now.

The general had told her, ‘know thy enemy, and know thyself, doeth one, half the battle would be won, doeth both, and victory would be thy own forevermore.’

That was Luna’s aim now.

The lavender Alicorn she addressed gulped slightly before meeting the Night Mistress’ eyes.

“Uh…” Stammered Twilight as she ran through the endless libraries within her mind. Seemingly lost in thought for a few moments, the Princess of Friendship drew a sharp breath as she landed on a logical conclusion and replied.

“The most obvious conclusion was that Lueur was a being on par or even greater than us, if we take his powers at face value.”

“Face value?” Inquired Luna, “does that mean that his strength may not be real after all?”

“Hard to say,” replied Twilight, when Luna realized that she had been flashing glances at Celestia, who was surprisingly quiet throughout the conversation, “however, before I like to make anymore analysis, could one of you tell me what a ‘Stellal’ is?”

Jolting as though awakening from a deep sleep, Celestia turned her gaze upon her student.

“They were an… an ancient race,” replied Celestia hesitantly, as if reluctant to share the information, “One of the three races to rule this world before the country known as Equestria even existed…”

Lueur was amused, very amused at the antics of Crimson Fall. He had known that Crimson had a very powerful crush upon him since he saved her life. However, he had also known that she was very embarrassed upon harboring such feelings towards the being revered by her.

He had tried his best to not laugh out loud when she had entered his room and asked for what she was required to do. Forty-seven times, each time asking for permission to start over again as she had deemed her speech ‘imperfect’ for her lord.

‘At least she got it right the forty-eighth time,’ Thought Lueur, ‘it was getting kind of old.’

“Thank you, Crimson Fall,” smiled Lueur, “I really appreciate you coming here.”

He got off the bed, a luxurious work of art, and made a show of gazing around the plain room, which was empty except for the bed, a small round table and a cupboard filled with various board games. (What? Evil Overlords need some sort of reprieve too!)

“Come here, my friend,” Lueur gestured with a hoof as he spoke, his motions clearly telling Crimson Fall to approach him.

Blushing furiously, the red Pegasi slowly inched forward, until she stood face to face with the overlord himself.

“Tell me, my friend,” Asked Lueur, “what am I to you?”

“A… A king, one beloved and kind to many, even if they do not know of it yet.”

“Excellent,” grinned Lueur, “now bend over.”

“Wh… What?”

“Bend down,” repeated Lueur, “you can do that right? Oh and close your eyes.”

Her face a darker tone of red than her original shade, Crimson Fall complied. Lueur could not help but silently shake his head at her reaction.

‘Seriously,’ He sighed, ‘does the name ‘Overlord’ automatically assumes that you are a practitioner of everything vile?’

Assuming a position similar to hers, Lueur prayed.

‘Great one,’ He asked, ‘Another follower to thy cause, one that holds unbound loyalty to I, and through I, to thee. We seek entrance to where you were bound, and where you would be freed.’

As soon as the last word was formed within his mind, Lueur felt a spread of warmth wash over his body. Though he could not see it, Lueur could most definitely distinguish that both him and Crimson Fall were being sent elsewhere.

The warmth lasted only a moment, but it felt as though an eternity had passed. Opening his eyes, Lueur gazed about.

He had only been here a few times, but each time had filled him with awe, and one of utmost respect.

They were inside a humongous cavern, with walls as smooth as the sea on a calm day. Not a single discrepancy could be seen, it was as though a maniacal craftsman had gone to work on the place.

However, the unnaturalness of the walls were only but one of the unusual aspects of the cavern.

Even more outstanding was the suspended yellow pyramid hanging within the sanctum, that looks as though it was solely supported by a flight of stairs leading into it’s side.

‘Tomb raiders would be delighted though,’ chuckled Lueur, ‘when they realized the structure was made out of solid gold.’

Until they ran into the countless traps that protects this area. After all, this was the very place where two of the world’s greatest beings were held.

Father Light, the origin of the very word that defines his essence, and Mother Shadow, her name also becoming the very word that defines her very being. Both were ancient beyond compare, and they were the creators of the Stellal and Umbral races respectively, the progenitors of the two races.

His gaze rested upon Crimson Fall, who was still prostrating herself in that position.

‘Sometimes,’ Lueur sighed, ‘some subordinates are just waaaaay too loyal.’

“Crimson Fall, you can stand now.”

Like a loaded spring, Crimson Fall immediately stood. Eyes snapping open faster than Lueur could blink, she took in a gulp of air as she surveyed her surroundings.

“Milord,” Asked the Dark Crystal Pegasus, “Where are we?”

“In the heart of a dead volcano,” Replied Lueur, “One located slightly north of the Crystal Kingdom.”

Indeed, there was only one source of light, which had illuminated the sanctum as it poured down hole in the ceiling and was reflected throughout the sanctum as it reached the pyramid of gold.

“Though, I would like to tell you that this was a far more important place than the heart of volcano,” continued Lueur, “welcome, to the Cave of Origins.”

