Strawberry Pickle Cake

by GivingSpider

Chapter 2

For the first time in many hours a glimmer of reasoning had entered the realm of Pinkamena Diane Pie. The otherworldly dish requested by the misshapen god was not a product of any bizarre impulse or cruel experiment. The confection was not meant for Discord’s consumption. Pinkie stared at the yellow mare with under a trance that could only be described as awestruck. Fluttershy was no longer a mere Pegasus; she was now the most dangerous creature that ever lived.

She was an expecting mother. The strange order was the product of an illogical hunger combined with a mate’s desire to provide.

The Pink Fury of Ponyville payed no heed to the laws of motion or gravity as she lunged forward and delivered a hug upon reaching take off velocity. The jubilant Earth Pony returned to the ground as Fluttershy let out a nervous squeak. Despite the show of raw physical power that was used in delivering the embrace there was no damage to the recipient or the floor. Pinkie Pie was very joyous for the sudden realization but wished no harm upon the unborn child slowly growing in her friend. Abruptly a truly frightening though creeped into her mind. She continued to grip the paragon of mercy but moved to make direct eye contact. Pinkie wore an expression of worry and fear, and Fluttershy returned it in her soft voice accompanied by a smile.

“This was planned…getting your lover pregnant is a Draconequus rite of proposal.”

Happiness returned to the soul of the pastry chef and made its mark on the world as she pulled Fluttershy into another hug. The eldritch creation that haunted the bakery was no longer burning in her fevered brain, the inevitable newcomer to the Equestria was all she could think of. Pinkie envisioned a cornucopia of images. She pictured planning and attending birthday parties. She imagined play dates with the Cake twins. She saw herself hosting a foal shower for Fluttershy. Pinkie returned to reality and released Fluttershy from her forelegs. She smiled warmly and Fluttershy nodded. The Earth Pony had successfully conveyed all her support and congratulatory thoughts without saying a word.

Fluttershy blushed faintly and breathed deep the scent of a cake that had recently become familiar to her. Pinkie noticed the sudden change in the Pegasus’s expression and turned to glance at where she was before the door had opened. There was a lonely wedge of the curious confection remaining, and Fluttershy had become aware of its presence. Without hesitation Pinkie invited Fluttershy to help herself to the remaining piece, which was gratefully accepted. Pinkie watched Fluttershy slowly consume the treat, savoring every odd bite that any sane soul would refuse to even taste. With remarkable patience that was an equal match for her own enthusiasm, Fluttershy silently ate the sour yet sweet dessert.

A curious chill came over the baker as the last piece disappeared forever. Pinkie Pie stood still and contemplated what it could have meant. She had no spasms to predict what was to come. She had no real reason to suspect foul play. There was no indication of malice from Fluttershy, or any justifiable reason to look for a sliver of cruel intent. Fluttershy simply sat at the table and let herself relax and enjoy the aftertaste of her latest obsession.

Suddenly a curious thought crept into her mind. Pinkie excused herself from the room where customers were permitted and entered the kitchens that had become her second home. She explored every crack, every inch and every small space that could possibly be used by a prying eye. Had Discord planned on her enduring such a contest with her curiosity? Had Discord tempted her with something as tantalizing as Pandora’s Box with no consequences except for what she herself put into her own mind?

Had the Master of Chaos somehow without any real effort managed to spin her right round into a strange decent of what she once thought to be a repulsive desire? Had Discord indirectly used Fluttershy’s sudden craving for a Strawberry Pickle Cake as some strange yet effective prank that cost Pinkie Pie an entire day of sunshine?

Was it Discord’s plan to trap her in the kitchens on one of her day’s off from work?

Pinkie Pie grinned and gazed into nothing.

“Good one Discord.”

An oven door fell open, allowing a distinct heat to penetrate the room. As quickly as it was felt it was gone, but not before the sound of Discord’s laughter could be heard. Pinkie turned and saw one of Discord’s eyes materialize in the now cold oven. It bounced into the air and popped like a balloon without making a sound. Pinkie Pie smiled as she accepted that she had been beaten in her own home. Pinkie Sense had failed her and she only had her own flaws to blame. It was very possible that Discord was purely innocent and that the only soul playing the game today was herself. Pinkie sat and pondered her position in the universe and grinned like a fiend.

“My turn.”