by EsotericPhantasm

Chapter 1. A Dark Calling

"Hurry up Virgil. The convention started an hour ago."

"Just give me a minute Fred. I only have have to finish placing the left eye." With that said I finished stitching said left eye onto my newest Midna plushie before putting my sewing kit away and hurrying to the front door of the motel.

After jumping in our mode of transportation we headed to the convention.

"Why did you need to finish that doll?" Fred questioned for at least the third time that morning.

"The proper term is plushie, and as I told you before it's part of my business. I don't just make cosplay costumes, and having a plushie to tote around the convention will get people to ask about it so I can give them my business card."

"Then why don't you just set up a booth at the convention?"

"One: I just want to browse and have fun today. Two: I already have a booth booked for tomorrow. Why do you think I have tons of boxes in the trunk?"

"Sorry, it slipped my mind. Anyway, we're here. Think I'll find some sweet guns to go with my Alucard costume? Thanks again for making it by the way." At this point I was just securing my costume in all the right places while exiting the vehicle, and grabbing my Midna plushie.

As we made our way to the entrance doors I responded, "No problem. Like I said, I know a guy that should be selling those kind of props. We can start there."

"Cool. Now what are you supposed to be again?"

"Just a costume I based on a cool sketch I saw. Basically a dark mage in a trench coat with pants and boots of the same color. I mean the silver belt with a skull definitely says 'I'm a badass' no?"

"It is pretty cool. But why? I mean last year you were dressed as Jace Beleren and the year before you were in one of those dark cloaks Organization XIII wore in Kingdom Hearts. Now you're just something ambiguous."

"I just felt like being more creative and doing something that's not so recognizable. If it makes you feel better I plan on doing something from Diablo next year." By now we were already in the convention and making our way over to some of the shopping booths.

"Okay. Whoa, isn't that the Charmcaster costume from Ben 10 you made?" Fred said, pointing at a guy over at the booth I was taking him to.

"...I wonder if he lost a bet, but ya it's the one I made. I guess I forgot to tell you it was for a guy. The Albedo costume was for girl as well. Rule 63 and all that. Besides, I think I spot a pair of guns you are looking for at that booth."

"Really? Ah sweet! Wait, where you heading to?"

"Just the bathroom. I'll be back in five. Just go check out the guns while I'm gone."

"Kay. See ya."

With that I leisurely made my way to the restrooms while toting my Midna plushie. I did get at least one inquiry about my doll and handing out a business card before reaching my destination, the large stall for handicapped people. Not that I was handicapped but I just liked being in a more open space.

After taking care of business and getting ready to exit the stall I noticed something was off. Normally the convention could still be heard as a loud noise where I was, but now everything was silent. One second bustling noise the next complete silence.

"Well, that's not creepy at all," I quipped while simply making for the stall door. The stall door that now wouldn't unlock and seemed to be jammed. It had been years since I'd had to crawl under a stall, but it seemed that is what I was going to have to do.

Before I could do anything though a sound emanated from the toilet. But not just a sound, a voice that whispered, "Come."

"Okay Fred you got me. I'm completely creeped out," I deadpanned. It was just like him to pull a stunt like this. It had been a few months since his last prank. I still couldn't bring myself to eat any noodles yet.

However, I got no response except a slightly louder, "Come," along with the lights starting to dim, and bubbling noises coming from the toilet bowl as I saw the water in it turn black.

"Okay, well I'm getting out of here," although this was said with a little more panic setting in. There's no way I was seeing what I was seeing because the 'water' now seemed alive and forming tentacles as it rose and started spilling over onto the floor like an inky goop of writhing squids.

Nothing need more be said as I dashed for the gap under the stall door hoping to make it through before whatever this was got to me. Well I actually did make it, about halfway through before I felt something grab my right ankle. I tried struggling free only to have my left ankle get grabbed and feel myself get slowly dragged back toward the toilet.

I took a firm grip on the bottom of the stall doorway before turning to see what I was now facing. I felt like I was looking at Cthulhu's beard after he washed it in the river Styx. Just a giant writhing mass of black tentacles ready grab me and do who knows what. I wasn't screaming, yet. However, my hyperventilating with onset panic meant I wasn’t far off.

"Come!" the voice now spoke again. Only now it was like the bass of those dubstep videos turned up to eleven. At this point I screamed... like a little girl. Okay, so I'm not fearless, and who would be upon seeing something that looks like it wants to drag you to the abyss. I'm glad I had just taken care of business.

I still was maintaining my death grip on the stall but I knew I couldn't hold on forever. The inky black goop that was holding onto my ankles was slowly slithering up my legs while another larger tentacle grabbed my waist and started yanking.

From my position on the floor I could clearly see that there was nobody else in the restroom, which was odd since it was a large convention with thousands of people. Then again, what can I say since I'm being attacked by a monster from a Lovecraft wet dream. It didn't stop me from calling out, "Help! Anybody! Help!"

That went on for half a minute and nobody answered. I figured whatever dark forces were attacking me could have isolated me as well.

*Sigh* "Well crap." With that resignation I just grabbed my Midna plushie that was lying next to me and hugged it for comfort. I'm glad I at least had that in what could very well be my final moments, or perhaps the start of something horrible.

Dozens of the black tentacles grabbed me and lifted me into the air while still facing me towards the toilet. I looked at it once more and saw that a great hole was forming where the tentacles came from. It seemed like a great beast opening its maw before sucking in its victim.

All the inky goop had now formed into either the hole or the great mass that now covered me up to my chest and held me firmly. It was like being caught like a fly and watching the frog open its mouth before retracting.

Quite suddenly, everything was still. After a brief yet pregnant pause I once again heard that voice whisper quieter than in the beginning yet it seemed even more audible than the great shout, "Come. Save us."

I had no time to ponder what any of it meant before the great black tongue I was attached to pulled me quickly into the hole and with it complete darkness.