“Th… The Cave of Origins?”

“And we hereby begin your initiation, my friend. Look to the top of the stairs.”

As Crimson Fall did as he asked, she could see two figures emerging from the open hole in the side of the gold structure that the stairs lead to. One appears to be a white elderly female pony garbed in a thick woolen robe of grey. The other figure however, garnered far more attention.


A powerful centaur of red with an overflowing white beard, two goat-like horns sprouted from his head, a red burning ball of energy glowing between them. Even his eyes seem to glow with a bright flame as he gazed at the newcomers.

“Milord!” Gasped Crimson Fall, “is that?”

“Tirek and the archbishop of the Cult of Origins, yes, please make your way up the stairs. The archbishop would begin your initiation.”


“You wish to serve, do you not?” Laughed Lueur, “then you have to join the cult which had started it all. For only then, would you be deemed worthy to truly aid in our cause.”

“Yes!” Saluted the Dark Crystal Pegasus, “I’ll do my best to meet your demands!”

Without waiting for a reply, Crimson Fall immediately dashed up the stairs. As she did so, the being known as Tirek began making his way down.

It looked as if they were about to clash, however, they passed each other without any special conflicts occurring.

After all, Tirek had his sights set only on one being in the entire area, Lueur himself.

‘The feeling is mutual,’ smiled Lueur, as he watched the centaur make his way down.

“I have much to thank you for.”

Tirek directed the sentence at the dark green Alicorn standing before him.

“Don’t be,” replied Lueur, “you had repaid your thanks with your work already.”

“Is that so,” Laughed the centaur, “however, what you done was good enough for me. Breaking me out of Tartarus, restoring my magical strength with your supplies. Even providing the chance to absorb the powers of that Draconequus and rendering the Magic of Friendship unusable. Much to thank for indeed.”

“As I said, no need for thanks,” chuckled Lueur, his mane of black and white flowing as he threw back his head, “it was easy to nullify the Magic of Friendship, create an emotional rift and it all falls apart. Discord was a common foe, and one I believed would be beneficial to us so long you steal his powers. Also, breaking you out of Tartarus was easy, a few dog biscuits and a ball would render that guard dog incapable of protecting the place.”

“Still,” Observed Tirek, “weren’t the six of them your previous friends? You truly feel nothing about causing a fracture in their friendship?”

“No,” replied Lueur bluntly, “it was tough, but necessary. The Magic of Friendship is one of the few possibilities of ruining my schemes. I have no choice but to ensure that it could not be utilized against us.”

“And hence, it was a success, is it not?”

“I told you already, Tirek, it is a success.”

“Excellent, then I would have no qualms about doing this.”

Red rays of pure fire lanced forth, and tied themselves around the Alicorn’s body. Tirek watched in satisfaction as Lueur yelped at the sudden attack. In retaliation, Lueur’s horn began to shimmer in a faint white glow.

However, that was what Tirek was waiting for.

He could not sense anything about the dark green Alicorn, no physical, spiritual or magical presence. However, when Lueur had attempted to fight back, Tirek could suddenly feel the faint glow of magic that had begun to gather.

Jaws opening wide, Tirek breathed in, as he did so, the shimmering of light surrounding Lueur’s horn flowed into his mouth.

This was what he had been after: Lueur’s magic.

He had tasted it once, and that was months ago, when Lueur had first freed him from Tartarus and had provided the magic required to replenish Tirek to a state that could be of use. Ever since then, Tirek had thirsted for more and now, his wish would finally be fulfilled.

“Such power,” laughed Tirek between mouthfuls, “So much of it… too! It… appears that… I would… take awhile… to finish!”

Holding the thrashing body that was Lueur in the air with his magic, Tirek gouged upon the power of the one who saved him with gusto. After all, Tirek had lived solely for power, and…

That was when the body literally vanished.

Tirek, still gulping on the heap of magic, widened his eyes in surprise at the incident. This was most definitely not in his plans…

“Enjoying yourself, Tirek?”

Turning his gaze to the source of the voice, the centaur’s eyes widened as he gazed upon a cloud of black and white.

“Who… are you?” Tirek asked between mouthfuls.

“Do you not recognize the one who saved you from Tartarus? How sad, I thought you would remember me. Especially when you were so enthusiastic about catching me a few moments ago”


“Spot on,” laughed the cloud, or at least it sounded as though it laughed, “So… how does it taste? The magic, I mean…”

That was when something registered within Tirek’s mind, something that does not add up. Glancing at the seemingly endless flow of magic entering his mouth and the floating cloud of light and shadows, it took quite awhile before Tirek realized what was wrong.

“You… how are… you… there? Is this… not your magic?”

“Of course not,” laughed the cloud as it began to swirl about. “I had none to begin with anyway.”

At this Tirek panicked, closing his jaw, he cut the flow of magic flowing to him. Or tried to, for he realized that he could do no such thing, but sit there with an open mouth as the flow of light continued to enter him.

“You look puzzled,” laughed the swirling mass, as it began to take the form of a simple pony of black and white, “perhaps I should explain, though it would require a bit of history lesson beforehoof.”

“The Stellar and Umbral were among the three origin races. Unfortunately, there was conflict between us; so terrible was the war that it had caused our progenitors, Father Light and Mother Shadow, to be sealed by the third race in this place as they were engaging in a fierce battle. To ensure that they would not be freed again, the third race imprisoned us, the Stellal in the skies above, and the Umbrals into the ground below.”

“However, the Stellal and Umbral each sent a champion to free them from their cages. The Umbral sent Sombra, while the Stellal sent me, Lueur.”

“Of course, what was a champion without powers?” Laughed Lueur, as he began to pace about Tirek, ”It was necessary that the Champions were each granted a particular set of power that would help serve our cause, no?”

“Sombra was granted ‘Immaterial’, the power to not be grazed by anything that could harm him physically. I was granted ‘Inexistent’, the power to not be sensed by anything that exists.”

“However, we do not possess magic, so how could we go about our duties?”

“The reason for our strength was because of a similar ability granted to both of us, ‘Command’.” Proclaimed Lueur proudly, raising what would be a hoof towards the air.

“Sombra was capable manipulating the shadows, the very being of the Umbral, to do his bidding. I, on the other hoof, am of commanding the very essence of the Stellal, the light that illuminates our surroundings. Needless to say, I was granted Sombra’s powers once I accepted the blessing of the Umbral race.”

“Do you see now,” Jeered Lueur as he gazed upon the growing form of Tirek who was taking an endless flow of magical energy, “This power was never mine in the first place, I never had any magical energy to use.”

“Then… You mean… to say that… this power equals Celestia and Luna?” Mumbled Tirek, as he was force-fed.

“No,” Laughed Lueur, “I could never be their equal in a contest of magical strength alone. After all, despite my near limitless supply, attempting too much spells with them would be quite difficult.”

“But… you took the… force of their attacks… head on! And you are an Alicorn!”

With a deadpan expression, Lueur gave Tirek a look as if to say ‘are you serious?’.

“Physics 101,” sighed Lueur, “ since you seem to be uneducated in that field of expertise, I’ll put it simply. Light is reflected into our eyes from the object, hence giving us a vision on the object. However, if I refract the light and made it appear as though I am here even though I’m elsewhere, nopony would ever know the difference.”

Mocking eyes turned upon Tirek, Lueur continued.

“So I could make it appear as though I took the full brunt of their attacks head on and not suffer a scratch. I could even ‘take on’ that Rainbow of Friendship and survive. After all, what couldn’t hit you can’t hurt you, and as my own power, ‘Inexistent’, keeps my presence hidden, they would become fearful of my unknown, seemingly limitless, non-existent power. Same as that Alicorn form I took,” Lueur seemingly shrugged, “you do know that making others think I’m an Alicorn seem to convey the ‘I am strong’ image.”

“Nevertheless,” Smiled the pony of shadow and light, “you do need to know that I do not share information on my own strength easily. Do you know what that means?”

Tirek’s eyes widened as he processed this information.

“You’ll… kill me?”

“Unfortunately,” chuckled his tormentor, “I could not.”

“You see, we are like three points of a triangle. You, me, and Discord.”

“The being who subjugates magic and make it his own, the being who commands an endless stream of magic, and he who warps and twist said magic with his own.”

“You who could subjugate magic could not be stopped by the being who twist those powers with his own, for you could just absorb Discord’s powers. However, for me, who command an endless stream of magic, could be easily defeated by Discord, for he only need warp and twist my powers to the point of uselessness.”

“That’s why,” explained Lueur as he paced up towards the still growing form of Tirek, “I could not just get rid of you, for with your death, Discord would regain his powers and my defeat would be guaranteed.”

“What… then… do you… intend to do… with me?” Grunted Tirek, trying not to choke on the stream of light flowing into his throat.

“It should be beginning soon.”

“What?” Muttered Tirek in response before a violent shudder shook him. Glancing down, he could only widened his eyes in horror at what he witnessed.

His hooves had became transparent, no, they have became a diamond-like substance… And he could not feel them anymore.

“One of my favorite methods to deal with enemies,” smiled Lueur, as his form of light and shadow began to make dizzying patterns within him as though to express his excitement. “Feed them more power than they could ever take in, and let said powers destroy them. It was how I dealt with the ministers outside, did you know?”

In response, Tirek could only emit a gasp as his torso was transformed into the same diamond-like substance.

“That’s why I’m your weakness,” laughed Lueur, as he watched Tirek’s transformation. “You who could take in magic, and me who command an endless source of said magic. You would take them in, and I would provide some more. However, I had did my research, and it would appear that there’s a limit to how much power a being could contain in their mortal shell.”

“After all, there’s a limit to how many skill points a level ninety character could have…”